The Toronto Run


Topic: The Toronto RunThis story is fiction. Emails are all welcome. britneyh80@yahoo. com The Toronto Run I am a flight attendant, and I was on a trip to Toronto. I had a twoday layover there and I was not looking forward to two lonely days in ahotel room. The passengers were loaded and I gave my safety briefing. Wewere at the runway and the pilots made the announcement that we were numberone for departure and flight attendant please be seated. We took off and in the first row was a girl. She looked to be abouttwenty two, she had a gothic look with jet black hair, pail skin and brightblue eyes. She had her legs crossed with tight blue jeans that were rippedat the knees. She had a tight black tank top on, her tits were small andfirm. Her Bra strap showed, and her nipples were slightly visible in hershirt. She was looking out the window as we climbed up to our cruisingaltitude. I took the opportunity to steal a glance at her sexy body. Shelooked at me quickly and smiled. I shyly smiled back feeling embarrassed.

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   We leveled off and it was time for me to run the cart up the isle. Istarted from the back of the plane as usual and worked my way to the front. The flight was about half full and she was sitting in the front row byherself. I finally reached the front of the plane, she had her headsets onwith her eyes closed. I looked down at her, and almost gave up, thinkingshe was sleeping, when her eyes opened and she looked up at me. "Would you like something to drink?" I asked in a friendly tone. Shehit the stop button on her MP3 player, and pulled her headsets out of herears. "What did you say?" she asked. She had a sexy Canadian accent and herbright blue eyes looked into mine. I felt slightly intimidated by her. Her face and the tone of her voice displayed complete confidence. "Would u like something to drink?" I asked in a nervous voice. "Give me a sprite. " She said I grabbed the soda can out of the bottomdrawer on the cart and I poured it in a plastic cup full of ice. I handedit to her and she took it slowly.

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   She ran her soft fingers on my hand asshe took the glass. "Would you like anything to eat?" I asked hoping she would say no so Icould go sit down. She looked at me and paused. I fidgeted nervously as Iwaited for her answer. "I want to eat you. " She said in a quite voice. I looked at her and mymouth opened slightly in shock. The blood started leaving my head and myheart rate increased. "Excuse me?" I questioned. She smiled and she ran her hand through herhair. She remained poised, and she put the ear buds back in. "I'm not hungry thank you. " She said I placed the cart under the tablewhere it belonged, and I sat in my seat. I kept my eyes on the floor. Iwas nervous and I tried to not make eye contact with her, without itlooking unnatural.

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   A man towards the middle of the plane got up and walkedtoward the back lab facility. I glanced up to make sure he wasn't doinganything abnormal. In the corner of my eye I saw the girl look at me. Ilooked at her and she smiled at me. I lowered my head and gave her a halfsmile. The eta was two hours, and I did not want to spend the next few hourslooking at the floor. I looked up at her again. Her music was still onand she glared out the window. She looked over at me, and pulled herheadsets off. "So do you live in Toronto?" She asked. I shook my head and looked awayagain. I felt like a bitch, I did not mean to be rude to her but I wasreally shy. A moment passed and I forced myself out of my seat and Iwalked up to her. "Do you mind if I sit down?" I asked. She looked at me and pulled herbag off the seat next to her.

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   "Not at all. " She said. I sat down next to her and looked at her sexylegs that were covered by her tight blue jeans. She had a small tattoo ofa butterfly on her ankle. "I live in Chicago. " I said "Do you live in Toronto?" "Yes I do. " She said. I nodded my head and fidgeted with my fingers. Itried to think of something else to say to make conversation. "I'mSamantha. " She said "Britney. " I responded shaking her hand. "You have really pretty hair, and a nice smile. " She said. I feltreally uncomfortable, I have never been hit on by another girl.

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   "Thank you, I like your hair too. " I said in a nervous voice. I lookedat her, and her eyes moved around my face, studying my lips and teeth. "Do you like girls?" She asked. "I'm not that kind of girl. " I said She smiled at me, I was trying to hide being nervous but my hands andlegs were shaking. I'm a shy girl and was not good at looking confident. "I have to run the cart up the isle again. " I said. She looked at me witha slightly disappointed look on her face. I ran the cart again, and I stayed busy until the pilot announced thedecent over the PA. I sat in my chair facing the cabin. Samantha had herhead on the window with her eyes closed. I studied her body, her legs werespread a little and I looked at her crotch. Her shirt was short enough toshow a little skin around her waist.

