This is my second story. It’s different from “she was perfect”. I know this is not one of my better efforts. It’s a bit confusing sometimes. Comments will be much appreciated. I posted it a little early.
Kaylie Anderson was walking briskly, pushing her heavy trolley with as much force as she could muster. Her plane had landed just thirty minutes ago at airport. She was in a hurry. Anyone could deduce that from her gait. Her boyfriend was meant to meet her five hours ago, when she was supposed to arrive. But like all respectable travel lines, Pan Am’s plane was four fucking hours late.
What was it they had said? Oh yeah, “the flight to Los Angeles has been delayed blah-blah-blah”. Fuckers! She looked around, trying to find her guy, to no avail. He had probably left after her call. She sighed and sat down on a chair, away from the commotion near the metal detectors.

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   Some dude was being arrested.
Kaylie was so frustrated that she didn’t see the nondescript woman approach her. She sat down behind her and quietly slipped a minuscule package inside her purse. Kaylie didn’t notice her as she was staring at the ceiling, wondering why she had accepted this job. Her purse was lying in the chair next to her and didn’t appear to have been moved.
The mysterious woman silently got up and left. Kaylie got up, took her cargo bag and purse and marched to the toilets. She hadn’t had time to make herself beautiful before the plane took off. She spent some time in the loo and looked in the mirror. No, this wouldn’t do at all. She liked to be pretty. She opened her bag and took out her makeup kit. When she was finished, she put it back inside her bag and admired her handy work.
She was superb. Long silky honey-blond hair that went to her hips, thin eyebrows, lustful green eyes, an elegant pointed nose, round lips that seemed to be locked in a constant pout and an angular face set on a long neck.

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   She was 5”9, quite tall for a woman, had a 36B chest, a slim and somewhat muscular figure and legs that kept every guy’s attention. She was, simply put, statuesque.
She could have been a model. In fact, she had been a model. She had started her career at nineteen. For a while, it was fun. The glamour, the money, the magazine covers, the clothes, the fame… But it was all too easy. She was content with her job when one day she received a phone call. She had acquired a certain reputation in the business and a well-respected cosmetics company had offered her a real job. Not one where she would simply have to be pretty. One where she would use all her talents, including her head, for she had brains. She had finished in the top ten of her class in high school. Modeling had put her through college, earning her a degree in business management.
The job was that of spokeswoman for the company. She had signed on a few months after turning twenty-seven.

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   She looked in the mirror once again, smoothed a couple of wrinkles on her aqua miniskirt and green top and exited the toilets. She was walking towards the exit, feeling calmer. She was almost out when a hand clamped on her shoulder.
“Excuse me, ma’am. Could you follow us please?”
The question came from a security officer. Another one was walking towards them. Kaylie was puzzled. Why would they want to talk to her?
“What’s wrong?”
“We need you to follow us to the post, ma’am. ”
“I’m not going anywhere until I know what this is all about. ” Her anger was steadily rising with each passing second. Who the fuck did these two jerks think they were?
“We have reasons to believe that you’re carrying drugs. ”
Kaylie couldn’t stop herself. She laughed, only for a second, before covering her mouth and stifling her mirth. Drugs! These guys were dumb!
“Excuse me,” she said, after regaining her composure. “I think that’s very unlikely.

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   By all means, take me to the post. ”
They walked to an off-limit part of the airport and led her to a dull gray room. It had black tinted windows through which you couldn’t see. There was a single table and three chairs, all metal. There was also a lone pole in a corner, like in those striptease clubs. She dropped her bag on the table and plopped down on a chair.
“Okay, what is it about?”
“We told you, drugs. We think you may be carrying some. We have to search your bags,” one of the officers told her.
Kaylie shook her head. “No way I’m letting a guy go throw my things. Sorry, but it’s not gonna happen. ”
The officer sighed. “What about a woman?”
“That’d be okay. ”
“All right.

