My Lady Boss 2


If you missed my first story, my name is Sarah and I am 19 yrs and I met Sheyna, a gorgeous brunette who is now my boss. On the first day on the job, I ended up with Sheyna giving me a fantastic orgasm in the back seat of her car. It was my first lesbian experience and I was hooked. The next day I decided to be a sexy in my attire. I wore a short black skirt that ended a couple of inches above my knee. I wore my hair loose. I also wore a low neck top that showed a generous amount of my deep cleavage. I wore a black lacy bra and matching panties. With this kit, I walked into office early morning. Betty was at her usual perch and her eyes almost fell out of her head when she saw me. She gave me a wide smile as I walked upto her to sign in. I bent over the table unnecessarily as I signed in giving her another glimpse of my 34 D breasts. She couldn't resist looking at them. I realised that being Sheyna's receptionist and being the gorgeous girl she is, that at one time or the other Sheyna would have got into this young girls pants as well. I turned and with an exaggerated swing of my hips and walked towards Sheyna's office feeling Betty's eyes on me. I just logged onto my PC and heard someone come into the room.

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   It was Betty. "Hey, Sarah, are you busy?" she asked. "No, come on in," I said. She was dressed in a pair of tight pants that accentuated her figure and a high neck sleeveless blouse. I couldn't help but look at her figure with my eyes resting on her crotch. She looked sexy in her outfit. She walked upto me and stood close. I felt her looking down my blouse. "Did Sheyna, take you out last night? " she asked. There was a trace of envy in her voice. I nodded. "Well, did she take you home or did you guys do it in the car?" she asked laughingly. She went on to explain that it was a regular part of Sheyna's induction process to the company. I learnt that most of the girls in the company were either bisexual or lesbian. While I was talking to her, my elbow was jutting out.

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   Betty started to lean against my elbow rubbing her crotch against it. I kept my hand there, my pulse quickening as she kept talking about the plus points of working here. I started to push my elbow against her in a feeling her mound under my elbow. "Sarah, your breasts are fantastic" she said, looking unashamedly at my breasts. I did something that surprised even me. I took her hand and placed it on my right breast giving her a gentle smile. Her hand trembled as it started to squeeze my breast. Her touch was gentle in contrast to Sheyna's first time with me. She bent towards my face. I pulled her to me with my hands and kissed her lips lightly, my arms going around her long neck. Then I made her sit on the table, stood up and moved between her legs. My tongue duelled with hers, playfully wrestling with her. She kept rubbing against my breasts. I pushed my breasts against hers and started to kiss her hard. I first sucked her lower lip moving down to her chin, biting it playfully.

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   Then moved back up to her upper lip, tracing it with my tongue. Then I kissed her, opening my mouth and sending out my long tongue on a mission to conquer her mouth. We kept kissing for what seemed like hours to me. She pushed me back so that she could get a good look at my boobs. She reached up and slipped off my tshirt, exposing my lacy bra. She bent over and started licking the straps, biting and pulling then with her teeth. It felt extremely erotic. I caressed her breasts over her bra while she played with my strapped. Then she did the most erotic thing I have seen. She lifted my arm and started to suck on my shaved armpit. Some of you may think that its gross, but it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. It made me shiver. She kept sucking on the skin running her tongue up and down. It made my breath come faster and a moan escaped my lips. I started to unbutton her blouse exposing her padded bra.

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   She moved down to my bra cup, running her tongue along the top seam trying to push her tongue under it. I slipped off one of the straps of my bra and made it easy for her. She moved down to the cup and started to lick it running her tongue over the nipple over the cup. I pulled her to my nipple making her suck it harder. I felt my panty getting wet. I pulled her off my nipple with difficulty and started to kiss her long neck. She shuddered as I started sucking her neck while biting it lightly. I slipped off her bra straps, pushing the whole bra down while I kissed her neck. Her breasts were high and small, and I could cover one with the palm of my hand. On top of that, she had puffy nipples which drove me crazy. I started to lick around her nipple, teasing her a little and trying hard to avoid her puffy pink nipples. It was so hard not to suck them. But I knew through experience that a woman needed to be licked around her nipple to make it even more sensual and pleasurable. I suddenly started to suck on her puffy nipple. She moaned and lifted herself off the table trying to give me all of her breast to suck.

