My Second Year of College


I chose to teach after a long time out of school and in my early 30s began the education program in a college near by. I loved the constant mixing with people from all different cultures and made some friendships with some of the younger students from different countries. Two young girls from Japan especially seemed to want to be around a lot and we havd several classes together. I was short as they were and the thing was that my 42EEE chest was the really big difference. They almost looked like children next to me and one, "Jan" (not her Japanese name) and Lynn, (Not hers either) were two that really hung around me. It seemed that everywhere I was they showed up soon after.
One evening we had all agreed to get together to study in the library and so I went back to campus and looked around and could not find them. They Jan appeared from the stairs and called me, "Teresa, come, we are here. " she said in her voice that always sounded like she was singing to me. She had long jet black hair down to her waist and she looked like she had forgotted to develop breasts since she was so flat that she only really had perky nipples. She never wore a bra since she really did not need on and tonight she had on a tank top t and shorts and sandals. We went up the stairs and she led me to a couple of cubicals back in the corner of the stacks and there was Lynn, dressed much the same. She had tomboyish hair and was very cute and had a little more chest than did Jan.

She too hardly ever wore a bra and both of them had suce dark nipples that they showed through the white tank tops that they wore. I was wearing a button up blouse and bra that was not all that heavy, just enough to guide my tits in the right direction Steve used to say about it. I had on a blue jean skirt that went to my ankles and sandals and a thong under the skirt.

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"You sit here so we can learn Miss Teresa" Lynn said and she pushed a chair to the desk in the cube and it was between he rchair and Jans. "Please just call me Teresa" I asked them both for the hundredth time it seemed. "Okay, Teresa" Jan said and she smiled and looked at me with her dark eyes. We opened the books and began to study and as we did they both moved closer and closer to me and then once in a while they would accidentally brush my breasts as they reached across for something. I would have thought this really an accident but each time they both giggled and tuned red. After a few times I said, "You know, if I didn't know better I would think you two are trying to feel my breasts. " They looked at each other and then me and said, "Teresa, please, we have never seen a woman with breasts like you, we are very small and our men, love women with big breasts. " Lynn managed to stammer out. They spoke to each other in Japanese and then Jan said, "Teresa, we have always wanted to see you. " "See me?" I asked already knowing what they meant. "Yes, see you here. " she said and pointed to my breasts. Jan stood so she could see over the cube walls and said, "Can we see you please? I will watch so no one comes in. " I looked at them and suspected that there was going to me more but pushed back the chair and reached behind and undid my bra and pulled it off then opened my blouse and let it open.
They again spoke to each other and then Lynn said, "Oh, Miss Teresa, may we touch them?" "Lynn, I told you to call me Teresa, especially if I am going to let you touch me.

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  " They looked at each other and then me. "Go ahead, touch them. " I said and they slowly reached out their hands and when they made contact I felt chills go through my body and the nipples began to get hard. When they are hard they are as large as a man's thumb and they perked up really fast. They each had a hand on one breast and so I asked if I could touch theirs. They looked at me and Jan lifted her top some a the waist and I moved my hand up to her nipple which was hard as mine but not as big of course. Lynn let my hand go up her blouse also and they kept their hands on my breasts as I moved mine to theirs. I carressed their nipples some and saw that they too were feeling good about the touches. I moved my hands down and as they did the same I took my breasts in my hands and lifted each one to my mouth and sucked the nipples and made sure that I made moans as I did each one. Now they were talking a lot and finally I stopped and said, "Would you like to suck them too?" Lynn leaned forward and took my breast in her hands and began sucking the nipple. Shocks went right to my pussy and I asked Jan if she wanted to also. I sat there now with a woman sucking each nipple and my pussy was soaking wet. My hips began to move and they saw that I was getting hotter. I unbuttoned my skirt and then took one of their hands each and moved it to my thigh up next to my thong line.
They did not move and then I asked them, please feel all you want to.

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   Jan moved her hand up and felt how wet I was and then I spread my legs further. Her tiny hand found my soaking pussy and went in and I moaned and spread them more. I reached over to Lynn and took her face in my hands as Jan played with my pussy and kissed her. I found that she froze then spoke to Jan and then kissed me deep. I let her face go and found her nipples again and kissed her deep. "Teresa," Jan said. "Maybe we go to our room. " and I said, "That would be wonderful. " we got ourselves together and left, all red faced and wet.
More Later.