Small Town Girl


It was the second week of college I met Nancy. I usually ate my lunch outside, but this day it was raining like hell, so I decided to eat in the cafeteria. She was sitting there by herself just eating her lunch. Not reading. Not looking around. Just sitting staring straight ahead. In a world of her own. She seemed interesting.
For the next week I ate in the cafereria & watched her. The same thing everyday. Eat by herself. Stare straight ahead. When finished, get up, put her carbage in the can & leave. No one looked at her or attempted to say hi or talk to her. I looked & watched. Everyday I became more interested in who & what she was.

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On the next Monday I waited till she came into the cafereria, sit down, take her lunch out of her backpack & start to eat, looking straight ahead.
I went over, sat almost opposite & watched her. She never even looked my way. I finally say hi to her. She looked my way & said hi & went back looking straight ahead. I lied & told her I had not seen her in here before. She said she had seen me. She showed no facial or tone emotions. She was a strange one alright.
"My name is Beverly" I said, as I held my hand out towards her. I couldn't believe it when she took my hand & with a smile, said" I'm Nancy. "  We struck up a conversation. The more I learned about her, the more intrigueing she bacame.
She came from a small farming town where her father & mother owned a grocery & feed store. She was the oldest of nine children. 

   When she got big enough, she was left to look after the others until they could look after themselves. Their house was right next to the store, so if there was a problem, she could quickly get her mother or father. There was only time for school, studying & looking after her siblings. Boyfriend, no. What were her plans? The sciences. To get her PHd & teach at a college or university. Boyfriend, sex, marriage. Never crossed her mind. Study, study, study. Little did she know I had other plans for her. A true virgin for the taking.
I finally convinced her to go out for dinner with me one Friday nite. We sat, talked & even shared a bottle of wine. She said that was the first time she had ever had a drink of anything but pop. When I asked her how she liked the wine, she said it was nice, but made her light headed.

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   I said it made me feel the same way. We laughed the more we drank & even got to the point of being giddy. I invited her back to my place & never hesitated about saying yes. I took her hand & then placed my arm around her waist, as we walked back to my place. She placed her arm around me. I held her close. We took turns laying our heads on each others shoulder. "Did she have an idea what lay ahead or was she just too happily drunk to care" I thought to myself.
When we got back to my place, I told her to kick off her shoes & sit on the sofa while I got us a drink. She didn't say no to a drink, so I poured each of us a good big glass of wine. When I came back into the livingroom, She was sitting with her back against the sofa, arms at her side & legs slightly spread. She looked very at ease & very desirable with her nice firm boobs pushing her blouse out. As I got closer, I could see her nipples pressed against her bra. I handed her, her drink & sat beside her. "Cheers" I said, raising mine.

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   She raised her & we clicked glasses.
We sat there talking & looking at each other about whatever was on our mind at the moment. Her eyes twinckled. Her lips so kissable. Her face so innocent. Well almost all. I don't think she was thinking about sex, whereas I was. Sex with her.
I ran my fingers throught her hair. She looked into my eyes. "Does that feel good" I asked her. With a slight purr, she said the only other person to do that beside herslf, was her mother. "Do you mind if I do it" I asked. "Not all all" she said. As I played with her hair, the looked in her eyes became far away.

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   "Where was she at that moment" I thought. She let her head fall onto my shoulder. I let my hand fall onto her shoulder & pulled her close to me. She just lay there silently. I sipped my wine. She just held her glass.
"Do you want to watch a video" I asked. "Sure" she said. The one I had in mind, was not one most people would have in their house. It was of two girls making out. I got up, fetched the video out of the drawer in the wall cabinet, turned on the video, opened the door & slipped the video in. As I walked back to the couch, I pointed the remote control toward the machine to close the door. As I sat back on the couch beside her, the video loaded. I put my arm around her. She laid her head on my shoulder.

