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On there way up the elevator to the fifteenth floor Brenda offered, “I really appreciate this, I don’t know what I would have done with the whole city filled up with conventioneers!” “No problem at all,” the middle aged woman replied, “I just hope that if I was ever in your predicament that someone would do the same for me, by the way my name’s Amanda, Amanda Cross!” Brenda reached out to shake Amanda’s extended hand and replied, “Brenda Olsen, oh good, here’s our floor. ” “Nice room,” Amanda commented while dropping her bags in the corner. “I always stay at the Elsinore,” Brenda replied, “the service is always top notch, that is until today!” The two of them laughed for a moment before Amanda asked, “Do you mind if I take a shower, it was a long flight and I feel pretty grungy?” “Not at all,” Brenda replied, “you go right ahead while I unpack. ” Brenda then proceeded to open her suitcase while in the back ground she could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom. “It’s all yours,” Amanda said while coming out through the bathroom door. Brenda turned around to answer but her chin practically hit the floor when she saw a totally naked Amanda standing in the middle of the room toweling herself off! “Go ahead,” the big titted older woman said casually, “the water’s hot!” Brenda quickly regained her senses and replied, “T-thanks, I think I will. ” Once under the stingy rays of water Brenda forgot all about the incident with Amanda and luxuriated in the warm gushing water. “Ohhhh that feels so nice,” she said to herself as her mind drifted off into space. She was in fact so relaxed that she never even noticed when the door to the shower slowly opened and Amanda joined her inside. “Mmmmm, you look so sexy under that spray!” the older woman whispered. “W-what are you doing in here?” a befuddled Brenda asked shakily. “I just thought that you might need some help,” Amanda replied gently while reaching out to caress the younger woman’s smooth belly. Now recoiling with a little bit of fear Brenda answered a little more forcefully, “I can assure you that I am quite capable of taking my own shower, thank you!”“I’m sure that you are,” Amanda replied smoothly while letting her hands roam all over the frightened woman’s firm breasts, “but you look so sexy I just couldn’t help myself!”“W-well just help yourself out of here,” Brenda stammered, “I don’t go in for this type of thing!” “Really?” Amanda asked softly. “Just look at your nipples, they seem to be “going for it”!” Amanda quickly moved closer to her target and forced her hand between the stunned young woman’s legs and began firmly fingering the smoothly shaved pussy. “O-ohhhhhh,” Brenda gasped, “s-stop that this instant!” “You mean stop this?”Amanda asked softly while flicking her finger over the mewling woman’s hard clit. Brenda was now pinned up against the shower stall wall and with little or no chance of escape closed her eyes and let the fiftyish dyke have her way with her! The tension in Brenda’s pussy was now growing to a fever pitch! She was trying desperately not to enjoy the experience, but knowing how sensitive her pussy was to any kind of stimulus she knew instinctively that she would do what ever Amanda asked of her!Now hovering on the ragged edge of orgasm, Brenda’s eyes literally were rolling back in her head when Amanda kissed her on the ear and whispered, “Have you ever sucked a pussy?” “N-no!!!” Brenda recoiled, for the first time figuring out exactly what was going to happen next.

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   “That’s good, real good,” Amanda cooed while pressing her heavy chest into Brenda’s perfectly shaped B-cups. “I just love having a virgin mouth do my hairy cunt, it’s oh so exhilarating!!!” “I don’t want to,” Brenda cried weakly, “p-please, don’t make me!” “Please don’t make me,” Amanda mimicked in high pitched little girl’s voice. “Now get your ass down there and suck me off, little bitch!” Seconds later Brenda was on her knees staring at the hairiest pussy she had ever seen in her twenty seven years of life! Amanda grabbed her roughly by the head, and with little or no fanfare pulled her mouth directly to the bulging slit. Secretly Brenda had always wondered what it would be like to orally satisfy another woman and now here she was actually getting her chance! Of course she had tasted her own juice on the peckers of her lovers but this was totally different and much more intense! Gingerly at first she let her tongue slip up and down Amanda’s plump outer lips, taking special care to flick across her erect clit! Hearing the older woman moan with each stroke emboldened the neo-cunt lapper! Now reaching around to grab Amanda’s fat ass cheeks for leverage she bored in hard, alternating between tongue fucking the old bitch and driving her wild with hard licks on her distended clitty. “G-good fucking god,” Amanda moaned while grabbing the towel bar for support, “you’re a fucking cunt lapping genius!” Brenda would feel a change coming over her as the old woman rocketed to a leg wobbling orgasm! She could tell instantly that this would not be the last pussy she would suck while Amanda literally ground her spasming cunt lips into her wide open mouth!Amanda gasped for breath as her blood pressure slowly returned to normal. Come with me,” she ordered while pulling Brenda to her feet. After drying off Amanda led the aroused young woman to one of the beds and had her lay down with her legs spread wide apart. Brenda closed her eyes and softly twisted her hard nipples while waiting for her new lover to bring her to a cum of her own. “Now we’re ready,” Amanda announced while towering over the bed. Brenda slowly opened her eyes only to feel her heart leap to her throat as she stared at a monstrous strap on dildo hanging menacingly between the old cunt’s legs!!!Even though she was terrified at the thought of such a huge organ penetrating her vagina, she could only whimper softly while Amanda mounted her while pressing the giant head against her now straining opening! “B-be gentle,” Brenda gasped, “please, don’t hurt me!” Amanda smiled at the shaking woman and replied softly, “But the pain can be so gooooood!” And then without any warning at all, she slammed her hips forward, driving the rubber and latex spike nine inches deep into her unsuspecting pussy! To keep her from screaming out loud Amanda put her arm over Brenda’s mouth and began powering in and out of the helpless cunt like a battering ram! Unbelievably, true to Amanda’s prediction the mixture of pleasure and pain soon became lost in a gigantic orgasmic cauldron that roiled hotter and hotter by the second! When it became apparent that she wouldn’t scream, Amanda removed her arm only to have Brenda beg, “Oh, please, h-harder, fuck me harder!!!” A broad smile spread over Amanda’s face and she whispered, “my little baby is going to have a big one, no!?!” Brenda attempted to answer, but it was too late. At that very moment her cunt collapsed around the invading monster while a climax of unreal dimensions slammed into her cunt like a guided missle!!!“I-I’m fucking cummmmmmming,” she finally managed to moan, “so fucking hard!!!”Then it was over. The two of them lay together for a long time with the huge dildo still buried deep in Brenda’s over heated cunt! “I’m absolutely shell shocked,” Brenda sighed while caressing one of Amanda’s large breasts, “that was just incredible!!!” Amanda kissed the now satiated woman on the cheek and replied softly, “And remember, we still have three more days!” “Mmmmmm, yes,” Brenda sighed, “three more days, and don’t forget the nights!!!”THE END.



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