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   I could barely make out the blackwaist line of her panties. Her face has the potential to be beautiful, butthat was not the look she went for. Her black mascara gave her a dark sexylook. Her body was thin and petite. Her hair was long and she colored itblack. Her natural hair might have been light brown, or even blonde. Mypanties absorbed my pussy juices as I stared at her. The plane landed and I got on the PA and told the passengers to remainseated. We pulled in the gate and I opened the door to the cabin. I stoodby the door and Samantha got up and grabbed her carry on. She walked up tome and I looked at her nervously. She reached her hand out, and I shookher hand, as she passed a note to me. "It was nice to meet you Britney. "She said I held the note in my hand and I said goodbye to the passengers as theygot off. When the plane was empty I went to the back of the airplane tostart clean up.

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   I sat in one of the seats and read the letter. "If youchange your mind call me. " The note said with her phone number at thebottom. The van picked the two pilots and I up and brought us to the hotel. Iwalked in my room and sat on my bed. I turned on the television andflipped through all eighty channels and did not find one thing that Iwanted to watch. I have only been in the room for five minutes and I wasalready bored and lonely. I pulled the note out of my pocket, and staredat it. I grabbed my cell phone, and I felt my heart rate increase. Icouldn't believe I was actually thinking of calling her. I have never eventhought about being with another women. I watched my fingers type thenumber in, and I pushed send without a thought in my head. "Hello?" "Hi is this Samantha?" I asked "Hi Britney, I didn't think you were going to call. " She said "I am here for a few days, and I just bought a bottle of wine if youwould like to come help me drink it. " I said I gave her the hotel and the room number that I was staying at.

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   I hungup the phone and I began pacing nervously around the hotel room. I got inmy suitcase and I put on some jean shorts and a white conservative shirt. Iwalked in the bathroom and I worked on my hair. I looked at my eyes in themirror. It wasn't seeking in what I was thinking of doing tonight. Izoned out and I continued glaring in the mirror. I came to, when I heard aknock on the door. My heart pounded and I walked to the door. I clearedmy throat as I turned the door handle. "Hi. " I said "come in. " She walked in and I poured her a glass of wine. We sat at the table and we started talking. I was nervous and I wasguzzling the wine like water. I told her about life as a flight attendant,and she told me about growing up in Toronto.

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   She was very cool and easygoing. I was attracted to her personality as well as her body. I felt awarm buzz in my head and I started feeling relaxed. We walked over to thecounter to the wine bottle. She had her glass in the air and I refilled itfor her. We looked at each other for a moment. "I like the way you do your hair, and make up. It's kind of a gothicbut it looks really nice on you. " I said. She moved closer to me and Ifelt nervous again as her face moved close to mine. "Thank you, I think you are beautiful. " She said. God her accent wassexy. I closed my eyes and felt her soft lips touch mine. She opened hermouth slightly inviting my tongue.

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   She ran her soft hands on my face andpulled my hair back. I felt my pussy moisten and swell up as I tasted hermouth. I never thought that I would be standing their making out with agirl. It felt so sexy, yet taboo. Her lips were soft and smooth, and herkiss was gentle unlike a man. She broke the kiss and she pulled my shirtoff. She pushed me softly and I walked backwards till I fell on the bed. Iwatched her as she took her shirt and bra off. Her ass looked perfect inher tight blue jeans. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a strap ondildo, and she threw it on the bed next to me. She unbuttoned her jeansand pulled them down. She turned around and I looked at her beautiful ass. She had on black g string panties and she bent over and stepped out ofthem. She turned around and I admired her perfect body as she walked overto me. I pulled my bra off, and I grabbed my shorts by the waistline.


   Shestood up on her knees and she watched as I put my legs in the air andpulled my shorts off taking my panties with them. She smiled as she lookedat my shaved twat. She climbed on top of me and I grabbed the back of herhead pulling her mouth on mine. Her skin was so soft and sexy as it rubbedagainst my naked body. We continued kissing and she rubbed her soft cuntagainst mine. I felt her warm pussy juice run down my inner thigh. Istarted moaning as her snatch rubbed up and down my clit. She moved herhead down slowly and she licked and sucked on my nipples. My eyes wereclosed and pleasure was building in my body as she slowly kissed down mystomach. She finally came to my waist and she teased me as she kissed and lickedmy shaved pubic area. She ran her tongue down to my inner thigh and teasedme not letting her tongue touch my wet pussy. I started feeling frustrated and I desperately wanted to feel her tongueon my cunt and I started loosing hope. I felt the urge to grab the back ofher head and force it between my legs. I moaned loud trying to urge her,and when I least expected it, I felt her soft warm tongue gently movebetween the folds of my pussy. "Aghhhh that feels so nice.

