The All Girl Party


Carly and Tina were both very excited. It had been a rough time, moving from where they grew up, to a new city on the other side of the country. Leaving all their friends behind had been the roughest part. Both of them being 18 year old fraternal twins, they hated the thought of trying to make new friends, in a whole new place. But they had been embraced by Chelsea, who was the same age as them. She seemed to be real nice and welcoming, and had invited them to a combinationparty/sleepover at her place, so they could meet her friends! When her parents had met Chelsea, and quizzed her about the party, Chelsea had won them over. She promised them that there would be NO boys, or drugs, or alcohol. Her parents had allowed them to go, and here they were, knocking on Chelsea's door. The door swung open, and Chelsea opened it, smiling.
"Carly, Tina, SO glad you could make it! Come in!", she said.
They entered, and Chelsea closed the door. Neither of the girls noticed that she engaged the deadbolt lock.
"The party's in the living room, follow me", Chelsea said.
They could hear the music, as Chelsea led them to the doors, she opened it, and ushered Carly and Tina inside. They took two steps in, and halted! Both girls could hardly believe what they were seeing! A group of 19 girls, all around the same age as them, were waiting for them. Nothing strange about that, no, it was the fact that all of them were totally nude.

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   Not only that, all of them were sporting strap on dildos, stiff and hard! As Chelsea locked the doors, she joined the group, and pulled away her clothes and strapped on a dildo, a big, black dildo, ready for action!
"Wha. . . Wha. . What's going on?" Tina gasped.
Carly was clinging to her, shaking with fear. Tina was also very scared, but she did her best not to reveal how scared she was.
"This is our party, what we didn't tell your parents was that it's a sex party. We were truthful when we said there would be no boys, it's going to be an all girl gang bang! And you two are the guests of honor!" Chelsea grinned.
"But. . . . But .

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  . . but we're still virgins!", Tina gasped.
"Virgins, wow, what a bonus!" Chelsea chuckled, "Well ladies, after tonight, you'll no longer be virgins! OK girls, as the leader of the party, I'm gonna get to deflower the one of my choice! And I want to bust Tina's sweet looking cherry! And Amy, you can do the honors on Carly, and pluck hers!"
Amy, standing next to Chelsea, sporting a thick pink strap on, chuckled and said, "It will be my pleasure, I assure you!"
"OK, Tina and Carly, this is how it goes down. We have you locked in, no one else is here, and no one else will be here this weekend. We can either do it easy, or we can do it the hard way. But make no mistake, we will take your virginity, it's up to you whether you let us take you the easy way, or we take you by force. If you give in, and let us take you without protest, I am sure that you will find out that you will like it a lot. On the other hand, we can be very forceful!", Chelsea said, in a quiet, very serious voice.
Tina and Carly were talking quietly to themselves. Chelsea hoped they'd go along with it, she wanted to take Tina's cherry with her cooperation. And, she knew that once they'd had a taste of lesbian sex, they'd love it.
Tina said, "You win, we'll do whatever you want us to do, just, please be gentle with us. "
Chelsea came over, stroked Tina's face, and said "Of course I'll be gentle with you, I promise. "
Amy came over, and stroking Carly's face, she said, "And I shall be gentle with you too, my dear.

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Chelsea turned to the girls. "Remember everyone, Tina and Carly are virgins, and they are giving themselves to us freely. That means NO, and I repeat, NO rough stuff? Is that understood?"
As all the girls answered in the affirmative, Chelsea smiled. She took Tina's hand, and led her to the center of the living room. A large inflatable air bed was set up, and she peeled off Tina's clothes, until she was a nude as everyone else. She lay down on the mattress, and watched Carly being disrobed by Amy. In a few moments, Carly's nude body joined Tina's on the air mattress, their bodies shaking slightly. Amy and Chelsea squatted over them, and began to stroke their bodies, from the tops of their heads, to the tips of their toes. The stroking felt very good, and Tina could feel her body relaxing.
Suddenly, she felt 2 fingers gliding along her pussy lips. Chelsea was looking at her, a small smile on her lips. Tina could feel Chelsea's fingers stroking her, starting a small flame of pleasure churning deep in her. She stroked her, again and again, and a small moan escaped Tina's lips, as she felt her cream bubble up, and start to slick up her pussy lips. Chelsea's smile broadened, as she felt the buttery slickness of Tina's juices start to flow. Beside her, Carly also moaned, as Amy's fingers slid over her pussy, starting her inner sanctum churning! Amy could feel Carly's juices bubble up, and she slid a finger into Carly.

