Our First Party (So Much Better Pt 4)


There were five girls in the showers this Friday, and I really wanted them to leave since Ms. Wise had said she needed to talk to me after school. Jackie and I had been planning on making love in the showers and maybe have Ms. Wise with us but these other five girls stayed there and finally Ms. Wise came in totally naked and got in the showers too. She told Jackie to soap her back and then began talking to us all as if we were in a meeting.

I need at least four girls for a little party this Saturday in Atlanta and six would be better. Anyone that will go will be paid very well and not to mention your extra credit for my classes (she taught History also). All of the girls said that they wanted to go but would check to make sure. Jackie and I looked at each other. "We want to go too, what kind of party is it?" I said. "Oh, just some important women that are visiting and we want to provide them some entertainment. The Mayor will be there too, it is her party. " Ms. Wise said. I was wet already, "And she was hoping that you could make it Brenda.

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  " she said to me kissing me after she spoke. The girls were all now pairing up and kissing and Ms. Wise was going from one to another and kissing and playing with her group of girls. They were all at least Bi and very very much willing to do anything to make some money and have a good time too. After an hour or so I used the phone to call Mom and ask if I could go on a field trip with Ms. Wise and some of the class. She said yes and so, to cover the story, I even brought home a permission slip to be signed.

Saturday Morning Ms. Wise came to my house and met Mom and Dad and Jackie was in the car already. My Mom looked at her and turned red faced, "Hello June. " Ms. Wise said as she hugged Mom and Mom said, "Hello" and pulled back from her. I saw that there was something going on and thought I would ask Ms. Wise later. We got in the car and left and Jackie puled of her top and so did I.

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   Ms. Wise looked at us in the mirror as we played in the back seat driving to Atlanta. Soon we laid in a 69 and ate each other till we were weak. "Save something for tonight girls. " Ms. Wise said.

We got to a house in Atlanta and drove to the dor. Ms. Wise had already told us to stay naked and not worry about anyone that was at the house. She took off her clothes too and so we went in when the door was open by a Hispanic lady that was also naked. It was lunch time and we were shown to a dinning room and sat down with the other girls that had been in the shower. We all checked each other out and I was the most endowed of the group. The other girls were mostly trim and athletic and had maybe 34C at most. Anyway, Jackie and I finished and went to the pool and slipped into the water, kissing and massaging each other. The other girls came out with Ms.

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   Wise and most got into the water. The Mayor stood on the side and took off her clothes and the Hispanic woman that opened the door took them and put them away. "She is beautiful. " I said under my breath but the Mayor heard me. "Maria, come here a moment. " the Mayor said. "Yes?" she said as she stopped just next to the Mayor. "Brenda thinks you are beautiful, please tke care of her. " She turned and came to me in the water and took me in her arms and began kissing me. I was instantly hot and got weak all over. Her hands were all over me and one was between my legs slipping fingers in and out of my pussy hitting the clit as she did. Then she moved me to a float and laid me on it and got between my legs and put them on her shoulders and began the most delicious eating ever that anyone had ever done to me even till now no one has done it so good.

Maria finished and kissed me and then laid back, "Now you take care of me. " she said and I was in a daze and ate her pussy and kissed her and made love right there saying things I never imagined. It was a long time till we stopped and Maria left to prepare the house for the guests.

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   We were each taken to a large room that had beds all over. Each of us was assigned a bed and then the Mayor began. "I have some guests that wil be here shortly. They have come from all over the United States and some from overseas. They have paid me very well to be with some hot high school girls and so that is where you all come in. You will do anything they request, no matter what. You will be safe so do not worry about being harmed although there will be some unusual requests made. You will be paid very well for what you are about to enjoy tonight. You wil sit on your bed and wait for womeone to come to you and you wil stand. If she is dressed you will undress her and if she is naked already you will simply stand and kiss her and wait for her to take things where she wants them to go. Does everyone understand?" she concluded. We all said "Yes" and the Mayor turned and left. Maria came to me and kissed me, "I will be looking in after you are not busy anymore. " "Good" I said and sat on the bed.

Soon, there were voices outside the room and women laughing and talking.

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   There were some languages that I did not understand spoken and so we all waited. The doors opened and about 18 or 18 women came in, some holding hands and some by themselves. I was nervous and two women that were Asian came to me. Ms. Wise came to me and told me to bow and I did. The women bowed back and then one stepped to me and massaged my tits. Then they just stood there. "Ms. Wise said, "Undress them both then kiss them deep. " and I did. They were both very small and almost no tits at all and were facinated with my huge breasts and nipples. I kissed one and she sat on the bed to let me kiss the other. They moved me to lay on the bed betwen them and then were all over my body, kissing and sucking and moving over my face to let me eat them in turn. One began fingering me fast them she began pushing harder to get her hand into my pussy and suddenly it hurt but the pain stopped and her hand was in me. My hips responded and soon I had an orgasm and they were licking my juices.

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   The three of us were together all night and I woke up to one kissing me and sucking my tits. I woke and kissed her back and she smiled and for a long time we made love again. The sun was up and we all were called to come to eat. Breakfast was great and there was no end of talking. I sat between the two women that I had spent the night with and they fed me sometimes and sometimes put jam on me and licked it off. It was obvious that sex was an open event whenever anyone wanted to do it.

About late afternoon the guests left and we were free to do as we wished. Maria came to me, "I hope you are not too worn out. " she said and I kissed her and said, "Not for you. " she took my hand and we went to her bedroom and made love for hours. When I woke she was next to me and we kissed. "I will have to drive you home. Everyone else has left. " Maria said. "I would love that.

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  " I told her. We got dressed in as little as legal and went to her BMW and she drove me home. She had my phone number already and gave me her's and we met a lot of times after that.
We are still good friends.