Summertime heat


I love summer, being able to be home from college. My parents were on a 4 week trip to Hawaii, and had hired our twenty one year old neighbor as a live-in companion, as there had been a number of robberies in the area. Lisa was also home from college and eagerly took the job. As I am nineteen, it would be more like having a friend with me! She is on her college's basketball team, and is an accomplished athlete. Her cute face and blond hair cut in a pageboy style, always had the guys drooling over her. Her body was solidly athletic, firm and tight, with enough sensuous curves to leave no doubt she was all female! No wonder the guys were all hot for her. Maybe Lisa and I could go out, and pick up some of those hot guys.

The first night, I went out with some friends to watch a movie. I asked Lisa if she'd like to join us, but she just wanted to stay in, and relax. I told her I'd be back about eleven. Since we caught the early showing of the movie, I was back home earlier than expected, it was a few minutes before 18 PM when I came up the walk. Once inside, I heard the stereo in the den, and saw the door to the den slightly ajar. I went over and peeked in, and got a surprise. Lisa was sitting back on the sofa with her eyes closed, her face alive with pleasure. She was naked from the waist up, and she was massaging her breasts, tweaking her rosy nipples into excited stiff tits. Her legs were spread wide and she was wearing only a pair of see-thru powder blue tanga style panties.

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   Her friend Carol, who is also on the basketball team with her, and is a 6 foot red headed knockout, was kneeling between Lisa's legs, and she was running her tongue all over Lisa's panty clad pussy.
Carol was also naked except for a pair of red lace bikini style panties. Her hand was buried down the front of her panties, stroking and fondling her pussy. I stood rooted to the spot, fascinated and feeling turned on, as they fondled each other. After a few minutes, Carol started to slide Lisa's panties down. Lisa stopped her however, mentioning that I should be home soon, and that they had better get dressed. Carol moaned that she needed to get off, or else she would burst! Lisa agreed, and they lay side by side on the rug, their beautiful bodies intertwined. It took me a moment to realize that they each had a hand in each other’s panties! When their arms began to move, I realized they were stroking each other’s pussy. Carol leaned forward and kissed Lisa's neck. Lisa laid back a bit and spread her long, firm legs a bit wider. Carol's hand dug deeper into Lisa's powder blue panties. Lisa let out a soft moan and dug her hand deeper into Carol's red panties. They went on this way for a few minutes, side by side, their hips moving in rhythm with the hand and fingers inside each others panties. They stopped, rolled apart, and both peeled off their panties. My pussy started to churn harder when I saw Carol was a true redhead, with a thick lush pelt of red pubic hair! Now completely naked, they rolled back together again, and started to finger each other wildly! Their eyes were closed, their mouths were open and occasionally I heard groans of passion as they stroked each other!

I was burning up, the display of their love for each other was making me HORNY! I unzipped my jeans, and shoved them down to my knees, to get clear access to my cunt! I skimmed my panties down, and my hands were at my burning core! Sliding my fingers along my soaking cleft, I pushed 2 fingers up my cunt, and used my other hand to diddle my throbbing clit! I finger fucked myself, watching them, my cunt burning with lust!

Carol and Lisa hugged tightly together, their firm tits pressed against each other.

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   They stared a moment into each others eyes, their legs intertwined. They each stroked the others tits, and pressed their sexy young bodies together as their hands began a frantic dance inside their steaming pussies. Arms pumped with increasing motion and they tried to press together even tighter. Their heads were on each other’s shoulders; I could see Lisa's cute face contorted with sexual desire. She was gasping with desire, as her orgasm started to gather speed! Carol was grunting, and urging Lisa to explode!

Their tight bodies were now rocking together, a light layer of sweat made their muscles gleam as they strained together, their pumping arms were almost a blur as they stroked each other, urging each other closer and closer to the orgasm both of them were straining towards! Finally I saw Lisa's hips began to buck and thrust wildly. Lisa let out a howl of pleasure as she hit climax, and it set Carol off as she began thrusting and jerking her hips, her cry of passion joining Lisa's!

