The Sister


“W-what are you doing?” Linda asked weakly while being led around the back of the nun’s large desk where she was pushed back down into the swivel chair. “I’m just making you more comfortable,” the old woman replied a matter of factly, “while I do this!” The “this” as she called it caused Linda’s eyes to widen like saucers, because as the young woman looked on with her mouth hanging open, Sister Mary Marie sat down on the edge of the desk and proceeded to pull the hem of her habit above her waist, exposing the hairiest pussy she had ever seen in her short life!!!” It was almost like witnessing an accident-everything was in slow motion but you were powerless to do anything about it! That was exactly how Linda felt when the old nun reached out and pulled her mouth directly to her gray haired cunt!“Mmmmmmm, you young things know just how to make a pussy purr,” Sister Mary Marie sighed while holding Linda’s mouth tightly to her mons. The eighteen year old senior tried desperately to catch her breath, but all she managed to inhale was the semi acrid aroma of the older woman’s drooling organ. Her nose was thrust directly againstthe nun’s huge clit while her tongue probed in and out of the cavernous pussy. Loud sighs of pleasure escaped Sister Mary Marie’s lips as her young charge sucked and licked her steamy labia, and within only a matter of moments her pussy wrenched hard as an orgasm simply crushed her into submission. “Oh my god,” she sighed while savoring the wonderful sensation of young mouth on mature hot cunt, “you are indeed a wonder, child!” As Linda was beginning to regain her senses she pulled her mouth from the dripping snatch and said softly, “I-I think I’d better be going. ” “Not quite yet, dear,” the nun replied sternly, “we still have some unfinished business to attend to. ” “Like what?” Linda asked nervously. “Well, since you did such a wonderful job on me, it’s only fair that I return the favor,” the sister whispered urgently. Sucking the old crone had been bad enough, but picturing in her mind the old biddy between her own legs made Linda nearly blanch. “Uh, that’s okay,” she replied quickly, “I’ve really got to be going!” “I wasn’t giving you an option,” Sister Mary Marie replied evenly, “now lift up your skirt and let me take off your panties!” Linda shuddered and closed her eyes while lifting her blue plaid skirt high above her waist, easily exposing her plump vagina which was encased in a pair of white cotton panties. “Very nice, very nice indeed,” the old nun muttered under her breath while dropping to her knees, “you seem to have a very well developed vagina, very puffy!!!” Linda kept her eyes tightly shut while trying not to think about what was happening in her nether region, but she moaned softly when the sister kissed her softly through her panties right on the lips.

With her hands slightly shaking Sister Mary Marie hooked her fingers in the elastic waist band and tugged the skin tight undies down over Linda’s smooth slim thighs until they were down around her ankles. “S-sweet mother of god,” the old nun gasped when Linda’s mons came into view, “almost as smooth as a baby’s bottom!” And it was too, nearly hairless and bulging with her clit poking out obscenely between the folds of labial skin. “I’ve never seen anything quite so beautiful,” the sister sighed while leaning forward to plant several soft kisses on the young woman’s now dripping crack. Linda’s body stiffened for a second, but only for a moment as seconds later the sister’s warm tongue slithered into her crack and contacted her now very distended clitoris.

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   “Oh, my,” the young woman gasped, “oh, oh, right there, yesssssss, right there on my clit!” Sister Mary Marie may have been and old woman, but she could suck pussy like nobody’s business and that is exactly what she proceeded to do! Like a bitch in heat she literally devoured Linda’s clit as she voraciously licked, sucked, and slurped her hard little organ! Wantonly Linda thrust her hips forward, offering her pussy to the hungry cunt lapper dressed in a nun’s habit! Wrapping her girlish legs around the sister’s neck, Linda locked her in place and began bucking her hips as her climax roared through her cunt, leaving her shaking and mewling like a new born baby!!!With Linda still gasping for breath, Sister Mary Marie stood up and after lifting her habit out of the way, pressed her hairy cunt against Linda’s and began humping her for all she was worth! Both women were soon moaning together as their clits snapped back and forth over each other until in unison their bodies stiffened and simultaneous orgasms over took them both!!! “M-my god that was unreal,” Linda whispered into the nun’s ear, “just unreal!!!” “Mmmmmmm, yes it was,” Sister Mary Marie replied, “it was the best ever!!!” Both of them were quiet for a moment as they collected their thoughts, but finally the sister said softly, “Now, about calling your mother………. . ”THE END.