The Prisoner


It finally hit her when the cell door slid shut behind her, she was in prison!!! She lay down on the lower bunk and silently cried herself to sleep! She had no idea of how much time had passed, but the next thing she remembered was being roughly awakened by someone grabbing a handful of her hair and jerking her off the bunk and onto the floor!!! "You fucking little cunt," a harsh feminine voice spat, "you're on my fucking bunk, I don't ever wanna catch you on my bunk again, got it!!!" Stunned by the unexpected assault, it took Beth a few seconds to gather her bearings, but when she did, her eyes focused on a husky white female with a nasty look on her face!!! The only time you can be on my bunk is when I'm fucking you or you're eating my pussy," she added!!! A look of horror must have passed over her face, because her new cell mate simply laughed and stated a matter of factly, "Don't even try to fight me honey, or I'll kick the shit out of you!!!" "What's your name, cunt," the old bitch asked?!? In a frightened small voice she replied, "Beth!" "I don't know if I like that or not, I might just call you young cunt instead, how would you like that," the bitch asked!?! Tears began to well up in her eyes, but she received no sympathy from her cell mate who said, "Quit you fucking crying, Beth, you gotta play along to get along, and by the way you can call me Mac!!!""Ten o'clock lights out," a voice over the intercom intoned, as all over cell block D lights flickered out as the women settled down for the night. Beth lay quietly on the upper berth, when she felt a hand sliding up her leg until it encountered her panty clad vagina! "Okay, Beth," Mac whispered, "down in my bunk now!!!" To scared to resist, Beth slid down to the floor and stood waiting Mac to give her further orders! "Strip for me, cunt" Mac ordered, "and make it snappy!!!" For the first time since she met her, Mac made some approving comments, but unfortunately for Beth, they were about how pretty her body was and how she was going to enjoy having it when ever she wanted to!!! Mac took Beth by the shoulders and pulled her mouth to hers, while probing it deeply with her tongue! Pulling away, Mac ordered, "Okay, cunt, come to mama," as she fed a huge nipple into the young girl's mouth, "that's a good little pussy, suck on mama's tits, make her feel good!!!" The rest of the night was a blur, as Mac used Beth sexually in every conceivable way possible!!! When she was finally allow to go to sleep, Beth decided that tomorrow she would test Warden Oldman's open door policy!!!"I didn't expect to see you so soon," the warden said nonchalantly, "what is it that's bothering you, dear!?!" For the next ten minutes Beth related the horrible events of last night to the passive corrections official, until at the end she broke down into tears!!!" Leaning back in her chair, the warden finally spoke, "And what exactly do you want from me?!?" "A stunned Beth stammered slowly, "W-w-why move me to another cell, what do you think I want!?!" "What makes you think any of the other cells are any different," the warden asked stoically??? "They just have to be," Beth fairly wailed, "I can't spend another night with that awful woman!!!" Hannah Oldman sat thinking for a few moments and the offered, "Well, maybe there is something I could do for you, but you'd have to do me a favor in return!!!" "Anything," a suddenly grateful Beth replied, "just name it, I'll do anything, just keep her away from me!!!""You're a very pretty girl," the warden remarked softly, "I can make your stay so very pleasant, are you ready to do me that favor?!?" "Anything," Beth reiterated, "anything!!!" Getting up and walking around to the front of her desk, Beth sat wide eyed as Warden Oldman lifted the hem of her skirt to above her waist and sat down on the edge of her desk with he legs spread wide apart, exposing her very naked pussy to Beth's gaze!!! In an even softer voice the warden asked, "Now, doesn't that pussy look nicer that mean old Mac's!?!" While last night was revolting, Beth realized that unless she went along with Hannah Oldman, she would be sucking the big dyke's cunt for the next three years, and that, she could not stand, so dropping to her knees in front of the warden, Beth whispered, "Oh, yes, it is so much nicer," just before her mouth connected with the warden's hairy slit!!!Hannah leaned back and let her body relax as the cute little nineteen year old inmate sucked feverishly on her dripping vagina!!! "Oh, yes," Hannah sighed, "do my clit for me, mmmmmmm, you have a very talented tongue, my dear!!!" Beth worked her mouth up and down Hannah Oldman's pussy, making sure to spend a lot of time on her erect little clitoris, because she knew that this was simply and audition, and that if she displeased the warden in any way, she would be shipped right back to Mac's cell!!! As her orgasm grew nearer, Hannah pushed the intercom button and in a shallow voice asked her secretary to come into her office!!! Beth started to pull away, but a firm hand on the back of her head told her that she was to keep licking no matter what!!! Behind her, she could hear the door open, and then the warden said, "Connie, you remember Beth, she's a wonderful cunt lapper, and I just wanted you to see her suck me to orgasm!!! "Watch us Connie," Hannah gasped, "watch the little cunt eat my pussy and love every second of it!!!" Beth's head was now spinning, here she was sucking the warden's pussy while her secretary watched, just incredible!!! "Connie, dear," Hannah moaned, "would you lift your dress and masturbate for me, you know how much I love seeing you finger your shaved little pussy!!!" Beth couldn't see what was happening behind her, but soon she could make out the unmistakable sounds of a very juicy pussy being fingered, and fingered hard!!! "Come over here, dear," Hannah said through clenched teeth, "sit down beside me so I can feel your cunt!!!" Beth looked out of the corner of her eye, and much to her amazement, Connie's bald pussy was only a foot or so from her face!!! "Beth, dear," Hannah moaned, "don't you just love the thought of two naked vaginas side by side getting ready to climax together!?!" It was obviously a rhetorical question, as she kept sucking and Connie's own fingers were being replaced by Hannah's flexible digits!!!Both women were now groaning loudly and not even making a pretense on keeping quiet!!! While Connie was a moaner, Hannah on the other hand was very vocal about what was happening around her, and she made no bones about talking about it!!! "Oh, Beth," she cooed, "you should feel Connie's pussy, she has the wettest cunt I've ever felt," just before turning her head to the side and kissing Connie hard on her lips!!! "We do this all the time together," Hannah gasped, "Connie comes in and we masturbate for each other, or we eat each other's pussies, don't you just love thinking about Connie lifting her dress and masturbating for me, she has such a pretty vagina, I can't get enough of it!!!" That was it, the hot talking warden had succeeded in getting all three of them turned on, and while Connie and Hannah had the benefit of out side help, Beth's own pussy wrenched hard while the two other women groaned into each other's mouths as their orgasms peaked!!!Beth slid all the way to the floor, totally spent, while Connie and Hannah held each other and soothingly caressed each other's wet mound!!! Hannah looked down at Beth and sighed, "I'm moving you to a private cell and you can start working for Connie in the outer office tomorrow morning!!! Elated at the turn of events, Beth slid up between Hannah's legs and said, "Let my mouth thank you!!!THE END