It set me off, and my orgasm slammed hard into me, as their shared howls of ecstasy bounced off the den walls! I had to stifle my cries of ecstasy, which wasn't easy! Lisa almost seemed to be crying as the two sexy bodies shuddered and twitched in climactic ecstasy against each other. My body was shuddering wildly as my orgasm tore through me! When the twitches stopped they just sprawled exhausted for a moment, two beautiful bodies drained and happy.

As Lisa and Carol reached for their clothes, I quickly pulled up my panties and my jeans, and sneaked back outside, took a ten minute stroll around the block, and re-entered the house, making enough noise so that they would hear me. I entered the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice. I sat down at the kitchen table, and Lisa and Carol entered. We talked for a while, then Carol left and Lisa went up to bed.

As I lay in my bed, my mind kept rerunning what I had just seen. Seeing them having such hot sex had made me just as hot, and I was still completely turned on! My breasts were tingling, I ran my hands over them, feeling the nipples becoming erect quickly. My breathing deepened as I tweaked my stiff nipples, and my pussy was creaming, hot and slick with my lubrication. Seeing them getting it on, I figured they must get physical at college.

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   I started to imagine them in the showers, waiting until they were alone, then making hot love to each other under the warm spray of water. I ran one hand down to my soaking core, and quickly started to play with my burning pussy, stroking and caressing my straining clit! My pussy was throbbing with need, aching for release! I needed more! I reached into my nightstand, and pulled out my 18 inch dildo! I got on my knees and bunched my pillows up. I propped my dildo on top of the pillows, and squatted over it! My pussy was quivering with desire, eagerly awaiting the stuffing it would soon feel! I could feel my pussy lips, slick with my juices, swollen and throbbing with need! Putting the head of the dildo at my pussy entrance, I impaled myself on the thick dildo, sliding down the full length, gasping with pleasure as it stretched the walls of my cunt apart. I took in the entire 18 inches, and feeling my pussy so jammed with my stiff dildo was driving me crazy with lust! I rode my stiff dildo, pumping my hips up and down, feeling it fucking me deep! My pussy was buzzing wildly!! I stroked and tweaked my rock hard nipples, feeling the pressure building! I was grunting and gasping from pleasure, the feeling of being so jammed full of hard dildo was driving me wild! As I fucked myself wildly, I visualized them under the warm water, Carol on her knees, running her tongue up into Lisa's hot pussy. Lisa is moaning with pleasure, as Carol's mouth hits all her hot spots, Carol's tongue swabbing over Lisa's straining clit over and over. I was burning with lust, riding my dildo wildly, relishing the feeling of it penetrating my burning cunt, the way it stretched the walls of my cunt apart, over and over, making me groan with lust! The dildo became Lisa's, she was fucking me, reaming out my steamy fuck hole wildly! I could feel my body, right on the edge, and just before I exploded, I imagined myself in that shower, on my knees, licking and sucking Lisa's cunt, while I squatted over Carol's face, as she licked and sucked my throbbing cunt! That did it, and I exploded, biting my lip to keep from screaming with pleasure, my cunt exploding, wrenching and spasming wildly as my orgasm slammed into my throbbing cunt! I was shaking and writhing wildly as my massive climax exploded through me!

The next day, Lisa invited me to a game of tennis. We both changed into white tennis skirts and tops. She has fabulous legs, toned and shapely, and her skirt was cut high, showing off lots of her gorgeous legs. As we walked the two blocks to the courts, I kept sneaking long looks at her body and wondering what it would be like to have sex with another woman. We played hard for two hours, with Lisa defeating me soundly.

Lisa and I went to the women's shower facilities, and soon, we were side by side, naked, under the spray of water from the shower heads. As I soaped my body, I was acutely aware of how close Lisa's body was to me, how naked she was, and how naked I was! As we washed off the sweat, I kept sneaking peeks at her body! She was absolutely gorgeous, her blond hair pasted down by the water, her body displayed like a fine work of art! With clothes, she was hot, without them, she was breathtaking! The way her breasts rose proudly from her chest, her waist nipping in, her neatly trimmed tuft of blond pubic curls, and her sexy hips flaring out proudly! She had the classic mixture of toned athleticism, and soft, feminine features! She caught me staring at her, and I blushed a deep red, but she merely smiled at me, and ran her gaze up and down my body, taking a long lasting gaze at my female features! I felt a bit embarrassed at first, but then, I faced her, and let her gaze take in all she wanted! It made my heart pound, to see her gazing at me like that!

