My Second Year of College Pt. 2


I had followed Jan and Lynn back to their room in a dorm and we walked down the hallway, giggling and they spoke to each other and I just felt hotter and hotter as we got closer to the room. We went in and the closed the door behind me and I sudenly felt hot all over. They both came to me and kissed me deep and they asked how I would like to be. "PLease, both of you sit there on the bed. " I said. They did and as they did they took off their tank tops and they both looked so sweet. I stood in front of them and took off my blouse and then my skirt and stood there in my thong.
"are we going to make love tonight?" I asked them and they smiled and said yes. "Come suck my titties please.

" I asked them and they got up and came to me and each one took a breasts in two hands and began sucking my nipples. "Oh my god, yes. " I moaned and they led me to the bed. They sat me down and stood in front of me and took off their shorts and panties and then moved to me, laying me on the bed and they both began carressing me all over, sucking, kissing, and as they went between my legs they let fingers slip into me. Suddenly I realized that they each had a hand in my pussy and were moving in and out slowly, torturing me by going so slow when I wanted them to go faster. I did not know anything they said since they spoke in Japanese and each time it seemd they were making sure they did things to tease me and get me close to an orgasm then stop, just at the hight and they would not let me plunge over the hilltop.
Then they laid down next to me, "Teresa, are we pleasing you?" They said.

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   "Oh yes, I just need an orgasm. . . please please. " "We will do it for you. " they said and began sucking my clit and tits and soon I was building up again and then just at the top they stoped and laughed. Again and again they did this and then as I was begging them they finally gave me my release and I sprayed them both since they both were taking turns eating and licking my pussy. I sat up and pushed Lynn down and dove between her legs and ate her like I was starving and after she had a sweet orgasm I did the same to Jan.
About midnight I got dressed and they kissed me, "Teresa. " Jan said. "We are the only ones that wanted to see you naked. We have some friends that would like to be here tomorrow night for you too. " "Oh really?" I said. "Yes, Japanese men like American women that are big too. " "How many?" I asked them.

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   They spoke and then said, "Maybe 5 or 6?" Jan said. "Okay" I said to them both and kissed them. "Make sure they all have hard cocks for me. " I said and left, wet and dripping.