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It was then that I saw her. Sitting all the way in the front of the lecture hall, long blond hair cascading over her smooth shoulders, covering her halter top in such a way as to make it seem she had no shirt on. My breathing grew heavy again as I took in the gentle curve of her shoulders, the graceful line of her neck, the sensuous way she twirled her hair around her finger. I shifted in my chair as my pussy began to burn at the thought of what it would be like to feel her tanned skin beneath my hungry mouth, or have it be my fingers twisting through her hair. Every day I saw this earthy beauty in the front of the room, and every day my breathing grew heavy as I fantasized about sliding my tongue up her wet slit, to feel her squirm in pleasure as I scraped my teeth over her hard nipples, to hear her moan as I stroked her firm clit with my fingers. I wanted her to cum until she cried. She turned to the side, throwing her breasts into sharp relief against the glow of the screen in the front of the room. I could barely discern the outline of her nipples jutting through the thin fabric of her top, and I groaned inwardly, feeling the juices between my legs begin to drip ever so slowly. I was horny as hell, to say the least. I dreamt about what it would be like to tie her up so that she would be powerless against my tender ministrations. . . straining against my confident touch, begging me for more. I looked around. There was no one back here but me. .

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  . . My fingers worked their way slowly up my skirt, caressing my soft thighs, moving their way to my center of pleasure. I exhaled lightly as my fingers located my clit, and began to spin smooth circles around it, tantalizing, massaging. I dug my fingers in harder, and came quickly and silently. I sighed with pleasure, and thought about my next move with my blonde muse. I would have her whether she wanted me or not. “Casey!” I called out to her, moving my way through the crowd towards her. “Hey, Rachel! What’s up?” She smiled. Ah, but how I yearned to taste her mouth! I regained control of my thoughts, and spoke. “I was just wondering if you wanted to come over tonight to study for the astronomy exam with me. ” “Sure,” she said cheerfully. “I don’t have any other plans. Why don’t I meet you at your place around 7?” “Fabulous,” I said, genuinely pleased. “I’ll make sure I’m ready for you.

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  ” At 7:06 Casey knocked on my door. My heart raced as I opened it, and welcomed her inside my apartment. “Nice digs,” she said appreciatively. “Thank you,” I said demurely. “Can I take your coat for you? “Of course,” she said. I helped her out of it, letting my fingers linger ever so slightly on her wrists when I touched them. My clitoris was throbbing, waiting, hoping that tonight I would finally get to touch her. But I needed to move slowly, keep her unaware of my intentions until exactly the right moment. I moved towards the kitchen. “Would you like something to drink?” I asked. She looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, “Do you have any wine? That always helps me study better. ” “Certainly,” I replied. Maybe this would be easier than I had anticipated. As I walked into the kitchen I paused at the thermostat, and turned it to 75. I intended to make things as hot as possible in my apartment tonight, in more ways than one.

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   I returned with two glasses of wine, and we began to study. She became increasingly more giddy and giggly, and her cheeks began to flush. I wondered silently to myself if her breasts took on that same lovely flushed color when she drank. I refilled her glass two more times, and it wasn’t long before the wine and the heat caught up with her. Tiny beads of perspiration formed along her beautiful forehead. “It’s so warm in here,” she exclaimed, fanning herself with her papers. I knew that this was my moment. “Why don’t you take your shirt off,” I suggested casually. “After all, it’s only the two of us here. ” “That’s a great idea,” she said, peeling off the cute blouse she had been wearing. Underneath it was a small, dainty lavender lace bra, that cupped her gorgeous breasts. I could see her small brown nipples straining against the flimsy fabric, and I longed to roll one between my fingers. “Rachel,” she asked me,” Are you ok? You don’t look so well all of a sudden. ” I looked at her for a moment, the silence spanning the space between our eyes. With a sudden groan, I threw myself on top of her, and begin to kiss her lips hungrily.

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   “Rachel!! What are you doing? NO!” She struggled weakly to shove me off, but I was much stronger than her, and I easily held her arms above her head with one hand while continuing to kiss her, my full weight pressed down on her to keep her in place. My other hand wandered down along her body, stroking the smooth globe of her breast, fluttering along her slightly caved stomach, twisting its way down her softness to the crevice in between her thighs. A moan escaped her lips as my hand parted her thighs below her skirt and rubbed along her slit. “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, you little slut,” I whispered in her ear. “You want me to touch your pussy, your wet little pussy, you want to feel me touching you, don’t you, whore?” She whimpered slightly, still straining against my hands. I could hear her breathing grow more erratic as my mouth moved its way ever so slightly south, trailing soft kisses along her collarbones, down her breastbone. My fingers rubbed the taut nipple of her right breast, and she moaned again, louder this time. I rolled the nipple between my fingers, pinched it gently, and just when she couldn’t take it any more, I slid the fabric down and lowered my mouth to her warm breast. She cried out as I sucked the nipple into my mouth, my warm tongue pressed firmly against it, hard and sweet like a berry. I rolled it lightly between my teeth, and felt her back arch, pushing more of breast into my face. Suddenly I stopped, and looked up at her. “Are you enjoying yourself,” I whispered huskily. She looked at me for a moment, the beginnings of a smile playing at the corners of her lips. Suddenly she slapped me, hard. I coiled back in surprise and pain.

