Maureen was escorted into Joan Cortland’s office right at 18 The office was the size of a Penthouse. She couldn’t believe how huge the room was. On the right was Joan’s desk, where she was on the phone, and in the middle of the large room was a couch, coffee table, and some chairs. The secretary who led Maureen in asked her if she wanted some coffee. Maureen declined and the secretary told her to sit on the couch. “Ms. Cortland is informal about interviews. She prefers everyone be comfortable”. “No problem”, thought Maureen as she sat down on the very comfortable leather couch. Joan sat down next to Maureen. She was stunning. Jet black hair, hourglass figure, blue eyes and a very sexy smile. She was wearing a white two piece suit with a skirt that was professional but still showed off her beautiful legs. Maureen could see why a man would never be able to resist her. They spent about 20 minutes talking about the job and Maureen’s qualifications. Maureen felt very comfortable and thought it was going really well.

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   As Maureen was talking Joan interrupted her and asked, “Would you mind if I took off these damn shoes? They are brand new and they are killing my feet. ” This seemed a little odd to Maureen but she wasn’t about to say anything to screw up this interview. “Oh, no. Go right ahead. I know just how you feel. Those shoes are gorgeous. ” Joan replied “Thank you. I sometimes wonder if the all of this foot pain is worth it. But I love high heels. ” Joan put one foot up on the couch next to her and started to rub it with one hand while she continued looking over Maureen’s resume. “I’d give anything to have my masseuse here to give me a foot rub. God, they ache. ” As Joan sat there rubbing her aching feet, Maureen was thinking. Knowing that she needed this job badly she blurted out “Well, I could give them a rub. ” She couldn’t believe she said it! “Great, now I blew the whole thing” she thought. 

   However, Joan raised an eye brow and replied “Oooh, would you? That would be perfect. ” Now Maureen’s heart began to pound. This was weird. Joan turned so she was sitting towards Maureen with her feet towards the job candidate. Maureen picked up Joan’s right foot and began to rub it with both of her hands. She had given her last boyfriend foot rubs before but it was different doing it to a woman. Joan put the resume down on the floor and while tipping her head back on the end of the couch let out a deep sigh. “Oh, that is wonderful. Don’t stop. ” Maureen picked up Joan’s left foot. “Mmmm,” said Joan with a slight laugh, “You are definitely improving your chances at this job. ” Maureen decided to go for it all and said “Well, let’s see if I can do better than just improve them. ” She then pushed herself a few inches closer to Joan and began kissing her foot. Joan opened her eyes but didn’t say a word. One side of her mouth raised up into a smile that told Maureen that she didn’t make a mistake at all.

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   She began kissing and nibbling on Joan’s feet. She had never done anything like this before. She could feel her panties getting wet while she alternately rubbed and kissed Joan’s ankles, toes, and arches. Maureen then said “Are these stockings expensive?” “Very much so” replied Joan. “That’s too bad,” said Maureen as she began biting the stockings off of Joan. She began sucking on her toes and ripping off the stockings with her hand. She took each toe in her mouth and pumped it in and out of her lips like she was giving each toe a blow job. After a few minutes Joan pulled her legs back. She began to unbutton her blouse “Why don’t you just take the stockings off completely. ” Maureen reached up under the skirt and began to pull them off one leg at a time. Joan then commanded her to “remove my skirt and lets see what else you are good at rubbing. ” Maureen smiled as she slid the skirt off. Joan’s panties were completely soaked. Maureen leaned over and put her lips on the wet silk cloth. She breathed in the scent deeply.

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   She had never been with a woman before but she was about to experience it and she was nervous and excited just thinking about it. She pulled the panties over to one side and took a long slow lick of the Joan’s beautiful pussy. Joan let out a loud moan and started running her hand through Maureen’s thick red hair. Maureen was licking and sucking her pussy like a lesbian whore. ‘That’s so goooooooooooood!” screamed Joan. “Don’t stop baby! Don’t stop. I’m almost there. I’m almost there. ” Joan then grabbed Maureen’s hair and pushed her head hard into her swollen clit. Maureen bit down on Joan’s cunt and she began bucking her hips as she screamed “Oh God I’m cummmmmming!!!!” Maureen slowed down and began lightly kissing Joan’s pussy lips. She couldn’t believe this was all happening. Joan then stood up and finished removing her blouse. She stood there completely naked and although she was in her late 40’s, had a perfect body. She was standing over Maureen and pinching her nipples. No one was saying a word.

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   She then began caressing her 34 C breasts and whispered “You don’t need to hurry off do you?” Maureen was so horny right now she was ready to pass out. “N-no” was all she could say. “Good,” replied Joan. She picked up the phone near the couch and told her secretary to cancel her next two appointments. As Joan walked over to her desk, she ordered Maureen to remove her clothes. Without hesitation she complied. As she was stripping she saw Joan putting on a huge 9-inch strap on dildo.
    As she walked back over to her young job applicant she felt herself getting wet again. Pushing Maureen back on the couch she knelt down in front of her and began kissing her breasts. She licked and pinched her nipples as Maureen squirmed and moaned softly. “I’ve never been with a woman before. I didn’t…. I didn’t know it could so exciting!” “Oh, we are just getting started” replied Joan. She then inserted her fingers into Maureen’s pussy began pumping them in and out while sucking loudly on her breasts. Maureen was in complete ecstasy as she ground her hips into each thrust of Joan’s fingers.

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       It didn’t take long for her to have the most powerful orgasm of her life. Joan then turned her over so her hands were on the couch and her knees were on the floor. “Have you ever been fucked up the ass darling?” “No” was all Maureen could summon up the strength to reply. She was breathing heavy and dizzy with desire. The thought of being fucked up the ass was exciting and scary at the same time. Her ass was covered with sweat from being on the leather couch. Joan began to insert the tip of the dildo into her virgin ass. She worked it in very slowly. Maureen was biting her lip so wouldn’t scream as it hurt like hell. “Does that hurt baby?” Maureen didn’t dare say it did. Besides, it was pain and pleasure combined. She squeezed the couch and replied “No. Please fuck me. Please fuck my ass. I’m begging” she panted.

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       “Please fuck it. ” Joan’s eyes widened. She could tell the young woman was in pain and it turned her on to see her begging for it. She slipped her “cock” in all the way as Maureen let out a small shriek. Joan grabbed on to Maureen’s hips and began frantically pumping her ass. Maureen was meeting every thrust. “Yes………… oh YeeeeeeeeeS!” she was screaming. “Fuck my virgin ass! Harder! Harder! I love it so much. Promise me you won’t stop. Promise me!!!!” She was delirious as she was getting the fucking of her life. Joan reached over and began to finger Maureen’s dripping pussy. An orgasm flooded her body as Joan’s finger touched her special spot. They both slumped on the couch. Joan was holding her young lover in her arms kissing her lightly on the forehead. Maureen had practically forgotten about the interview she was there for.

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       Joan whispered in her ear “Hmm, we didn’t really finish the interview did we? Well I want you to come back tomorrow for a special 4th interview. ”Email Mfsal1722@aol. com for comments.


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