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   Carly gasped as she felt Amy's finger slide inside of her. It slid gently over her slick, smooth inner flesh, and she moaned with pleasure at the feeling of someone else's fingers playing with her. Tina also gasped, as Chelsea's fingers slipped inside her, sliding along the cream covered walls, feeling her reluctance floating away, as desire started to take hold of her. After a few minutes of manual stimulation, Carly and Tina were soaked! Amy and Chelsea grinned at each other, and suddenly, their mouths were at Carly and Tina's pussies! Chelsea could smell Tina's arousal, musky and hot. She ran her tongue up and down Tina's creaming pussy lips, listening to Tina's moans of desire. Next to her, Amy gently pulled apart Carly's pussy lips, and ran her tongue inside. She started to lick at Carly's churning box. Carly's pussy was dripping wet, and Amy was only too happy to lick up all her sweet creamy nectar. Her tongue could feel the obstruction of Carly's hymen, she really was a virgin. Next to her, Chelsea's probing tongue had also confirmed that Tina was also a virgin. Both girls were fired up, that they were going to break real cherries!
Amy and Chelsea rose up, ready to break them in!
"Tina, Carly, we are now going to break your hymens," Chelsea said softly, "It may be a bit painful, but it will be quick, and it will not last long. Are you both ready?"
At their nods, Chelsea got into position, placing the head of her black dildo against Tina's entrance. Amy and Carly watched, as Chelsea pushed it in slowly. Tina was feeling herself being opened, it felt strange, but also good. The dildo met the resistance, and Chelsea paused.

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   Tina looked up to her and nodded. She pushed harder, and suddenly the membrane broke! Tina gasped and flinched a bit, but, as the dildo glided slowly but freely into her, and filled her up, Tina felt the pain quickly recede, being replaced by a pleasurable pulsing deep inside her!
Amy placed her thick pink dildo against Carly's entrance. She pushed, and Carly's membrane shattered so easily, she slid in right to the hilt on her first push! The twinge of pain was so fast, Carly hardly even noticed it, as her pussy walls were stretched apart by the thick dildo sliding into her! It felt wonderful, and she wanted more!
Carly whispered, "Yes Amy, please don't stop!"
Amy drew back, and she started a slow, steady in and out motion, her body fired up at claiming Carly's cherry!
Chelsea slid into Tina over and over, filled with the heady feeling of having deflowered Tina's hot, steamy cunt!
They got into a steady rhythm, fucking Tina and Carly over and over again, with a slow, gentle motion. Chelsea watched Amy fucking Carly, while Amy watched Chelsea giving it to Tina, their shared excitement spurring them on! The feeling of their virgin pussies being deflowered, opened, fucked and filled up with a hard dildo was fantastic, Tina and Carly where both grunting with passion, they could feel their orgasms approaching!
Tina gasped out, "I'm cumming, Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming, OH MY GOD!"
Her pussy started contracting and writhing wildly, she shrieked as her orgasm slammed into her! Her body shuddered wildly under Chelsea, pulses of sizzling pleasure racing through her!
That seemed to set off Carly, she howled as her pussy exploded, her body writhing wildly, as her orgasm grabbed her and shook her!
When both Tina and Carly were floating through the afterglow, Chelsea and Tina smiled at each other.
Chelsea said, "Well, Tina and Carly, you know you've excited us wildly. Our pussies are soaked, and it seems only fair to us that you lick us, the way we licked you!"
Chelsea squatted over Tina's face, and Tina could see her rosy flesh, completely shaved bare, all swollen and glistening with juice. Seeing Chelsea's bare pussy excited Tina, and the heat from her pussy warmed her face. She watched as Chelsea slowly lowered her hot pussy towards her. Tina ran a finger along the long pink trail, feeling the juices from Chelsea's churning box coating her fingers, listening to Chelsea's moan of pleasure as she pushed 2 fingers up Chelsea's hot pussy. She brought her fingers to her lips and licked them clean, savoring the erotic taste! It fired her up, she wanted more! She wrapped her arms over Chelsea's hips, and pulled her down to her face. Her tongue rode along the long pink trail, and slipped into Chelsea's steaming pussy. She licked all over the gleaming flesh, her tongue licking up every drop of Chelsea's burning juices! Chelsea cradled Tina's head gently in her hands, and gave her instructions on how best to please her.
"Oh yes, my sweet pussy licker, right there! Lick me there, make me cum, and I'll coat your sweet pretty face with my cum! Lick me baby, don't stop!"
She cooed with pleasure as she felt Tina's tongue lapping at her tingling clit! Tina may be a novice at pussy lapping, but she was a natural! Chelsea started to grunt with pleasure, she could feel her orgasm approaching, as Tina concentrated on Chelsea's throbbing clit!
