The Seniors Home


I had lots of time on my hands at times but last Summer I decided to help out as a volunteer at a Seniors Home. Most of the time it was fine and a little fun but I never expected some things to happen. It was not unusual for the horney old huys to make me offers but there was on elderly lady that was not unattractive that when I came near her room she began calling me names. Some were, "Big tittied slut" "Whore that subbed as a cow" and, my favorite, "Walking tits and cunt. " I just smiled and did what I had to do and left her room. One night she asked when I was working again and I told her on Thursday night. She grabbed my arm and whispered, "Cause I will have a surprise for you cunt. " and laughed and let me go.
Well, I was worried and told the shift nurse and she just put it off and told me not to worry about it. Now, we had to wear uniforms and we had a choice of button up smock and pants and/or a button up smock and a uniform nurses skirt. For some reason I wore the button up smock and skirt. I got to work that night and was told that Ms. Jennson had been asking if I would be there so I was reminded that she had said there would be a surprise for me. I went to her room when it was time and she was sitting up, a nice gown on and her hair brushed and smiling. I got close to her and she even had on nice perfume and she told me I looked nice in the uniform. "Thank you" I said.

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   "Why are you so nice to me now?" I asked. "Well, Teresa, I said there would be a surprise for you didn't I?" she told me. "Well, yes, you did, but I was not sure what it would be. " I told her.
I did some things and fixed the chair next to her bed and she asked me to come close that she wanted to whisper in my ear, "What is it?" I said. "Do you know why I have been so mean to you?" she whispered. "No why" I whispered back. I had sat on the edge of the bed to hear her and noticed her hand on my bare leg. Suddenly it slid up to my crotch and into my panties and forced two fingers into my pussy and her other hand grabbed my hair in the back and pulled me down on my back and her mouth came down hard on mine and her tongue forced its way into my mouth. . . She held me and missed me until I gave in and then she let me up still kissing me. "I have been trying to not do that, I can't help it, I wanna go to bed with you. " she said smiling. Her fingers were still in my pussy and moved in and out slowly, pinching my clit as she wanted to.

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   "So what do you think?" she asked me.  My breath was getting faster, "I think that you are in control. " I sighed.
The door to the room closed and I almost jumped but Ms. Jennson held me to her and her fingers sank deper into my pussy that was getting wetter. "You didn't know that I have lots of money did you Hun?" she said. "Well, no. " "I paid Lisa to lock the door and make sure we are not bothered. " "You did?" I said. "Yes dear, and now, you are mine all night. " she said and now began moving in and out faster into my pussy making me moan. "Stand up and strip for me" she said. I stood up and slowly took the skirt off and then unbuttoned the smock. I moved a little and danced some and then reached behind me and undid my bra and let it fall and then my panties that were pulled to the side and soaking wet came off. "Give them to me Dear.

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  " she said reaching her hand out and taking my panties. She put them under her nose and breathed deep and then took them into her mouth and sucked the crotch. "Oh, you smell so good Dear, I will enjoy you. She said and then patted the bed next to her, "Get in and let's get serious. " I did and she ran her hands all over me pinching my nipples and pulling them far out and then she let them hurt before she let them go. She told me, "Take my clothes off Dear. " and I undressed her. She was in good shape for her age and told me to play with her and suck her nipples and work my way to her pussy, but to take my time.
First she took my face and kissed me again and licked my tongue and lips making me shiver all over. She ran her tongue around my ears and sucked my ear lobes and then lissed my neck sucking on it and al while she was pinching my nipples over and over. Then her nails dug into my tits and she looked at my eyes, "Hurt Dear?" she said. "No, not yet. " I told her. She dug them in deeper and I moaned, "Hurt now Dear?" I just moaned. "Oh, the little slut likes it huh?" Her nails dug in and I glanced down and blood was coming from the places the nails dug into my flesh.


   My tits were going crazy and the nipples were harder than before. "Now?" she said again and her nails were now deeper into my flesh on my right tit. "Oh please. " I moaned. "Oh Dear, I am not going to stop until I want to. " she laughed. "No, no, don't stop please, not until I cum. " I moaned. "As you wish Dear" she saidand I know her nails dug into my tit and the warom liquid I felt was my blood dripping down my chest to my legs. My orgasm swept over me and my hips jerked wanting attention for my pussy.
She moved me down on my back and looked at me, my tit bleeding from 5 nail piercings. "So the little slut really likes pain does she?" she whispered in my ear. "Yes. " was all I could say and I felt her nails on my other tit and they began digging into the flesh, I moaned again. "Oh yes, dig deep into my tit, make it hurt, make it bleed too.

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  " I moaned. "Oh, I will. " she said and she did just that until I felt blood running onto my chest. "I think something more will work for us" she said and I heard her open a drawer. "Close your eyes dear and try not to get too loud when you cum.
    " she sid and I told her, "Okay I will try. " "Are yo ready Dear?" she whispered. "Yes. " I said and felt a sharpe point against my tit just below my nipple. Her hand was holding my tit and the sharpe object began to go into my flesh. "Oh, oh it hurts, oh yes. " I was saying. My pussy was soaked and getting worse. I felt the big needle go through my skin and into my tit and let out a small scream which she muffled with her kiss on my mouth. She began twisting the needle and pushing it deeper and I felt it hurting and the blod beginning to drip from the entry place.

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       It was going deeper into my tit and as it did my pussy spasmed and finally my orgasm soaked the sheet under me. She stopped kissing me and the pain was still there making my hips move. "Look my dear. " she said and my eyes went to the knitting needle that was several inches in my tit. "Enjoy that Dear?" she saidand I shook my head "yes" and she smiled. "Good, enjoy this one Dear. " she said and left that one there and took another one out. The point was needle sharp and she moved to my other tit and on the same place she pushed it to my flesh and pushed until it went in again making me wince and moaned.
    "NIce?" she said and I moaned in responce and my pussy began to cunvulse again and an orgasm swept over my body. "Oh, you do like this don't you Dear?" she said and I moaned. It kept going deeper and deeper until she stopped. She began kissing me and fingering me hard. The knitting needles were bobbing around as I was moving on her fingers. Suddenly I soaked them and moaned louder as she kissed me. She began kissing my neck again and sucking on it, I felt the pain as she began biting my neck. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

       "oh god. " I said loud as my pussy again soaked the sheets. She kissed me gently and pulled the needles out slowly and they hurt as she did. "Now eat my old pussy Dear. " she said and laid back on the bed. I went down to her pussy which was really wet and began eating her slowly and biting her clit that was huge. She began moving my head into her pussy and her legs around my neck and head almost not letting me breathe. Her orgasm sprayed all over my face and then she told me to do it again only finger her as I did and so I did as she told me.
    The clock read 3 A. M. and she told me to get up and bath and dress and come back out to her. I looked in the mirror and there were bites all over my neck and chest as well as the marks left by the needles in my tits. Blood was caked on my body and I cleaned up and dressed and finaly she told me, "You are off now, go out the back door so no one will see the mess you are. " The needle holes had begun to bleed again and were on my clothes. "Remember who you belong to now my little slut.

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      " she said and kissed me goodbye.