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   Wait here,” he said as he and his colleague departed. She looked around. With nothing to do but wait, she tapped her fingers on the table. After five minutes the door opened. She looked up lazily.
The officer was dressed in the usual blue and black uniform but she was nonetheless beautiful. Long auburn hair, round face, blue-eyed and nearly as tall as herself. The uniform seemed to mold itself on her skin. Her every curve were exposed and my… what curves those were.
She wasn’t as pretty as Kaylie, with a few pimples scattered on her face, hips that were just a touch too large and hair a bit unruly. She gave Kaylie the once-over, letting her gaze fall on the bag.
“I’m told you’re a bit uncooperative,” she said, not even deigning to introduce herself. She had a haughty air about her that told Kaylie she was high-ranking. Maybe a lieutenant instead of a mere officer.
She nodded.

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   “There are some things that a woman doesn’t let a man touch. You should know that,” she said, leaning back in her chair.
The officer smiled and offered her hand. “I’m Lieutenant Katie Morgan. ” They shook hands and Kaylie noticed her strength in her grip. She opened her bag and slid it across the table to the officer. “There you go. I assure you, I have never touched drugs in my life. ”
“They always say that before we get them,” Katie muttered as she carefully took out and unfolded garments that would have had her arrested for indecent exposure a decade back. She emptied the bag and passed her hands on every surface, trying to find secret pockets. Nothing. She went through the clothes under the disinterested eyes of her ‘guest’.
Still nothing. She was about to give up when she saw the purse. “Hand over the purse.

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  ” Kaylie obeyed silently. Katie opened it and went through it before smiling. She took a hanky and slowly took out the tiny plastic bag. It contained a white powder, probably coke or heroin. Kaylie hadn’t noticed her as she was staring at one of the walls. She dropped the plastic on the table.
Kaylie turned her head at the sound and her jaw dropped. She stared at the thing on the table, barely registering the fact that a wide grin was splitting the lieutenant’s face. She shook her head in silent denial before she found her voice.
“It’s not mine. ”
“It never is, sweetheart. ”
“I’m serious! I don’t do drugs! It’s bad for the body!” Kaylie fairly screamed.
The lieutenant was stoically watching the outburst. “I’m afraid I have to arrest you,” she said, taking out a pair of handcuffs. She slapped them on Kaylie’s wrists.

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   The cold metal made her shiver and tears welled in her eyes. She willed herself not to cry.
Katie got up, put the plastic in her back pocket and exited the room. She went to get herself some coffee. She paused when she started to add sugar. That woman sounded sincere. She gazed at the sugar in the spoon. It looked every bit as the drugs. A plan formed in her mind. She smiled a wicked smile. Yes, she was going to enjoy this. It had been so long since her last time….
She drank the stinking liquid and headed for the room. It was soundproof, luckily. She strode in purposefully.

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   She found her ‘guest’ anxiously sitting. “The boss asked me to search you,” she said, locking the door. “You may be carrying other things. ”
She took off the cuffs and led her to the pole in the corner. She passed the metal chain around the pole and cuffed Kaylie again, effectively depriving her the use of her arms. She looked at her ass. Oh yes, she was going to enjoy this…
She patted her clothes, feeling no bra under the top. She slowly descended to the lower back, her hands brushing the soft skin.
Kaylie shuddered as she felt a tingle. The officer reached her miniskirt and grabbed each of her buttocks in a hand. She squeezed them both, rubbing them through the material. What was this? This wasn’t a normal search.
She felt he hands slid along her legs to her feet. Her high heels were unceremoniously taken off. She felt the hands go up again.

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   “What kind of search is this?” she demanded angrily.
“Shut up,” the officer hissed. She unzipped her mini and let it drop to the floor. The tiny string barely covered her neatly trimmed pussy. Kaylie felt fingers trace the contours of her ass. They worked their way to small elastic band and yanked it down, uncovering her precious fruit.
Now, she was frightened. What did this woman want with her? She felt the fingers move to her entrance. The officer pressed herself against her back, a hand on her pussy, the other around her waist.
Katie inhaled her victim’s scent, smelling the lavender on her hair. She pinched her clit, softly at first then harder. A low moan resulted. She worked on the pussy more, enjoying the game. She abruptly dug two fingers inside the cunt and heard a sharp breath.
“I have to search where you could have hidden the drugs,” Katie whispered in Kaylie’s ears as her fingers rubbed the walls of the vagina.


