Orchid's Song


          ÂShe sat down at the grand piano, the lights of the stage revealing her elegant features in deep concentration. ÂI watched her as her fingers brought forth sensual life to the dead ivory. ÂHer complexion was pale but her eyes were bright. ÂAs she played I could see the emotion of the song written on her face as easily as I could hear it in the notes. ÂHer eyes closed at a particularly melancholy portion, and I felt my heart break with hers. ÂIt was like love without a single exchanged. ÂWhen she looked up the crowded smoky bar was empty but for us. ÂShe looked into my eyes and all that ever needed to be said was done so with a casual toss of her hair. ÂI could feel the passion in her look, and I could hear it in her gentle melody. ÂThis song was for me, for us. ÂShe played it as though she were making love to me with music. ÂEvery note, ever chord, echoed in my soul. ÂHer eyes. ÂShe held me with her beautiful eyes. ÂShe caressed me with them, stroked me with them, they touched and manipulated me with her eyes as easily as she did the keys of the piano.

          ÂMy mind slipped into an erotic fantasy.

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  ÂI was in a red satin evening gown my hair encircling my head in a gentle wave, my lips the deepest crimson. ÂShe sat at her piano. I sat atop it, singing. ÂSinging in front of the whole crowded room, singing only for her. ÂHer eyes looked up at me as her fingers patted out something tragic and beautiful. ÂWe made love without ever touching as I sang to her. ÂI couldn’t hold it back any longer; my minds creation began to control me. ÂWe were kissing then, stroking, moaning, yelling, the music kept playing, playing with our gentle rhythm as time, the melody rose, rose, and rose until it crashed with our crescendo in a sensual climax.

          ÂI could hear the hands clapping for her; I could see her stand up and curtsey. ÂHer eyes never left mine. ÂOur beautiful love making was more profound than any contact ever could be. ÂHer piano more erotic than any soft cunnilingus. ÂHer fingers through the piano had moved my sex in ways that fingers never had before. ÂShe controlled me with her eyes, and made love to me with her music.

ÂAs she stood taking her bows she looked like a Greek goddess.

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  ÂThe light surrounded her, lifted her to some unknown height. ÂStill her eyes always upon my own, no emotion on her face, but her eyes told me she had been beside me all the way to crescendo. ÂA slight sheen shone upon her brow.

          ÂLater I stood by the stage exit. ÂThe alley behind the club was dimly lit by the reflected light from the street twenty yards from the door. ÂThe naked bulb above the door was darkened, presumably broken. ÂI stood waiting with baited breath. ÂI knew I shouldn’t have come but I couldn’t resist those eyes. ÂMy feet shuffled nervously, my palms were slick with sweat. ÂI could still feel the sweet notes of your concert reverberating in my sex. ÂI was excited, aroused by the anticipation. ÂI stood with my back to the opposite wall, shrouded in shadow. ÂThe door began to open and I held my breath, I knew it must be her. ÂAs she walked out the light from a passing car lit her beautiful face. ÂAs the door closed behind her I stepped forward into the dim light.

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          Â“I knew you’d be here. ”ÂShe said simply and softly stepping closer to me.

          Â“I couldn’t resist. ÂYour playing moved me. ”ÂMy hand slowly reached out and touched her face. ÂI stepped forward into her embrace. ÂHer lips pressed against mine and I felt her tongue probe against my lips. ÂThey parted slightly and our tongues entangled. ÂHer finger tips strummed across my back as we kissed. ÂMy hand ran through her hair, her soft hair like silk to their touch. ÂMy arousal got the best of me I lost what little control I had remaining. ÂI pushed her back into the wall, my hand slowly caressing down her cheek, her neck, her side, finally coming to rest on her hip. ÂShe broke the kiss and looked into my eyes with her sensual gaze. ÂShe didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to. ÂI could see in her eyes what she wanted from me, and I was all too happy to give it to her.

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  ÂI leaned forward, my lips kissing her cheek, her chin, her neck. ÂMy hands started to undo her buttons, kissing the exposed flesh of her chest with each undone button. ÂShe wore no bra and as I came to the last button she put her soft beautiful hands on my hair. ÂShe coaxed my head up to her chest. ÂI kissed her chest, my lips finding first one nipple and then the other. ÂHer soft voice moaned ever so softly above me. ÂMy hand found on of hers. ÂOur fingers interlocked as my lips gently worked her nipple.

          ÂHer free hand pushed my head down.

    ÂI kissed down her chest and her stomach my tongue plying briefly in her bellybutton. ÂMy fingers nimbly worked the buttons of her tight blue jeans. ÂHer breath was thick and heavy, I could feel it stir my hair. ÂHer moans were sweet melody. ÂI finally freed her jeans and pulled them down with her panties in one swift motion. ÂShe kicked one foot out of both letting one foot remain encased in the denim pooled around her feet.

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      ÂI looked up into her face in the moment just before my mouth touched her. ÂHer eyes were bright and glassy, her lips were slightly parted and she licked them slowly sensually, she looked down at me. ÂNo words were needed.

    Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Â ÂMy mouth touched her labia in a soft kiss. ÂHer hands pulled my head closer to her. ÂI could hear her melodic voice moaning above me, my heart swelled knowing I was bringing forth such sweet music. ÂMy fingers gently spread her labia and my tongue made soft slow strokes up her inner lips. ÂI carefully avoided her clitoris as I licked her. ÂMy mouth continued its own silent concert as her fingers closed into fists in my hair, pulling me closer. ÂHer sweet nectar filled my mouth, my nose, just as her sweet voice filled my ears. ÂI could sense her growing orgasm as my lips and tongue softly worshipped her sex. ÂAs she neared her climax I let my lips find her clitoris, I blew gently for a moment and then kissed it deeply. ÂThe tip of my tongue flicked gently back and forth as I heard her yell out with her angelic voce. ÂShe pulled my head tightly into her sex, all but smothering me. ÂHer orgasm crashed with cymbals, screamed with brilliant chords, moaned with the sensual brass sounds.

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      ÂHer crescendo was a symphony of pleasure.

              ÂAs her orgasm subsided her hands pulled me up to her face. ÂShe kissed me softly and embraced me softly, her head resting upon my shoulder. ÂMy nose filled with the sweet smell of her hair. ÂHer soft skin felt like silk against me. ÂWe held each other silently for some time, I wasn’t sure how long, but it felt like a sweet eternity. ÂShe pushed my head back a moment and looked into my eyes. ÂShe smiled, it was the first time I had seen her smile, and it was soft and sensual. ÂIt was like her music beautiful and tragic. ÂShe kissed me one last time.

              Â“I'm Orchid.  You never told me your name. ” She said.

              Â“No I didn’t. ÂThank you for the lovely song.

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      â€ÂI left her standing there puzzled. ÂI never turned back.

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