Showering together saves money-1 (home alone)


Hanna opened the front door of her 2 bedroom appartment, walked in and closed the door. She set her cheer bag down and wiped the moisture off her face from the hot summers day. The cold air conditioning sent shivers all through her sweat soak body. Her cheer shorts, silk pink thong and tight white shirt all felt a chill. Two hours of practice in the sun had made a soaking wet vixen of her, but to her she just felt gross. She walked into her bedroom past megan's and layed back on her bed. She velt the soft white cotton sheets start to obsorb her natural zest, so she rose quickly. She lifted her tight shirt over her head, and her 34 C's bounced down. She bent over pulling down her shorts, then taking off her panties. Before she threw her thong in the dirty clothes, she put it up to her face and inhaled. The smell of pussy made her entire body spasm even if it was her own. All of the sudden she felt sexy. She watched herself in the mirror transform from a sweaty, dirty blonde to a sulty beauty. She pinched her nipples until they stood on end. She turned around to check out her own ass; it was shaped like a godesses as should be. slowly she moved her hand down to her pussy where her fingers covered every familiar inch.

sweidish harmony 

   She decided to take this further. She walked over to her roomate, megans room, got on her bed, and spread her legs over the hetero sexuals pillow. She thought of megan with her tight body,  perfect ass, small but nice tits, and that black hair. her fingers went wild. She thought of megans reaction in highschool when she said she was bi, then she tought of megan naked, and burts her juices all over the headboard, th epillow, and it dripped down her leg. She took a tasted into her mouth.   Delicious. Hanna left her beautiful mess there hoping megan would dream about her.  Hanna mader her way into the bathroom, ajusted the water and got into the shower letting the warm watter wash her fantasies away.   . . . soon megan comes home