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About 30 seconds later, I was face-to-face once again with Shelly. She looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing a tight pink t-shirt and dark blue hip-hugger jeans. Her hair was swept up off her face and she had very little, if any, makeup on. By the looks of her prominent nipples, she was either a little chilly or was feeling the same way I was: very horny. “Hi sweetie! I’m so glad you made it” Shelly squealed as she hugged me tight. “ Wow, Abbey, you really look great”. I briefly looked down at myself and secretly felt pleased that she approved of the way I looked. I had spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I should wear. After much frustration with my wardrobe, I had finally decided to go out and buy an entirely new outfit for this occasion. I hadn’t wanted to appear over-dressed but I also didn’t want to look sloppy. Knowing that red looks fabulous on me, I had bought a fitted, red tank top that allowed me to show off sufficient cleavage in order to look sexy without looking trashy. I was also wearing a thin, sheer, red bra so that when my nipples were hard, the bra wouldn’t try to hide that fact. I paired the tank with a pair of simple, black dress pants and black, strappy sandals. “Thanks, hun. You’re not looking so bad yourself ” I replied as I let my eyes wander over her entire body.

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  Shelly blushed before grabbing my hand and lead me towards the stairs and up to her apartment. Her place was so nice. It was open and bright with plants and flowers everywhere. It definitely made my tiny apartment back in New York look like a freshman dorm. I was so horny that every niche of the place looked like the perfect place to strip down naked and ravage Shelly’s sexy body. I could feel my face getting flushed and my pussy start to throb at just the thought of that. I briefly pushed those thoughts out of my head as Shelly conducted a tour of the place. At the end of the hallway, she pushed open the door to her bedroom. She smiled as she took my suitcase from my hand and put it on her bed. We walked back down the hall towards the kitchen. Shelly grabbed a bottle of wine and two glasses and headed towards the living room. After pouring two full glasses, she quietly handed one to me. “You know, this is what got us in trouble last time” I said after an awkward silence“You’re right. I’m sorry! Maybe we shouldn’t……” Shelly replied, her voice trailing off. “Oh my Gosh, don’t be sorry! That was one of the best nights of my life and I’ve been looking forward to seeing you ever since! I was sort of hoping that you felt the same way?”“Abbey, of course I feel the same way.

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   Why do you think I sent you the place tickets? I’ve been thinking about that night every day since I got back here. No one has ever made me feel the way you did. ” Shelly said. We both smiled at each other in relief. The whole incident was out in the open and we both felt the same way about it. After realizing that we were on the same wavelength, we got into more detail about the night we had spent together only a couple of months earlier. “You know, I still owe you” Shelly said in the middle of the conversation. “Owe me? Owe me for what?” I asked, surprised. “ Well, if I recall correctly, you’re quite skilled with your tongue and I never got to show you what I can do” Shelly said with a sly smirk on her face. “ Well, I don’t feel you owe me but by all means, feel free to demonstrate your skills on me anytime you like” I said smiling back at her. It was then that I noticed that Shelly was gently moving her fingers over her pussy. She was obviously feeling as horny as I was. Thank god I had decided to wear underwear because I was soaking right through my thong. Shelly leaned in slowly and our lips met for only the second time in our lives. Her lips were soft and supple.

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   She licked softly around my lips before putting her tongue in my mouth. It felt so good to be kissing her again. I kissed back eagerly sucking on her tongue hoping that the moment would never end. She began making her way over to my right ear. She nibbled on my earlobe and slowly began pushing me down onto my back. “I want you to just relax and enjoy. Tonight is all about you” she whispered sexily in my ear. With that being said, she kissed her way down my neck. Soft, gentle kisses that caused every hair on my body to stand up. I had shivers all down my spine. Her mouth moved down to the top of my tank top. She stopped kissing me briefly to look up into my eyes. I knew what she wanted without her having to say a word. I ripped my shirt off over my head. Shelly buried her face between my breasts, kissing the area between them.

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   She moved her mouth to my left nipple which was hard and just begging to be licked. She gently bit it through the thin material of my bra. I gasped as I felt indescribable pleasure move through my entire body. Shelly moaned in appreciation of my pleasure as she sat up to remove her own shirt revealing a sexy, black bra. She reached around and undid the clasp. Her beautiful breasts fell free and I immediately reached up to feel their fullness. As I rolled and squeezed her nipples between my fingers, she was busy undoing the front clasp of my bra until it was open and my tits were exposed. Her gorgeous breasts were almost too much to bear. I sat up and stuck my face into them enjoying the smell of her and the feel of her tits against my face. I sucked hard on her right nipple while she moaned above me. She arched her back and leaned back toward her feet. Her tits were pushed out so far and they looked so delicious. I kept sucking at her nipples while my hands were roughly fondling each breast. Shelly leaned forward again and pushed me back. She reached down with her left hand to begin unbuttoning my pants while her right hand moved up to my left nipple.

