Miya moved behind Jewell, while Jewell moved down a seat. Miya’s long golden blonde hair cascaded down her back into the water. Miya has the same deep tan Jewell has. Her eyes are a translucent blue, with long lashes that framed her eyes perfectly. “Hmm. Ahh. That feels great, my love. So great in fact, that it’s making me incredibly horny. Ohh. ” Jewell moaned. Miya continued to rub Jewell’s shoulders but started to softly kiss her neck. Then Arial slowly moved her delicate hands down Jewell’s back, rubbing harder. “Miya… You know I always love it when you give me back rubs but this is unbearable. I must have you. ” Jewell’s hand had moved down between her thighs.

She was rubbing her clit while Miya rubbed her back.

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   With one had massaging her throbbing cunt, her other one was rubbing her erect nipple. She started to moan louder. “Miya, take me! Oh, please take me!” She screamed. Miya stood up and sat facing Jewell. They started to lightly kiss one another but then deep throat kisses. Miya’s hand replaced Jewell’s hand in playing with Jewell’s clit. Miya immediately started to finger fuck Jewell's pulsating cunt, making sure not to leave out the yearning clit. “Oh! Miya! Yes!” Jewell moaned, “I want it harder! Harder!” Miya added two more fingers and started to move in and out of Jewell’s cum dripping pussy faster and harder. While she finger fucked Miya’s pussy, she flicked her thick wide tongue over Miya’s protruding tits. Miya knew Jewell loved to be finger fucked and her tits sucked. She also liked doing it for her beautiful lesbian lover. Jewell rubbed her hand over Miya's hard nubs. Jewell started to breath faster as Miya continued her fucking. Jewell's hand now moved down to Miya's dripping pussy. Her fingers rubbed Miya's lips, teasing her.

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       Miya rammed Jewell harder and harder. "Hhhmmm!! Yes!!! I'm cuummmiinng!!!! Oh!! Fuck!!" Jewell screamed. "Oh! Yesss!!" Jewell could feel her pussy walls tighten on Miya's jabbing fingers. Miya moved down to Jewell's raging cunt, softly flicking her clit with her tounge. That threw Jewell over the edge. Miya soon had a face full of Jewell's sweet candy. She kept licking and sucking until the last drop of pussy juice was gone. Jewell was seeing spots while she tried to catch her breath. Miya hadn’t made her cum like that in about three weeks. Miya was the best clit sucker and finger fucker she has ever had. "Miya. . . That. .

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      . Was. . . Great!!" Jewell wheezed. "I want to make you feel it too. " Jewell took Miya and led her to their "play" room. The room was filled with whips and chains. There was silk rope dangling from the ceiling. In the center of the room was the table. It somewhat resembed a doctors table as such that it had stirrups on one side. Long leather straps with buckles hung off the table as well as some small chains. "Get on the table my slave. I want to play. " Jewell whispered as she led Miya to the table.

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      To Be Continued. . . . .