Amy squatted over Carly's face, and Carly was fascinated. She had never seen a pussy so up close before! Amy's pussy was also shaved bare, and it excited Carly! It also excited her, when she smelled the hot, musky scent of Amy's aroused, steaming pussy! She could see Amy's cleft, spread slightly apart, her inner pinkness glistening with juices! She felt the desire rise up, she wanted to taste her arousal. She slid her fingers along Amy's long pink lips, hearing her moan of pleasure as her fingers were coated with Amy's hot cream! She licked her fingers clean, the taste of Amy's buttery juices firing her up! She pulled Amy's hips down, and drove her tongue deeply in Amy's quivering pussy!
"Yeah, lick me baby! Suck my pussy, lick my juices, and make me cum all over your pretty face!" Amy whispered.

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Now that she had a taste of Amy's hot musky sap, she couldn't stop! Her tongue darted into Amy's fiery, churning pussy, licking her wildly! Amy was grunting and gasping, Carly sure knew how to lick pussy! She could feel Carly's mouth wrap around her clit! Carly's tongue flipped and pulled at her clit, and Amy was really starting to heat up! She could feel her pussy thrumming, her orgasm starting to race at her!
Chelsea and Amy were both grunting and moaning, as they squirmed wildly on the hot mouths that were licking them to a frenzy!
"I'm gonna cum, oh yes, don't stop, don't, don't, yes, yes Oh my God, Yes, YES!" Chelsea howled.
She shrieked as her pussy exploded, her pussy spasming wildly, and her pussy gushed a load of hot juices! She loved to be eaten like that, so she could cum all over her lover's face! Her hot, tangy juices covered Tina's hungry mouth, and she was on fire with desire, and only too happy to suck out every drop of juice that she could, she sucked all of her juices down, as Chelsea's body shuddered wildly above her!
This started Amy going, and she howled with pleasure as her pussy exploded, her orgasm slamming into her wildly spasming pussy! She could feel her pussy gush, as she unloaded her spicy nectar all over Carly's cute face! Carly's tongue was flicking back and forth, gulping down all the spicy nectar!
Chelsea and Amy climbed off Carly and Tina, and nodded to the group. Suddenly, Tina and Carly were surrounded by the girls! They felt soft hands stroking them, gently tweaking their stiff nipples, hot mouths kissing them all over, hot tongues licking their soft, hot, wet cores! Irene and Treena got between their legs, and Tina and Carly gasped in pleasure as they were mounted, 2 thick dildos sliding into them! The feeling of having their pussies stretched open felt so good! As they were getting fucked, a girl squatted over each of their faces, and their tongues slid up into hot, steaming pussies! It got them going, and as their pussies exploded, orgasms blasting into them, the girls riding their faces gushed their sweet cream all over Tina and Carly's faces, as they shuddered through their orgasms! Irene and Treena, who had been been fucking them, tossed aside their dildos, as they took their places over Tina and Carly's faces, and as they lowered down onto the girl's eager mouths, Judy and Erica mounted Tina and Carly, sliding stiff, thick dildos home, right to the hilt! Tina and Carly both squealed with pleasure as the walls of their pussies were stretched open by the stiff dildos!
The evening became a blur of pleasure, as soon as one had fucked them, she would climb aboard Tina or Carly's eager mouth, and as her pussy was licked to orgasm, another girl would mount Tina or Carly, sliding them full of another dildo! And of course, each girl got to fuck and be licked by both newcomers to the group! The guests of honor at the gang bang lost count of all the dildos that had stretched open their horny cunts and had fucked them deep, all the pussies they licked, all the loads of sweet cum that the girls had washed their faces with, and all the orgasms that exploded inside them!
After all of the girls had fucked them and been licked to a shuddering orgasm by them, the room became a gigantic orgy. Sleek, horny teens formed writhing chains of sexy, nubile bodies, 69s, daisy chains, dildos, girls rubbing their throbbing clits together, it was wild! Squeals of pleasure, grunts of lust, moans of pleasure, and cries of orgasmic ecstasy filled the room, and the room reeked of the hot sex perfume of the horny guests!
Tina found herself locked in a tight 69 with Amy, and the 2 girls licked each other hungrily, their sweet cream flooding into each others mouth's, as they exploded wildly, their straining bodies gripped by shuddering shared orgasms!
Carly was in one of the daisy chains, her burning pussy being licked and pleasured by Michelle's hot mouth, at the same time that Carly's mouth was licking and stimulating Chelsea's friend, Shirley. Shirley howled with release as she came, her pussy flooding Carly's mouth with her hot buttery musk! That did it, and Carly shrieked as she felt her pussy wrenching wildly, her orgasm tearing through her, turning her pussy into a wash of hot juices, feeling Michelle sucking it all out of her!
