The headlights of Maria’s car cast strange shadows upon the walls of the library as she shut the engine off. Another evening at the computers an evening of combating the emptiness inside herself.
‘Only a few more weeks’ she muttered ‘A few more weeks and I’ll have my own computer and won’t have to keep coming back to the library with their outdated equipment and who knows who pounding away on the keyboards. ’ She also knew a great truth. The truth that she was lonely and if it wasn’t for the foray into cyberspace she would not have much of a social life at all.
Maria sighed, as she gathered her papers and locked the car door. How long would it be before she would know the bliss of another’s touch a touch beyond the odd fumbling in the backseat of yet another disappointing date a touch of true desire from a lover to herself alone. The stale scent of countless books and periodicals greeted her as she walked past the librarian who merely smiled and nodded to her in familiarity. Maria was a regular to the few computers her library had.
One could always count on her to be sitting at the keyboard on Friday nights, catching up on her e-mail and chatting with folks whom she was sure led far more exciting lives than herself. Most nights she would be alone. Other nights perhaps two or three ladies would be sharing cyber world. Tonight was crowded, all full but one. She paid no attention to the lovely dark haired girl who was seated at the computer next to her. Other than to notice she was quite beautiful.
The girls perfume teased Maria’s senses and for the briefest of moments she felt a flush of excitement waft over her.

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   She smiled at the girl and a smile was returned, both warm and genuine. Maria was mildly confused at her own feelings but choked them up to being tired, or the cravings inside all of us for the attentions of another, no mater who they might be. The attentions of a friend and confidant to share ones most intimate desires and joys are what Maria had craved.
The evening wore on, as Maria typed up several letters and briefly chatted with some friends in far off places occasionally interrupted by the girl next to her laughing and enjoying what was obviously a delightful chat session. She was playful and self assured, almost borderline rude in a friendly sort of way. Maria liked this girl in spite of herself and could not help glancing over at her at every opportunity. Then Maria felt a touch on her shoulder.
‘Hey, you want to see something funny?’ as Maria looked over at the girls computer and noticed she was in an adult chat room. ‘I’ve been chatting with this girl and she has no idea that I’m a girl too. Ironic isn’t it?’ she says I’ve been teasing her in ways no man has ever teased her before’ The girl stopped to giggle at the joke. ‘No kidding right? I mean who else would know how to really please a woman but another woman? I just don’t have the heart to tell her. ’
Her soft touch on Maria’s shoulder became more of a caress as the two laughed together. And so the friendship began. She was Rebecca and had a zest for life, made friends easily, knew what she wanted and was unashamed to show the world that she craved pleasure the way others crave passion.
She knew that life was short and if ecstasy could only come from another woman’s touch so be it and the rest of society be damned.

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   The two girls spent the rest of the evening playing with the unknowing cyber friend, enjoying each other’s company and laughing from the deception as well as from the erotic thoughts that came to mind. It was all too soon that closing time was upon them and they gathered up their belongings as they headed for the door.
Rebecca looked at her watch. ‘You know; the nights still young, feel like going out for a quick drink?’ Maria knew she had no plans for the next day and readily agreed. The bar was dark and the two sat in a small booth, Maria was confused at the thoughts she was having. Rebecca had made her feel like no man ever had before. To society it was supposed to be wrong but Maria knew inside that whatever her feelings were, the love between them was as right as a storybook romance.
Rebecca knew this feeling very well and almost instinctively she laid her hand upon Maria’s thigh. Rebecca smiled as she saw Maria’s eyes close, returning her caress by placing her hand over hers.
‘It’s been so long since I’ve felt anything like that’ Maria whispered. Rebecca nodded in agreement as the two hands explored each other’s fingertips. The stroll to the cars was a benediction unto itself as the two embraced by the glow of the streetlight with the promise of pleasures to come. That night Maria lay in her bed and mused upon the feelings she had encountered. ‘Its so different’ she said to herself. ‘Was it real?’ She knew the wetness she felt between her legs was real as she slowly teased herself to the erotic thoughts of another woman’s touch.

