Surprise at the pub


It was another boring night, and i was sick of being cooped up in my little flat. Being a Friday night i thought i would invite my friend Lou to the local nightclubs. She was a plump girl with short brown hair and big brown eyes, who loved to party. We decided to get dressed at her house and leave from there. I chose a nice pair of jeans and a low cut top to excentuate my best assets. Lou was more out going then me dispite being bigger then me, she chose a red mini skirt and a tank top. We quickly put make up on and left the house. First stop was the local Irish tavern. We got a drink each and sat near the dance floor to look out for any single talent. Being friends with the barman helped my cash flow problem and my "getting intoxicated" plan. The deal was i give Him a $10 note and ask for a drink and he would pour the drink and give me back two $5 notes. And for his help i would make a date with him on a later date and give him head. By the time we were ready to make our way to the next bar i was well on my way to reaching my goal level of intoxication. We left the irish taven for a more country feel and entered the beer garden nightclub. It was dead despite it being 10. 30pm.

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  We then realised that this was the last place people come as it was the last club open. So a quick beer and we high topped it to the Italian style and run club. This Club has two levels.   The first level was old 80's rock music with soft lights and seating with tables. The second level was more nightclub like, with strobes and techno/top 40 music. We thought that we would start off at the bottom level with the older "rock" music, as Lou liked that sort of thing. We each grabbed a beer and sat down. I didn't know any of the barstaff here so i thought i might have to pace myself which wasn't part of my plan. As i was standing at the bar waiting to get another round for us both a woman with long brown hair and a tight little body was looking at me. Thinking i had a breast out i looked down, Nope both of them were in. I looked up again to see her standing in front of me. She looked at me a smiled, we exchanged hellos and i got the drinks and offered for her to join us. We sat at the table and introduced our selves. "I'm Nicky and this is Lou. "  She looked at us both and said that her name was Stacey.

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  The three of us started chatting about anything and everything. Stacey then piped up and said that she hates this music and suggested that we movedto the next level. Picking up our glasses we moved to the next level. As soon as we ascended the stairs and opened the door we felt the vibrations of the "thump thump" music. We chose a seat near the dance floor and once again sat there talking. Stacey then offered to by us a drink each but there were conditions to it. We had to make it a shot, any type of shot and then after we drank it had to get up on the dance floor with her. Not wanting to knock back a free drink, we both agreed. Once downing the shots we got up on the dance floor and started to dance together.   All three of us were dancing close and bodys were touching, not that there was much space to spread out if we wanted to. Lou bumped me and pointed to a guy she had seen. He looked familier but i couldn't place him. I just smiled and nodded to her and off she went. Which left me and Stacey. I was scanning the area to see where Lou went, when i felt a hand on my hip.

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   I slowly turned and saw a few guys but I could see their hands, Then i saw Stacey! It was her!!! I looked at her and she had a lusty look in her eyes as her hand traveled down to my butt, She gave it a quick squeeze and let go. I turned to face her and she started to dance and rub herself against me. Now i am not one to draw attention to myself, nor am i one to go for females, well their was one other female, but that is not the point. Her hands started to wander again and this time she was rubbing the sides of my breasts sofly at first then a bit firmer. I looked into her eyes again and was instantly turned on by the look on her face, It was one of pure lust and extreme horniness. She took my hand and lead me to a dark corner of the club. We sat down on the bench and she started to stroke my hair and the side of my face, I thought that i looked stupid not doing anything and i didn't know what to do with my hands. I stroked the side of her face as a guesture that it is ok for what shewas doing. she slowly let her hand fall to my shoulders and then to my breasts, gently stroking each one. I was so busy watching what she was doing that i didn't see her other hand reach under my chin until i felt the pressure of her hand tilt my chin upwards. I looked at her and saw that she was moving closer to my face, I licked my lips and swallowed, I knew what was coming. She lent across and gently brushed her lips against mine. Her lips were so soft, I slowly licked her lips andstarted to massage her tongue with mine. Things started to heat up and i found myself wraping my arms around her and rubbing her back, pushing my breasts against hers. Our hands roaming each others body feeling each others warmth,  We broke the embrace to catch a breath.

