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One day we were walking in the hall and she asked me if she could tell me something.   She all of a sudden stopped and got a real serious look on her face.   “What is it?” I asked her.   She kept trying to let something out but nothing of any substance came.   Out of the blue in the middle of the crowded hallway she shoved me against my locker.   Kristen gave me this deep stare that told me that she wanted me and then she proceeded to meet her lips with mine.   I tried wrapping my arm around her waist but she pushed me hard yet again and held my hands to the locker.   Kristen started swirling her tongue around mine and was being rough about everything.   I was soon out of breath and felt weightless by the way that this beautiful girl was pushing around my limp body.   I soon felt her hand touch my bare stomach and a shiver went down my spine.   Her hand kept slowly inching up until it was just an inch below my boobs.   I wanted her to go farther but every time I tried to move my hand and direct her, she would smash it against the locker.   I was squirming from wanting her to touch me but she loved teasing me like this.   After she was pleased with the way I was reacting, she moved her face away from mine and gave me a really sexy stare.   It was then that I realized that a small crowd was forming around us.   After a few yells of “get it on” Kristen winked at me and whispered in my ear, “we will… after school”.

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     She planted a soft kiss on my neck and just like that, she left me there out of breath and against the locker.   I needed her right now but I would have to wait until after school.
Time went by and I was as wet as humanly possible.   I rocked my legs a little throughout the day making my jeans seam hit my clit.   It didn’t satisfy me at all; instead it just made me even hornier.   It was finally time for last period and I wasn’t able to concentrate on anything but the throbbing feeling from my pussy.   It didn’t make it any easier on me that Kristen was sitting next to me in that class.   I couldn’t stop staring at her, god she was beautiful.   My hand found my crotch and I had to take a quick grab but it felt so good, my hand wouldn’t let go.   Kristen spotted this and moved my hand away so that she could continue where I left off.   She whispered in my ear, “I am going to fuck you so hard”, as she began to stroke my pussy through my jeans.   The lecture went by so slowly as I waited for the clock to finally hit 2:45.   I wasn’t able to take this groping anymore and I needed class to end before I would just literally burst.   The bell finally rang and I ran out of class and into my car while Kristen was trailing behind me.
We both got in and decided to go to my house since nobody would be home.

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     The whole car ride she was explaining what she was going to do to me once we made it to my house.   I started shaking in my seat trying to find some position, any position that would put pressure on my clit.   Kristen noticed this and smiled at me as she placed her hand over my crotch.   She slowly undid the zipper on my pants as she squeezed my inner thigh.   The button and zipper finally came lose and she stuck her hand down my completely wet thong.   She barely grazed over my clit but a slight moan escaped my lips as I was waiting for that touch for so long.   She started pumping two fingers in and out of me as I kept moaning in sheer delight.   We reached a red light so I hinted at her to stop spying a few classmates on either side.   She replied with a   “fuck them” and continued to finger fuck me until I had to throw my head back in ecstasy.   Soon she was both rigorously rubbing my clit and fingering me at the same time.   I couldn’t concentrate on the road anymore and I was about to just give up and pull on the side of the road until I realized that I finally made it home.   I gave Kristen a deep kiss that must have lasted a long time because she got a few more pumps in before I was able to separate her fingers from my pussy.   I quickly ran into my house, dragging Kristen behind me not even bothering to zip up my pants.
Right when I opened the door and got inside Kristen shoved me against it incredibly hard so that it shut behind me.   Kristen started kissing and nibbling on my neck, as my moans were steadily getting louder.

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     In one swift move she tore open my blouse and bra and stared at the treasure that awaited her.   She latched onto my right nipple and bit on it.   I shrieked with surprise as her teeth pierced my nub.   She began rhythmically pulling on it and loved my blissful reaction.   She then took the other nipple in her mouth and did the same thing.   Kristen found it a game to see my reaction with every single thing she did.   She was unlike any guy that I have been with where she spent so much attention nurturing each breast.   After my breasts were red and in pain from all the pulling she moved down lower to my belly button.   Kristen traced circles around it the whole time staring into my eyes.   She got to the top of my pants and just took the whole thing off.   Soft kisses traced their way up my legs and to my pussy.   I was so relieved to finally feel a tongue go underneath my thong but she quickly stopped.   Instead she started nibbling and pulling on my inner thigh.   I was craving her tongue on my pussy all day.   I needed it.

