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I loved shoping with Aunt Claire because she let me get anything I wanted to, no matter how sexy things were. So Aunt Claire and I went to the mall one Friday before lunch. We had something in a nice resturant and I had a glass of wine. Two tables away ther was a handsome couple in their 60s. Both the man and woman were in shape and had the nice mature look about them. Sometimes Aunt Claire and I stayed together and sometimes we separated to shop. We did that this time and we were to meet at the entrance we had come in at about 3.
After lunch I just walked around some and went first to the bookstore there and did not really find anything. At that time I saw the woman from the resturant a little away from me but it was easy to see she was looking at me. I had on shorts and a button up blouse that tucked into my shorts and some sandals. A thong and see through bra were the undies. The bra almost held me in but not really. I looked at some magazines then smiled at her and sure enough she smiled back. I left and walked to the Penny's and went in looking at bathing suits, not that I wanted to buy one but I wanted to see if the woman followed me.
Sure enough, there she was lookng around and when she saw me she casulally walked over to the same racks I was at. She had on a wonderful scent that kind of was like a summer day in a garden, a fresh perfume that made me feel sort of relaxed.

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   So I steped so she could see me and made eye contact and smiled. She smiled back and then I reached up and unbuttoned the two top buttons on my blouse. That took the buttons to the bottom of the clevage and the bra was visible. She was red faced and walked over to me and smiled again. "I am Betty" she said and extended her hand to me. "I am  Teresa. " I said and took her hand but held it and did not let it go. She looked at the hands and smiled. "It must be nice to be 21" she said, "I remember when I was 21, not a care in the world and I was very trim then. " she said.
I looked at her and thought she was still very trim. She had maybe 38DD breasts and her waist was nice and firm and her hips were nice too, her dress was buttoned all the way from top to bottom and her legs were very nice. I stepped closer to her and said, "You know, I get the feeling you are following me, now what should I think of that?" I said and she looked at me deciding what to say. She turned red in the face and finally said, "Well, I am not sure myself, I don't usually follow a woman. " "But you are following me aren't you?" I said.

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   "Well, yes, I suppose I am. " she said. Wel, then you may as well help me pick out a new bra and panties. " I told her and began going throuh the sheerest ones I could find. She looked at them and usually chose the ones that covered more but I told her that I wanted to have the ones that were the smallest. "I want the bras to be one cup size too small so that they push my titties up and out. " I told her. She told me  that something like that would be dificult and I found several sets.
"Come on and help me try them on. " I said and she followed me to the fitting rooms. We went in and she was very quiet and maybe I was scaring her some being so bold. We went into a room and closed the door. I took off my blouse and hung it up and turned for her to undo my bra. Her hands shook as she undid the hooks and I put it on the hook next to the blouse and turned around. She stared at me and said nothing. 

   I sliped off the shorts and panties so I was completly naked now and she stood there just staring at me. I handed her the bra and panties I had gotten and asked her to help me with the bra. It was a cup size small and did as I wanted it to do. The tops of my nipples were out and all was really an attention getting affect. "Think this will show me off good?" I said and she took a deep beathe and said "Oh yes, very much so. " I took it off and laid it aside and stepped towards her. "You want to do something don't you?" I said. "Yes" she barely got out. "Well, here I am, do waht you want to. " I told her now inches away from her face
Her hand gently carressed my face then down and around my tits, she moved slow and it tickled some but also made me wet. I unbuttoned her dress all the way and it fell open and she had on typical older stuff, the full "granny panties and the full support bra" type things. As she stood there she shok and I took her face in my hands and gently kissed her first touching her lips and then my tongue went into her mouth as she relaxed and let me enter. I reached around the back of her and undid her bra and it and the dress fell to the floor. Our naked chests were pressing together and she was warm and her skin flushed all over. Our kiss was deep now and she was catching on some.

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   I went to her chest and took her tits in my hands and began sucking the nipples that got hard right away. "Oh my god" she gasped. While I sucked and played I slipped her panties off and saw her grey bush between her legs. She stepped out of her panties and then I stood up and kissed her again.
"Is it nice to have a girl's naked body against you like this?" I asked her. "Oh yes," she said, "It is all I dreamed to have another woman naked against me like this. Why did I wait so long to do this. " she moaned. I sat her on the small bench in the room and let her kiss my tits and suck them until she was really in a daze. I got on my knees in front of her and moved her legs apart and kissed my way from the knees until I moved her bush out of the way and found her pussy soaking wet. I took my time slipping my tongue around the lips and then into her clit hood and sucked it slowly and made sureshe felt every little thing I did. "Oh my god,no one has ever done that for me, no one has ever licked me there before. " she whispered. "Good, I like being first. " I said and kept licking and sucking and slipped three fingers inside and finaly was given a sweet orgasm that wet my face.

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   I kissed her again and she moved her hands over my body.
    She sighed and said, Oh to be your age again and discover this, If I were 21 again I would be so much different now. " she said again.
    "You know, you keep saying I am 1 but I am not 21. " I said to her as we kissed. "Oh, older then?" she asked me. "No dear, younger. " She looked at me and sucked my nipples. "18?" she said. "Keep going sweetheart. " I said and she looked at me stopping and said, "Ahh, how old are you then?" I stood her up and hugged her and kissed her and then whispered in her ear, "13" and she froze. "13? Oh my god, you can't be 13. " she stammered. "Yes, I am. " I said and she began puling away. gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

       "Don't pull away," I told her, "You have seduced a 18 year old girl and could get in a lot of trouble, so you should do all I say. " She stood there trying to cover herself. "What do I have to do?" she said. "Oh, just continue on like I was 21. " I said and she smiled, "That is it?" she said. "Yes dear, That is it. " My hands had gone to her shoulders as I sat on the bench, "I need a good licking now. " I told her. She moved slowly and said, "Tell me if I get it right. " and I told her, "Just do what feels good for yo. " and she began licking me slowly and then deeper and soon sucked my clit. My hands were on her head, "Oh suck it harder, really hard. Bite it some too. " I begged her. She did asI asked her and soon I squirted all over her face and tits.

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       "Oh that was so good. " she said. "I can give you another if you keep sucking me that way. " I told her and she went back to work and was rewarded with two more orgasms.
    We finaly came out of the room and she told me to get anything I wanted to get. I tried on two dresses and some more undies and she paid for them all. The bill was over $100 and she held my hand as we walked out me carrying the bag of clothes. I saw Aunt Claire and walked to her and Betty let my hand go. Aunt Claire I want you to meet Betty, she is a new friend. " Claire hugged her and smelled the scent of pussy juices all ovr both of us. "Oh someone has beed bad today and without me on top of all that. " Claire said. Betty looed at her and I said, "Oh, it is okay, Aunt Claire and I play too. " and I hugged them both. "Oh, this was the first time I ever.

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      . . ahh, well, I never have before. . . " Betty tried to say. "Wel, so do I deserve more then?" I asked her. "Oh god, yes," she said. Claire took her hand, come on over to the house with us, we are going to teach you all you need to know. "  and we walked out. She followed us in her car to the house and as we got there I had already undressed. Aunt Claire took her hand and brought her to the living room, "In our house we have a 'No clothes' Rule. So first take off the clothes. I stepped over and helped her undress and Aunt Claire undessed and got some wine. Soon we were all sitting around talking about trying on clothes.

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       I kissed Claire and she kissed me back and then Betty said, "So you make love with your neice?" "Yes, we do, and a lot of other things, guess you have a lot to explore. " and we both began kissing her all over.



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