Rivals Part 1


I had spent the rest of the afternoon plotting on how to get these papers and I decided on pure honest persuasion. I peered out my window to her house across the street, until I saw her parents going out that evening. I marched right over to Andrea’s house and let myself in. It was no shock to find her nose stuck in a book when I got there—she’s that type. Upon noticing me, she jumped up in shock. “What are you doing here, Emily?” “I want to start getting copies of your calc notes,” I replied cheerfully, “Seeing as how you’ve been doing so well on the tests lately…”Andrea narrowed her eyes at me. “What makes you think I’d help you?”“Well, gosh, Andrea,” I began innocently, “I’d be glad to do you some favors, too. ”I stepped up close to her and began lightly stroking her cheek. She slapped my face. “Do you think I’m a lesbian or something? How dare you make that sort of offer!”Undaunted, I stepped up towards her again, this time boldly cupping her breast through her shirt. “I didn’t mean that we’d do things together… I just thought you could use an extra set of hands now and then. ”Andrea inhaled sharply as I reached between her thighs and moved my palm against her jeans. Knowing that her guard was down, I put my other hand behind her head and drew her lips to mine, sucking gently on her bottom lip before exploring her mouth with my tongue. We fell back on the couch and she straddled my lap; I seized this as an opportunity to run my hands up and down the backs of her thighs.

I squeezed her ass and our kiss deepened. I don’t know what came over me, but I had the sudden urge to slap her ass hard and I did.

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   Andrea let out a cute little moan in response. I slid my hand up the back of her shirt to unsnap her bra. I slowly began rubbing each breast, enjoying the sly feeling of having my hand under her shirt. I molded her breast in my hand before pinching her nipple and was rewarded with a sigh of contentment. Andrea broke our kiss and dragged me by the hand to her bedroom. I sucked her neck and, pulling off her shirt and bra, left a trail of hickeys from her jaw to her stomach. Andrea hastily yanked off my blouse and my bra so she could hold me close and enjoy the feeling of her tight, perky, little A cup breasts brushing up against my fuller but still firm C cups. She grabbed my ass to help grind our bodies together and I followed suit. I moaned as Andrea wrapped a leg around me so she could grind her denim clad pussy into my thigh. I quickly undid her belt buckle and pulled her out of her jeans while she slid my skirt down my legs. Naked save her white cotton panties and my mesh thong, we fell onto the bed. Again she rubbed her pussy against my leg as we kissed and I did the same to her. I could feel her wetness soaking through her panties and I reached down to feel the damp cotton. Pushing the cloth aside, I gently ran my fingers across her smooth, wet slit.
    She gasped.

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       I pulled her underwear down and tossed it on the floor so I could finger her more effectively. She started breathing harder as I used my thumb to rub circles on her clit before gently pushing a finger into her. She was sooo tight! I drew the finger out the put two fingers in. This was too much for Andrea; she moaned and started moving her hips in circles, so I began gently thrusting my fingers in and out of her. “Harder…” she gasped, her first words since refusing to let me touch her. I added another finger and began thrusting more aggressively while sucking her left nipple. Finally, I decided to make her really cum and I bent my head down to give her clit a hard suck as I slammed my fingers into her. Andrea gave a loud squeal of pleasure and I felt her tighten around my fingers for what seemed to be an eternity as she panted and closed her eyes, a look of pure bliss coming over her face. Realizing I had to get home before my parents noticed me missing, I quickly dressed, then went in the bathroom to wash Andrea’s sticky girl-cum off my hands. When I got back in the room another slap landed on me cheek before I knew what was happening. Andrea narrowed her eyes at me and hissed “Next time, we play by my rules. ” She shoved the next week’s test answers at me. “You want next week’s answers, be here next Thursday by seven, now get out of my sight. ”Puzzled, I left. I guess we were still rivals after all.

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       Anyone interested in a possible part 2?.