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     I took her head in my hands and shoved it near my covered pussy.   She just backed away and smiled.   For what seemed like a few more minutes she was playing with all the spots around my thong.   She finally removed it and smiled and my wet snatch.   Kristen gave one small lick across the entire length of my cunt and was glad to see my reaction.   As she circled around my clit with her tongue my back arched back and the loudest moan of the day escaped my lips.   She started tongue fucking me so I couldn’t help but pull on her hair.   The harder I pulled on her hair the faster and harder her tongue would dart in and out of me.   Soon we were both shrieking in a combination of pain and pleasure.   She soon added her finger to the mix and I was in sheer bliss.   I yelled that I was cumming and her reply as she continued to finger me was “cum you little whore”.   That was enough to give me a mind-blowing orgasm.   I lifted her up by her hair and gave her a deep, hard, passionate kiss.   I could taste the cum on her lips and it only served to make me want to taste her.
      “Its your turn you little fucker”, she whispered in my ear before licking it seductively, “get down on your knees and suck me dry”.

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    She wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me to the dining room table.   She quickly pulled off her shirt revealing her braless tits which gave a subtle bounce as two hard nipples poked out.   Kristen laid her back on the table so that her lovely ass was lying right on the edge.   I was still shocked about what was going on and I guess she saw my clueless face because the next thing I know she pushed my face right next to hers and gave me a deep long kiss.   One of her perfectly shaped eyebrows arched up in a whorish way as she muttered, “what are you waiting for bitch?”   I traced a line down her neck with my tongue until I got to her breasts.   I started licking a whirlpool around her nipple closely centering in.   I flicked my tongue over her rock hard nipple and a slight moan escaped her lips.   I paid more attention, flicking, biting, and pulling on the nub as I watched her expression.   She had this blissful smile that soon turned into a look of ecstasy as her teeth bit down on her lower lip and her eyes closed.   The image that lied before me made me incredibly horny.   As I moved my mouth to her other tit, I took her hand and rubbed it across my thigh trying to give her the idea to finger me.   All of a sudden her eyes opened as she began to pinch my clit.
    I removed her hand from my throbbing pussy only long enough to slip off her skirt.   After it was fully off and her bald cunt was staring me in the face she slammed two fingers back into me.   As I began to lick circles around her clit, I couldn’t help but moan as she was doing the same to me only with her fingers.

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         The moaning obviously felt good because her hips kept bucking off the table.   I darted my tongue inside of her and she started moaning again, only this time even louder.   Her fingers were soon penetrating me at the same speed at which my tongue was penetrating her.   Our moans, shakes, and bodies were moving together rhythmically.  
    “I’m going to cum” she yelled as she moved a finger from her other hand over her clit.   I quickly pushed it away and used my tongue to lick around it.   I was going nice and slow trying to prolong the feeling she wanted to feel for so badly.   All of a sudden she jammed a third finger into my pussy.   I shrieked in surprise as another orgasm was overcoming me.   The surprise of it made me bite down on her clit.   “FUUUUUUUUUCK” she screamed as her pussy contracted and her juice came out.   As I licked all the moisture from around her I noticed that she was still shaking.   I stood up straight and looked at her, I couldn’t help but smile.   She pulled me down on top of her and kissed me long and hard.   “That was fucking amazing”, was all that she could mutter.

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    After lying there and kissing her for a few more minutes Kristen realized that she had to go.   We got up, got dressed, and kissed each other one last time.   As she opened the door to walk out she said in a seductive tone, “next time I have to remember to bring some toys”.   She then winked at me as she walked out of my house swaying her perfect ass.   “Until next time” I muttered to myself, “until next time!”



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