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She brought herself to a delightfully pleasant orgasm much faster than anytime ever before. She dreamed about what it would be like to run her tongue around another woman to have another woman please her knowing all the secrets that a girl knows and not having to coach, but merely having to enjoy, a captive to her mind and body. She lifted her finger to her mouth and was entranced by the flavour of her own juices ‘would another girl be as sweet?’ she thought. Maria was eager to find out the mysteries she had missed for so many years. Thoughts of Rebecca clouded Maria’s mind all the coming week as every night she let herself fall deeper and deeper into the passion and craving of her new friends anticipated touch.
On Friday she could barely contain her desires, as she would slip away at work to keep herself wet and wanting for what was sure to be a night to remember. She wondered if her co-workers noticed the sweet smells from her pleasures as she returned to her desk pleasantly fatigued. Maria used all her willpower to keep from breaking the speed laws as she drove to the library that night. She pulled into a parking space and noticed Rebecca walking towards her. How lovely Rebecca looked the tiny erect nipples straining against the silky blue fabric of her dress, her heels clicking softly on the pavement as she climbed in the passenger side. ‘No computer tonight Maria’ Rebecca smiled ‘tonight is for us alone’ and the two drove into the night.
It might have been only someone’s house it was so quaint, but the small wooden sign saying ‘bed and breakfast’ betrayed its purpose. ‘I stayed here before and the rooms are fabulous’ Rebecca touched Maria’s thigh as she spoke sending tiny shivers of ecstasy over them both and she knew there was no going back she wanted this woman and wanted her badly. The moment the car parked they and kissed long and deep there was no shock or resistance in Rebecca as their tongues merged together. The sweet juices of two lovers flowing between the passions of their bodies.

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   Maria wanted the kiss to last forever, but was over too soon as she heard a gentle whisper.
‘Come with me and I’ll show you wonderful things. ’ They walked inside and greeted the clerk cheerfully and while he was finding them their key Rebecca teased Maria by running her fingers along her thigh and trace a path to her belly button. This got Maria giggling, to the confusion of the clerk who wondered what was the matter as they laughed whenever he turned his back. Rebecca signed quickly and grabbed the key from his hand and the two smiled sweetly to the clerk and trotted upstairs. Maria stared intently at the key as it slowly turned in its lock it was almost in slow motion as Rebecca opened the door to the room. To Maria it was a symbolic opening as well an opening of her passions and desires, an opening of a new beginning.
She walked in the room and could not help but remember childhood dreams as she looked at the canopied bed with its antique flowered prints, the fragrance of the room bore the faintest smells of lilacs ‘yes’ she thought ‘this is meant to be. ’ The closing of the door brought her out of the trance and Maria spun around to see Rebecca’s mischievous grin as the two lovers came towards each other and embraced as no two had embraced before.
The years of pent up passions released in a single moment of trust and understanding. Maria threw her head back and moaned loudly as she felt Rebecca’s tongue tease her neck there was no resistance left in either of them and their caresses flowed free and unashamed. The two held each other and swayed in a silent dance that seemed to last hours in the comfort of being together and the promise of their most intimate desires. Rebecca led her lover to the bed ‘Wait here sweetheart.
I’ve got something special in mind. ’ Rebecca pulled two bottles from her suitcase and poured a tall glass of wine.

