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I have never even considered it. I have been happily married for five years and I am blessed with a beautiful child. Fate has taken me into unexpected roads. My life was calm, until that day.

My mother and father have always had their troubles but I have never given much thought until I myself got married. I felt for the first time what my mother had felt many, many times before. I had been betrayed and there was nothing I could do. I loved him and specially my child, so what is one to do, forgive and hope it doesn’t happens again, but it did, it always does. I have never payed much attention to my father’s one night stands but this time it was different. He had gone too far, he had slept with his best friend's wife and not just that, but my mother’s closest friend. I just couldn’t take it. Blame it on my husband’s cheatings or for the love of my mother, but I exploded. I wasn’t going to take it anymore. I was going to teach that slut a lesson.

I drove to her house about 2:30 in the afternoon, my husband gets off work at 4:00 I had plenty of time to beat the hell out of Anne. As I got there, I approached quietly and just as I was going to knock I heard strange sounds coming out of the house, they were coming from her room.

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   Someone was there with her, and they were going at it.

Something came over me, certainly it was my father! I jumped the little block wall to her back yard and just as I thought the sliding door was unlocked, I opened it slowly and decided to catch them on the act, I was going to tell my father once and for all the monster he was, I snuck to her room and to my surprise she was alone. On the T. V was a porno flick and two girls were going at it. Anna was beautiful, lying there moaning and moving her slender body in a rhythmic motion.

I had never imagined I could be turned on by a woman and worst by my father’s lover. She was beautiful, her blond hair shined as she moved with passion and the light thru the window hit it. I was mesmerized I should of left, but I couldn’t, shivers ran down my body. I could feel my body asking for her touch as I lost time and forgot all my reasons for being there. I was about to leave when I heard a voice,
-”well aren’t you coming in?

Oh I’m cumin, I tought to myself.

I was surprised and a bit embarrassed, I didn’t know what to say, then she got up and walked over to me, I could smell her sweet juices all over her, the aroma turned me on even more and I just had to explode. Then she came closer and as she stopped about three inches from my face I couldn’t help it. I fell for her.

Our lips touched and our tongues meet. I sucked on her tongue and tasted her, her lips were soft and the aroma on her body was sweet.

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   I ran my hand down her back and grasp one buttock with my hand as she began softly to kiss my neck and shoulders area. She then pulled my shirt over me, no words were needed, we knew exactly what to do, and we wanted each other. I pushed her on the bed and began to kiss her breast, I ran my tongue around her nipples and took little bites at times she moaned with pleasure. I was excited too. I played with her other breast with my hand and alternated from one bulumptious breast to the other, kissing, licking and biting it as she moaned and her breath began to get deeper and deeper. I could see she needed action, as she began playing with herself, I began to make my way down slowly and patiently, making her want me even more. As I got to her bush I could smell her juices, I was unsure at first I had never done this before but then she gently pushed my face slowly toward her now wet pussy. I licked and licked. I opened her lips and rolled my tongue, I inserted it as far down as I could. I began to push my tongue in and out of her as she moved along with me. I began to suck on her clitoris. I sucked slowly at first then with more force, she began to suck on one of my fingers I realized they were ready for some action, I slid one finger, two fingers then three as she moaned louder and louder. She began to scream my name,

“Marie, Marie oh man!!

She couldn’t take it any more, she burst and I swallowed all of her warm juices

“I’m going to clean you up," I whispered as I began to lick.

It was useless she began to tremble as she exploded again and then in waves. I was covered in her juices.

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   She pulled my head up and kissed me, licking all the access liquid off my face, I laid next to her for a moment and as I realized what had just happened, I started to get up, when she grabbed me by the shoulder.

“Oh we are not done yet, I get to have some fun too…. ”

She laid me on the bed. She slowly pulled my shorts off as she did she began to kiss me on top of my panties. They were soaked.

-”Are we a bit wet?” she mocked with a childish smile.

I just moaned as she slid one finger beside the panty line, into my now burning pussy. I could feel her finger in me and I wanted more, she took it out and removed my panties. I was wide exposed to her. She began to savor my own juices. She licked, kissed and sucked in all the right places. Then she said "fallow me," she got up and laid on the floor

-“Kneel on top of me,”

I did as ordered.

I squatted over her face and just as she touched my vagina she began to eat me out. I moved and rocked. Made more pressure on her by lowering down a bit more, the better it felt.

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   She began to insert a finger In me, then two, then she gently began to massage my ass, I was uncertain of this but it felt so good I didn’t stop it. She began slowly to insert one finger into my asshole, I felt a bit of a pain but her sucking made it all better, then she stopped sucking,she inserted one finger in my vagina and with the other hand, one in my ass. I had to admit my ass was a virgin until that day. She began to thrust each finger in me, one then the other, then at the same time. Then she began to suck my pussy again, I couldn’t take and I just had to let go, I came with all my passion as I had never been able to with my husband or any other man for that matter. I laid next to her, our bodies all cover in juice and sweat. Then she asked,
-"What was that you came here for?"

“Oh nothing, I forgot. ” I responded as she cuddled herself next to me, we stayed there for the time remaining, until I had to go home.

We now make it an appointment to see each other daily.

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