After showering, we went home and mixed some gin and tonics. I changed into my polka dot bikini, with the tang style bottom, and Lisa changed into a sexy thong bikini, and we relaxed outside by the pool. As we talked and drank, I could feel myself loosening up. I enjoyed looking at her sexy body, barely concealed by her bikini.

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   Watching her walk around, and having her gorgeous ass cheeks in full view, since she was only wearing a thong bottom, was turning me on no end! It almost seemed like she was finding any little reason to parade in front of me, swaying her hips sexily, and giving me the chance to feast my eyes on her gorgeous curvy ass! It seemed only fair, that I return the favor, and I did a fair amount of walking around, making sure that my half naked ass cheeks were in her line of sight several times! I could feel her eyes gazing at my ass cheeks, getting a visual fill of my form! My pussy was really simmering, but the heat of the sun had little to do with how hot my horny cunt was! At one point in our conversation, I told Lisa that I was sexually uninhibited and willing to try almost anything. Locking eyes with me, and looking deep, she asked "Anything?"

"Anything", I replied. As I got up to refill our glasses, I groaned as my leg muscles tightened. I told Lisa that I could hardly walk after our game on the courts. She suggested that I needed a good rubdown. After mixing the drinks, I left the kitchen to find Lisa waiting in the hall. She took her glass in one hand and my hand in the other and led me to the bedroom. I lay down on my stomach while she rubbed and kneaded my sore leg muscles. She had a wonderful touch, and I could feel my muscles unknotting themselves. After a while I could feel her hands running farther and farther up my thighs. The alcohol had relaxed me, and I decided to let her have her way with me. I closed my eyes and spread my legs slightly as she continued to rub me. I innocently raised my hips to allow her roaming hands access to the front of my thighs. She "accidentally" brushed her fingers across the crotch of my bikini bottoms in front and back, getting bolder when she met no resistance. Her hands then focused on my aching pussy.

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   I began to moan with pleasure, much to her delight. She rolled me over and straddled me.

Lisa told me what a beautiful woman I was becoming. She ran her fingertips along my sides and told me what a beautiful body I had. She told me what a sensuous mouth I had, and lowered her face to mine. Her pink lips looked delicious, and she licked them, making them glisten, making me HOT! We locked our lips together, and I felt her lips parting mine, and then her tongue gently probing my mouth. I quickly responded, and our tongues wrestled and played together, and we were in the middle of the most passionate kiss of my life.

After several minutes, she lifted her head and told me how shapely my breasts were, as her hands gently fondled and caressed them. She started to gently tweak my nipples through my bikini bra. I quickly pulled it off, to feel her warm hands against my bare tits. She continued to massage them with one hand as she reached back and ran her other hand up my thigh and brushed it against my pussy. Lisa continued this until my pussy was soaked with desire. Then she pulled down my bikini panties, and I kicked them completely off.

By this time I was begging her to finger me, and after a few teasing minutes, she plunged her finger way up into my pussy. We both moaned, as she whispered to me how wonderful my cunt felt.

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   She was doing things to me that I had never dreamed of. She lowered her head to my breasts and began to flick her tongue across my nipples. That sent horny sizzles of pleasure racing to my cunt, the stimulation had my pussy throbbing, and I could feel the twinges of an orgasm stirring. Lisa continued to stimulate my quivering body, and I felt the huge rush as never before, as I exploded in the most fantastic climax of my life!

"I have to tell you something, Brenda", Lisa said. "Last night, I got out of bed to get a glass of ice water from the kitchen. On the way back to my room, I heard you moaning, and I thought you were in pain. Your door was slightly ajar, and I peeked in. You were definitely NOT in pain! I was rooted to the spot, I couldn't help myself! Watching you pleasure yourself made me red hot! I watched until you exploded, and then quickly went back to my room. There was no way I could sleep after that, so, I pulled out my dildo, and fucked myself wildly! God, it felt so great to feel my dildo fucking my burning cunt! Watching you cum so wildly, made me cum like crazy! I am curious, what made you so hot?"

