My First Sexual Encounter with a Woman


This is the story of my first lesbian encounter,
My name is Lisa, i'm 32, 5' 7" tall, shoulder length blonde hair, green eyes, thin athletic figure, small but firm breasts, 31" inside leg and it has often been said that i'm attractive.
Several weeks ago, a new woman moved into the street, her name is Sarah, she's 39, about 5' 5" tall, olive coloured skin, she is also thin like me although her breasts are a little bigger than mine.
We had said hello on the odd occassion and had chatted briefly.
On this particular day i had bumped into Sarah in our local supermarket, we chatted briefly about the crap english weather and generally asked how each other was, after finding out we were both ok, i asked sarah if she would like to come over tonight for a drink and something to eat to welcome her to the neighbourhood.
Sarah, said that she would be delighted to.
What time would you like me to arrive at?
Shall we say 7pm i replied.
That's perfect, Sarah replied.
See you there then.
We said our farewells and i carried on with my shopping. I decided i would make a spag bol for tonights dinner, i also bought a couple of bottles of medium dry white wine. After paying for my shopping i dashed home to get everything ready, even though there was still 5 hours till Sarah would arrive.
I placed the wine in the fridge to chill, and started to prepare the spag bol, I placed the minced beef into a hot wok that was already on the gas burner, i then started to peel and chop some onions, then chopped up some mushrooms and then added them to the minced beef, letting them brown off i then added some tomato puree`, dried parsley, thyme and coriander, and then i let the whole lot simmer. I always like to make my spag boll in advance to eating it to allow the flavours to marinade.
Later that day i lay in a lovely warm bath, with my favourite scented bubble bath in, I shaved my legs and shaved my pussy, i have always liked to keep myself well trimmed, one never knows what will come your way.
Anyway after washing my hair, and making sure i was lovely and clean and smooth, i towel dried myself off, blow dried my hair, and then started to apply my makeup.
Now what to wear for the upcoming meal, i put on a black lacy thong, a black lacy bra, a pair of blue levi's jeans, and a black holter neck top, i checked myself in my full length mirror, casual but nice, perfect.

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Going downstairs and into the kitchen i put on the boil a pot of water for the spaghetti, i had just put in the spaghetti and turned it down to simmer when the door bell went. On opening the door there stood sarah, she looked stunning, her long brown wavy hair, her blue eyes, her red lips, the black dress with the thin shoulder straps and black stillettos, i snapped back to reality.
Please come in i said with a smile.
Sarah smiled back at me and thanked me.
Sarah handed me a bottle of cold wine, do you have a cork screw?
Yes, of course, i went to the kitchen draw found the cork screw, passed it to her while i went to the cupboard and got out 2 wine glasses.
Sarah poured the wine into the glasses, and said heres to new friends.
I smiled and agreed, we chinked our glasses and drank.
Dinner will be about 5 minutes, please excuse me while i prepare the table.
The table was in the kitchen diner area, i placed some table mats on to the white cotton table cloth, i then put the cutlery out, followed by some toasted sliced baguettes. I turned to Sarah, please have a seat while i prepare the food, I had started to reheat the bolognaisse while that was warming up, i had tipped the spaghetti into a colander, and let it drain, when the bolognaisse was warm i spooned it into a serving dish, i also tipped the spaghetti into a serving dish and placed both dishes onto the table, i then topped Sarah's glass up with some more wine and sat myself at the table.
Dinner is served Madam, i joked.
Sarah laughed, i've never been called that before.
I smiled, sorry, a little corny i suppose.
Sarah, smiled back at me, i suppose, she joked.
Anyway, we both helped ourselves.

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Wow this is delicious sarah remarked, you must teach me how you make this so good some day.
Embarressed yet pleased that sarah enjoyed it, i remarked, anytime.
Sarah replied, i may just hold you to that you know.
We both laughed a little.
We chatted while we ate, Sarah had been raised in the south of England, had never married, had no children, had moved north to Staffordshire to do teaching, and was a teacher at a local High School.
Myself, i explained had been born and raised around here, i too had never married, i had no children, and that i worked for a local firm as a receptionist.
After we had finished dinner, and had sat chatting about all the everyday things that we had done or were still doing, i poured some more wine, and started to clear the table.
Sarah then said to me, Please let me help you do the dishes?
No need i kindly replied, the dish washer does it all, but thank you for the kind offer.
We chatted for what seemed like hours, my family, her family, relationships past and present, both of us were now single and it appeared we both had been for some time, our favourite music, hers being Fleetwood Mac, Eurythmics, Match Box 20, Jethro Tull. Mines being AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Nickelback etc, films we liked to watch e. t. c
The night grew late, it was Friday, no work for both of us in the morning.
The time came when Sarah, said, i think it must be time that i said good night.
Wow, is that the time i replied, it was 11:09 pm on the clock in the the Kitchen, i hadn't realised that it had gone so quick.
Sarah, stood up and laughed as she swayed a little, i think that wines gone to my head.