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   I moved a bit and felt my now wet panties pressing against my throbbing clit. We both had a sip of our drinks and she indicated that we should go to the bathroom. I thought about it and agreed, we must look a mess getting all hot and heavy like that. Making our way across the dance floor i noticed Lou and that guy sneaking into the mens toilets, I smiled as i had once done that too. I then stopped andthought about it. "OH!" i thought, i must be drunk! It isn't unusual for girls to go to the bathroom together, But this was different, this is just like what Lou and the guy were doing but we didn't have to sneak into the opposite sexes bathroom to do it. I started to get nervous, I had only been with one other female before and that waswhen we were both blind drunk. This was different I was no where near drunk. She took my hand and lead me into the disabled toilet. I thought It was kinda weird thatthey had a disabled toilet upstairs but pushed that thought out of my head as she locked the door. We looked at each other and smiled, It was now or never. I took a step towards her and she grinned as she leant over and kissed me. We took each other in a passionate embrace and kissed like crazy. She moved her hand down my body and undid my jeans. Pushing her hand down my underwear feeling along my now puffed lips she played with my clit rubbing it gently, moving it in circles.

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   She made her way to my slit and started to rub the opening gently pushed her finger in. A moan escaped my lips as she entered me. Moving her finger in and out felt so good, I was moaning louder and louder as she got faster. Our kiss deepend as i came more then i had ever cum before. She broke away from the kiss and whispered into my ear that she wanted to taste me. She took her hand out of my panties and pulled them down with my jeans. I Put the toilet lid down and sat on it, aware that i wouldn't be able to stand if i came like that again. She knelt down in front of me and pulled my bottom forward abit and leant down and kissed around my pubic area. Making her way down to my sweet spot.  When she had teased me enough she licked my clit as if to taste it. I guess she liked it beacause the next time she started to suck it and lick it like crazy. It felt like i was about to cum again. But i held off as long as i could. I held her head with both hands directing her to wear it felt good. She licked my clit in short bursts and then followed that by sucking on it like she was trying to suck icecream out of a straw.

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    Just when i thought i couldn't hold it any longer Stacey jammed her tongue in my opening. I couldn't hold it i groaned and started to have a huge orgasm.   My muscles had a mind of their own and spasmed as my cum ran over her tongue. Stacey flattened it and licked the whole parameter licking up all of my cum. When i got my breath and voice back i asked if i could taste it. She knelt up and kissed me making sure that i could taste myself. It was sweet with a hint of Bitterness.   I was turned on again by this and wondered what she tasted like. I reached towards her and undid her shirt exposing her red bra which was holding in her perfect big breasts. I lifted them out and lowered my mouth to them. I tookthem both in my hands and sucked on them in turn, First the right nipple then the left making sure i payed attention to both, rubbing the now  sensitive nipples with thetips of my fingers.   I let go of them and helped her stand up. Stacey looked at me and i pushed her against the concrete wall and undid her pants. I wanted her bad! It was like i was posessed. I started to do things without thinking.

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   I ripped her pants down and dropped to my knees, Grabbing her firm bottom in my hands i guided her dripping vagina towards my mouth. "you poor thing, Waiting all this time for attention" I was speaking more to her vagina then her but she justmoaned as an answer. Not being to sure on what to do i stuck my tongue out and licked her clit with the tip. Not to bad i thought as she jumped. I licked it again and she jumped again. I started to lick her puffy lips. Stacey tasted so nice, the musky smell mixed in with the bitterness and the sweetness of the new juices really turnedme on. I flicked my tongue over her clit again and grabbed her arse tighter. I wriggled my tongue down until i found the entrence. Pulling her arse forward more i pushed my tongue into her burying it deep within. I moved it in and out like i miniture dildo, she grabbed my hair and started to move my head at the pace she liked. I couldn't control myself i moved one hand down to my, again, wet spot and started to furiously rub my clit. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter, Her moans got louder and more breathless as she moved my head faster. My tongue was now moving in and out at a fast pace i was gone again as my fingers rubbed over my clit i moaned into her lips as i came, feeling the vibrations it made on her lips, it turned into a groan.   Her body began to tremble and as she let out a huge gasp she pushed my face into her pelvis.

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   I felt the warm liquid dribble into my mouth it was even better then i thought. I started to lap all her juices up like i was licking the leftovers of a delicious meal off a plate. When i was done licking she sunk down to sit on the floor next to me. We exchanged another kiss and she tasted herself. "Not bad" Stacey said "we almost taste the same" I looked at her and we laughed. She reached for her bag and took out two smokes and a lighter. We sat there in the middle of the cubicle with no pants on laughing and smoking. When we finished our smokes we got dressed and went and fixed our hair and make-up.   Stacey and I were walking out of the toilets laughing at what we just got away with when i saw Lou with that guy. It suddenly dawned on me that i knew that guy. Oh My God!!!! He was her English teacher! I went to ask what she was doing with him and whether she would get better grades or not. But that is another story.