It went on, all combinations, all kinds of licking, sucking, fucking and rubbing that the girls could think up. For the grand finale, all the girls formed a large closed daisy chain, so that no one would be left out of licking a hot cunt, while their own hot cunt was being licked! The room became a giant group of hot and horny cunts, licking and being licked, just straining to climax! Tina could feel Jacki's hot tongue, licking her burning core, while her tongue was working over Lisa's burning cunt! Lisa grunted as she exploded, her pussy spasming wildly, washing Tina's face with her buttery juices! That did it, and Tina gasped as her cunt spasmed and wrenched wildly, gushing her juices all over Jacki's cute face as her orgasm exploded inside her pussy! On the other side of the daisy chain, Carly was being licked to a frenzy by Colleen's skillful tongue, while she drove her tongue deeply into Aleisha's molten center! Just as Aleisha howled, her pussy gushing her sweet cum all over Carly's face, Carly's orgasm gripped her, she felt her pussy explode as she came hard, gushing her sweet cum all over Colleen's face! Shrieks of pleasure and cries of orgasm bounced off the walls as the girls started to cum, exploding wildly, one after the other! They kept going until everyone had exploded in orgasm!
Soon, the party guests left for home, until Tina and Carly were left. Chelsea and Amy smiled at them, and Tina and Carly followed the nude forms of Amy and Chelsea, as they led them upstairs. They led them into the bedroom, and prepared to give them the special lessons in lesbian love that all newcomers to the group received. On the huge, king sized bed, they placed Tina and Carly head to head, forming a long I shape. Amy straddled Carly, and lowered her steaming core to Carly's eager mouth. Chelsea did the same, lowering herself onto Tina's eager tongue. As the girls began to lick their steaming cores, Chelsea and Amy, being face to face, started to caress each other! They were stroking and squeezing each other throbbing tits, their mouths glued to each others mouth, kissing hotly and wetly, moaning into each others mouth as their bodies started to shudder with pleasure! Jeez, they really were naturals! Sometimes, with a couple of their newbies, Amy and Chelsea would make them eat their pussies as many times as it took for them to get it right, even if it took all night! That would not be necessary tonight, as Amy and Chelsea both exploded, their howls of pleasure bouncing off the walls, as Tina and Carly licked and sucked out all their juices! Amy and Chelsea were glad, they had so much lesbian love lessons to teach the sweet newcomers!
They switched positions, and Carly was soon lapping at Chelsea's horny center, while Amy lowered her steaming core onto Tina's eager tongue! Once again, as Amy and Chelsea hotly kissed and stroked each other, the newcomers talented tongues licked them to a frenzy, until the cries of orgasm filled the room as they exploded in another fantastic orgasm!
Soon after, they led them into the bathroom, and into a large, spacious shower. The shower had 2 large shower heads, and Amy twisted the faucet. Warm water rained down, and 4 sleek wet bodies were under the water. After a few minutes, Chelsea turned off the water.

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"Tina and Carly, I'd like to welcome you to our club, and we would like to have you as part of our regular group. You will be with us the next time we introduce 2 newbies, and show them the pleasure of lesbian love! One requirement to join our club", Chelsea said, "You may have noticed that all the girls had their pussies shaved completely bald. And, as members, you have to have your pussies shaved bare! Amy and I will be glad to do the honors the first time! You'll love the feeling of no hair! And, we expect you both to keep yourselves hair free, after we do it for you now. "
Tina and Carly eagerly agreed. They had both been wildly turned on by licking all the bare, smooth shaven pussies at the party! Chelsea smiled, and opened up a small cabinet on the far side of the shower. She took out two razors, and gave one to Amy. There were two small benches in the shower, and Tina took one, and Carly the other. They spread their legs, and Chelsea took a squirt of shaving gel, and applied it to Tina's pussy. Amy did the same to Carly, and soon, they were carefully shaving Tina and Carly's pussies! Tina and Carly found the shaving felt very erotic, and their pussies started to heat up! They had only a wispy, sparse covering of pubic hair, and it was fairly easy for Chelsea and Amy to shave them clean! They turned the shower back on, and Tina and Carly loved the feeling of their bare, smooth, hairless pussies! They soaped each other up, feeling the desire quickly building! After they got out of the shower, and toweled each other off, Chelsea and Amy led them back to the bedroom.
Tina and Carly lay back on the king sized bed, spreading their legs and brazenly showing off their freshly shaved pussies! The sight of their bare, smooth shaven pubes make Chelsea and Tina hot! They wanted to fuck those sweet little cunts, and make them scream with pleasure!
Amy said, "When we were downstairs, and we broke your hymens, we were using 7 inch dildos. Now, we want to fuck you again, but this time, we'll be using our own personal 18 inch dildos. Think you can handle being power fucked by our 18 inch dildos, would you like to try it?"
