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I rinse my eyes with cool water to make it look like I wasn’t crying. I walk down a long corridor, the whole way thinking, “To hell with this job, who needs it anyways?” I finally get to the correct office, and I take just one deep breath, silently count to 3 and back down to zero getting ready to make one hell of an entrance. I burst in the door with my chin up, and my eyes partially closed acting like being an hour and a half late is a normal thing for me. I walked past a lot of people and saw a room with an empty desk. I figured it may as well be mind, so I made myself at home. I propped my feet up on the desk, got out a nail file and decided to try to give off my strongest, “queen of the universe” vibes. A few minutes later my boss came in. She was about 5’7”, green eyes, red hair, light, milky complexion. I gave her this look like I’d been waiting all day for her to come and see me. She asked me why I had been late, I just rolled my eyes, continued filing and told her I had better things to be doing. At this time I totally forgot about needing the job, I was having fun being a snob. She said I’d best clean up my act and act more like a professional, she’d be back in a few minutes with some work for me to take care of. I smiled to myself, the job was mine, this woman just met her match and she likes it. She came back a few minutes later with a shit load of papers and dropped them on my desk. I did my best not to look overwhelmed. She then walked out and slammed the door.

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   I began flipping threw the papers just to get an idea of what I’d be dealing with. I began reading about exactly what I was supposed to do with the particular contract and my boss walked back in. She had her purse and car keys, that made sense, it was almost time for lunch. She sat down on the leather love seat in front of my desk, gently setting her purse on the seat next to her. She looked at me and asked what was wrong. I began telling her that I was fine, but she cut me off and told me she knew there was something wrong. I leaned back in my chair and asked her if she really wanted to know. She said yes, and I began telling her. When I got to the part about the speeding ticket, she walked over to me and took my hand. She pulled me up and asked me to continue telling about my ordeal. She pulled me over to the love seat and pulled me down onto her lap. I was a bit curious about her behavior, but I was too concerned about finishing my explanation to say anything. When I got done she leaned my head up against her shoulder and started telling me that people often get the wrong idea of her. She asked me if it would be ok to try to start all over and I complied, it was a great idea. She kissed me on the cheek and started talking about my glasses.

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   She said they made me look cute! I then slipped my hand behind her back and kind of hugged her. She then ran her up my leg. She saw me look down to see what she was doing and then she put her hand up my skirt and started rubbing my inner thigh. I gently gasped and she asked what was wrong, I said nothing and then she spread my legs. She started kissing me and then she moved my thong aside and started rubbing my slit. She told me to get up and I obediently did. She stepped over to my desk and threw all the papers on the floor. She looked at me and told me not to worry about it, she had this planned all along, she was actually glad I was late, it gave her a reason to check on me! She told me to jump up on the desk and I did. I sat on the desk with my legs dangling over the side and my arms at my sides. She stepped up to the desk and pulled me forward, spreading my legs around her. She started unbuttoning my blouse and she leaned into me and licked my tits. She opened up her purse and took out a dildo, then tossed the purse on the floor. She put her hands up my skirt and pulled my thong down. I reached up and rubbed my tits threw my half open shirt as she gently slid the dildo in me. She leaned into me and whispering in my ear she asked if I wanted it harder and I told her I’d love it rough.

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   She then began picking up the pace and soon I was topless, moaning and begging her to go even faster. Just then the door opened and some rather attractive man in, I’d say, his early 40’s walked in. He had brown hair, brown eyes and a Mediterranean complexion. His jaw dropped and so did the little brown bag in his hand.
    I tensed up, but my boss quickly told me not to worry about it, it was only her husband bringing her lunch! He came over to the desk looked at what we were doing. The fucking felt so damn good I didn’t really care that somebody was watching. He then sat down on the love seat, unzipped his pants, and started playing with his cock. It was really big too, my boss had some pretty great taste in her men. I looked back and forth at her and her husband. He was having quiet a good time watching us, and we were having a good time watching him. My boss put her hand down and started rubbing my clit which, with the dildo still in me, almost drove me right over the edge. As soon as I started screaming, “YES! YES! YES!” She took it out and started eating me. She licked my clit, and fingered me at the same time. She then put the dildo back in me and kept on licking my clit. I put my hand on the back of her head and guided her soft, plump lips over my wet twat.

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       Her husband was really going now. I started to feel an orgasm working up inside me. My legs started to shake, and then she rammed the dildo in even harder and ran her tongue over my clit so fast, it hit me like a brick wall. I pushed my chest out, arched my back, and screamed so loud, begging her to fuck me harder for just a few seconds. Just at about that time her husband exploded all over the place too. My boss then stopped dildo fucking me and her husband looked at her. I reached down and rubbed my wet pussy, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips letting me taste my own juices. She looked back at her husband than at me and advised me to get dressed and take my lunch break. I was getting dressed and my boss laid on the couch and pulled her husband on top of her. They started making out and then I quickly grabbed the rest of my things and left. When I got back the place was a mess, those two really know how to fuck. Now I’d better go and finish packing my luggage. My 26 year old boss Kelly, and her 41 year old husband Chris are going to an international business convention in Hawaii, and I’m going with. She talked to me about threesomes and homemade porn, so I think I know what we are going to be doing. Well, gotta go!~Love Mandy~.

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