The Apology


I was standing there waiting patiently when all of a sudden I felt someone run into. I fell to the ground and dropped my briefcase over the floor scattering all my papers over the floor. I saw the elevator door slide open and quickly started trying to clean up the mess. The person who knocked me over was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She had 36DD breasts, was 6 foot 5, had very slim legs and beautiful long blonde hair. She bent over to help me pick up my papers when she bent down in front of me giving me the most perfect look at her huge breasts through her tight shirt. She mustn’t have realised she was doing this but all I could manage to do was stare at them. She looked up at me and I quickly went back to work picking up my papers but I think she realised what I was doing and giggled obviously taking it as a compliment. I saw the elevator door close and I let out a soft sigh. After all my papers were back in my briefcase (not as neat as they were before the accident) the hot blonde helped me to my feet and asked if there was any way she could repay me. I decided to give her my phone number and address and told her to come around to my apartment tonight at 7pm. Luckily she had no plans sop the night was to go ahead. She walked off out of the building as I went to push the button on the elevator and waiting once again for the elevator to pick me up and take me up to the 7th floor. The elevator door slid open as this time I managed to get in it. I straightened up my short black skirt and stepped out of the elevator as it reached the 7th floor. I took a deep breath and walked in to the room where the meeting was to be held.

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   But as I walked I could only see my boss sitting twiddling his thumbs. He was obviously waiting for me. And the moment I stepped into the room my entire boss’s anger was released. He gave me a big lecture about being responsible and getting here on time and not letting the team down. He paused for 5 seconds when I thought he was over but then the onslaught continued. He continued yelling at me for another 18 minutes until he ended with a very short, “You’re fired. ”I walked out very disappointed back to my office where I had the rest of the day to pack up my office. All that was on my mind was that hot, big-breasted blonde. I got so close to masturbating over her in my office right at lunchtime with my door open and people continually walking past. But I only just overpowered my very strong sexual urges. It was 5pm and I had decided that since I had finished packing I would pass by my boss’s office that I would collect my final pay packet at this law firm. I got my pay packet and came out the same elevator where I had been knocked over by the blonde. I opened up my pay packet and unexpectedly found $600 in there. Well this night I had decided to take the long way home to help get my mind off being fired when I saw for the first time a sex store. I thought I would spoil myself for some sexy clothes since I had lots of money in the bank.

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   I pulled up in the parking lot next to an old rusty car that looked like it had been sitting there for years. I walked and was stunned. There were aisles and aisles of the wildest sex toys I had ever seen, but even more aisles were dedicated to pornographic videos and dvds. But the section I was looking for was up the back. They had the sexiest clothes I had ever seen. I left the shop with more than I bargained for. I came out with a pink laced g-string with matching bra, a very short hot pink skirt, a very tight hot pink tank top, a blue and green striped bikini set with a short and long to skirt to go with it, a 6 inch, 8 inch and 18 inch vibrating dildos, plus over $200 worth of pornographic videos and dvds. And she still walked out with $50 change from her shopping spree. I looked at my watch and saw the time was 6:30pm and realised the blonde was coming around in half and hour. I quickly ran to my car, chucked the things in the back, and took off to home. I got into the shower and washed off my sweaty body taking extra time soaping up my cunt and my breasts. I washed off all the soap and pulled out my razor and quickly soaped up my cunt again. I shaved off every single hair on my what was a hairy cunt. I put on the new pink lingerie set I had just bought with my new pink skirt. I went with only my bra on.

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   I heard the doorbell ring at right on 7 and slowly strolled over to the door. I turned the door knob and slowly opened up the door to see the blonde standing there in a very short black skirt with a sparling silver boob tube that barely covered her large breasts but I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra. I invited her in and she had a little walk around the house. She passed my room and luckily I had closed my bedroom door as the new vibrators I had bought had not been put away. I led her back into the lounge room when she took a seat on my brand new couch. And what she said totally shocked me, “Do you mind if I take my top off because it is awfully hot in here?”“Yeah go for it,” I replied pretending to think that I knew she had something on underneath. And with that reply she slid her boob tube over her head and out popped her large 36DD. They were very large but also very firm. I was starting to get very wet trying not to look at her breasts. But I couldn’t resist the urge and my eyes saw them and were glued to them. “I would feel much more comfortable if you went topless too,” she said breaking the awkward silence. And with that comment I unclipped my bra at the back and let it slip to the ground. I strolled up and down the room. “Come and sit down beside me honey,” she said in a soft seducing voice. I walked over and sat beside her on the couch as she ordered me too.

