The Party


So she leaned in and kissed my lips she reach down and started rubbing my breast. I spoke up and asked "What are you doing???" She backed up and said that I am sorry your body is just so sexy. I noticed that her face had gotten really red so I told her that it was ok it was just weired because I had never done any ting like that before . Apparently it was hard to belive because she said "Oh My God Really!!!!"On the night of the party I was really nevous. I had on the out fit that she had picked out at the mall with black leather boots that came up to my knees . When we reached the party I noticed that there were only like four men there and about fifteen wemon. I looked at her and said "so where are all the hott men ?"She said "this is a bisexual party the men are just here to see a show". I was blowed away by the thought of every woman there thinking that I was a bisexual,so I started flirting with every man there. I was so afraid that a woman was going to hit on me and I would'nt know what to do . So the first man that I thought was intrested in me I took up stairs ,by that time every one was staring at us as we walked up the stairs. When we got to the bed room we started kissing and he began to unbutton me shirt. we were really getting into it when a bunch of wemon barged threw the door. There were five wemon standing around the bed staring at me bare breasted and in my panties. I had no clue why they came in there and why they just did'nt leave. So I spoke up and asked " what are you guys doing?". One girl said that "they were going to show me what I was missing".

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   I was a little scared by then so I asked where my friend was and they said "she is busy right now". I told them that I was ready to go home. Then before I knew it one girl got on top of me so I stared telling her to get of and pushing her away. Then the other four wemon started holding me down while the guy took off my panties,so I started screaming all they did was laugh and told me to relax that I would like it. They spread my legs so wide that it hurt and the one woman that had gotten on top of me had a strap on dildo she straped it around her waist and climbed on te bed with me and said " I am going to fuck you so hard" She started rubbing my clit and then she bent down and stuck her tounge in my pussy "this is just to get you nice and wet ". When she got done eating my pussy she stuck the head of her strap on in my pussy and then just pushed it in as hard as she could 'I screamed'. She kept fucking me pounding my pussy harder and harder I beged for her to stop but she said that "she would stop when she was done for me to just shut up and injoy". She fucked my pussy for what seemed a long time while the people holding me down told her to go faster and fuck me harder that they wanted to hear me scream ,after she got done fucking me she came up and said "you are going to eat my pussy"She put her pussy in my face and I turned my head . I felt some one pull my hair and told me that I better do it if I did'nt want to get hurt so I put my lips on her pussy and she took her fingers and spread her pussy lips apart. I started licking her clit slow and soft until she said "faster bitch". So I began to move my tounge faster until I felt her cum run down my chin. She then took her fingers and rubed her cum off my chin and said "you can't waist this,eat it"She stuck her fingers in my mouth and made me eat her cum. I was crying by that time,so they said "we will let you up and you put on your clothes then you go down stairs find your friend and leave,if you ever come back be sure that you do'nt bring a man up stairs". I got up calmy put on my clothes went down stairs and told my friend that I wanted to leave. On our way home she asked "where were you all night?" I told her that I did'nt want to talk about it.

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  She asked "can I spend the night with you I am trashed?" I did'nt want to be rude so I told her "sure". When we got to my house no one was there they had went to visit family for the weekend. We went up stairs and I told her that she could sleep in my brothers bed room. I went to my room and took off my clothes and put on my robe to go to the bath room when I saw her there in my brother's room taking off her clothes,I stood there and wacthed her. I thought to my self why am I wacthing her? I turned around and started to walk away when I noticed that I was getting aroused by wacthing her. SO I turned around and she was lying in the bed with no covers on fingeing her pussy I felt myself get wet as I wacthed her masterbate so I entered the room and she said "I thought that you were never going to come in here". She had knew that I was wacthing her . I walked over to the bed and droped my robe onto the floor and climbed in the bed with her. I started kissing her and rubbing her breast while she played with my pussy I thought to my self what those wemon did to me changed me. For better or worse I thought. I got on top of her and kissed her lips I started kissing down her body I rolled my tounge down her neck when I reached her pelvic area I stuck my finger in her pussy I started finger fucking her as she moaned I brought my head a little lower and stuck my tounge in her hot dripping wet pussy. She tasted so good,I wanted to taste her cum! As I finger fucked her and ate her pussy I could see that she was about to reach her climax,I went down and stuck my tounge up inside of her,then I felt her hot cum run onto my tounge I made sure that I had gotten it all by sucking on her pussy .
    She then rolled me over and spreded my ass checks apart and started licking my ass hole,by the time that she had finshed eating my ass I thought that my pussy was going to explode. She rolled me over and pulled me to the side of the bed where my ass was hanging off she then stuck her fingers inside of my pussy ramming then as hard as she could while she played with my clit with the other hand. She asked "are you ready for me to eat that pussy?" I beged please eat it please.

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       She got on her knees and started to lick my clit she did'nt start slow she began very fast and hard . She said " I will show you how to eat a pussy like you should". I started moaning as she just kept getting faster and faster . She whispred "cum for me baby". I was excited by the thought of her wanting to taste my hot cum. I began to scream as I felt her sucking on my clit. It was time I had to explode I let out a loud scream as my cum rolled into her mouth. She licked all of my cum out of my pussy as I lay there moutionless from the best orgasim that I had ever had. She layed down beside of me and said "so they fucked you too huh?". I told her yes and she said that"they had done that to her too and that is what made her bi". I told her that"at first I was scared but when it was almost over I had began to injoy it". After this experience I am now a bi female and I very much enjoy have sex with women. My friend which is now my best friend are a couple and we put on shows all the time at parties that we throw. At our parties there are girls that come that are not bi and they do the same thing that I did they take the first man up stairs and the same thing happens to them that happened to my best friend and I. .

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