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   She squeezed it tight between her thumb and forefinger until I moaned from a mix of pleasure and pain. She moved the palm of her hand over my chest until she reached my other nipple. She was much gentler with this one. She softly flicked at it and rolled it between her fingers. It felt so good having her play with my nipples that I almost didn’t notice that she had my pants completely undone. She started tugging at the top of them to pull them down. I wiggled around a bit to help her get them off until I was laying there in nothing but my red thong. She didn’t waste any time ripping that off either. While she was sitting up, she also removed her jeans revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I took a moment to enjoy Shelly in her nakedness. She had the most beautiful body I had ever seen. I could probably cum just from looking at her; she’s that gorgeous. As I was taking her all in, she leaned towards me again and layed down right on top of me. It felt so erotic, laying there skin-to-skin with our breasts pushed up against each other. I buried my face in her neck and inhaled deeply before placing kisses all down her neck and over her naked, tanned shoulder.

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   Shelly shifted her weight slightly and she began moving her mouth over my tits again. She took both of her hands to push my breasts together before licking and flicking my nipples with her tongue. I layed back, breathing heavily and enjoying the immense pleasure that I was feeling. She kissed her way all down my tight stomach until she had reached the top of my pussy where she looked up at me with a sexy smile. While still looking into my eyes, I felt something cold and metal-like enter my pussy. I gasped in surprise and excitement. I realized that Shelley was inserting a rather large dildo into me. Apparently she had it waiting underneath the couch for this moment. She began pumping it into me slowly at first while her mouth moved down to the top of my throbbing clit. She placed her entire mouth over my clit and sucked very gently before eventually flicking it with her tongue. I was moaning in sheer ecstasy now. The combination of Shelly’s mouth on my clit and the large dildo being pumped into my pussy was threatening to push me over the edge. I reached up and began playing with my breasts. It’s what I do when I masturbate and it always enhances the pleasure that I’m feeling. Shelly was pumping the dildo harder and faster into me and I was starting to writhe my hips in time with the pumping.

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   I spread my legs even wider and placed one over her shoulder. Shelly was licking and sucking my clit so hard and good that I could feel my juices dripping down my ass. I felt her remove the dildo from inside me. She moved her tongue from my clit down to my pussy and stuck her tongue in the dildo’s place. She shoved it in deeply and continued to tongue-fuck me hard while she used her thumb to rub my wet clit. I could feel the beginning of my orgasm and I was literally screaming with pleasure. I was pulling at my nipples so hard, it felt like I was going to rip them off. When I noticed that Shelly had inserted the dildo into her own pussy, that just turned me on even more. She was pumping it into her in the same rhythm as her mouth at my pussy. I began shaking and screaming uncontrollably as my orgasm took over. I could feel the cream from my pussy dripping and it contracted with the explosive pleasure that Shelly was giving me. In the midst of my orgasm, Shelly sat upright as she was cumming herself. The dildo was fully inserted and her pussy contracted against it as she screamed in ecstasy. Several moments later, the dildo removed, Shelly layed down to right of me so her head was resting on my naked, sweaty breast. We were both breathing heavy and enjoying the glow of what had just happened.

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   She lifted her head and looked up at me. “So, what did you think? Was it alright for you?” She inquired with a big smile on her face. “Oh my God, it couldn’t have been better. ” I replied breathlesslyWe layed there in silence for what seemed like forever. We were so content to be lying there together. Shelly had her hand sitting on my chest and was slowly, unconsciously moving it over my left breast. It felt so good and it was making me horny all over again. We made love again, except this time, we took our time and pleasured each other to another explosive orgasm. I enjoyed every inch of her body, making sure that I didn’t leave any part untouched. We didn’t leave the apartment much for the rest of the time I was in Los Angeles but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. There’s no better feeling than being naked with Shelly and feeling her hands and mouth all over me. Needless to say, I can’t wait until our next visit. In the meantime, I’ll have to use the erotic memories to get me off until I see her again. .



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