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   “You have very nice breasts,” she said with a large smile of satisfaction on her face while rubbing them nicely. “Thanks, but yours are much nicer than mine. They are nice and large, and very round and attractive with nice large nipples,” I replied to her. “I can’t do anything with my breasts. I can’t play sports and all the guys stare and whistle at me whenever I walk past,” she sad sadly as the smile of satisfaction wiped off her face and turned into a frown. My nipples were very hard by now and her hands were massaging by breasts even harder now. But with one swift movement my mouth had attached to the very erect nipples of her 36DD breasts. Her erect nipples suddenly went rock hard as my mouth attached to them and sucked them hard. They were very nice to suck on and obviously I was having some effect because she was moaning and squirming all over the place. “Have you done this before?” she asked as my hard suck became a slow lick. I removed my lips from her nipples and replied with a short quick, “No. ”“You work your tongue so well, you wouldn’t mind doing my hot cunt for me now would you?” she asked me as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. I kissed down her body skipping her breasts because I didn’t want to get sidetracked from getting down to her cunt. I kissed her stomach and got to her skirt, which I quickly slid down not wanting to waste anytime. I slid it down to her ankles to reveal a nice large cunt that was shaved smooth to be like a baby’s.

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   I must have been staring at it for ages because the next thing I felt was my head getting pushed down by the hot blonde’s hand. She was absolutely soaking and there was a damp spot on the couch where she was dripping right under her well-maintained cunt. She spread her legs open to allow me easier access to her dripping cunt. I teased her by licking everywhere around but her slit. I forced tongue into her slit and she screamed, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! That is good! Ohhhhhhhhh!!! Keep it up!!!” I slowly worked my tongue in and out her slit slowly increasing the pace. While I was doing this she was rubbing her clit furiously. I was nearly thrusting my tongue in and out of her at full speed when she started moving back and forth with the movement of tongue until she screamed out very loud, “Ohhhhhhhhhhh shit!!! I’mmmmmmm going to cummmmmmmm!!!” And with that I latched my mouth wide open to catch all of her sweet juices that had escaped from her burning cunt. With still half of her juices in my mouth and over face I kissed her passionately, allowing her to taste the juices that her hot cunt released. They tasted so nice that she decided that that was enough and she licked the remainder off my face. She then kissed all down my neck and on the top of my chest. The nipples of my 34C breasts went even harder than they already were. The blonde stranger had a very good mouth and tongue combination as she worked me into a frenzy even though she hadn’t got off my breasts. Slowly she got off my breasts and slowly kissed down my stomach until she reached my short, hot pink skirt. She slipped my hot pink skirt down until it hit my green carpeted floor. The big-breasted blonde started rubbing the inside of my thighs with her sweaty hands.

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   My laced g-string was so wet you would of thought I had just got out of a pool. She started to slip off my g-string and got them to my ankles when I helped get them off with a final fling. But instead when she got to my dripping cunt she decided to fist fuck me. She rubbed around my clit slowly with her fingers. This felt really nice and I was getting so hot. “Go inside of me NOW!!!” I demanded the hot blonde. She slowly got me used to it by fingering me with one finger. She slowly moved to two fingers and I started to moan. Three fingers went in and started moving in and out. They started getting faster and faster when I had my first orgasm for the night. “I want your whole arm in me baby!!!” I told her. And before I knew it I felt her whole hand in my hot, dripping wet cunt. She moved her hand in and out and slowly got me used to such a large object in my hole. Suddenly with one quick movement her whole arm up to her whole elbow was in my hole. I let out a short yelp of pain but soon it was all pleasure as I was moaning loudly as she thrusted her arm in and out slowly, then building up the pace.