I stood up and could also feel the affects of the wine.
Sarah, turned to me and thanked me for a wonderful night, she hugged me close to her and kissed me gently on my cheek.
My heart raced, my face tingled from the soft affection planted there by that single kiss.
As we parted from each other our eyes locked, staring into her deep blue shimmering eyes, i felt a warmth rush over me, Sarah must have felt the same because in the next breath we were both kissing each other, softly and slowly at first, then harder and more vigourously, our tongues exploring each others mouths Sarah had placed her arms around my waist, and she was running them softly over my back, tracing her fingers in arc's along my spine, i being slightly taller had placed my arms over her shoulders and had started to run my fingers through her hair and gently rubbing the back of her neck. We seemed to melt into each other our bodies becoming one.
My mind was racing, i had never kissed another woman before, but neither had i felt this good before kissing someone else, My senses were heightened, i could feel little jolts of electricity coursing through my entire body, my nipples had hardened, i could feel my pussy tingling and i was sure that it had become moist, my legs trembled ever so slightly.
Suddenly Sarah stopped kissing me and stepped back, i'm sorry she said, i didn't mean to come onto you, it's just that i find you very attractive, and at that moment it had felt right.
I looked at Sarah, and said, no need to apologise, I have never kissed another woman before, but that was electrifying, the most sensual kiss i have ever experianced before.
I took Sarah's hands and guided her towards me.
Are you sure about this Sarah asked.
Yes, i'm sure i replied.
We kissed again, the sensations were still there, the tingling, the electricity, the arousel, all of them erupting into a sea of sexual passion. I moved my lips from Sarah's mouth and started to kiss her neck and shoulder, Sarah let out an almost silent gasp, her hands moving along the contours of my back and ribs, her fingers sending little signals to my brain that said " I WANT YOU ". I moved my attentions to sarah's lobe, i nibbled and kissed in gently, then i whispered into her ear, Stay tonight.
Sarah moved to face me, i would love to stay with you tonight, but are you sure this is what you want?
Yes, i replied, i want to experiance more of you, i want to feel the ecstasticity you breath into my very soul.

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Sarah then went onto explain briefly that she had been a lesbian for about 20 years now since her first encounter with another woman.
I pulled sarah into me and whispered into her ear, i want you, i want to feel your body next to mine, please say you'll stay.
Sarah, looked into my eyes, and smiled, of course i'll stay.
We cleared up the table and the kitchen, then we took a bottle of wine and 2 glasses, and i led Sarah to my bedroom.
I laid the wine and the glasses onto the bedside cabinet, then i lay on the bed, Sarah came and sat at my side, and poured the wine into the glasses. Then she leaned down and kissed me, her lips moving expertly onto mine, her tongue slowly prised open my eager lips, letting her probe her tongue into my mouth, feeling it run along the roof of my mouth, tracing a line along my teeth, my lips sucked at her tongue, sarah nibbled at my lips, my body ached for her so much.
Sarah sat back up and asked me to unzip her dress.
My hands and body were still trembling from the sensualality of this gorgeous woman, from the thoughts of what i was doing and what was about to happen, slowly i managed to undo the zipper.
Sarah stood up and let the dress fall to the floor, i thought my heart was going to burst, there stood the body of an angel, a goddess a sexual master piece, he olive skin was embraced by nothing more than a black lacy bra, and a matching black lacy thong not to dissimilar to my own, at the bottom right hand side of her stomach was a tattoo of a small black rose. I knew at that point that i really wanted this woman beside me, to let her taste me, to have her engulf me.
Sarah leaned over me, smiled and said, let me pass my experaince with over women on to you, she leaned forward and started to kiss the front of my neck, her fingers ran down my arms that had locked solidly to my side, she undid the halter neck which was tied at the back of my neck, and pulled the material away so that it lay slightly open at the front, her hands glided expertly along my ribs till they reached my breasts, i gasped, as my body arched to allow her hands to mould my breasts more firmly.
Slowly she kissed down my body, her fingers gently nipping my already hardened nipples, the sensations running through me at that time were electrifying, never before had anyone managed to send my mind into the frenzy it was now experiancing.
Sarah lifted the halter neck up over my breasts, revealing my own black lacy bra, i took that as my cue to sit up, sarah then removed the top and dropped it to the floor, she then undid her own bra, and let that also drop to the floor, her breasts were magnificent, her brown nipples pointed out like little arrows to ecstacy, sarah then undid my bra, removed it from me, and dropped it on the floor next to mine, she looked at me , smiled, and asked if i was ok?
Oh yes, i managed to murmour, my mouth was dry, my body was aching for this woman.
Sarah passed me my wine glass, have a drink she said, it will help you to relax.
I gladly sipped from the glass, she was right it did help me relax a little more.

