Nurse Jessica


H ello there, my name is Rachel. I’m 18 years old and just entering my junior year in high school. This is the story of that terrible summer that I had gone to the hospital.
Here’s what happened, I woke up at about 2 in the morning with problems with my asthma. It was a nightmare I was wheezing and just having a terrible time. I woke up my mom and she drove me down to the hospital emergency room. I told them I couldn’t breath and they sent me to the waiting room, go figure! Wasn’t a long wait until the nurse came and brought me to the Emergency room.
So here I am, sitting up in the bed with a giant breathalyzer in my mouth loading me with liquid air. I don’t really know how to explain it better than that. After i started to get a little better the doctor asked me a few questions and wrote them down on his clip board.
"Ok that will be all the questions for now dear. " The doctor told me while opening the cabinet. He took out a patient gown and placed it on my bed. "Take off all of your clothes and put that on, please. I will be back in a few minutes. " The doctor walked out of the room and closed the door.

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I was breathing a whole lot better since i got the medication. I stood up and took off all of my clothes. Unfortunately it was in front of my mom but that was ok. We weren’t shy around each other naked. I tied the gown and lay back in the bed.
The doctor walked back in. "Ok well we are going to have you stay over for the night to keep an eye on you. " He glanced at my mom. "You may stay here for the night or you can go back home, I’m sure your daughter will be safe here. " She thought about it for a moment.
"Ya, I suppose I will go back home, I need to get to work in the morning. Good night dear. Hope you feel better. " She grabs her purse and leaves. "
"I will have the nurse come in for a check up in a moment, if you need anything press this buzzer, he points to the little button by my bed.

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"Ok, got it" I said. He walked out of the room closing the door behind up. I laid in silence and boredom for a while. About 5 minutes and the nurse entered. She was a young looking blonde girl. Her uniform was more like a dress, it was pretty short and the top 3 buttons were unbuttoned exposing the top of her chest. Not much cleavage though.
"Hey there, Hun. My name is Jessica, and I'm going to need to do some check ups on you. " She placed her clip board on the desk and scribbled a few words on it. "Ok first I’m going to check your heart beat. She pulls the stethoscope off her neck and clips it on her ears. "I need to untie your gown a little so that i can get access to your chest and back. " She unties it from the back and lets the top half of the gown fall to my lap, revealing my milky breasts. "Breath real deep for me, ok babe?"
"Ok, got it.

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  " The cold air blew on my bare nipples and it started to get them hard. She placed the cold end of her stethoscope on my back and I breathed in and out real deep. She moved it to 3 places on my back. She then placed it on my chest. I breathed in and out again and she placed the cold device right above my nipple, then between my breasts. She rested her wrist on top my breast.
"Ok that’s done. Now could you lie down please?" I did as i was told and she leaned over me and put pressure on the sides of my stomach in a few places. "Does this hurt, at all?"
"No, just feels weird. " She giggled a little and then pulled my gown down a little just above my vagina. She started putting pressure on my bladder and moved nearly to my vagina.
"Ok looks pretty good. " She marks some stuff on her clip board. "I have a few more checks that I’m going to need to do. This is a regular check up for all patients that attend the hospital, so just relax.

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  " She marks a little more on the clip board and then starts to rub my stomach, and then up to my breasts. "Just checking for breast cancer, try to relax. " I was a very shy girl. I didn’t respond to much she said. I just nodded.
She rubbed her fingers over the sides of my breasts and bottom. She then rubbed my nipples and upper chest. I twitched in excitement. It felt so good for her soft hands to touch me. She marks a few more on the board.
"Now I need to make some checks around your vagina for any diseases. " She pulled down the rest of my gown, revealing my freshly shaved vagina. My clitoris was swollen and my vagina was dripping wet. She started to giggle a little at my physical arousal. "Are you getting excited from this? Don’t worry, a lot of people do.

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   You should see the men when I do this check up, they are as stiff as a board. "
I giggled a little nervously.
"Don’t talk much? You don’t have to be shy around me. Its the doctors you should worry about. Those horny bastards are always pinching my ass when I walk past. "
"How terrible. You’re very pretty. " I blushed a little. I could tell she was trying to come on to me; I was just trying to keep up.
"Aww, thank you. You’re pretty too. And your young breasts are so soft, not too big, and not too small. I’m jealous. I would let you touch mine but that would be a little unprofessional. I work all night so I will be back a little later and-- Well let’s continue with the check up.