Carly and Tina eagerly agreed. Amy smiled as Chelsea went over to the dresser, and pulled out 2 big dildos and harnesses. She helped Chelsea strap on her dildo, and Chelsea helped Amy strap on hers. Amy and Chelsea were fired up, and wanted to power fuck them, and make them explode! Every one they had initiated into the group, had been hot and horny, ready to get their hot and horny cunts power fucked! And each one had been brought to a shuddering, roaring climax by Amy and Chelsea's 18 inch pussy splitters!Carly and Tina gazed at the big dildos with awe! They looked so BIG! Chelsea had on a baby blue 18 incher, and Amy sported a coral pink 18 incher! Amy and Chelsea grinned at each other, and then at Tina and Carly! Tina and Carly could feel their juices start to churn, their pussies heating up!
"Tina, Carly, on your hands and knees, we're going to take you doggy style," Chelsea said, "You'll love it!
Tina and Carly quickly got into position.

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   Having their asses cocked up to the stiff dildos that were going to fuck them made their pussies ache with desire, eagerly awaiting the stuffing they would soon feel, inviting Chelsea and Amy to fuck them hard!
Getting into position, Chelsea nudged the head of her dildo against Tina's pussy, while Amy did the the same with Carly. They both thrust forward slowly, burying the stiff dildos in, pushing the entire 18 inches in, right up to the hilt! Tina and Carly howled with pleasure, as they felt the walls of their cunts being stretched open, as the full 18 inches slid up their quivering holes! Gripping their partner's hips tightly, Chelsea and Amy started a slow steady rhythm, sliding into them over and over! Soon, with Tina and Carly urging them on, Chelsea and Amy were in a faster rhythm, power fucking Carly and Tina with long, hard strokes! Amy and Chelsea rode them hard, pumping the stiff hard dildos into them over and over!
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!", Tina gasped, "Yes, fuck me, it feels so good! Ride me HARD! Make me cum!"
"Yes, give it to me!", cried Carly, "Let me have it! Fuck me!"
Hearing Tina and Carly urging them on, fired Amy and Chelsea up, and they rode deep inside their burning cunts, power fucking them, giving Carly and Tina the fucking of a lifetime! Tina and Carly were grunting with pleasure, as their burning pussies were split open, over and over! Amy and Chelsea, reached around. Stroking at their partner's clits, they urged the girls on with nasty, erotic talk! Carly was seeing stars, as her pussy started to spasm crazily, getting set to explode! Tina was almost delirious with pleasure! Her pussy started to spasm crazily, and Tina and Carly exploded, howling with pleasure, their pussies spasming and wrenching wildly as their orgasms exploded inside of them! Chelsea and Amy withdrew, tossed their dildos aside, and fired up, were all over Carly and Tina, intertwined on the bed, their bodies writhing ecstatically against each other! Hands caressing breasts and asses, mouths kissing at hot skin, tongues licking at delicate inner flesh, until more shrieks of orgasmic ecstasy bounced off the walls! They formed a perfect square, Chelsea licking Tina's burning pussy, Tina's hot mouth licking wildly at Amy's hot, steamy pussy, Amy licking at Carly's hungry pussy, and Carly licking at Chelsea burning pussy!
After they had all exploded in another massive orgasm, Amy and Chelsea took out 2 new strap-on dildos, and fastened these around Tina and Carly's waist. Tina admired her 7 inch fire engine red strap-on, while Carly admired her 7 inch midnight blue strap-on!
"Tina and Carly, welcome, you are now officially members!", Chelsea said, "These are your dildos, and you can join in the fun at our next lesbian love party! And, how would you like to break in your new strap-ons?We would be honored to be your firsts!" , Chelsea grinned, as her and Amy lay back, spreading their pussies open, letting Tina and Carly see their pink inviting clefts, glistening with juices, horny and hot, wanting to be fucked!
Very soon, Chelsea and Amy were grunting passionately, as Tina and Carly's thick dildos rode deep within them! Chelsea and Amy loved to be fucked as much as they loved to fuck, and the joy and delight that they were experiencing made Tina and Carly fired up, watching each other fucking Amy and Chelsea made them red hot!
"FUCK!", howled Amy, as Tina's dildo plunged into her, "Yeah, give it to me!"
"Yes fuck me!", gasped Chelsea, as Carly rode deep within her, "Let me have it! Fuck!"
Amy and Chelsea could feel their orgasms racing at them, and they screamed with pleasure as it exploded inside them, making their pussies spasm and wrench wildly!