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As i put the drink back on the bedside cabinet, and lay back down on the bed gazing into this amazing womans eyes, Sarah un did the button on my jeans whilst she kissed around my stomouch, her fingers glided the zipper open, and she parted the fabric, all the while kissing my stomouch, sending shivers of the likes i have never felt before through my entire body, my breathing had become heavier, my hands were now behind my head resting on the pillows, Sarah took hold of my jeans and started to peel them off my legs, i raised my arched my back and raised my bum off of the bed to allow them to come off, Sarah pulled the jeans from me, dropped them from the floor, the started to kiss me from my feet all the way up my legs, kissing the tops of my thighs, she was now on her hands and knees, kissing and licking and nibbling my thighs, my stomouch then my breasts, my hands had now taken a firm hold of the wooden slats that made up my head board, my body was contorted into positions that the feeling this woman had brought to me matched how she pleasured me.
    Her toungue traced the outline of my nipples, her nails gently scraped along my ribs.
    My breathing was eratic, my body was wriggling and heaving around like i was on a heavenly theme park ride, sarah kissed and licked my wanten breasts, then started to kiss her way down my body her hands reached to my breasts playing with my breasts pinching my nipples, the saliva from her mouth still present on my breasts allowed her hands to glide effortlessly over them, Sarah ran her tongue over the fabric of my already soaked knickers, she planted a kiss right on my clitoris, i let out a deep heavy breath, my head was tilted back into my pillows, my eyes were shut firmly, little flashes of light eminated from the back of my eye lids, i could feel my eyeballs dashing around in there sockets.
    Sarah removed my knickers, to reveal my cleanly shaven pussy, i'm not sure, but i think i heard her say "PERFECT" but it may have been my own imagination, i felt like i was in a dream state, not sure what was real anymore and what was pure fantasy.
    I soon snapped back to reality, i felt sarah's breath against my wet pussy, then a shudder shot through me as Sarah's tongue lashed against my clit, my eyes shot open, my body threw itself up towards her mouth, sarahs fingers traced a line from my my clit to my pussy which was now soaking wet and felt on fire, sarahs fingers gently opened my lips allowing more of her tongue to lavish my pussy, i felt her teeth gently nibble my clit as she sucked it into her mouth, her tongue dancing over it like a ballerina.
    My hands had now moved down to my own breasts, kneading them, teasing the erect nipples, my breathing had grown heavier, i was saying things to Sarah, like "YESSSSSSSS" and groaning out loudly "FUCK YESSSS"
    Sarah was now eating my pussy like a ravenous wild animal, i could feel her nose rubbing against my clit as she probed her tongue into my pussy, my hands had now roamed down to her head, forcing it deeper into me, sarah licked me all the way from my pussy back up to my clit, i opened my eyes and looked down at her face, her eyes smiled back at me, the light glistened off my juices that now clung to her face, her tongue moved back down again, i raised my hips to meet it, she licked all the way down till her tongue rested against my arse, she ran her tongue around it probing it slightly then ran it back to my pussy, occassionally her finger would delve deep into my pussy while she licked my clit, on and on sarah went, till i couldn't take anymore.
    I grabbed Sarah's head, and thrust my pussy into her face "I'M CUMMING" i screamed, i ground my pussy hard onto Sarah's tongue as my juices began to run through me like a torrent of water, rushing from me. My body spasmed, i felt my mouth dry, lights danced infront of my eyes, I heard Sarah slurping at my pussy, FUCKKKKKK FUCKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS i screamed, Sarah continued to lick up my juices, my pussy screamed for her to continue, to stop, to be eaten, but also to rest, i let out a little giggle and wriggled uncontrollably as the sensations began to tickle through me.
    Sarah leaned up smiling at me, she leaned herself over me and i pulled her down to me and kissed her, tasting my juices that still clung to her lips, My mind was exhausted, but my body craved for more of her, tonight i was going to experiance this womans entire body and soul.
    To be Continued.