My orgasm began to subside, and I told Lisa what had happened the night before, how I had come home early, and seen her and Carol getting it on in the den. How that had built itself up, and how I imagined them making love under the showers of their university's locker room, and how I had exploded, when I imagined myself in that situation with them.

Lisa giggled as she said, "Did you have a hidden camera watching our movements? Carol and I would always stay after practice, to work on some of our "on court" moves. As soon as we were alone, we would head for the locker room, and practice our "off court" moves! Getting sweated up on the court, and having my lover's body inches away, just fired me up to a fever pitch! As soon as we were in the locker room, we'd lock the door, and our clothes would be off in seconds! We would be all over each other! We'd 69 each other on the bench, we love to eat each others pussies before we hit the showers, all hot, sweaty, and musky, the taste just drove us both wild! We would caress each other bodies in the showers, and take turns going down on each other under the warm spray of water. Having the warm water showering down on me, while Carol was licking my cunt, and her tongue would be sliding over my straining clit, over and over, would make me explode! And, it was just as much fun, being on my knees, and licking Carol's burning pussy! Hearing her groans of passion, and having her explode all over my face, just drove me crazy! The more we made love to each other, the more we wanted each other! We made love every day, usually in our dorm room, but sometimes we were just too damn horny to make it back to our room, and the locker room certainly was our second most popular spot!"

Lisa asked me if I had ever had sex with another woman. I told her that I hadn't, but I would very much like to eat her. She asked me if I had ever tasted a pussy, and I told her that I hadn't wanted to until then.


   She withdrew her finger from my pussy and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked all of my juices off. Her hand disappeared into her bikini bottoms for a few minutes, then she brought three dripping wet fingers to my lips.

"Suck my hot juices, taste me baby, taste how hot my pussy is for your mouth", she whispered huskily.

I hungrily sucked them dry, savoring the erotic taste of her juices. She then moved up on the bed. Sill wearing her bikini, she pushed her cunt against my mouth and I sucked on it through the material. She pulled off her top, took my hands, and placed them on her tits. They were the size of grapefruit halves and very firm. I could feel her nipples become rock hard and erect, as I fondled and gently tweaked them.

Lisa then asked me teasingly, "are you ready for it baby?"

I nodded eagerly. She unsnapped the sides of her bikini bottoms and pulled them off, and I found myself staring at her beautiful crimson pussy, covered by a fine down of neatly trimmed blond pubic hair. Her pussy lips were slightly parted, and I got at peek at her luscious inner pinkness, rosy and wet with her desire! The sent of Lisa in heat filled my nostrils, it just about made me dizzy with desire!

Lisa cooed, "go ahead and eat me baby, my pussy is all hot and juicy just for you. "

I looped hands around her hips, and pulled her down close! I was almost shaking with excitement, as I thrust my tongue up into her, sucking up her juices as she cradled my head against her cunt. The erotic taste of her juices spurred me on, as I licked her steaming pussy wildly! She gave me precise instructions on how best to please her and she cooed with pleasure as I hit the right places.

"Yes, oh yes, there, right there! Keep licking me baby, make me cum all over your pretty face!" Lisa whispered.

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I was loving this new experience. I was so engrossed in the tastes and sensations that I did not hear the sound of someone else entering the room. I soon felt a hand on each of my knees and then my legs being drawn gently apart. Being smothered in Lisa's cunt, I couldn't see who was doing it, but then I felt a soft tongue thrusting into my wet pussy and when I reached down I felt a long head of hair that just had to be Carol's.

I boldly pushed her face into my pussy and heard her moan with approval. She began flicking her tongue over my tingling clit. This really got me going and I squealed with pleasure. My ex had been a real amateur pussy eater, compared with Carol's skillful tongue! Lisa was dripping all over as she continued to grind her pussy against my face. She was moaning with pleasure, and began to buck wildly on me.