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   When it said play on the scree, I pushed the play button.
She gasped when she saw what it was about. I was expecting her to get mad. Instead of that, all she said was, "I've heard of these things but never seen one. " "Do you mind or would you like to see something else" I asked. "Is it just about two girls" she asked, "or are there guys in it too?" "Just girls" I said. "Then lets watch this, as I've heard about girls having sex together, but always wondered what they did, as neither has a cock. " She floored me.
She raised her head. I Pushed her long hair aside & continued to run my fingers through it. I started to nibble on her ear. The kiss & lick her neck. She let out a slight moan. I took my other hand & lighltly ran it up & down her throat. Then across her chin & face, but made sure I didn't block her vision.

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   I ran my fingers across her lips. She opened her mouth & started to suck on my fingers. She moaned more & more. I looked at the video. The girls were carressing each others boobs.  
I let my hand slip down & do the same to the same to Nancy. She put her hands on mine & encouraged me. She undid the buttons on her blouse, pulled the end out of her skirt, reached behind her, undid her bra & took them both of without taking her eyes off the TV. Her boobs were firm. Her nipples the size of an eraser on a thick pencil. I ran my hand over her boobs, stopping momentarily to rub her nipples between my thumb & forefinger. She moaned loudly. "Do you like me doing that" I asked. "Please do it more" she asked. I squeezed them harder & pulled on them at the same time.

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   "More, more" she moaned. "Did you use to play with your nipples" I asked. "Yes" she replied. "Did you play with your clit too?" "I had to pleasure myself somehow" she said.
    "Did you make yourself have an orgasm" I asked. "I wanted to very badly" she answered & added she couldn't, as she shared a bed with on of her sisters. "Well I would like to play with your clit & make you have an orgasm, so why don't you slip your panties off. " She lifter her butt, slipped them down till they were around her knees, lifted her legs up & slipped them off over her feet.
    "Now be a good girl & spread your legs so I can see how wet you are & how swollen your labia & clit are too. " She spread her. I slipped my hand up under her skirt till I reached her crotch. She was very wet. Her labia & clit swollen. She let out a long moan, as I started to play with her clit. "Does that feel good" I asked.

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       "Yes" she said with a moan & smile on her face. "Do you think we should have more sex then what we are having" I asked. "Please" she asked. "Do you want me to give you oral sex after I give you an orgasm with my fingers. " "I want to do whatever girls do to girls, as long as it's not gross" she replied. "Well my sweet, we will do it all after the video is over" I told her.
    I kept playing with her clit, then slipped one finger in, then two & slowly began to slip them in as far as I could & the out again. She slipped down till her butt was on the edge of the sofe cushion. "Did you ever do this to yourself" I asked, as I fingered her. "No But I wanted to" she answered. "So you wanted to masturbate then till you had had an orgasm" I asked. "Oh fuck yes. " "This girl is coming out of herself" I said to myself & right here in my place. I watched the video as I fingered her & hoped I could give her that orgasm at the same time one of the girls on the video was fingering the other till she had an orgasm. This was my lucky nite.

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       Nancy had hers at the same time the other girl did. When she finally came down from her height of ecstacy, I slipped my fingers out, stuck them in my mouth & savoured her wonderfully tasty virgin juice of total joy.
    We went into my bedroom, stripped & climbed into bed. She did as asked. She gave me oral sex till I had an orgasm. For a first timer, she did well. Then I did her. Then we did each other in the sixty-nine position, over & over again. I got up went into the closet, found my strap-on toy of joy & walked back out. "What do you mean girls don't have cocks" I asked, as I wiggled it around with my hand. When she looked, I thought her eyes were going to come out of their sockets.
    "My fuck" she said, "that is big. " "Bigger then any guys & will give you lots of pleasure" I told her. I got back on the bed. She knew what to do.


       As I positioned myself between her spread thighs, she took ahold of the shaft & guided it home. She put a hand over her mouth. As I gently eased it in, she arched her back. "Does that feel good" I asked, as I glanced down at my new found virgin. She shook her head up & down.
    We became instant lovers. She moved in with me. I had thought about joining the lesbian community at the college, but there was no way I was going to let some other lesbian get close to Nancy.