Carly and Tina were burning up, their pussies molten centers of heat! They withdrew, stripped off their dildos, and got back between Amy and Chelsea's legs again! Their clits were aroused, throbbing, aching for release! They pressed their crotches tightly against Chelsea and Tina, and started to hump them! As they moved their hips together, Tina gasped as her throbbing clitoris rubbed against Amy's, and Carly grunted with pleasure as her throbbing nub made contact with Chelsea's clit. Their bodies responded, and a wave of raw sexual energy shot through them and they cried out as they ground their clits together. Amy and Chelsearan their hands down to Tina and Carly's ass cheeks, and held them tightly against their pulsing crotches! Both Carly and Tina were consumed by the soft bodies under them, the heat of their arousal, Amy and Chelsea's delicious cries of passion, and the intoxicating scent coming from between their legs. They clung to each other, Tinahumping Amy, and Carly humping Chelsea, grinding their throbbing clits together. Tina groaned, she could feel her pussy aching, burning with desire. They increased their rhythm, they could feel their orgasms building, and all four girls were making breathless sounds of passion as they swept along towards their climaxes!
Tina was first, she screamed with passion as her pussy exploded, and that pushed Amy to climax, she howled with pleasure as they exploded together, their bodies shuddering and writhing together, soaking the sheets with a flood of their juices, as an orgasm that felt like liquid fire tore through their straining bodies.
Carly was next, she howled with pleasure as she felt her orgasm explode inside her, and that got Chelsea going, she humped hard against Carly's throbbing crotch as she exploded, her orgasm lighting up her body! She could feel her juices gush, as her and Carly also soaked the sheets! Their orgasmic cries filled the room as all four shuddered wildly in ecstasy. After the first massive explosion of passion, their hips jerked in spastic little aftershocks as they continued to rub their throbbing clits together, sending sizzling bolts of pleasure racing through their bodies. Amy and Carly has never cum so intensely in their lives!
They all flopped down in a spent, dazed, and sexually satisfied heap, as their intertwined bodies drifted off to sleep!
The weekend sleep over became a 2 day sex fest! They licked, sucked, and fucked each other, again and again, their bodies shuddering through countless orgasms!
And, the next time that Chelsea invited someone to their special party, Carly and Tina were with the gang, sporting their stiff dildos and ready to fuck some sweet young pussy! The two girls invited however, had other ideas! Chelsea was only half way through her explanation, when they turned, and crashed against the door, trying to smash it open! The girls raced forward, and tackled them, dragging them down, tearing their clothes off! They fought like wildcats, it took all the girls to keep them down!
"So that's the way they want it, OK!" Chelsea said, "Tina, Carly, you get the honors of opening them up! Fuck them HARD, really RAM it to the bitches, bust those cherries, and make 'em see stars!"
Tina went over to the redhead, and Carly took the black haired girl. The girls holding them down brought their knees up, against their tits, and spread their legs wide, holding them in position for fucking! Carly and Tina were fired up, they were going to make these 2 see stars! They lubed up their dildos with baby oil, making them glisten! They stood over the girls, enjoying the looks on their faces when they saw the stiff dildos that were going to bust their cherries!
Chelsea said, "Yes ladies, we are going to bust your cherries! You may as well relax and enjoy it!"
Kneeling down, Tina and Carly probed the pussies of the soon to be initiated, and found that they were both virgins! This was going to be fun, they would get to bust two cherries! In position, Tina nudged her dildo against the redhead's pussy lips, as Carly got herself into position. They looked at each other, and grinned!
Just before they started, Chelsea said, "Don't worry babies, we're gonna take real good care of you! Here's what you want, what all you bitches want! Give it to 'em!"
A savage thrust tore into the struggling girls, as Tina and Carly slammed their dildos in! They felt the momentary resistance, than the dildos plunged in deep, as they broke apart their hymens, as both girls were deflowered, hard! They howled with pain, as their virginity was ended forcefully, and as their dry pussies were stretched open, hard, by the dildos! The dildos slammed in, right to the hilt, splitting their virgin cunts open!Carly and Tina were fired up by busting their sweet cherries! Their howls of pain could almost be howls of pleasure, also! They set the rhythm, power fucking them, humping them hard and deep! They were going to make sure these two remembered who opened them up! The redhead was still struggling wildly, half the group holding her down, while the black haired one seemed to be calming down, her moans sounded like moans of pleasure. The girls released their hold on her, cautiously, and the black haired girl wrapped her legs around Carly's waist.

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She whispered, "Oh yes, that feels so good, keep going!"
Carly slowed it down a bit, and rode her deeply but much more gently, and she moaned with pleasure.
The black haired cutie moaned, "Kiss me, oh please kiss me!"
Carly lowered her head, and their lips came together! Their lips clung hungrily together, Carly sliding her wet tongue into her partner's mouth. This got her going, and her tongue joined Carly's.
The feel of Carly's hot wet tongue, thrusting into her mouth, fired her up, and she squealed, "Yes, I'm cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck, YES!!"
Her orgasm tore through her, and she howled again and again, this time with pleasure, as it exploded inside her!
The redhead, however, refused to join in, and Tina hammered it into her!
