My raven angel


This story all starts out when I was sixteen and still in high school.   First let me tell you a bit about myself.   Im a have always been a bit taller than most, and ended up maxing out at 5’8. Along with my height I have always been in pretty good shape, playing soccer and cheerleading through life, giving me a good body. I can’t say im the perfect figure or anything, I just happen to be very tone.  Although it also came with its disadvantages giving me the lacking of much of a chest or an ass. I have long straight golden blonde hair that falls down much of my waist. I was always part of the popular crowd, so youd think I would have a ton of guys chasing after me and write. The thing was I was always more of a guy then a girl friend to most of them. They all either wanted a friendship or my body, and I wasn’t willing to settle for either. I didn’t date much of anyone in high school. It wasn’t that I didn’t want a relationship, I sought for one, dreamed of love, and prayed for that special someone, but no guy was ever what I wanted. So I decided I would just wait for someone I really cared about.


The day seemed like any other, another boring day at school that I couldn’t wait for it to be over the second it began. An annoying quiz in math, a long lecture in English, a very bland lunch, and soon to arrive a never ending time spent in the rest of my classes.   I leaned back in my chair, back arched looking outside into the beautiful sunlight.

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    I thought it torture to make kids spend all day inside on the one nice day of November. Groaning slightly I prepared myself for a nice nap in class, as I half assed listen to the teacher. The room hazed, as my eyes grew dim and the noise of the room began to blur into mumbled whisper. Just as the world began to disappear, a soft voice rang throughout my body, as every nerve in my body shook me awake. My eyes opened to the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, standing up next to the teacher.   Her radiance expelled throughout the room, beautiful raven locks fell down to the arches of her back. Beautiful sky blue eyes peered throughout the room, eyes sparkled more then the purest ocean.   A small gentle face that seemed to perfect for makeup. Big beautiful pink lips, that you could almost taste. Although what shocked me more than anything was her body, she was surely a woman that had everything I lacked. Her chest was huge; each breast seemed so perfect and round, and a waist that perfectly matched it.  She wore then jeans and a tee-shirt. She was beyond any girl I had ever seen before, a woman that every man dreamed of, and even me. She just stood there smiling in perfection as the teacher continued to introduce her.   She moved almost mystically, almost seeming to float across the room as she walked.

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   She chose me of all people to sit down next to. I blinked a few times trying to make sure I hadn’t finally lost it, a goddess in comparison with anyone else chose to sit next to me. I didn’t know why but I was nervous to talk to a girl. I didn’t dare speak to her first, although she was happy to talk to me.  Jessica was the name of my goddess, she giggled at my poor attempt to tell her mine, and before I knew it class was over. Jessica was such a simple name but it seemed so special with her. I dreaded the thought of being without her presence. Although to my amazement she followed me to every class, as she became the only thing I could focus on. My mind coming up with endless amounts of fantasies. She spoke with me periodically in every class, as I could feel the glares from every guy. If it was a dream then I was going to enjoy it. She was just as interesting as she was beautiful and she made every second of school better. Just as the last class was about to end and I knew I would have to say good bye to this little fantasy I was living in and go back to my real life. I had never really had any gay thoughts, but this girl was all I could think of and I wanted her in more then one way.


I walked slowly into the hall as I began to yell at myself for not making a move, as I heard a voice behind me.

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   She smiled as she flaunted her eyelashes at me as my draw dropped. She spoke in a soft, pure voice “Hey Emily I was wondering if you would wait on me after school I want to talk to you about something alright?” I just stared at her blinking and I nodded lightly, as she laughed and walked off in the opposite direction.   My mind struggled to comprehend what she could possibly want to talk to me about as fantasy tried to meet reality. Was there any possible way this could be real. I tried my hardest to breathe as I approached her outside of school. I decided I would just try to play it cool, that way if there was some kind of joke going along here I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.


I walked right up to the goddess, of my life as I spoke as calmly as I could “Hey you wanted to talk to me? Whats up? “ She smiled as she grabbed my hand pulling me in close her lips next to my ear.

