Sexual Tension


Turning away in shame I replied, Kissing you. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she turns me around and slowly starts to kiss me. Moving her hands down past my breasts, she unties my bikini bottoms and lets them sink to the bottom. She then unties my top, waching it fall into the water. I slowly start to kiss her neck, my fully exposed body is now pressed against her. I unhook her top, moving it to the side, I place my lips on her tender breasts. Nibbiling on her firm nipples, I unhook her bikini bottoms. Moving her toung up my neck, she askes me to lay down on the edge of the spa. With out hesitation I quickly do it. Getting out of the spa, she then spreads my legs apart and gentialy moves her hands towards my pussy. Taking one finger at first, she quickly forces it into my body. Telling me that I am tight, she askes is she can use two fingers. Telling her to hold on I grab my bag, reaching inside I pull out a rubber dildo.

Handing it to her she moves it up my leg and then teasing my clit with it for a second. Then she slowly forces it inside me. Pulling it out, she moves it to her mouth and licks it.

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   Throwing it into the water, she moves her toung up my leg and stops at my pussy licking me and moving her hands up and down my thighs. I begin to have a strong orgasm, cuming all over her face she then becomes more obressive and moves her toung in and out my clit. Stopping she moves up and starts to grope my breasts, getting ready to suck on my neck. Then the phone rings, she runs and picks it up. Sitting up I look at her. Walking back she gives me a kiss and saids she has to leave, telling me she will be back tonight to pick up where she left off. .