"Oh fuck yeah, lick me baby, keep licking, make me cum, yeah, yeah, oh fuck I'm cumming fuck YES!!" Lisa howled!

With a shudder and a howl of pleasure, she exploded, coating my mouth with her tasty juices. I sucked them all down, as she shook and moaned as her orgasm tore through her. After a few minutes she rolled off and pulled from Carol's bag a strap-on dildo. As Carol licked my pussy, Lisa strapped the dildo around Carol's waist.

I could feel my orgasm race at me, my body began to spasm! My legs were around Carol's head, and I pulled her head in tight against my pussy! My howl of pleasure filled the room, I could feel my pussy let go, dissolving in a wash of hot juices as Carol skillfully brought me to a wild, gushing orgasm!

"She is so ready baby, she loves big cocks, so fuck her pussy good, just like you love to fuck my horny cunt!" Lisa giggled.

Carol them moved up on me and licked Lisa's juices from my face while rubbing the dildo against my clit.

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   Every time the dildo bumped against my clit, it made me groan with desire!

She whispered, "Are you ready to get your sweet cunt fucked hard?"

I whispered back "Yes oh yes, fuck my cunt!"

Carol whispered, "You're going to love lesbian loving, I'm going to fuck you until you cum!"

Carol got into position, and I could feel the hard knob end of the dildo push against the lips of my cunt. She entered me, and I squealed with pleasure as I felt the walls of my cunt being stretched apart by the thick dildo as it pushed into me. She slowly sank all ten inches into me. I could feel my cunt stretched wide around the stiff 18 inches! I was almost delirious with pleasure, as I wrapped my legs around Carol's waist, and urged her on! She established a rhythm and started to ride me, the dildo plunged into me, again and again, as Carol rode deeply within me, fucking me with long sure stokes. I had not yet come down from my first climax, and I could feel it reverse course, building up to another orgasm!

"Yes, fuck me, fuck my burning cunt! Ram that big dildo in, and power fuck me! Yes, I'm so close, make me cum!" I gasped.

Encouraged by my delight and pleasure, Carol picked up the pace, and she power fucked my burning cunt, really reaming out my steamy fuck hole!

"You like the way my dildo fucks your sweet little cunt?" Carol growled at me, I nodded eagerly, and she said, "You don't need no man with his messy little prick, when my 18 inches is always hard and ready to fuck your sweet cunt!"

Carol is eight inches taller than I am, so, as she rode deep inside me, plunging into me again and again, I brought her tits to my face. I licked her breasts all over, relishing the taste of her skin. I sucked her hard, erect nipples, and took them into my mouth.
I suddenly felt a slippery finger rubbing against my asshole, and then the finger slid in, and pushed up my ass! I grunted with the penetration, as Lisa started fingering my asshole, sliding her finger in and out, finger fucking my asshole as Carol fucked me, and I was seeing stars! With Lisa and Carol urging me on, I soon exploded, my cries of climax echoing through my room as I came in another massive orgasm!

Carol withdrew from my pussy, straddled my face, and pushed the dripping dildo into my mouth, begging me to suck her "cock". I sucked it like it was a real cock, giving that dildo great head. I tasted my own juices smeared all along the shaft, and it got me going again. The base of the dildo was rubbing against Carol's cunt, and I reached up to stroke and gently tweak her nipples, listening to her moans of pleasure. Carol remarked to Lisa what a great find I was, so obviously ready to enjoy some real woman to woman lovemaking. Lisa agreed, remarking on how well she had sucked and licked her pussy. I could feel Lisa move between my legs, and then I felt her soft tongue sliding over my molten center.

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Carol started to shake as her orgasm approached. She exploded, her orgasm tore through her, and her juicy pussy dripped her cream on my tongue and my tits. She pulled the dildo out of my mouth.

"Now that you've got my cock all slick and slippery, I'm going to fuck Lisa's sexy cunt!", Carol said.

As Lisa was licking my cunt, she was in a doggy style position. Carol got into position behind her, and lifted Lisa's hips higher. Lisa moaned with pleasure, as Carol positioned the head of the dildo against Lisa's pussy. With a slow steady push, she slowly sank all 18 inches into Lisa's pussy, pushing it in right to the hilt, splitting open Lisa's cunt!