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   “Fuck you,” she spat. “Dragging me over here to get me drunk and take advantage of me!” She tried to get up off the couch to leave, but her drunkenness caused her legs to wobble, and she couldn’t move quickly enough. “You vicious little bitch,” I hissed at her, seizing her by the wrist. “Let go of me! Just leave me alone. ”I pulled her to me hard, and grabbed a fistful of her hair. “Ow!” She yelled. “You’re hurting me!” “Shut up now,” I hissed, “Or I’ll hurt you worse. Now listen to me, and listen good, you little fuck tease. I see how you look at other girls. Hell, I see how you look at everybody. The way you prance around half-naked, practically begging people to masturbate over you. Well I have, you little slut, I have. And now, you’re going to help me. I’m not going to fantasize about you any longer. Tonight, I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll never know what hit you.

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  ” She was crying now, tears staining her beautiful face. I decided to change my tactics. “Don’t cry,” I whispered, “I hate it when you cry. You’ve been a very bad girl tonight, did you know that?” She must have been taken aback by my suddenly soothing tone, because she nodded, ever so slightly. “Do you know what happens to bad girls,” I intoned seductively. She shook her head no, and tried to hold back a sob. “They have to be punished,” I snarled quietly. I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back over to the couch, where I sat, and stood her in front of me.
    “Take off your skirt,” I ordered. “No,” She whispered angrily. I stood, and looked at her, before slapping her sharply in the face. “Take off your fucking skirt,” I growled, “Or I’ll make you. ” She sobbed, but unzipped her cute little miniskirt and dropped it down her legs. I sighed with pleasure at the sight of her firm body. She was wearing tiny little thong panties that matched the bra.

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       I smiled. “Now get down on your hands and knees,” I said. She looked at me with angry eyes, but did as she was told. “Good girl,” I whispered, “You’re learning. ” I leaned over her, and dragged one hand slowly over her tight ass before lifting my hand, and bringing it down hard. “Ow, fuck!” She cried. “Shut up,” I said simply. “Count them. That was number one. ” I spanked her again, harder this time. “Two,” She whimpered. “Excellent,” I said, smiling. A red mark was beginning to appear where I had slapped her tender flesh. I spanked her again, harder still. She continued to count until I reached 18 I slid my fingers back around her until they were probing at the entrance to her pussy, where, much to my surprised, I discovered that she was dripping wet.

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       “You like this?” I asked. “You really are a slut. Do you like it when I do this, too?” I suddenly pinched her nipple very hard, and I listened with pleasure as she gasped, and arched her back. “Tell me you like it,” I ordered. “I like it,” she whispered softly, a broken woman. “I like it when you hurt me. ” “Good girl,” I said. I quickly pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy, and she moaned in surprise and lust. I thrust them in and out of her, oh so gently, feeling the way her pussy sucked hungrily on my fingers. She was starting to moan now, her body rocking back and forth gently with the movement of my hand. I helped her roll over so that she was lying on her back, and I had full access to her gorgeous snatch. The hair was trimmed and sparse, and her lips glistened with moisture. I leaned forward, and inhaled her scent, sweet and musky. I touched the tip of my tongue lightly to her clit, and felt a shock run through her body. I licked harder, toying with her, feeling her squirm beneath me like I’d always dreamed about.

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       She began to moan loudly, especially when I pulled my teeth gently over her clit. Her hips were beginning to buck, and she was thrusting harder on my fingers. I flattened my tongue, and focused my work on her clit. Suddenly she was crying out sharply, and thrashing around on the floor, screaming in pleasure. “Shit, YES!! Oh, god, yes! yes!” I smiled, and continued to lick until she had thoroughly finished, and was trembling beneath me. I stood, and quickly shed my own garments, revealing my own lovely breasts and neatly trimmed pussy. I squatted over her face. “You enjoyed that so much I thought you might return the favor,” I said, as I quickly lowered my pussy to her mouth. She let out a cry that was muffled by the snatch that had filled her mouth. She shook her head back and forth, trying to get me to get off her, but her movements only translated themselves into pleasure in my pussy, as her lips unwittingly brushed me clit. I grabbed her hair again, and pulled it hard. “Just lick me, slut, or I won’t be so nice to you next time. ” I felt her tongue gingerly move its way between the hot lips of my pussy, and begin to flick my clit. I could tell that she’d done this before. I squeezed her head in between my knees and moaned as she licked me.

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       My hands played with my own nipples now, pinching them hard, rolling them, and the sensations between my legs grew. I had been waiting for this for so long, it didn’t take much time. A huge orgasm rocked my body, and I spurted juices all over Casey’s lovely face. She gagged slightly, but licked me until I was clean. I raised myself from off of her face, and caressed her soaked chin. “What a good little cum-slut,” I praised her. I grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her up. “Follow me,” I said. “Where are you taking me?” She asked shakily. “Now we’re going to have some real fun. ”To Be Continued. . . . .