Her voice slowly whispering to me.


“I have seen how you have been looking at me, and I want you too. I know a place where we can be alone, follow me ok baby. ”  Her big beautiful eyes stared at my shocked face. As if I was unwilling she wrapped her arms around my neck before pulling me in close as her big juicy lips pressed against me softly sucking on mine as she broke the kiss with a smile. I was speechless as she giggled again and took my hand dragging me down the street. I was in a daze trying to grasp what was happening more then paying attention to where I was going. Although I would have fallowed that girl anywhere she wanted me to go.

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   Before I knew it we arrived at an old run down church with parts of the roof falling in. She quickly pulled me inside as she set me down on an old dusty pew. She pushed me down as she quickly climbed ontop of me. Her body conformed to mine as she held me down kissing me passionately. I felt her tongue push its way into my mouth as I happily greeted her tongue with mine as they met softly playing with each other’s as I chased her tongue back into her mouth. My body acted on its own as I held her close never wanting to leave this heaven sent angel’s touch. Every second I touched her was bliss as we continued to make out as her tongue twirled around mine. .


My hand softly roamed down her body as they slowly rubbed up her legs grabbing her ass tightly.   I could feel her moan softly into my mouth as I explored her body. My hand traced the outline of her ass as I squeezed it tighter before slapping it as she ground in pleasure. Every moan and groan encouraged me more and more to attack the rest of her body. I moved further up her shirt as I ran my fingers up her stomach as I grasped each breast squeezing them as my thumbs kneaded against her hard nipples.   Then she quickly grabbed my hands stopping me. She looked at me with a smile, whispering into my ear before biting it.

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   “now now now don’t get to excited we are  just starting, and its my turn. ” She pushed me down as she once again began assaulting my mouth with her trough exploring ever bit as she pulled away leaving me out of breath as she quickly kissed her way down to my neck. Her tongue softly glided against my ear as she nibbled ever so lightly. I bit my lip to no avail as a soft moan escaped my lips. It was all she needed to hear as I felt her soft lips on my neck before I felt her teeth sink into my tender flesh. There was defiantly no hiding it this time as my caved and I moaned loudly. She moved quickly nibbling her way down my body pushing down my shirt. She made me hotter then any guy had done before, knowing everything I wanted and loved. Her tongue set my skin on fire, my chest ached for more as my hands held her against me. My body moved faster to her touch, reacting to every flick of a toungue as I felt I could cum from just this. I moaned and moaned as I suddenly felt her hand inside my pants. Her fingers quickly found my clit as she set me over, my body shook as an orgasm hit me, my body clung to hers. My eyes slowly opened as I saw her above me just smiling.

I had gust came more than ever and I still wanted her. Although it was my turn to explore her body.

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   I moved quickly pushing her down softly kissing her neck as tore at the white lace of her bra almost ripping it off. With a few nibbles on her neck I softly traced my tongue down her chest softly as I licked on each lovely mound circling the nipple before switching to the other one. I could feel her lust growing in every breath, the teasing was really driving her crazy. Suddenly I moved wrapping my mouth around her breast sucking hard as my hand softly moved down her stomach sliding down her panties as my fingers lightly rubbed over her clit. She screamed out in ecstasy as my touches became faster and I started to pull harder on her nipple. She begged for more as she shoved my face further into her. I softly bit into her nipple as I pulled back pinching her clit hard as she screamed louder and louder. She let go of my head to dig her nails into my back. I wasn’t nearly done tasting her as I moved further down. Just above her exposed pussy I stopped breathing in the heavy scent. It was strong but so heavenly, I couldn’t take another second as I dove in, my tongue diving in deep inside her pussy. I may have been a virgin to girls but I had watched enough porn to know what to do. I quickly flicked my tongue across her clit before shoving two fingers deep inside her pussy. For a girl that was having sex with a total stranger she was actually really tight. I sucked hard on her clit continuously flicking and twirling my tongue as my fingers explored. shemale germany rendez vous escort sweetest pussies escots ascort dubai shemale escorts 