"Yeah, take all of my cock, you sexy little bitch cunt!!" Carol growled.

"Yes, oh yes!" Lisa hissed "Fuck me, give my every inch of your big pussy splitter, and fuck my ass off!"

Carol was happy to oblige! She gripped Lisa's hips tightly, and she rammed the hard 18 inches deep, slamming her hard dildo into Lisa, over and over, as she power fucked her lover's horny cunt!

Watching Lisa get fucked hard, as she was licking my horny cunt, really got me going!It was obvious that Lisa was no amateur at pussy licking either, her tongue was hitting all my hot spots, as she wrapped her tongue around my clit and tugged at it, while she slid two fingers up my burning pussy, finger-fucking me expertly. She did this over and over, until I felt like I was going to shake apart, and I exploded again, shuddering and shaking with pleasure. I could feel my juices gushing, as Lisa's mouth sucked them all out of me!

"Fuck, yes, fuck, I'm cumming, yes, fuck, fuck, yes, yes, YES!" Lisa howled.

Her shriek of pleasure bounced off the walls, as she exploded in climax!

With a smile, Carol pulled off the dildo and quickly moved up and squatted over my face.

"Fucking Lisa has made me so hot!" Carol cooed. "Lick my pussy, suck my clit, I hope you like the taste of pussy baby, because I'm going to cum all over your face!"

She presented her red haired pussy to my face. I could see her lips slightly parted, her pussy was soaked, glistening with her juices! I pulled her pussy closer and ran my tongue into her dripping cunt, licking her, drawing a grunt of pleasure from her.


   Lisa moved up right behind Carol, straddling me also, and she reached around and ran her hands all over Carol's body, stroking her breasts, tugging gently at her rock hard nipples. After I'd licked her furiously for a few minutes, Carol lifted her cunt from my mouth and moved up to position her pink, hard clit directly over my mouth. She lowered it onto my waiting tongue and squealed as I began licking it. She loved what I was doing as she squeezed my head gently with her thighs.

I wrapped my tongue around Carol's hard, bulging clit, pulling at the stem with my tongue, and tugging gently on it, letting my tongue slide along the length of her straining clit! Carol was squealing with pleasure!She howled with pleasure as she exploded, shaking and shuddering as her orgasm tore through her, her juicy pussy covering my face with her hot juices. She climbed off my face, and Lisa took her place. Lisa's pussy was hot and slick, and I eagerly ran my tongue up into her sizzling cunt, wrapping my tongue around her clit, and swabbing at it over and over. I slid a finger up her pussy, then reaching around, I slid the finger up her tight, twitchy asshole! That set Lisa off, she started to buck, her body shaking!

She screamed out "Oh my God, I'm cummimg!!!"

Her pussy exploded, and my face was washed with her delicious juices as she came all over my face! Her body was still quivering with aftershocks as she climbed off my face. Lisa and Carol licked all the hot juices off my lips and chin. We kissed passionately for several minutes, and then with my nude body sandwiched between Lisa and Carol's nude bodies, the three of us drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, all 3 of us hopped into the shower. The soaping and rubbing of our bodies quickly became erotic, and I soon found myself on my knees, licking Lisa's burning cunt, while Carol got underneath me, and drove her hot tongue up into my creaming pussy! Lisa's grunts of pleasure fired me up, and her juices were filling my mouth, as I licked her to a frenzy! Carol was an expert pussy licker, as her tongue worked over my burning cunt! She zeroed in on my throbbing clit, and I could feel my orgasm start to build! I slid two fingers up Lisa's cunt, finger fucking her! I had Lisa's throbbing clit in my mouth, my tongue lashing at it, over and over again! Lisa's body was shuddering, her breath coming in grunts of pleasure, as her orgasm started to race at her! Carol's tongue was bringing me to the brink, and I was ready to explode! My mind flashed back, this was the scenario I had brought myself off to! That did it, and I could feel my pussy start spasming wildly!

Lisa gasped out, "Oh fuck, I'm cummimg!"

