Turn It To Jerry


Carrie turned on the Television as she sat down on tthe four poaster bed. "Hey"Sahra said,"Jerry Springer comes on in like a min. Let's watch that. ""Sounds cool!"Watching the first few minuets of Jerry was boring untill it came a time for a wife to confess to her husband a lesbian affair she'd been having for several months. Seeing the two girls kiss on tv was turning Sahra on. "I wonder what that's like. "Sahra asked,looking at Carrie. "Mmm, me too. " Carrie replied back giving her best friend a grin. She then crawled to the spot on the bed where Sahra sat and pushed her gently back on the pillows. Shara wrapped her arms around Carrie and started to kiss her eventually slipping her moist tounge in Carrie's mouth. Carrie lifted her head up . "I think we should do more. " She went back to kissing her as she slipped her hand benieth Sahra's shirt and fondled with her size 38 C tits. She then unbuttoned it,encluding her bra, and started sucking on her erected nipples. Sahra let out a small gasp from the enexperienced pleasure.

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   Carrie leaned up and took off her shirt with Sahra still positioned under her. Soon, with both of their school uniforms off, Carrie started to kiss her way down Sahra's front. She circled her tounge around Sahra's nipples in little swirls, then kissed the rest of the way down to her wet cunt. Carrie spread Sahra's pussie lips with her fingers and started to suck on her clit giving her multiple orgasams. She then started to fuck Sahra with her tounge,,slipping it in and out. as Sahra's hot liqued dripped on her tounge. "MMMM,,ohh my!!Im coming again!" Sahra moaned as she squeezed her tits. A big O was in it's place and now it was Carries turn. Sahra laid on her back as Carrie postioned her cunt over Sahra's mouth. Soon enough a orgasam was coming as Sahra slipped her tounge in Carrie's pussie. Sahra grabbed Carrie's ass and squeezed it. After the pussie licken fun was over they cleaned each other up and could not wait till the next day when Jerry Springer Came on. .