My New Job Pt 1


I had such a long day searching all over for my new house, i was living in a hotel for four weeks and had begun to get alittle claustraphobic just doing the same old thing night after night. I was laying on my bed watching tv when i just had the feeling that i needed to get out of there and blow off some steam.

I left my last job as a teacher in this tiny little school from my home town. I was head hunted by this big posh boarding schoolwith the kind of money that it was too good to refuse. So there i was suck in a strange place with no friends , family or home to go to.

I stripped off my clothes and studied my body in the full length mirror. Starting with my sexy tiny feet moving up my long legs then turning around to view my curvey and smooth backside, i ran my hand over my tight stomach before cupping my big 34f boobs. I let my long curly brown hiar down and it feel over my shoulders, my hands let my boobs fall back into place as they moved toward my fury pussy. My fingers slid deep inside my pussy moving in and out, i was close to cumming when there was a loud knock at the door. I was so shocked by the sudden noise that i made the simple task of putting a dressing gown such a mess. A young female hotel worker was there when i finally opened the door.

" Sorry i hope i didn't interupped anything" she said with a knowong smile.

"erm well i was just erm i mean the shower and well i, no you didn't inturrupped anything" Way to go Sarah ithought don't make it too obvious.

" This note was left for you by your estate agent she said those where the adresses of the new houses she has found for you. "

"ok thank you" I said wanting to get back to my fun

" its a shame i wont be seeing you around for much longer. " she smiled

" im sorry?"

" i like seeing you around the hotel" she pulled my gown open to get a view of my clevage.

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   I quickly stepped away and closed the door. My gown was thrown to the floor and i began to masturbate hard thinking of the girl at the door, my legs gave way as i came and i fell against the wall i sat on the floor legs wide open panting hard. I caught my breath again and I realised i had just made myself come over a girl who could have been no older than 18, ive never been attrached to women the thought has never crossed my mind so why did this girl get me so hot and horny. I reasond that as i was playing with myself when she knocked i was already horny and she just stuck in my head. Anyway i showered and changed into this sexy black dress with tiny black undies. I walked through the reception and i looked over at the desk and saw her staring back at me i felt myself go bright red and couldnt shake the feeling that she could tell what i had done.

I got to the club later than i had wanted to and had to wait along time in the line in the cold breeze of the night, once inside my night didn't get much better as i seemed like every jerk of a guy in town tryed it on with me i guess big boobs and and short skirt are just too appealing. I was just about to give up the night out when it happened. I was getting what i told myself was to be the last drink of the night when i heard a voice.

" Some of them can't take no for an answer can they" I turned to see a sexy young woman learning next to me on the bar.

" yeah and none of them good looking enough for me to put up with. " we shared a laugh and she introduced herself as Keeley

" So ive not seen you here before you must be new to the area. "

"yeah im starting a new job after the summer im trying to find a place to stay. "

" wow new job new townthats so cool. So what the job?"

" Oh im a teacher i will be working at the boarding school.

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" oh a sexy hot teacher to drive the students crazy"

" I pretty sure that won't happen as its an all girls school. "

"Oh look theres a table" she grabbed me by the arm and pulled me across the club to the empty table, she hopped up onto the high stool in one easy bounce her boobs jiggled and she pulled her dress up just to make sure she didnt show more of her boobs than she already was. I was in high heels and a short skirt making it difficult to get up onto the stool without showing my underwear. " You need a hand there babes?"

" No im fine" i said as i struggled into my seat

"yes you are" she smiled at me and i felt her look over my body. It was then i realised that she was chatting me up my brain was screaming at me to move away or tell her i wasn't into girls but my body was frozen.

    " You like them don't you" she said snapping me out of my trance.

    " erm what i . . . "

    "Don't be shy i saw you looking at them" i looked away knowing what she was going to say " My boobs of course your eyes where all over them"

    I tried to protest but she held her finger to my lips and sushed me as she slide off her stool and moved closer to me.

    " Why dont we go and freshen up id love to see what that shade of lipstick looks like on me"she held my hand as she pulled me thu the crowd into the ladies.

    " so what kind of lipstick do you have mines. . . .

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      " her finger was on my lips again shhing me.

    " you're so silly, thats not how i was gonna get your lipstick"

    " what do you mean?"

    " I'll show you" she moved into kiss me and i backed away

    " i know you want this" she said as she pulled me back toward her and kissed me, i kissed her back my hands all over her tight little backside as she dragged me into a toilet cubicle. She bent me over my hands pushed against the cublicle door as my legs where spread apart and my panties pulled down as my dressed hitched up to my hips. She slid in two fingers in my pussy teasing me, her hands then grabbed my ass cheeksand spread them apart as i felt her tongue pushed its way into mt ass hole. I pulled the starps down from my dress exposing my boobs, i had one hand groping one of my breasts as the other moved between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I started to come and was aware that people might hear she must have known i was trying to be quite as her tongue moved deeper into my ass. I couldn't hold onto it anymore as my screams echoed around the bathroom. She spun me around and grbabbed my breasts squeezing licking and biting them.

    " get on your knees" she demanded and i was only too willing to comply. I loved every second of it her pussy was so juicey i could have stayed there for hours. She grabbed my hair and manouverd my head to the possitions she wanted me in and soon enough she was yelling with delight. She pulled her panties back up and smoothed out her dress before picking up my undies and putting them in her handbag.

    " Wait the're mine"

    " I want a special memory of tonight, anyway im guessing this isn't the first time you've gone without panties" we both giggled and left the ladies room. We went our sepperate ways after that night but it wouldn't be the last time our paths crossed. .

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