Study Buddies


You, wearing your normal practical top and trousers, and Jenny, wearing a strappy top and short skirt (as usual), were in your room studying. Out of the blue she asked you if you had ever kissed a girl before. Stunned you think about it for a second and decide to be honest. You say yes and the two you start to move close to each other. Then you moved closer together and your lips met. You love the feeling so put your hands on her. One on her leg and the other on her cheek. You start to kiss passionately and your hand moves up her leg to the inside of her thigh, under her skirt. She breaks from the kiss and asks you if you have done anything else with girls before. Now excited about her being interested in doing stuff with you, you tell her to take her top off, and she does, without any hesitation! She even takes off her bra! Her naked body in front of you all sort of rude thought enter you mind and you can't help but lean forward and start licking her nipples whilst feeling in between her legs. She asks you to take off your top. You do so as quickly as you can and rip off your bra as well.

You then let her tongue you nipples and cores you thigh, enjoying every second of it! You then take it in turns to lick each other's nipples while touching each other. You can feel her underwear getting very, very wet and you start to slowly pull it off. She stops licking your nipples and helps you to remove them. After opening her legs wide she asks you to lick her out.

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   You can't believe that this is finally happening for you and it feels sooo right so therefore don't hesitate to lower your head moving her skirt up. With her skirt out the way you start to slowly and gently lick her clit. You taste her wetness, and it is sooo good you start to lick harder. After a while she begs you to do it faster and faster. With her writhing on the bed making all sorts of moaning and mumbling noises she then comes all over your face! You love the taste sooo much you want more, so you keep licking! She moans and wriggles some more and you make her cum again. SO you continue. And you make her come again and again and then finally she asks if she can do it for you. You keep licking her as you take off your trousers and slide off your knickers.
    Then you turn so you can still lick her as she licks you. It feel sooo good to have someone licking you out at the same time you lap up as much girl cum as you can. It tastes and smells so intoxicating you want as much as you can get. You moan into her pussy as she lick intensely at your clit and all you can do is lick hers back. You get her off another five times before she moves you onto your back and insists on getting you off! She starts to lick sooo quickly and fingers you as while doing so. You feel that long awaited orgasm build up. Sooo close now, you can feel it coming.

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       You want it sooo badly you are screaming at her, "DON'T STOP! PLEASE DON'T STOP! I'M SOOO CLOSE! DON'T YOU DARE STOP!". Then finally it comes and you scream at the top of your voice "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as you come all over her face!You lay next to each other for about half an hour catching your breath and thinking about how wonderful your first full lesbian experience was. But then a knock at the door!