Marion had forgotten all about Taylor Foster, that is until the following afternoon when she and her two children entered the park, only to find Taylor sitting on the edge of the sandbox watching the children playing in the sand!!! "Hi, Taylor" Marion called out while Lindy and Kristy scrambled into the box and began building sand castles, "this should keep them occupied for a few minutes, how about a soft drink!?!" "Sure," Taylor replied as she stood up and walked with Marion to the concession stand not more than fifty feet away, "it sure is hot today isn't it!?!" After paying for two sodas, Marion took a sip and replied, "Thank god for air conditioning, I don't think I could live with out it!!!" The two women wandered over to a park bench that offered a good view of the sand box and sat down to drink their sodas!!! After a moment or two of silence Taylor Foster said softly, "I know this may sound forward of me, but I just have to tell you, you are an incredibly beautiful woman!!!"Marion was momentarily flummoxed by Taylor's personal remark, but after taking a sip of pop to calm her down, she replied awkwardly, "Well, uh, thank you, Taylor, I appreciate that, I try to take care of myself, but I don't know if I'd describe myself as beautiful!!!" That last line was a definite mistake as it almost begged for a rejoinder, and Taylor stepped right up to the plate and replied, "Oh but you are, I just hope that after I've had two children that I can look half as good as you do!!!" Now growing increasingly embarrassed Marion tried changing the subject by asking, Uh, where are you planning to attend school this fall, Taylor, that's a pretty big decision!?!" "I've been accepted at State U," she replied but then returned quickly to the subject of Marion's appearance, "I don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but I-I feel a special attraction to you, I hope that you're not upset with me!?!" Marion's head was spinning as the young woman continued with her nerve rattling talk, but she finally replied, "No, not at all, I just don't know what you mean by, special attraction, that's all!!!" Now out of the blue, Taylor rested her hand on Marion's thigh and whispered in a husky voice, "I'll be right here tonight at ten, be here and I'll explain everything then," before standing up and leaving Marion gape mouthed while she walked over to the sand box, picked up her two children, and left the park!!!For the rest of the afternoon and evening Marion wondered exactly what Taylor Foster had on her mind!!! "It couldn't be that," Marion thought to herself, "no one would be that forward, especially with a complete stranger!!!" She wouldn't go, it just was too crazy to even consider, my gosh the girl was probably only eighteen years old!!! For the three hours following dinner, Marion found herself checking the clock every twenty minutes or so, until it was nine forty five when she found herself saying, "Ted, I have to run to the grocery for a few minutes, I'll be right back!!!" As she backed the car down the driveway she mumbled, "I've completely lost my head, nothing good can come from this," but for some unknown reason she had to meet Taylor Foster, if for no other reason than to tell her to stop acting like a child!!!" A few minutes later she parked the car and walked a little nervously into the dark and nearly deserted park and headed for the bench near the concession stand where she found Taylor Foster sitting calmly waiting for her!!!"Hi," Taylor said softly, "I'm glad you could make it, please sit down!!!" Ignoring the young girl's order, Marion, with her hands on her hips asked directly, "What in the world do you want with me, and what is so important that you couldn't tell me this afternoon!?!" Now patting the set next to her, Taylor Foster whispered softly, "Please, Marion, please sit down next to me, just for a minute!!!" Taking a deep breath and shrugging her shoulders, Marion sat down next to Taylor and offered, "Well, what gives!?!" "I think you know why I asked you here," Taylor replied softly!?! "I'm not a mind reader, honey," Marion retorted, "so if you're not going to get to the point I'm leaving!!!" "You're right," Taylor replied while unbuttoning her blouse, "do you like large breasts, Marion, mine are 36D, that's pretty big don't you think, all the boys just love them, but I never let them touch me!?!" Marion's mouth was hanging open in total shock as the young woman then undid her bra, letting her huge melons fall free in front of her!!! "Can you do this with yours," Taylor asked in a husky voice, while putting one of her own nipples into her mouth and sucking on it gently, "mmmmmmmm, that feels so nice, but it would feel much better if you were sucking them, Marion!?!"Marion recoiled at such a thought, and instinctively tried to stand up, but Taylor's strong hand held her firmly by the arm as she whispered, "I'll bet your breasts are big and soft just like mine, take off your top so we can press them together!!!" "Y-you're crazy," Marion stammered, "let me go, I have to get home!!!" Now taking Marion by the hand, Taylor pulled it to her breast and asked softly, "Don't they feel full and heavy, mmmmmmm, you have such a nice touch, I just knew you'd like them!!!" While Marion had a very full chest, it was nowhere near as large as Taylor Foster's, and even though she was initially repulsed at the thought of touching another woman's body, she had to admit that her resolve was weakening!!! Instantly sensing that Marion was now wavering, Taylor gently but firmly led the thirty year old's mouth to her nipple and fed it to her like a baby!!! "Ohhhhhh, Marion," she sighed, "you must have done this before, mmmmm, you do it so well!!!" Marion's head was spinning like a top out of control, she'd never even considered having sex with a woman, but incredibly, this dark haired beauty had taken less than five minutes to put her totally in her thrall, and for the first time, she realized what it was that men found to enchanting by the female breast!!!After a few more minutes, Taylor lifted Marion's head from her nipple and whispered, "You're so beautiful, now it's your turn, let me help you take off your dress!!!" "We can't," Marion hissed, "what if somebody comes!?!" "That's the basic idea," Taylor joked while slipping Marion's dress over her shoulders, leaving her in just her panties and bra!!!" "That's not funny," Marion said while shivering in the cool night air, "if we get caught, I could be in real trouble, I'm well known in the community!!!" "I want to get to know you better too," Taylor replied as she unhooked Marion's bra and then slid off her panties, "and now I'm going to get to," while pushing Marion down onto the bench and forcing her head between her legs!!!" "D-don't do that," Marion implored, "w-we mustn't, it's not right, oh, oh, oh yessssssss, right there, do my clit, oh myyy!!!" Even though she was only an eighteen year old, Marion had never had such and expert cunt lapping in her whole life, not even by her husband, Ted, who was by no means a slouch at giving oral sex!!! Taylor Foster had now become a woman possessed as she bored her hot tongue into Marion's excited clitoris, and by merely jamming her finger into Marion's dripping vagina, the older woman's orgasm cascaded from her pussy like water over a dam, eliciting a scream that would have been heard half way to China if it weren't for her covering her mouth with her forearm!!!Marion's whole body slumped as the energy seeped out of her with her climax, prompting Taylor to say, "For someone that was worried about being caught you certainly made enough noise!!!" "I-I don't know what happened to me," she panted, "I kinda went wild didn't I!?!" Chuckling softly while nibbling on Marion's inner thigh, Taylor asked, "Do you think you can come back tomorrow night for lesson number two!?!" "Mmmmmmm, yes," Marion sighed, "and you're the teacher!!!"THE END



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