   She slid in a third finger, working furiously now.
Kaylie shivered. She felt jolts going to her brain as the fingers slid in and out of her. She didn’t question the officer anymore, merely welcomed the wave of pleasure coursing through her body. The fingers moved faster until she gasped and her juices ran down her smooth legs. She felt the fingers linger then retreat.
Katie brought her hand to her mouth and tasted it. She put one finger into the hot vagina and put it under Kaylie’s nose. “What is that? We’ll have to analyze it but I’m afraid that the lab is closed today. I’ll have to do it manually. ”
Kaylie breathed in the intoxicating smell of her nectar. Her mind had long since shut down. Her pussy was still tingling from her orgasm. She grabbed the pole and leaned on it as Katie dropped to her knees in front of her and clamped her mouth over her steaming cunt. Her tongue lapped the juice hungrily and explored the recesses of her fruit.

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   It seemed animated with a life of its own as it moved around.
Katie used her fingers in conjunction with her mouth. That little blonde bitch would not last long. She finger-fucked the pussy, letting her tongue caress the clit and opening. She felt the body tense and a second later heard a moan emanate from Kaylie. Sweet juice flooded her face as she drank like a sailor. It flowed down her face and on the pair of legs in front of her.
She let her victim rest, wiping her mouth with a hanky. Kaylie was breathing heavily. She had only started to play. There was so much more to come….   She went in front of her and took off the top, dropping it on the floor. The breasts were hard and the nipples erect.
“Now what’s this?” she asked softly. “It must be a cache for more drugs.

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   I’ll have to search them too. ”
She stroked the twins lovingly, tweaking the nipples occasionally. She licked them and squeezed them. She placed the left one in her mouth and sucked on it like an infant. She scraped the flesh with her teeth, enjoying the cry from Kaylie. She suckled on the flesh for a long time.
Kaylie couldn’t believe it. She was being pleasured by a woman in a way no man had ever been able to. Her breathing quickened as Katie worked her liked never before. She felt a sharp scratch and cried out again.
Katie switched to the other breast. She bit the nipple and nibbled on it, squeezing and rubbing the boob with her hand. She was starting to really enjoy this. The bitch also liked it. She decided to switch to something more ‘exotic’.

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   She bit the breast hard, drawing blood. She heard a cry but didn’t concern herself with it. She sucked on the wound like a vampire, tasting the coppery liquid that flowed.
Kaylie couldn’t believe it. That officer had bit her! She was feeling pain but the sucking gradually brought pleasure. She didn’t know that being hurt could be so enjoyable…
Katie released the tit she was sucking on and took a step back to admire the stunning body in front of her. The breast had swelled a little, but that couldn’t be helped. She had done enough foreplay for now. Time to get serious. She went to the table and dropped her nightstick, gun, holster and everything hanging from her belt on the metal surface. She returned to Kaylie and stood in front of her. She grabbed her lower face with her left hand in a vice-like grip and stared in her suddenly fearful eyes.
“You’re going to enjoy this, bitch. If you don’t, I’ll slap you,” she whispered, savoring the fear on her victim’s face.
She returned to the table and picked up her nightstick.

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   It resembled a Japanese -or Chinese, whatever- tomfa . It was long, nearly a foot and a half long and half again an inch thick. There was a five-inch long handle about six inches from one end. She twirled it in her hand and strode to Kaylie. She raised the baton to eye level and held it by the handle in front of the bitch. She put the long end on the beginning of her cleavage and slowly went down to her cunt.
Kaylie didn’t understand what that officer wanted. She had enjoyed herself so far, that much could not be denied, but… this was starting to look alarming. She felt the tip of the huge baton trail to her pussy. She tensed when it reached her clit. It started going in circles, rubbing her tingling sex.
Katie had been right, the bitch was enjoying this. She played with her cunt some more before getting serious. She shoved the stick’s longer end inside the woman. The small surprised cry was so… surprised, just a little bit pained and so… pleasant.