My orgasm exploded, and Lisa exploded, her juices flooding my face! It drove me wild, and I could feel my pussy spasming like mad, flooding Carol's face with my juices, as my orgasm tore through my straining body.

I was fired up, the thought that Carol's pussy had been neglected ran through my mind, have to make up for that!

"Wait here, I'll be right back", I grinned.

I dashed back into the bedroom, and picked up the stiff dildo. This time, it would be my turn to plow Carol's inviting furrow! I strapped it on, and quickly adjusted it.

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   I hurried back to the shower, and climbed in. Carol and Lisa both grinned when they saw me, with the dildo stiff and ready around my hips! There was a bench in the shower, and I sat down on it, the 18 inches sticking up stiff, hard, and ready!

"Carol, I think it would be really hot if you rode your dildo, until you cum like crazy!" I growled, "Ride it baby!"

Carol needed no more urging, she straddled me, her pussy positioned with the stiff dildo at her entrance. She lowered herself, letting the dildo impale her! She squealed with pleasure as she sank onto it, sliding down the stiffness. With a loud grunt of pleasure, she slammed herself down the last little bit, the entire ten inches stuffed tightly up her!

"Yes, oh yes FUCK it feels so GOOD!" Carol exclaimed.

She started to ride it, slamming her burning cunt up and down, fucking herself wildly. Her face was alive with bliss, as the dildo stretched her cunt walls open over and over! Lisa got next to us, and stated to use her hands to play with our nipples, her fingers tweaking my tits and Carol's tits into steel hard bullets! Having someone else's fingers pleasuring my tits sent horny sizzles of pleasure racing to my pussy!

Carol picked up speed, her pussy hammering up and down! She howled, her pussy exploding! Her body was shuddering wildly, as she rode her climax!

Lisa was fired up, and after Carol climbed off, Lisa took her place. She faced away from me in the reverse cowgirl position, and slid down the stiff dildo, groaning with pleasure! She squealed with pleasure as she took in the last bit, and she started to ride me, her pussy sliding up and down! I reached around her, and gently tweaked her nipples into stiff, engorged points of pleasure! The excitement of watching her lover get reamed had fired her up, and it didn't take long before her shrieks of ecstasy bounced off the bathroom walls, as her pussy exploded in a wash of her hot juices!

Lisa and Carol toweled me dry, and carried me off to bed! Lisa strapped her own personal 18 inch black dildo around her hips, and Carol strapped on hers! They grinned at me, and told me I was going to get the fucking of a lifetime! I spread my legs wide as Lisa climbed in between my legs. I wrapped my legs around Lisa's waist, tilting my hips up, so Lisa could thrust as deep as possible! She placed the thick head of the dildo against my steamy entrance, and with a powerful thrust, slid the entire 18 inches up me!I squealed with pleasure as my cunt was split open! I love the feeling of my cunt walls being stretched wide by a stiff cock or dildo! Carol then slid a lubed finger up my tight bunghole, making me grunt with pleasure as she started to finger fuck my asshole! She suddenly withdrew her finger, and started to push a butt plug up my ass! I let out a loud grunt of pleasure as I lost my last vestige of virginity! The butt plug slid in to the hilt, I could feel my asshole clamped tightly around the stem! Lisa drew back, then slammed it home again! My cunt was burning with desire, as she started to fuck me!Her mouth clung to mine, her tongue racing into my mouth! Being french kissed and fucked at the same time drives me wild, and my tongue raced out, exploring her delicious mouth. My pussy was on fire, my clit and asshole throbbing, and I was seeing stars as Lisa rode deep inside me! I was getting the fucking of a lifetime, Lisa was fucking me deep but oh so lovingly, not hard and fast like so many guys seem to do it. Lisa broke the kiss, and she whispered in my ear how hot I was, how much she loved to suck and fuck my burning cunt, how great it felt when I sucked and fucked her burning pussy and other deliciously hot and erotic things! That did it, and I felt my pussy gush and wrench wildly! My asshole started to pulse wildly in time with my pussy, I howled with pleasure as my pussy exploded, my orgasm ripping into me, it was almost painful!

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