Carly's pussy was soaking, the fact that her partner enjoyed it had me her horny! Carly had withdrawn, and she squatted over her partner's face. She could see her gazing up at her smooth shaven pubic area with a mixture of awe and hopefully, lust! Carly really wanted to feel those rosebud shaped lips all over her pussy!
Carly whispered, "Would you like to lick me, baby?"
She nodded eagerly, and Carly cooed, "Go ahead and eat me baby, my pussy is all hot and juicy just for you!"
Carly felt her partner's fingers sliding in and out of her, and she let out a moan of pleasure, lowering herself closer to her partner's face. She felt her tongue sliding up into her, and start to lick at her creamy insides!
Sliding her hands around her partner's head, cradling her, Carly cooed, "Yes, oh yes, lick me there baby, oh yes right there, make me cum all over your cute face baby!"
Having seen Carly's partner enjoying a glorious orgasm, and watching Carly enjoying a great pussy licking, Tina decided to make her spitfire eat pussy!
She squatted over the redhead, and she snarled "Get away from me, I'm not going to lick your skanky box!"
Chelsea came over and said, "So, still not ready? We'll take care of that! We'll make this high toned bitch see what's what!"
As Tina did so, the girls flipped her over, lifting her ass high into the air. They gagged her.
Chelsea said, "Tina, give this bitch a finger fucking up her tight asshole! If she still won't eat pussy, then we'll dildo fuck her ass until she gives in! If you thought getting your cunt deflowered was something, you bitch, just wait until we bust your ass open!"
Tina took a tube of KY jelly, and coated up her middle finger. Getting into position, she placed her finger against the redhead's tightly puckered asshole. With a push, Tina started to enter. The redhead left out a muffled grunt of pain as Tina shoved her finger up her! Tina continued to finger fuck her ass for a minute.
After a minute, Chelsea pulled off the gag and snarled at her, "Now, are you ready to eat pussy, you bitch, or do you need to get a dildo up your ass?"
The redhead looked up, with tears in her eyes, and said, "Yes, I'll do whatever you want, please stop!"
Chelsea snarled, "Listen bitch, if you try anything funny, everyone here will piss on your face! And you'd better do a damn good job! Now, lick Tina's sweet pussy, and make her cum!"
They flipped her over, and Tina slid in next to her. She stroked the redhead's face, calming her. She didn't want her to remember it as a terrible time. Her sobs subsided, and Tina leaned down to her, and told her in a soft voice, that it was OK, she didn't have to cry, they were not going to hurt her.

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   The redhead smiled a tremulous smile up at Tina.
Just before she climbed aboard, she stroked the redhead's face once more, and said, "Don't worry baby, you'll like it. "
Squatting over the redhead's face Tina lowered her pussy, and her hot, wet pussy, was hovering an inch away from the redhead's face!
As she lowered her steaming core down to the redhead's lips, Tina said, "Now baby, just run your tongue into me, and lick me, please. I'm so hot!"
As she felt the redhead's tongue penetrate her, Tina said, "Oh yes, lick me baby, suck my pussy, lick my clit!"
Joni and Lisa were next, and they started to fuck the newcomers, mounting them, and sliding their stiff dildos into their no longer virgin pussies!
Carly gasped, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, oh yes yes, YES!"
She howled with pleasure as she came, and her pussy juiced wildly, sending a flood of juices all over the black haired cutie's face!
Tina cradled the redhead in her hands, and told her where to lick. She cooed with pleasure as the redhead started to strum her clit, making her juices churn wildly! The redhead sure knew how to eat pussy, and her tongue licked Tina's hot inner flesh, over and over, until Tina howled with pleasure as her pussy exploded, her orgasm flooding the redhead's face with a load of her hot juice!
She slid off the redhead's face, and enjoyed watching the initiation! The black haired cutie was really into it, she was squealing with pleasure as she was fucked, over and over! She lapped wildly at all the burning cunts that were riding her face, making each of them explode, gushing sweet juice on her face! Tina was hot, she really wanted a go at the black haired hottie!
The redhead finally seemed to be getting into it, it had taken a while for her to get into it. She was starting to moan with pleasure, as stiff, hard dildos were fucking her good, and her talented tongue made all the hot pussies on her face explode in orgasm!
After everyone had fucked both girls, and been licked to a shuddering climax by them, the room became a hot sex orgy of sleek female bodies! Tina made her move, and soon, her and the black haired cutie where wrapped up in a tight 69! The black haired cutie, whose name was Jill, was an expert cunt licker, and Tina's pussy exploded as Jill licked her wildly! Tina drove her tongue deep into Jill's pussy, and brought her to a shuddering orgasm!
