The Last Shoot


The Last Shoot.
My name’s Raven. I have another name, but I haven’t used it in so long that I can’t even remember it. I have been living with my partner, Shia, for 18 years now. I had run away from home, kinda lost, and found her shivering in an alley. She didn’t know who she was, and had obviously gone through a traumatic experience. I had just found an apartment, and offered her a place to stay. She was hesitant at first, and I can’t really blame her, but she surprisingly trusted me. As she knew nothing about herself, we had to rely on my welfare benefits for a while. Here I was, a stupid 18 year old looking after a girl who looked 16, but I wasn’t sure. Anyway, we found a mutual attraction and became very close. She decided to choose my birthday as hers, albeit a year younger. And we set up our life together.
A couple years later we met Jessie. She was working on an alternative adult website, cashing in on the latest trend, and decided we were likely candidates. Can’t say I would disagree with her either.

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   Shia was about 5’6”, skinny as the day I met her, but not too skinny, with neon blue hair to her earlobes and panda-eye makeup. By now she had gotten a lip ring, and that wasn’t the only one. Both her A cup breasts were pierced, as well as her navel. A bolt piercing could just be seen sticking through her hood, nestled in her neatly trimmed pubic hair which was dyed neon blue like her hair. She was constantly changing the style of it as it grew. One time she shaved it like a love heart, and said it was for me. She actually got a love heart tattoo with my name across her right shoulder as soon as she turned 18. Since then she had gotten Shiva from Final Fantasy X on her left shoulder. I, on the other hand, had black shoulder length hair with fiery red tips, with piercing through my left eyebrow and nose. I was about 5’6” ½, and like Shia I had my B cups, navel and hood pierced. I had left a little pubic hair, my natural red which I hated, and I kept it in the shape of a flame. I had a raven on my right shoulder and a heart with vines on my lower back, above my g-string line. After Shia got her tattoo, I got one of her for my right shoulder. She hugged me so hard and for so long after it.
Anyway, Jessie recruited us for her site, and we soon became popular.

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   No more were we on welfare benefits, and we managed to get a very nice place and some nice toys too. We managed to find out who Shia really was, and it was surprising: the date she had chosen for her birthday was her real birthday. Sadness came with it though, as it was found that her parents were killed in the incident that had caused her amnesia. We legally changed our names, but cause they insisted we have a last name, we chose Kay, which was Shia’s.
Well, a few years, many pictures and videos, and of course orgasms later, we were 27 and 26, very rich, and just in love as when we first met. We decided to take a break, having a holiday at some cabins. There were another couple there, Lisa and Lloyd, who were on their second honeymoon. They must have enjoyed it, cause we got in a moaning competition 2 nights in a row. Neither Shia nor I were usually quiet, but boy that woman could moan! It was then we decided to retire, to be with each other. We had plenty of money put away, being dirt poor made us wise, and we felt it was time. We got back home, and told Jessie of our plans. She was disappointed, but knew her site was more popular now and had plenty of models. Despite this she had pestered this for one last shoot.
About a week later, Jessie showed up at our place with a bag and a digital video camera. Shia rolled her eyes and went to our bedroom, Jessie following.

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   We all stripped, Jessie insisting on being naked to make the models comfortable, and we sat on the bed, waiting for her to explain what was going on. Out of the bag she pulled 2 hand cuffs and 2 odd looking toys.
‘Retirement presents,’ she smiled as she handed them to us. ‘They are called Rock Chicks, idealic for you, and have this bullet vibe called Ammunition of Love. ’ It looked weird, kinda C shaped. Shia looked over hers, puzzled. ‘Oh, the long part goes inside you, and the vibe goes against your clit. We inserted them, and I could feel the arm bend out then put pressure on my g-spot. We went to turn them on, but Jessie stopped us. ‘I have other plans. Lay on the bed, one mounting the other. ’ We shrugged, and Shia lay flat on her back while I mounted her. ‘Okay, give me your hands. ’ Jessie pulled our hands up to the headboard. She cuffed our wrists crosswise, left to left, right to right, behind the centre slat of the headboard so I was laying flat against Shia, her lovely mouth just below mine.

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   We looked in each other’s eyes, licking our lips in anticipation of what was to come.
    It was then I realised the cuffs didn’t have a release catch. The bitch was going to milk this last shoot for what it’s worth.
    Jessie got her camera, started recording, and pressed the on buttons on the vibes. The sensations hit me straight away, the vibrations hitting both my clit and g-spot. Shia opened and closed her eyes rapidly, her mouth open in a silent moan. I closed my mouth over hers, my tongue dancing as I kissed her passionately. My frustration soon grew, wanting to hold her and grope her in the passion, but the cuffs prevented me. we started grinding our hips against each other, occasionally knocking the vibes as they continued their rhythmic assault on our senses. I could feel Shia writhe under me, knowing she would be close to orgasm. Jessie moved my hair a bit, so she could get a better shot of us kissing. I could sense her circling around the bed, trying to get the best shot. It amazed me how she would never join in, even after the shoots.
    ‘MMMMNNNHHHH,’ Shia moaned under me, triggering my senses into overload. Her moan always had a way of heightening my pleasure, and now was no different.

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       The heat that was forming in both our crotches were like furnaces. We ground against each other, our breast mashing as the pleasure overwhelmed us. The feel of her rock hard nipples against mine was like nothing I had felt before. Suddenly, my first orgasm ripped through me. I swear the neighbours would have heard my moan, it was so loud, and it didn’t help that Shia hit hers at the same time. The most I could do was grip Shia’s hips with my thighs, buck, and kiss her deeply. It was so hard not being able to touch the woman I loved the way I wanted to, or to feel her touch.
    The first orgasm was like the wall of a dam breaking. The vibrators did not relent, sending both of us over and over many times. Frustration was beginning to build, the only embrace I could give Shia was my legs and my mouth. She must have felt worse, cause she could only return the kisses. I turned my head to Jessie, and Shia nibbled my earlobe.
    ‘Enough already,’ I said, ‘uncuff us!’
    ‘No,’ Jessie replied, ‘not until the batteries run out. ’ The bitch was milking us for what it was worth. ‘Oh, and don’t worry, I have plenty of spares here for you, and I will only take 10% of the profits from this clip.

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      ’ This calmed me a bit. What she would for this and only taking 10% would be worth the torture. I put my mouth against Shia’s and lost myself in the pleasure. About an hour or so later, the vibes finally died. Jessie undid the cuffs and I embraced Shia, drained from the most intense experience of our lives. Jessie quietly got dressed with a smile on her face, seeing the contented look on our faces as we drifted off.
    Waking hours later, we realised we still had the Rock Chick vibes inside us. The sheets were still drenched in our sweat and cum. I just smiled at Shia and held her tight. We had retired, and were finally, truly each others.



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