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   I took in as much as I could manage. I kept sucking her as I ran my tongue over her hard nipple. Her nipple was so soft and suckable. I kept sucking her and felt her body respond. I started to rub her tummy caressing it and moving down towards her crotch. I unzipped her panties and pushed it down while kissing her nipple. I cupped her wet panty making her moan louder. My finger dipping into the crevice pushing the panty material into her slit. She groaned, pushing my head down to her pussy. I started to lick her thighs moving up slowly. I could smell the fragrance of her pussy juice and her wet panties. I pushed it aside and started to lick the corner of her pussy near her thigh, tasting the puffy skin and moving towards the middle. She was completely shaved. I felt my tongue slide over her smooth skin. I moved up to her clit pushing my tongue between the lips, finding the little knob.

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   I started to tease her clit tracing the outline of it, teasing it out of its hiding place. "Ohhhh. . . Sarah. . oh. . baby. . oh god. . please suck my clit. . baby.


  . ahhhhh. . . . oh god !!" Betty hung on to me with her dear life urging me on. But she didn't let me lick her clit for long. She pulled me up and hugged me. She then started to suck on my lips tasting her pussy on them. I closed them tight as she sucked them, moaning. Her legs encircled me as she kept sucking my lips. I opened my mouth letting her probing tongue into mine. I took my bra off in the process and unsnapped Betty's bra that was half off. We crushed our breasts as we kissed and kissed. It felt so nice to feel my breasts rubbing against hers.

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   She pushed my hand to her pussy and thats all the encouragement I needed. I started to push the panty down and with her help, we had it off and I used all of my fingers to tease her nether lips. I felt her gasp into my mouth as my fingers made a similar motion to typing on the keyboard across her slit. Then she pushed my hand further down. I didn't realise what she was doing until one of my fingers reached her anus. She took her mouth away from mine for a few seconds to ask me rub her rim. I started to rub her anus, teasing her rim and making her moan louder. My finger was so wet that it slipped in a few millimeters and the effect was like magic. Betty pushed herself against my finger. I had no choice but to move my finger at her pace. I slipped another finger into her pussy so that I had one in her ass and one in her pussy. She kissed me hard as she moved against my hand moaning my name out loud. "Oh, Sarah baby, fuck my pussy and ass with your gorgeous fingers . . .

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  . . . aaaaahhhh. . ," she moaned rocking against my hand. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I didn't notice that we had a visitor. I realised that someone else was in the room only when I felt a hand caress the back of my legs. I turned around to see Sheyna and she just smiled as she caressed my legs. "Betty, you couldn't wait to get your hands on this young girl, huh?" she said. She urged me on as she knelt behind me. I shuddered as I felt her tongue trace the back of my leg. She pushed my skirt up exposing my ass and panty. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor. She then proceeded to rub my ass, kneading the soft flesh in her her hand.

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   I could feel her breasts rubbing against the back of my thigh. In the mean time Betty asked me to stop my onslaught to let her experience a longer orgasm. She let me have her breasts to be sucked. I didn't mind diverting my attention to her breasts. I started to lick all over the puffy skin moving slowly towards the nipple. Sheyna continued to knead my buns. Then I felt her nose against my panty. I felt her smelling my pussy. "Oh Sarah, I love the smell of your pussy," she moaned, rubbing her noses on the slit through the panty. I pushed my pussy against her face, but she kept avoiding it. Then suddenlt, as I was begining to get a little impatient, she started to lick my pussy throught the panty. Stabbing her tongue into the slit. I hugged Betty hard as I sucked her nipple making her moan louder. I wanted to give Betty pleasure of the same intensity I was feeling them. After what seems an eternity, Sheyna, pushed my panty down.


   She started to lick my bum and gently bite it. Her fingers were tantalisingly close to my pussy. Yet, she avoided it. She started to lick the back of my thigh moving slowly towards my pussy. Then again as before she stopped giggling at my frustration. Then she suddenly sucked my pussy so hard that I had to hold on to Betty, feeling her tongue stab into it and go deep. I spread my legs so that she would have easy access to my pussy. .



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