Savannah and Migan - Part 1


Savannah and Migan have been good friends. Savannah was born into money in a small town. When it was time for her to go to High School she was driven, but when she was 18 she demanded to get a room in city. She got a room together with a girl named Migan.

Migan came with her friend Savannah to Amsterdan, Holland, where Savannah claimed she had to visit her dad. Migan was offered to come along, daddy was paying for the ticket. When Migan was getting bored and followed her to a music studio. There Migan confronted Savannah.

"What are you doing here?"
"Trying to record the tracks for my CD, Self Titled. "
". . . tracks?" Migan asked, confused.
"Music tracks. . .

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  . "
"Sweety, what are you talking about?"
"Migan, could I trust you with a secret?" Savannah asked a bit unsure
Migan looked concerned "Sure you can. "
"You know of Ashlyn Taylor right?"
"Of course I do, she's great," and added muttering, "and very hot".
Savannah put on a blond wig and had a crooked smile on her face,
"Why do you have a. . . wait a minute. " Migan took a step back and looked shocked.
"Yes. Ashlyn Taylor is me. "
"Can't be!"
"I have to keep it a secret because of the fact that I get so much press. " Savannah added in an explanatory tone. ": And it is not always a good thing".

Migan jumped forward, grabbing Savannah and pressed her lips against her friends but immediately pulled back, her head flushed head. "Sorry about that.

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  " she whispered
Savannah shook her head. "Its okay. " She hugged Migan smiling
Migan's hands embraced her friend, slowly letting her hands slide to Savannah's butt and gave it a bit of a squeeze.

Savannah relaxed, taking her hat off and setting it down. She pulled Migan into a kiss long and deep.
Migan put her hands on the lower back and answered the kiss, letting her tongue slip out of her pink lip glossed lips and probing the outside of Savannah's lips, gently pushing through.
Savannah let her tongue probe Migan's mouth, enjoying the taste
She pulled back to catch a breath. She whispered: "I've been dreaming for years. ". Looking deep in Savannah's eyes.
Savannah smiles. "You have me now. Don't worry. "
Kissing Sav again, put her hands on the bottom of her friend's shirt, tugging it gently.
Giving Migan a reassuring look, she nods.

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   "I haven't met anyone as unique as you either. "
Migan planted a kiss on her forehead. "I feel the same. " she then wrapped her arms around the other girl's waist and hugged her.

Savannah slid her arm around Migan's waist, holding her. "I have a private plane waiting at Schiphol if you'd want to join me. "
"We could have a lot of fun" she said in a seductive voice. She put her arm over Savannah's and put her hand on the butt. "Let's go".
Savannah took the lead. "I have a limo standing by" She said with a smile
They enter the limo
Savannah smoothed out her skirt and looked longingly into Migan's eyes.
Migan put her hands on the upper thigh of Savannah and slowly let her hand move upwards, making soft rotating motions until she arrived at the thong. Migan looked into Savannah's eyes and saw the longing. She slid under the thong and pushed it away, this way Migan could look at the slightly wet lips.
Savannah nodded for Migan to continue whilst she said: "Wait until you see my plane.

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A sly smile as Migan moved her hands up until she found a little pointer. She softly rubbed this head, stroking it downwards, down the palm of her hand and then taking her hand off and slowly starting at the top of her finger again.
The receiving girl moaned softly because of the touch "How did you know I like that?"

Migan took her rubbing hand and put it on Savannah's lips, leaving just that little bit of liquid on her lips, "Sssh, let me do what I do best". and she continued her soft stoking movements, whilst her other hand was unbuttoning the blouse.
Savannah relaxed and was enjoying the attention "I have always wondered if I was good at licking"
Migan dropped on her knees between Savannah's, "Sav, loose the shirt, I want to see you whole. " meanwhile Migan took hold of the panties and pulled them down and put the knickers to her nose, enjoying the scent and then looked at the split flesh. "I love the fact you shave". Migan sighed, "You're so hot. " she took the panties and put them in her skinny jeans pocket. She then bent forward up to about 2 inches away from the slit, she blew her hot breath on the clit.

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Savannah felt a shiver run up her spine. She definitely knew that she was enjoying the company of Migan, and wanted things to develop further


Author's note: The work is not fully mine, but 50%, it's co-written with another person. We have a few more pieces ready, but we first want to know if this is any good for you :). .