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   She moved the stick slowly, not able to get more than nine inches inside. She accelerated a bit and heard a drawn-out moan. She continued until several low moans emanated from the body clinging to the bar in front of her. She increased her pace until she suddenly withdrew and backed up a couple of steps. The disappointed sigh was the sweetest thing she had heard since the beginning.
She moved to behind that beautiful body glistening with sweat and undid the belt that held her pants. They slid to the ground and she stepped out of them, pulling her panties off. The clothes were stained and were emitting delicious scents. She put it under Kaylie’s nose and forced her nose into the stains with the stick.
“You smell that? That’s because of you. I couldn’t get off because you came too easily. Well, bitch, if you want to cum, I’ll make you cum. ”
She rammed the baton inside her cunt. Kaylie fairly screamed as it ripped through her pussy. It was big.

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   Oh God, how it was big… No, “big” demeaned its length. It was FUCKING HUGE!!! The largest she had ever experienced was eight inches long and had been thinner. Her knees trembled. She was agonizingly adapting to this new invader. Her tormentor -or pleaser, depended on how you looked at it- was immobile. For now.
Katie held the handle in her left hand and approached the trembling bitch. She liked the way she screamed. She was glad the room was soundproof. She looked at the end jutting out of the cunt and salivated at was to come. She slowing slid the six-inch end into her own steaming pussy, enjoying the feel of this ‘cock’ inside her. She slid her right arm around Kaylie’s waist, for support and stability –in both their cases. She breathed down her beautiful neck and kissed the lovely blonde hair getting in her face.
She started moving. Slowly at first, then quickly picking up speed.

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   That bitch was crying out loud every time the stick went inside her. The small end inside her was pressing against her walls, sending a jolt to her brain with each thrust. She moved faster, tightening her hold on the body in front of her.
Kaylie started to moan in between her cries. The ‘cock’ was starting to work its magic. She couldn’t believe she was being taken by a security officer, and a woman at that. With a stick, no less. Her body started betraying her as she felt her pussy become hot. She couldn’t hold back the torrent of liquid gushing down her legs. She was feeling sore between her legs from the treatment she was receiving.
Katie felt a surge of pleasure and satisfaction as she heard the long and loud moan. Or was it a cry? She felt the juices flow onto her legs as well as it dribbled down from between her victim’s legs. She was really enjoying this! She increased her pace, pushing Kaylie against the pole as she started pistoning her. She felt her own orgasm approaching as she moved even faster. A low guttural cry tore erupted from her throat as she came hard.

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   Wave upon wave of pleasure flooded her mind. She nearly lost her grip on her bitch while coming. She rammed the stick home, feeling the end press her cunt walls.
She stood stock-still, catching her breath. Kaylie was silently weeping. Katie loved it. She had taken this bitch with a nightstick. A nightstick! This felt great. she slid off the small end and took out the massive baton from Kaylie’s cunt. It was glistening with cum. She licked it all clean before putting it back on the table.
Kaylie was still weeping while Katie put her clothes back on. She tossed her hair over her shoulders, took the plastic sac that had started all this and emptied its contents in the trashcan in the corner of the room. She replaced the fine powder with the sugar she had taken in the cafeteria. It looked just the same.

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She shot a disdainful look at Kaylie and shouted, “Get dressed and get out! You’re cleared of all charges. ” She quickly exited the room and went to talk to her superior.
“She’s clean. It was just some sugar stuff. Nothing major. ”
“God, all that time just to tell me it’s nothing major? What were you doing over there? Having sex with her?”
Although she had long since grown accustomed to his crude language, Katie couldn’t help but smile. “Exactly. ”



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