   I used her moans as I guide for what she liked and she liked it rough particularly one spot drove her crazy when I touched it.
    I quickly pulled my fingers out and they were replaced with my tongue. So I shoved it in deep as I pushed it up flicking that oh so delicate area of hers. She instantly grabbed me head shoving me in deeper as her legs wrapped around my neck keeping me in place. I licked, wiggled, and swirled my tongue inside her as I could hear her moans get deeper. I knew she must have been getting close so I decided to push her over the edge I quickly pinched her clit tightly as I pushed my tongue against her spot. Suddenly there was a change in her moans as she tried to pull my head away. I was too determined to finish her off and only went harder. With one loud scream she dug her nails into me breaking the skin as she moaned loud flooding my mouth with her love nectar. I took a second to lick up what juices came as I came up to breath. As I opened my eyes to look at my raven hair angel I couldn’t believe what I had seen. I knew it must have all been a dream, standing before me was the same beautiful raven beauty, but long angelic white wings shot fourth from her back. My mind was stuck in the idea it must of all been a dream, but how could I feel the pain of her nails or taste her love nectar still in my mouth. She looked at me as she began to cry, a sight I would never forget an angel crying. I could only mutter out , “Whats wrong?” as istinctly grabbed her tight holding her naked body against mine.

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    “What are you doing you silly immortal, you got what u want why don’t you just leave”? she screamed out trying to push me away.

    With the simplest push I was sent across the room. It had no effect on me when, as I approached her again “I have absolutely no clue whats going on but I love you and I wont leave you. ” I held her tighter no matter how much she struggled or tried to beat me off.   I really don’t know why I said I loved her. I had just met her, and I never said I loved anyone, I didn’t even know what love was, but somehow it felt so natural to say it to this girl.


    She looked at me tears still in her eyes, as small smile came from beyond all the tears. “What did you just say to me? You love me? I don’t believe you, you shouldn’t have seen me like this please just leave” Her voice had lightened as she spoke the smile only lingering for a second before it turned back stern.


    “Yes I love you, I don’t know how or why I just do? You’re an angel and just looking at u makes everything perfect”. I moved quickly pushing my lips against hers kissing her even more passionately then before. As I stopped and waited for her reaction.


    “This has never happened to me, I have never lost control and shown myself like this before. I mean how could a virgin make me cum. I am a disgrace to angels sleeping with a human, and then exposing myself to you. I should just kill you and be gone, but I cant, I cant love you can i.


       “ Her last words were almost a whisper as she stared at me, a long break of silence as her tears finally stopped falling. She quickly moved forward picking me up as if I weighed nothing her wings surrounding me. “I want to be with you, do you want the same “I only nodded as it was a good enough of an answer to satisfy her needs. Her wings closed around us creating a slanted wall as she laid me against it, pushing her body against mine. “If you really love me then show me. ” She slowly moved her body against mine her tight pussy grinding against me. I needed no further instructions as I wrapped my arms around her body slowly pushing myself onto her.   Her wings opened as she flew into the night sky her holding me like I was weightless. She kissed my stomach as she kissed lower and lower past my navel as my head started to feel light, my heart just pounding away. Within a second she had reached my oh so delicate area as I couldn’t handle it anymore, I pulled her into me as she quickly rewarded me. Her tongue was like nothing I had ever felt before. She buried it inside of me as I moaned and moaned, without stop screaming louder and louder into the night sky. The mix of the feeling, and the fear of being miles over the earth made the feeling unbelievable.   It felt like an eternity of pleasure but only in a matter of seconds I orgasimed over and over tell I could hardly breathe. She drank every drop as she finally held me tight in the night sky.

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       I could hardly move, I was tiered in every way, I had done soccer but compared to sex it was nothing. “I love you”.

    She looked at me her beautiful eyes staring deep inside of me, almost to my soul. She smirked as I could tell a devious little plan was forming inside of her.   “You know I love you so much, so you want to go again”. I looked at her, trying to realize how she could still have the energy.   I just kissed her pashionatly showing my answer. I mean after all who could say no to an angle?