The Adventures of Liz and Aimee-Part 1


Liz sat down at the table for a coffee. She read the paper as she waited for Matt, her son, to get ready for school. He walked into the brightly lit kitchen. “Mom is it ok for me to go to a party tonight?” he asked. “Sure, but as long as you don’t do anything stupid. ” She replied leniently. “What makes you think that? Come on, you were young once, weren’t you?” he joked. “Yes, I was…” she murmured, “well, just as long as you take your cell phone with you and give me a call when you arrive. Now, don’t be late for the bus. ” Matt bounded out of the house to get to his school, Ruston High. Liz stayed still at the table long after Matt had got the school bus. She began to wonder what she got up to at Matt’s age. Kids nowadays were smoking pot and drinking allsorts. Surely she was never that bad?It all started when Liz was seventeen. It was the warm summer of 1975, when she lived in the suburbs of Los Angeles. She had never had a boyfriend before, due to her shyness, but she was growing up to have quite an attractive physique, and her face wasn’t bad either! She had straight, long brown hair, blue eyes and a body to die for.

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   She was having a fun vacation so far, and went over to stay at her friend Aimee’s one night. Aimee was a good friend of Liz. They met at Kindergarten, and, despite a few minor arguments, they were still as close as ever. Aimee was quite tall, had long blonde hair, light blue eyes and was slim, but very well proportioned. After a while of their usual giggles and listening to records, the two girls became tired. “Why don’t we get ready to go to bed, so we can fall asleep whenever?” Aimee suggested. “Sure,” Liz replied. They both got into their nightclothes. As it was so hot, they were wearing very flimsy clothes, which showed off their eye-catching bodies. They both clambered into Aimee’s large bed. Liz rolled over and shut her eyes as if to go to sleep as Aimee lay awake, looking straight at Liz’s peacefully sleeping face. She couldn’t resist the temptation of Liz’s sexy body. She went closer to Liz, and stroked her hair out of her eyes and kissed her softly on the lips. Liz woke up, and gasped at Aimee. “We can’t do this, we’re best friends, and y…y…you’re a girl!” Liz stammered.

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  “Liz babe, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of harmless kissing. We need to practice on each other so that when we get boyfriends, we’re real good!” Aimee replied. “I. . . I…I suppose so…” Liz said, before letting Aimee slip her tongue in her soft mouth as they kissed. Aimee was getting so turned on she couldn’t keep her hands off of Liz’s perfect body. She stroked her long brown hair as they kissed sensually, then pulled Liz’s top off. Liz was enjoying this experience so much that she didn’t mind that this was a girl she was kissing. It felt good, and a bit of practice is always useful, right? Aimee stroked Liz’s 32D breasts with her hands. They felt so round and firm in her hands. Liz moaned as Aimee stroked her nipples hard. Aimee slipped off her top, and rolled Liz over. She leaned down and kissed her as their young breasts rubbed against each others, their nipples hard. “You liking this babe?” Aimee enquired.

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  “Yeah, it feels a bit weird, but, yeah, it’s good” Liz replied between moans. Aimee reached into the wet gusset of Liz’s panties and felt her smooth shaved pussy. She rubbed her throbbing clitoris before putting a finger slowly up her slit. “Honey, you’re so tight and wet!” Aimee exclaimed. Liz tried to reply, but found that no words escaped her groaning mouth. Aimee then pulled the sheets off of her and her friend. She then took Liz’s shorts and panties off. She took her clothes off too. She lay on top of Liz, letting their cunts rub against each other as they kissed. Aimee opened Liz’s legs wide as she buried her tongue into her friend’s tight snatch. She sucked her clitoris hard before putting her tongue as far as possible up her pussy. Liz had to hold a pillow in her mouth to muffle her ceaseless moans. Aimee stopped after Liz came noisily. She reached into her side table drawer and pulled out a strap on dildo. “Where did you get that from?” Liz asked.

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  “I bought it from that shop downtown the other week- I thought it looked interesting. ” Aimee replied. “Please don’t use that on me, it will stretch me open and hurt” Liz whimpered as she eyed up the wide 8 inch fake cock. “Oh please! It fits in me, it’ll fit in you!” Aimee snapped. Liz had never seen the usually calm Aimee like this before; it was making her hotter than ever! Aimee put on the dildo and kissed Liz as she rammed it into her tight hole. Liz gasped loudly from a mixture of pleasure and pain. The dildo was stretching her in every direction- she had never felt like this before, but she liked it. Aimee pounded away at Liz like it was the apocalypse. She enjoyed watching Liz gasp as she fucked her. Aimee picked up the pace, ramming it hard and fast. Liz screamed out, “Get off of me, please! It’s hurting me so much!” Aimee thought this was another one of Liz’s tricks and kept on going. Liz came fast and loud, her pussy dripping its contents all over Aimee’s pink sheets. Aimee then lapped away at Liz’s pussy, tasting her sweet scent. Aimee was shocked as she saw tears fall down Liz’s pretty face. “Awww, honey, did I hurt you bad?” Aimee asked.

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  “Yeah, but it felt good. My pussy’s all sore from that though. ” Liz replied. “I’m so sorry. Is there anything I can do to make it better?” Aimee offered. “Yes, let me put that dildo on so I can fuck you. ” Liz shocked Aimee. She rolled Aimee onto her back, put on the dildo and opened Aimee’s legs wide open. Liz tried to enter Aimee, but it hurt her; she had been fucked so hard that she couldn’t close her legs at all, therefore not able to fuck her friend. She tried hard, but was so pained that she collapsed onto Aimee’s heaving chest. Aimee ran her fingers through Liz’s soft hair. “Don’t worry baby, don’t cry. You did good. ” Aimee consoled Liz soothingly. Liz then fell asleep cuddling Aimee.

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   For the next few weeks, they did absolutely everything together. Even when Liz got a boyfriend, Aimee wasn’t excluded from the fun….



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