The climax of the party was once again an all girl closed daisy chain, the room was full of hot and horny cunts, licking each other wildly! Tina and Carly really wanted another go at the black haired cutie! They quickly corralled her, and they created a "Jill sandwich" in the daisy chain, as Jill licked Carly's steamy center wildly, while Tina was licking Jill's hot pussy! Howls of orgasm bounced off the walls, as everyone hit explosive climaxes!
Tina and Carly where the last to leave, and they smiled as they saw Chelsea and Amy's nude forms leading Jill and Caroline, also nude, upstairs! Remembering how they had been initiated into the group, they felt their pussies fluttering warmly as they imagined the hot times that awaited Jill and Caroline!
When they got home, their pussies were molten centers of heat! Making sure that their parents were asleep, they stripped naked and jumped into Tina's bed. Remembering the hot weekend initiation they had enjoyed not too long ago, their pussies were soaked with desire! They reached down, and pressed their bodies tightly together, their hands caressing and stroking each others smoldering pussies! Their fingers danced over each others throbbing clits, and it didn't take long before their bodies shook wildly, as they fingered each other to shuddering orgasms!
And, at the next party, they were pleased to see Jill and Caroline, sporting their strap-ons ready for action! Tina was really glad, she wanted to lick, suck and fuck Jill, that black haired cutie had really captured her fancy! She smiled at Jill, and Jill smiled back. Tina started to heat up, as she imagined the power fucking that Amy and Chelsea's 18 inch dildos had given their newest members!
The 2 newcomers to the party where eager participants this time, as Jill and Caroline licked their burning cunts, making them explode! They mounted the newcomers, and slid their stiff dildos into them! Grunts of pleasure filled the room, as they fucked them, until cries of orgasm bounced off the walls, as the new guests hit climax again! As Jill and Caroline tossed aside their dildos, and settled their burning cores over the guest's mouths, Tina and Carly were up next, and they mounted the girls, sliding in deep! Tina was fired up, she was watching Jill get her eager pussy licked, and watching her shudder in orgasm made Tina red hot! Tina and Carly were next, and they climbed aboard the girl's faces, and let them lick at their burning cunts! Tina was fondling her throbbing tits, her pussy was on fire! She could see Jill looking at her, licking her lips and smiling! It drove Tina to a massive climax, and she howled, her pussy exploding, gushing her sweet nectar all over her pussy licker's face!
They climbed off, and Jill and Tina stayed next to each other, their bodies touching, watching the action! Tina ran her hand gently over Jill's ass cheeks, enjoying the feel of her sleek, beautiful cheeks! Jill smiled at Tina lustfully, and her hand dropped down, and she slid her hand over Tina's cheeks, making Tina red hot! The orgy started, and they were all over each other! Tina put her dildo back on, and Jill lay back, spreading her legs wide! Tina slid into Jill, sinking her dildo in to the hilt! Jill squealed with pleasure, as her cunt was pleasantly spread open! Jill loved the feeling of being opened up!
"Kiss me, oh kiss me!", Jill whispered, "I love being kissed while I'm being fucked!"
Their mouths clung hungrily together, their tongues probing each others mouth, sending sizzling pulses of pleasure to their throbbing pussies!
Tina was on fire, fucking Jill with long sure stokes! Jill howled as she hit climax, her cries of pleasure joining those of other girls who were driving each other to climax!
Jill smiled and whispered, "Your turn now, on your hands and knees!"
Tina got into position, her body quivering with desire, as Jill strapped on her own dildo! She looked across the room, saw her sister in an open daisy chain, saw Caroline licking Carly's cunt wildly, while Caroline's cunt was being licked by Lynne, and Treena was sitting on Carly's face, her sister licking Treena's hot box avidly, making Treena grunt with pleasure! It may have taken a while, but the fiery redhead had really taken to lesbian sex!
She could feel Jill nudge the dildo against her soft lips. With a slow gentle push, she slid into Tina's fiery cunt! Tina grunted with pleasure, as her pussy walls were spread open! The feeling of being fucked just felt better and better every time! With a final push, the entire dildo was buried up her quivering cunt! Jill grasped her hips, and started a steady fucking rhythm, sliding into her burning core over and over! Tina had discovered, during the wild weekend of her initiation, that she liked getting it doggy style the most, it made her explode like a bomb! And this time was no exception! She could feel her orgasm rushing at her, and she howled with pleasure as it exploded inside of her! Her burning cunt spasmed wildly around the thick dildo buried deep inside her, as her orgasm shook her body!
In the daisy chain finale, Tina was licking Jill's hot horny center, while Jill licked Carly's fiery core!
After the party, Jill invited Tina and Carly back to her house. Her parents were gone for the weekend, and Jill said she wanted some time with just them!
"And don't forget to bring your dildos, I want you to use them lots!" Jill giggled. .



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