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"Ok" She began to massage my vagina lips and spread them apart and look inside. "Don’t you ever use gloves?"
"I do sometimes, but with people like you I don’t really feel comfortable with them, I can’t check for disease as well. You know? They are sort of like a restriction. Well, you’re all clean. " She marked some more on the board. "Well I have to get going. If you need me press the call button. " She gave my clit a little rub before adding "Cutie". She left the room with a wink.
Well that was certainly unexpected, the beautiful nurse coming on to me. I slipped the rest of my gown off and just lay under the sheets. My hard nipples piercing through the sheets. I watched TV for a few hours before I had to use the bathroom. I didn’t know where it was, so I clicked the call button.
YES! Just what I had hoped, Nurse Jessica came in with a smile on here face.

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   "What can I do for you, Hun?"
"I need to use the bathroom; I don’t know where it is. "
"Oh, that’s all? Sure, babe, can you walk?"
"Yes I’m fine.
    " I pulled back the sheets and stepped out of the bed.
    "Do you always sleep in the nude?" She asked glaring down at my body.
    "Always, what about you? What do you sleep in?"
    "I usually just sleep in a T-Shirt. No panties or bra. Are you going to get dressed, or do you want to streak down the hall?" We both laughed and I slipped on the gown and she led me down the hall to the restroom.
    "Ok here you go, Ill be outside when you are finished. " I went to the bathroom and then came outside. She walked me back to the room and I sat back on the bed. "Is there anything else I can do for you?"
    "Ummm," I thought for a while. I wanted to get her to take off her clothes, but I don’t want to freak her out. "I could use a sponge bath" I smiled at her. She looked a little shocked and excited at the same time. She looked as though she was glad I finally did a little coming on to her.

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    "Sure, I could do that. Just go ahead and strip down again and lay down on the bed. " She pulled out a large yellow sponge from the shelf and rinsed it on the sink. She walked up to my bed and started to rub the sponge against my chest. The warm water made me so hot, I was dying for her to touch me.
    "How’s this?" She asked.
    "Its fantastic! It feels so good. " I tried thinking of a way to get her out of those damn clothes! BUT HOW? "Maybe, when you have the time, I could give you a sponge bath?" My face turned red, I was scared of her reaction. She looked shocked. But then she smiled.
    "Oh, so you want to give me a bath now, do you?" She rubbed her fingers over my lips. She walked over to the door and locked it.
    "How about you be the nurse for a while?" She asked, licking her glossed lips. My eyes widened. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

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    "Ok, that works. " I stood up. "Maybe you should change into the gown?"
    "Ok" She nodded, slowly unbuttoning her blouse. Revealing her beautiful cleavage. She then took off her entire blouse and dropped it to the floor. She stood before me in a white transparent bra and thong. This was too good to be true. "What do you think?"
    "Oh my god, you are so beautiful. " She then slipped off her bra revealing her dark nipples. They were very perky. Then she slipped off her thong. Her vagina was so matured and hairless.
    "How about we skip the bath and just fool around?" She asked giving me a sexy look; she reached out and put her hands around my waist. She moved one to my face and gave me a soft passionate kiss on the lips. I kissed her back with a little tongue.

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       She swirled her tongue around mine.
    She moved her hands up to my breasts and pinched and twisted my nipples.
    I let out a slight moan. She slid her soft tongue up my face. She pressed her nipples up against mine. She grasped my butt and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around her waist. She lifted me up and put me on the bed.
    She kneeled down by my vagina. Naturally, I spread my legs. She started to lick my pussy. She slid her tongue inside my vagina, precum stringing off her tongue.
    I ran my hands through her hair moaning uncontrollably.
    "Do you want to suck on my nipple?"
    "Hell yes, I said out of breath. " I stood up off the bed and she laid down on it. I got on top of her and hovered over her body.


       I laid my tongue on her nipple and began to swirl it around. I then started to suck on her nipple like a baby. She moaned and I could feel my juices running down my leg onto hers.
    She started to moan very load. And our night had only begun.
    Please leave comments on my story; if I get enough positive results, I might make a second entry.



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