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Sarah drove anxiously on her way from school on this glorious Friday afternoon. She was excited because her parents would be gone for the weekend and it would be just her and her 18 year old beautiful sister. Sarah was a lesbian and had a thing for her sister and this would be the weekend she would take her.      Later on that day Sarah's sister, Liz,  arrived home unexpectedly with her best friend Emily. Sarah could not have been happier since if there was one person besides her sister that she wanted to convert it was Emily. Sarah  frequently thought of the two while pleasuring herself and she knew this would be the night.    After the three ate dinner Sarah asked Emily if she wanted to stay over and have a slumber party with he and Liz. Emily called her mother to get the ok and after finding that out Sarah told the two girls to make some Sundays while she went and changed and got a movie from up stairs. The girls had already changed into their sexy lil night gowns of sexy lil shorts and a tight tank top. Sarah was already getting excited seeing there pussies through the white lil shorts and panties they had on. After she made sure her pussy was nice and trimmed she got changed and ran downstairs with the movie.    The girls were already into there sundays and sitting on each end of the couch when Sarah put the movie in and sat down.

Emily asked Sarah what the movie was and Sarah said it was good chick flick, but what the girls didnt know was it had some hot lesbians scenes she wanted to use to turn them on. Once the movie got to the first lesbo scene Liz was dying to know what was going on, it was the first time she had ever seen something like this. She was still a virgin and so was Emily. Sarah told them she would talk to them about it after the movie.

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    she was getting really hott. she accidentally slipped her hand down to her panties and was rubbing. She let out a loud moan leading Emily to ask what she was doing.     Sarah couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed both of there hands and led them upstairs with her. She brought them into her room and locked the door. Then she asked both of them if they knew what they just saw. Liz answered by saying it was two girls kissing each others pee pee areas. Sarah responded by saying liz i thought u were 18 I am Liz said. Well you should know that the pee pee area is called a pussy. They both giggled. Sarah asked them if  they ever kissed a boy and Liz said eww no while Emily siad one time her brother kissed her played with her pee pee area, but they both said boys were yuckie with there wee wees.
    Sarah said that is right and began undressing.     Her nice firm 38 b tits exposed them selves first and Emily asked why her boobies were bigger than Sarahs and she  said that her Liz have a small tit family . She then told the two girls to undress each other while she got her dildos out of her dresser.

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       She then sat on the bed and kissed her sister right on the lips,She pulled away and Liz told her not to stop. Sarah knew this would be a fun night. Sarah and Liz began intematilly kissing each other frogeting all about Em for a min. Sarah started to feel Liz's nice small a cups and got her hand down to her pussy. She stopped and noticed Emily playing with her self and asked her where she learend how to do that. Em said that her brother taught her she was 18 and been doing ever since. Liz asked y she never showed her how to and Em said she didnt know girls could do this with other girls. Sarah chimmed in with its the only way to go and told em to lkeep play.    Sarah began rubbing Liz's surprisingly hairy twat and instered a finger in to her pussy. She started off nice and slow and speed up. She could hear both of the girls breathing getting faster and Sarah instered a second finger in to Liz's tight twat and began going super fast. Liz couldn't take it anymore and came all over Sarahs hand. Sarah was supprised about how much ther was for first timer she then went over to Em and had her lick her hand.    She asked Em if she wanted her to lick her pussy while Em licked Liz's and they agreed. to be contiuned if you guys like.

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