Summer at Home


The Summer was one that started boring but turned out to be a really great time for me. I was alone most of the time at Uncle Jack and Aunt Claire's house in South Alabama. They had a nice pool that had a privacy fence all the way around it and I was working on my tan most of the time. I never wore anything and was getting a great tan. There was a lady that moved in next to us and she was really lovley, she wore very conservative clothes all the time, even on weekends and still I could se her lovely figure under the baggie shirts and pants. She wore business type clothes during the week and even then it seemed she was hiding her figure.
I always sunned and laid out on the deck and had wine to cool the day for me. One day I heard a knock on the gate of the fence and I put on a robe and went to it. It was her, her name was Helen and she was about 5'9" and she wore a ight shirt and jeans this time, the first time that I was able to see her figure. She had no bra on the top and she was really built well. I was looking up at her face and she stood there. "Hey, I am Helen, I live next door. " she said. "Yes, I know, I have seen you. " I told her. "I am Teresa, I live with my Aunt and Uncle.

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  " She was looking at me like she wanted to say something but was afraid. "Would you like to come in?" I asked her. "Sure" she said and came in and sat on a lounge chair. I was just sunning here. "  Itold her. "Yeh, I have heard you swimming out here for a few days. Just wanted to come over and see who it was. " she said. "Well, it is just me. " I said laughing. "Well, I hope I am not interupting your swim or sunning. " she said. "Please don't let me stop whatever you were doing. " she said.
I looked at her, "Well, I was sunning, hope you don't mind.

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  " I said and dropped my robe and laid on the other lounge chair and streaching out and spreading my legs to catch the sun all over. "Oh shit. " she said. "Wow, you are really beautiful. " she said. "Thanks. " I told her, I bet you are too but you keep covering it all up. " I said. "Why not join me. " I said. She stood up and I stood up too, "Well, I am not sure I should. " she said. "Why?" I asked. "Well, I don't know you. " "You knocked on the gate Hun.

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  " I said.
"Yes, you got me there. " she said. "Well, look, I am going for a swim so what do you say. Skinny dip?" I said and jumped into the pool. She stood on the egde and slowly took off her shirt and jeans and slipped into the water and I was warm all over seeing her. She had a flawless figure, a little plus size but a perfect hour glass body, close shaved red hair on her pussy and her nipples stood out erect as she came into the water. She moved towards me and said, "I have been wanting to come over her for a while. " "I am so glad you did. " I told her. I was only a few inches from her now, our tits maybe 6 or so inches apart. "So why have you wanted to come over?" I asked her. "I, I, I, well, I am nervous. . .

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  really nervous. I wanted to see you. " she managed to get out. I was now almost touching her chest with mine. "Well, now that you see me, should I take the next step?" I asked her. "Yes," she gasped and so I moved till our bodies were touching my tits against hers. She moaned and I took her face and kissed her slowly, licking her lips and then my tongue into her mouth.
    She just let me do it and responded as she warmed up.
    I broke the kiss and she looked at me, "Oh that was great!!" I took her nipples into my mouth and sucked them hard and a little biting too make her jump. My hands moved her legs apart under the water and suddenly she opened her legs all the way. I sank my fingers into her and she moaned, "Oh yes, oh damn yes. " "Let's go to bed Helen' I told her. and we got out of the pool to my bedroom, still wet. She laid on the bed and spread herself out. I laid on her and we had the most wonderful two hours of love-making ever.

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       She was laying next to me and she said, "Can I try something a little kinky?" she said. "Well, I guess so. " I said and she went out and got her jeans nd took out a scarf, it was about 2 feet square and red like her hair. She asked me to sit up and said, "Let me put this on you. " and I pulled my hair back. She put it around my neck then instead of tying it in a knot or such she began twisting it, getting it tight as she kissed me hard. It got tighter and soon I began to struggle against her but passed out. I woke up some time later and she had me tied to the bed now with four red scarves, spread out and she stood over me. She laughed and began slapping my tits and pussy hard. It hurt but I like that kind of sex so I was getting wetter. She saw that and laughed again, "I thought the little slut was into pain. " I looked at her, "AS long as there is an orgasm involved I am into a lot of things. "
    She opened a bag and pulled out an assortment of whips, dildos, and other things that I did not recognize but soon found soon that there were lots of things to do to the body that bring pain and pleasure. Helen was my forst woman that really knew how to heighten pleasure by using pain at the same time. That was the first day of a wonderful Summer.

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       She began the lesson by depriving me of breathe and doing dildos at the same time. Just as I passed out my orgasm came and felt more intense than ever.
    Love you all.
    More later.