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   Maria accepted the gift gracefully and lay back on the bed smiling at her as she disappeared into the large bathroom with a small white box under her arm. Maria sipped the wine and laid back eyes closed and letting the freedom of the evening take her mind to regions yet unexplored.
She dreamed about what she would do for her lover, how she would show her gratitude for saving her from a passionless romance with the first man to come along. She had not dreamed long as Rebecca’s body slipped up to hers and she felt the soft fingers of her lover tease their way up her dress. Maria gasped in ecstasy as she felt the long nails lightly pinch her nipples through her light blouse she was becoming very wet and knew the moment of truth was upon her.
She opened her eyes and smiled as Rebecca lay next to her naked and wanting. Maria was transfixed at the sight of her body, her firm breasts and nipples begged for her tongue touch as Maria rose let her dress fall gently to the floor and stood silently, letting Rebecca gaze upon her naked body, her passion building inside from the visual treasures. Maria climbed between Rebecca’s legs to the music of Rebecca’s soft moans of lust her tongue guided itself across the soft flesh of her belly and could feel Rebecca’s nails scratching at her back as her hips pushed up into her breasts as her moans became louder.
Maria’s tongue found a nipple and sucked tenderly upon the erect bud as she glided her hand down to Rebecca’s wetness. Maria almost came as she licked hungrily at Rebecca’s nipples first one then the other as she slowly massaged her clit.
    Rebecca’s hips were bucking into Maria’s belly and she could feel the wetness her lovers mound on each thrust her hips thrust faster as Maria’s fingers and tongue worked on her most sensitive regions and a loud long moan signalled Rebecca’s climax as her hips pressed hard against her. The orgasm was powerful and Maria’s fingers continued to tease turning the juices into a creamy froth of lust.
    Exhausted the two lay together embraced in the afterglow renewing their strength for what was to be a night of unending passions. ‘That was wonderful’ Rebecca’s said as she hugged her tight. They poured themselves another glass and sat facing each other, touches at this point were less sexual as they talked of life and past lusts, of friends and lovers to be, each sip of the wine bringing them a longing to proceed, each caress directing their minds further into the passions of the other.

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    The wine finished, ‘Come with me’ Rebecca grinned. Maria took her hand as she led her to the large bathroom. The scent of Lilacs greeted her, as she was bathed in the glow of many candles. The mirrors on the walls gave the illusion of hundreds of them, yet there was only enough to perfume the room and cast a romantic glow upon their naked forms. A large Jacuzzi bath swirled and bubbled the waters soft lapping filling the air with the sound of contentment and lust. ‘My turn’ Rebecca chuckled as she closed the door allowing the smells and sounds to fill the room. She took Maria by the hand and helped her into the warm enticing water. Oh the bliss, the ecstasy of the heat as it filled every pore driving away inhibitions and evil thoughts leaving only nirvana and a craving for her lovers touch. She felt Rebecca slide behind her and slowly rub her shoulders. Her kisses roamed the back of her neck; her fingers toyed down her arms reaching around to take each breast and massage them softly.
    Rebecca was bathing her with touches, leaving no area unexplored, her caresses driving Maria wild with passion. Her eyes half open head back, seeing only the candlelight dancing off the mirrors, feeling her touch accentuated by the teasing waters unaware of her own cries of orgasmic pleasure cut short by her tongue as their lips met. They faced each other passion growing as Rebecca slid her lover back against the side of the tub, bringing Maria’s legs up and draping each leg over her shoulders her lips just inches away from the opening as her lips came closer. The sweetness of Maria’s juices greeted her tastebuds as her tongue swirled slowly around the smooth lips of her entrance and a quick journey upwards to tease her erect clit.
    Maria’s moaned in ecstasy as she felt Rebecca’s lips encircle her most sensitive spot and suck softly her juices becoming a torrent of passion as she felt the tongue swirl and tease driving her further and further away from the bounds of reason and mad with desire.

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       Her hips bucked wildly as the first orgasm flowed over her and held Rebecca’s head and pressed it into her never wanting the moment to end then sank into the warm waters as the two kissed. Maria tasted on her lips the same sweetness she had tasted before during her most private moments alone.
    As Rebecca’s lay her legs over Maria’s shoulders, she looked down at her lover the smile that came from her lips was as genuine as the reflection of the candles in Maria’s eyes and she lay her head back, closed her eyes and preparing herself for ecstasy, knowing that Maria’s tongue was inching its way closer and closer to her wetness. The morning came all too soon casting its warm rays upon the two lying asleep under a tangle of sheets. Maria opened her eyes and was comforted by the soft breathing of Rebecca as she slept and snuggled up close to her body, gazing around the room from the security of the warm covers.
    She could barely see into the bathroom its once tall candles now mere stubs that betrayed the pleasures from the Jacuzzi, the empty wine bottles and the faintest smell of lilacs that still hovered in the morning air. Rebecca rolled over in her sleep, her arm reaching across Maria even in sleep each touch a gentle caress. Closing her eyes once more, she fell back into a contended dream secure in the knowledge that she was lonely no more. anerotic54



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