Teen Triangle


Ok, so this is where the stories begins.

My friend Rachael and I had been friends for years, lived in the same town, chatted everyday, knew everything about each other. We were young ladies in our late teens searching for love.

She invited me round to her flat that she shared with her friend from college, Connie. We all got on well so Connie never minded that I was over pretty much every minute of the day. Something was wrong this time, though. As soon as I opened the door to their apartment I could feel tension and a heavy mood hanging over the whole house. I could see Rachael sitting on the sofa with her back to me, she was sobbing uncontrollably.

'Rach, what's up Sweetie? Why're you crying?'

She stopped crying for a moment. Everything stopped, it was as if time had just stopped. I could feel she was mad with me straight away. She then got up and walked round the couch straight towards me. As quick as lightening I felt a slap across my face, followed by yet more silence. All I could do was just stand there in utter dismay.

'What the fuck was that for!?'

'You slept with Joel! You're a fucking slag! You're meant to be my best friend! Bitch!'

'Wait what the fuck? I wouldn't touch your boyfriend, I know he means the world to you! You mean the world to me! I just wouldn't do it!'

She stood there not moving, not crying, not doing anything. I knew she believed me, but why had she thought it was true in the first place? That wasn't the point at the moment though, I just wanted her to be ok.

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'Look, babe, you've gotta believe me. . . I would never hurt you. I love you. '

At that she looked up at me, deep into my eyes and I felt her body move closer to mine.

'How much do you love me?'

She was pushing herself against my tense body, grabbing my bum with her soft hand and caressing my face with her other one.

'I would do anything for you, is that what you wanna hear? And I swear to you, I never touched Joel. '

'Shut up about him a minute. Rather than telling me how much you love me. . . Show me?'

I stood there in disbelief. . .

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  Yet getting hornier by the second. I grabbed her arm and led her into the bedroom. Pushing her onto the bed, I kissed her lips more passionately than any man I'd ever been with. I'd kissed her before, but just on drunken nights out and as a show for the lads, this was completely different. She rolled me over so that she was ontop of me, gazing into my eyes she lifted my shirt off and started caressing my breasts. She continued to kiss me, but this time it was all over. She slowly moved down my body eventually reaching my hips. I closed my eyes in enjoyment as she gently undid my trousers and pulled them down my curvy legs. She then lifted her own top off and started teasing my pussy with her mouth through my frenchies. The feeling rushing through me was uncontrollable. She knew I was loving it too. I was close to coming, but I wanted her to feel the pleasure too. I grabbed her and laid her on her back. Still kissing her, I pulled her skirt down and started teasing her pussy through her thong. The heat was amazing, better than anything I'd ever felt before, she really was an amazing lover.

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   The urge was too much, I had to delve deeper, so I moved my lips down towards her dripping wet pussy and started to kiss her ever so gently, getting a true taste of what my best friend tasted like. Her breathing got faster and I could tell she was getting close the orgasm. I pulled her thong off and laid my tongue straight into her pussy. She tasted amazing and I could feel her hips grinding harder and harder. Caressing her nipples at the same time they were like little soldiers standing to attention. Her groaning got louder.

'Deeper! Oh my. . . Fuck! You're gunna make me come!'

I took this as permission to push the boundaries further. So I gave my tongue a rest for a second and asked her if she'd like me to fuck her. Her response was more than welcoming, so I got up and walked over to her drawers and opened the third one down. I knew she kept all her sex toys here. I searched through the neatly folded clothes untill I found her double ended vibrator. She'd told me before that it had given her multiple orgasms while masturbating, so I knew it would do the job perfectly.



As she laid on her bed completely naked I couldn't help but think whoever ended up with her was a lucky guy. She had the perfect curves. Big volumtuous arse and tits, just like mine. My pussy started throbbing as I thought of what it would be like to have her fingers in my pussy.

I crawled back onto the bed and gently turned her onto her front and told her to give me her arse. She lifted it off the bed so that the cheeks parted slightly. I kissed her hole gently letting my tongue enter her arse on occasion. I grabbed the vibrator and teased her butt with it until she was begging for me to stick it into her. I pushed it in carefully as to not hurt her. I started with small, slow movements, but knew that she liked it hard so moving onto deep fast moves quickly. She was loving it. The sweat was dripping from her thighs and I could tell she was near to coming.

Just as I was about to turn her over and pummel her to a pulp, Connie came bursting through the door. She stood there in utter disbelief. Without saying a word, she took offer her jacket and came and sat on the edge of the bed.

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   She gave us both a friendly smile and then moved in for a kiss with me. Rachael began to sit up and stare in amazement at what had happened to her friendhip group. The were all fucking. . . And it was fucking great.

With Connie now involved, it meant we could explore even more. The new addition and myself licked and fucked our best friend until she cried in pleaure. After a good 2 hours of activity we all laid there, entangled in each others bodies, absolutely shattered. No one spoke for a good 18 minutes until Rach whispered the words I'd been wanting to hear off her all night, 'I love you too'. .



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