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  " I said softly. She licked my pussy up anddown and the pleasure was amazing every time her tongue rubbed against myclit.
    My eyes were closed and I was getting close to orgasm when shelifted her head. I looked down and she started to reposition herself andturned around and straddled my waist and scooted her bottom close to myface. We were in the sixty nine position, and I felt her tongue on mypussy again. I looked at her pussy and asshole as it lowered closer to myface. I didn't want to do it, but how was I going to tell her that now. Istared nervously at her butt hole and her twat. I could smell the aroma ofher pussy, and I didn't want to lick it, and if I did lick it my nose wouldbe against her asshole. What have I got myself into I thought. Her tonguefelt wonderful on my snatch, and I could not be selfish. I had to give itback to her. I looked at her pussy and held my breath so I couldn't smell it. Don'tget me wrong she was not unclean or dirty, its just that the smell of avagina was not something I have ever been attracted too. I didn't evenlike the smell of my own.

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       I stuck my tongue out and closed my eyes untilit touched the center of her pussy. I moved my tongue up and down a fewtimes, and to my surprise it didn't taste bad. It tasted really sexyactually. I continued licking and I couldn't hold my breath any longer. Ilet out my air, and I was growing incredibly horny as I licked and smelledher cunt. She worked a finger in my pussy as she circled my clit with hertongue. I was completely aroused, and licking her pussy was not feeling dirtyenough. I pushed my tongue up her pussy as far as I could so my nose wouldtouch her asshole. I breathed in and her asshole was clean. It smelled assweet as her cunt. I brought my tongue out and ran it from the bottom ofher pussy all the way through her slit, past her clit, and up to her sweetasshole. She moaned in approval. I knew she was surprised, having me beso shy and timid up to that point. I brought my hand up to her pussy andrubbed her clit with two fingers in a circular motion. I stiffened mytongue and pushed hard on her asshole until I felt it slowly penetrate.

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       Istuck my tongue as far as it would go up her asshole and I rubbed her clitfaster and faster. Her moan turned into a scream and I felt her bodytighten up and I rubbed her cunt as hard as I could. Pussy juices startedgushing out of her snatch and ran down my forearm, and her asshole musclestried to shit my tongue out. I flexed my tongue and it out powered themuscles in her sphincter, keeping my tongue up her ass. Her body relaxedand I lowered my hand off her twat. I relaxed my tongue and she squeezedher asshole again making it pop out. She got up quickly with a big smile on her face. She grabbed the strapon and quickly pulled it up to her waist. She grabbed me by the hair andgot into my face. "You dirty bitch. " She said. "That was incredible. " "Did you like that?" I asked "Oh my god that felt good. " She said "Are you ready for me to fuck you?" "Yes I want you to fuck me. " I said.

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       "I want you to lick my ass, andthen fuck me up the cunt. " She bit her lip and she grabbed both of my legs with a lot of force. She pushed them over my head and my lower back came off the bed. My asswas staring her in the face and she spit on my asshole and licked hersaliva off. Her finger slowly penetrated my asshole. She pumped herfinger up my ass, and I started moving my pelvis fucking her finger. Shelicked my cunt and stared at me. "Can I stick this up your ass?" She asked. "Yes, fuck me up the ass, and when I tell you pull it out and put it inmy pussy. " I said She brought her artificial cock up to my ass and replaced it with herfinger. I rubbed my twat as she rammed it up my shit hole. I gritted myteeth and looked at her aggressively. "Fuck it harder bitch. " I yelled She grabbed tightly on my hips and thrust her cock up my ass as hard asshe could. I screamed and rubbed my cunt furiously.

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       The pleasure builtthrough my legs slowly, and I felt my muscles lock up. "Put it in mypussy. " I yelled. I shitted the dildo out of my asshole and she rammed itup my cunt. She fucked me hard for a moment and I screamed at the top ofmy lungs as my pussy erupted. My cum squirted all over her plastic cockand ran down my stomach. She stopped her thrust and I relaxed. She laidon top of me and we both laughed at each other as I caught my breath. "Are you sure you have never been with a girl before?" she asked "Yea, I'm sure I would tell you. " I said "You are really good at it. " She said "I am officially bisexual now thanks to you. " I said. "The smell andtaste of your pussy was incredible. " "I loved licking your cunt too. " She said in her sexy French Canadianaccent.

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       "Are you into guys too?" I asked "I am into everything, I am a freak. " She said "I know some cute guys Ican introduce you too tomorrow if you like. " I smiled and nodded my head. Samantha and I stayed naked and cuddled onthe bed. She held me as I slept and we woke up several times throughoutthe night and we licked each others cunts and assholes. To be continued. . . . . . .



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