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   “Open up your hand” I ordered her and the next sensation I had was feeling her fingers open up to reach my womb. The speed of her thrusting was so fast I started to move my hips back and forth to add to the wonderful sensations that I was feeling. “Get your arm out!!! I’m gonna cummmmmmmm!!!” I yelled at her. And as soon as her arm was out she quickly latched on to my wet cunt with her mouth just in time to catch my juices oozing out of my cunt.
    When I had finished cumming, which seemed like and eternity, we locked mouths in a passionate kiss, which allowed me to taste my juices that I had released into the blonde’s mouth. We then got into a 69er position and floor when we started licking each other off. I was licking her burning cunt and decided she needed more so still licking her cunt and rubbing it with one hand I decided to surprise her when I slipped a very lubricated finger into her asshole. She managed to get one very loud yelp of pain but that was soon turned around when she was moaning louder than ever. We both came at the same time in each other’s mouths and quickly locked lips again and mixed each others juices in our mouths so we had the tastes mixed together which tasted even better. We both slumped back onto the couch panting and dripping with sweat. “Just wait a sec,” I told her as I quickly dashed, completely nude, to my bedroom which had my newly bought vibrating dildos sitting on my bed. I grabbed them all and returned to the lounge room where the hot blonde was waiting. “I only got these today,” I told her seeing the curiosity in her eyes. “You don’t plan to use them tonight do you?” she asked with a horrified look on her face. “Well of course I do,” I said as I went straight for the big one and picked up the 18 inch.

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       I turned it on to the lowest of the settings and started to rub it around her clit making her lips bulge again. I teased her steadily as she ordered me to put it in her. “Put it in me now, fuck me hard, fuck me now, oh you don’t know how much I want this,” she told me as I put the tip in. “Are you sure?” I asked her again as I shoved the first inch into her tight hole. “YES!!! I want it hard right now. Fuck the living daylights out of me,” she yelled at me feeling a sense of urgency in her voice. “OK,” I said in a quiet whisper to myself as I shoved the full 18 inches into her very wet hole. A loud scream filled the room as the pain seared in her cunt for a matter of seconds until the sensation overtook her and she couldn’t hold it any more. “Oh shit!!!” she yelled as I slowly started to pull the vibrator out of her. “Don’t stop bitch!!! Keep it moving!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH YEAH!!!”I moved the vibrator in and out furiously as she rocked her hips with the momentum having an orgasm every minute. And finally she couldn’t hold it any more and released her juices once again as I pulled the vibrator out and turned it off. She was panting and had sweat dripping all down her face and all over her body. I asked her if she would like a shower to freshen off but she demanded that that was too good and she needed to repay me. She grabbed the same 18 inch that I used on her which was already well used the wild fuck it did to her. She turned it on but instead of using low she turned it straight up to high, obviously wanting to give me more pleasure than it had given her.

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       I didn’t want her to rush this one so I let her stimulate my clit for a few minutes. And finally she inserted the head of the vibrator into my hole. And all of a sudden I had another orgasm. Inch by inch it went in moving in and out. I wanted it in faster and trying to give the idea by moving my hips back and forth with the movement of the vibrator. Luckily the blonde caught on and rammed the huge thing into me. All of 18 inches was in and sliding in and out giving me orgasms at what seemed to be one every thirty seconds. I collapsed back on to the couch and the blonde slowly slid the vibrator out and while doing so received a stream full of my juices. We both licked the juices off her fingers as we both collapsed on to the couch, panting and barely able to breath. Well fell asleep on the couch, each with a breast in our mouths at around midnight. A whole 5 hours wild fucking and sucking. The blonde woke up early that morning and called into work sick that day. Well I had been fired so I needn’t worry about work today. But when I got up I had found the blonde had made herself right at home and had just finished cooking a beautiful smelling breakfast. We gulped it down quickly as we both needed the energy from our wild session last night.


       We both had a quick tit sucking session this morning and both finished with a quick little bit of masturbation. She picked up her short black skirt off the carpet and pulled it up her legs to cover her dripping cunt. I handed her the sparling silver boob tube that had come off early that night. She walked out my door and said, “I’m Kylee. ”“Amanda, nice to meet you,” I replied shaking her sticky hand from the quick masturbation before she left. I got changed and put on my blue and green bikini set I bought yesterday at the sex store. I decided with my short shirt and no top on to meet my girlfriend in the city for lunch. I walked out the door and walked into my new life, the lesbian life. This is my first story so any tips or any critisism will be greatly appreciated. .



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