Hey All,
Hope we are all doing good. I am doing great! G/F and I are going out later clubbin and so I am waiting for her to get home. Thought I would write about something that happened to me at the age of 18 I was as you know, very well developed and so I realy had to be selective of my lovers for a while. Well, I had to stop taking the "Pill" for a while so I had crossed guys off my diet for sex. I was at a store one day and there was a very attractive woman that seemed to be watching me. I found out later that she was 63 and she was in great shape. She had a tan all over and was retired of course. Jillian was her name and she had totally grey hair cut short but very lovely. I was in a store like I said and was looking through the sexy things and she came up to me very direct and said, "You are very lovley Hun. " "Thanks" I told her, "You are too. I am Brenda" I told her. She smiled and told me her name and then she said, "Can I ask you a very personal question?" "Sure, anything at all. " I said wanting to really go further with her anyway. She looked at me chest which was about 40DDD and I had no bra on tso that the nipples were visible through my white t-shirt. "Yes they are," I said, and continued before she could say anything else, "Would you like to see if they are for yourself?" She smiled and said, "You were reading my mind hun. " I stepped closer to her and the clothes rack and she reached under the shirt and massaged my left tits and then as she finished she pinched the nipple making it grow even more.

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   I moaned low so she could hear me and leaned towards her.

"Anything else you would like to touch?" I said and she smiled again. She slowly moved even closer and now her face was near mine and she dropped her hand under my skirt and into my panties and right into my soaking wet pussy with two fingers making my legs weak. My juices responded to her instantly and my hips began to move. She pulled her fingers out and sucked them into her mouth and made a low, ""MMMMMmmm. " sound. "Would you like to come home with me?" she said. "Sure. " I said and she turned and took my hand and we walked to her car. It was a Lincoln and really nice and I got in the front passenger side as she started it up. We began to drive and I took off my shirt and faced her so she could massage and pinch my tits and then I laid back and spread my legs and fingered myself for her to see the show. We did not go far and drove into a nice driveway and she got out and came around to open the door. I had put my shirt back on since it was a neighborhood and lots of people around. There were two other nice cars there also. We went inside and she right away called out, "anyone home?" Several voices came back all women and 8 women came out of different places in the house.

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   Some from upstairs and some from the patio and they were all in diferent stages of undress. All had drinks and and Jilliam poured me one. I drank it right down and it burned all the way and she poured me another and I swallowed it too. I handed the glass back, "Another please" I said and it was full again and as I took it down I felt the buzz begin. I put the glass down and took of my clothes and attacked Jillian. I kissed her deep and she was in a frenzy like I was. We were on the floor naked and eating each other wildly and soon my orgasm sprayed her face and hair.

I rolled over and now there were all the other women all over me. Kissing, biting and fingering me and I could not tell who was doing what but it did not matter. My orgasms came one after another. A pussy was over my face and I licked it till it gave me juices that I wanted. Our scent of womanly sex was all over. A huge cock was in me and I looked up to be sure no men had come in and Jillian had a strap on dildo deep in me. "Oh yeh, fuck me good Momma" I said and she did just that as another woman sat on my face and buried any cries that may have come out. There was nothing but continous sex for hours till at last I was laying there asking someone to come and have me and the other women were laying close by, kissing, massagging and carressing each other.

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   JIllian came to me and laid down and began kissing me, the dildo still strapped on her. "Please fuck me again. " I said and she rolled on top and drove into me again and stayed there for what seemed like hours.

We woke up sometime late and the women were all around on couches and the floor and all tangled together. "Do I need to take you home dear?" Jillian said. "No, they do not care that I stay out. I will call and it will be okay. " I said and I called home to my aunt and told her what was happening. "Eat all you can dear. " my Aunt said and I laid back down for Jillian to eat again. We stayed together most of the weekend and she was a lover for a couple years after that. She really was beautiful.
See ya all,