Seducing Married Women Pt. 2


Well, I told you about the first part of my lesson with Aunt Brenda and then she said a few days later, "Do you wanna go back to the mall and show me what you have learned?" We had been talking about it and she asked suddenly. "Sure" I told her and we got up and dressed. I wore a tank top and low cut jeans and Brenda wore a wrap dress which are her favorites especially when she "goes out for lunch" as she calls it. We drove o the Mall and soon she left me and watched from a distance as I walked around, talking to women and just looking at stuff in general. I walked by a counter in the midle of the mall a few times and each time a very beautiful woman working there smiled and said hello. I said hello back to her and walked on. She is from the Middle East, I think she said Iran but anyway, I had walked by again not having much luck at finding a woman that wanted to talk, lots of guys just no girls. Well, I walked by and she said Hello again and I stopped and walked to her counter. I looked at her deep dark eyes and her shoulder length hair and full lips and wanted to kis her right there but I walked up and put my hands on the counter. "Hi, how are you?" she said. "Oh, I am fine, just looking around. " I told her. "Well, wha are you looking for, maybe I can help you. " she said and her beautiful accent came to my ears and I found myself suddenly wet.

She put out her hand, "I am Jahnta" she said and I took her hand, "Sophia" I said and she held my hand for a moment and then let go. "So, let me show you some things here.

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  " she said and began showing me ear rings, necklaces and chains and stuff. Her voice had me in a transe. Her voice broke into my thoughts suddenly, "So do you see anything here that you like?" she said and I was looking at her buxom figure, her cleavage showing in her tight blue dress that was a v neck plunging down showing her lovely skin. I looked at her and thought, well, now or never and said, "Well, yes, I do see something I like but not is the display case. " I said and she looked at me, "And what might that be?" she said looking at me again waiting. "Well, you look beautiful and if it were possible, I would love to have you. " I said in a whisper. "I thought you might be shopping for that" she said and then twisting her wedding band around her finger. "In fact, I was hoping that was why you kept walking by the counter. " she said. "I was wondering if you would like to. ah, well, would you like to have drinks and go somewhere to relax?" I managed to say. "I would love to, but let me call and se if I can get one of my people to come in to cover for me. " she said and got on the phone. She called two times and then came back, "Can you meet me in a half hour?" she said and now was nervous.

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   "Yes" I said and she asked me to be at the food court and gave me her cell number and I gave her mine.

I walked to the food court and Brenda came with me, "Damn, she is hot, I hope she wants to have three of us together. " Brenda said. "I will ask. " I said and we sat down. Brenda got up when it was time and walked to another place. Sure enough Jahnta came to the court, looked around and spotted me and came and sat down. She seemed out of breath and I extended my hand across the table and she took it. "I have never done this before. " she said and I told her that I thought she was so beautiful and her face got red. "I get offers from men all the time and turn them down but I just could not say no to you. " she said and I told her, "I am so happy that you said 'Yes" and she turned red again. "Can we go now?" she said. "I have to leave before someone sees me and tells my husband. I got up and asked her, "So you have a car" and she said "yes" and we were walking towards it.

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She opened the doors to a nice car and I got in on my side. She got in and looked at me as if asking what next. "May I find out something?" I asked her and she said "Yes, of course. " and I took her face in my hands and leaned to her. She did not move but stayed still and I kissed her lips, slowly and softly and then pushed my tongue into her mouth and she let me and I took a good 5 min to explore her mouth and she leaned back against the seat while I did. My hand slipped into her bra and found her nipple and pinched it a little making her jump, "Oh that was nice" she said. and we kissed again and my hand went down her hips to her legs and up her dress. She did not wear any nylons and so I had skin to touch and she laid there after I put her seat down and let me explore. I went up her thigh and her panties were soaked and I moved them aside and my fingers parted her pussy lips finding her swollen clit and I took it in my fingers and began to massagge it. She was moaning louder and louder and her hips moved with my teasing. She reached for something to hold onto and then her orgasm burst from her pussy soaking my hand and her dress. Her hips jerked with her orgasm as she rode the wave and then she went limp. I put my pussy juice soaked fingers in my mouth and licked them and she smiled, "Do I taste good?" she said. "Delicious. " I told her and said, "Would you like to go toa motel?" and she smiled and said yes.

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   We got her together and drove to a hotel closer to Atlanta and I went in and got the room.

We walked to the room and I opened the door and closed it behind us and walked to the bed. Standing I undid her dress and it fell to the floor and her bra and panties next. She stood there naked and covered her figure and I said how much I liked it so she let me see her. I undressed and pulled her to me and she for the first time felt a woman against a woman and she began just hugging me tighter. "This feels so good," she said and then "My husband can never know. " and I told her that was not a problem. We kissed and slowly sat on the end of the bed and I laid her on the bed. Laying beside her I kissed her and sucked her nipples and she was moaning like she had never done so much before even with her husband (later she told me he only sucked her tits and fucked her and rolled over and went to sleep). I worked my way all over her body and kissed all of her running my tongue into special places and she moved to let me get anywhere I wanted to go. I licked a wonderful wet orgasm from her pussy and she was almost in tears and said, ""No one has ever donw that before. " and I told her, "Well, I think I want to do it again. " and she put a pillow over her face to stop the yelling she was doing. After another orgasm she was kissing me and I was massagging her tits and she began kissing my nipples and going down doing me as I had done her, "Let me know if I am not doing it right. " she said and ran my fingers through her hair.

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   As she licked me to my first orgasm I was going nuts and soaked her face and hair. "Was it good?" she said and I told her it was great. "another then?" she said and began eating me again. She laid next to me after and we were kissing slowl and long kisses. "I think that I really do like kissing you as much as anything else you have taught me today. " she said and I was kissing her back. "You have beautiful lips. " I told her and we laid there kissing more. Suddenly my cell phone went off and I remembered that Aunt Brenda was supposed to be here but she told me she got lost and then the fact that I had forgotten to call her. Branda asked the hotel and room number but I asked Jahnta if my aunt could join us. She said that she would just like to have me and maybe next time another woman. I told Brenda and she said okay.

I kissed her again and began to turn around for a 69 and she moved too letting our faces be inches from soaking pussy. "Just do as I do Hun. " I told her and soon we were eating each other like crazy.

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   We both had more orgasms and were weak after. We showered and dressed and walked to the car and she kissed me and said, "When can we meet again, you will have to come for me again and show me more. " she said her eyes begging as she spoke. "How about next Monday?" I said and she said, "How about this Friday" and I said okay. We drove to the mall and I called Brenda and she came to where we were at. Branda got out and hugged me and Jahnta and said, "Well, you two look very satisified. " and laughed. "Sophia, I would like for your aunt to join us Friday too, is that okay?" and we all agreed to meet Friday morning and have love making all day.
See ya later for part 3.