My First Real Escort Job Pt 2


Well, I was all ready to start work and as Maggie and I drove home we stopped for some supper on the road. Nothing happened and we had a nice quiet meal at a kind of truck stop. There were several other people there including the staff and I had forgoten to buton my dress al the way and Maggie never told me so it stayed down past my tits. It was cool in the resturant and so my nipples and Maggie's got hard as rocks. I just enjoyed the stimulation and the feeling it gave me. Maggie leaned forward and said, "are you as wet as I am?" and I said "Very wet. " and we laughed some. "Guess we will have to stop somewhere for desert. " I told her and said it was a great idea. We paid the bill and walked to the car and about 5 or 6 people all got up suddenly and paid and walked out too. Men and women and they were obviously watching us. "I think we have an audience" Maggie said as she took my hand in hers. "Yes, I think you are right. " I told her. "So, should we give them a little show then?" Maggie said. "Well, we are wet and we have not had desert yet.

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  " I told her so we got to our car that was just around the corner of he cafe and in he dark and sure enough the group kind of follwoed so hat they could see us. I turned and faced Maggie and leaned against the car and the leaned to my face and said, "Well, I hope hey enjoy he show. " and I told her, "Well, at least we will enjoy putting it on. " and she took my face in her hands and kissed me deep. My arms were around her neck and we really were kissing so much that my knees were weak and my juices were flowing. Magie has made me have an orgasm before just by kissing me. I was close and told her so.

We both looked at the group of people that had walked closer now and Maggie kissed me again and said, "I want my desert" and the undid my dress until it was open and then she got down in front of me and began sucking my tits and biting the nipples harder and harder. Out of the coner of my eyes I saw a woman had pulled a guys cock out and was jacking him off while watching us. I got up on the trunk and Maggie was now between my legs, both on them on her shoulders and eating me like crazy. I laid back on the trunk and of course the dress was all open and Maggie was eating me like crazy. After a couple orgasms she stood up and the group was now right there next to and around us, "Anyone wanna fill up her pussy?" Maggie and a man came up and undid his pants and suddenly was deep in me making me moan. He took a long time but finally filled me up and then his date came and ate me out, sucking his cum out of me and kissing one of the other women. Another man slipped into me and he too took a long time and was bouncing me around the trunck of the car. His cum filled me and seemed to keep going and he finaly finished and the same woman came and ate me again.

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After a couple hours they had all had what they wanted and Maggie helped me into the car and tossed my dress in too. We drove home and I slept late the next day. She came in, "Very nice ride last night?" and she kissed me. "Oh yes, sex is so much fun. " I told her almost falling off he bed to grab her boobs she was teasing me with. We finally got up and had lunch and sat around a while. We were just geting ready to leave for he afternoon and the phone rang. Maggie got it and was talking to the escort service. They had a couple that wanted my services for the evening and wanted to have me all night and would return me the next day. I said okay and Maggie told them so. I was to wear a short mini skirt and halter top, thong panties and no bra. I had to go and buy the halter but everything else was good. I gave the resiept to the service and they paid me back for it. I was all set and at 5:30 was waiting for the couple at the ofices of the service. The secretary kept looking at me licking her lips and they made me a little hot.

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   "I would like to have you some night. " she said and I said that would be fine with me. Well, at 6PM and very business like pair of women came in, in their 50s I guessed and both were very pofessional and dressed that way.

I was introduced and they approved of my dress and halter. "You are going to role play tonight dear" the receptionist said. "You are their granddaughter and just awakening to your sexuality and they do not know it while you have come to visit and they give you a room and you are watching TV and begin stripping and playing with yourself. They catch you and then they scold you but then spank you you and then all of you begin kissing and then all are naked. " she said. "I think I get it. " I said and one woman sid, "and how old are you really my Dear?" "For real?" I said. "Yes, for real. " I told her my age and they smiled, "You are the age of our real granddaughters but we dare not do this with them.

We got in the car, very nice and plush and talked as we were driven towads Georgia. We went to their home and all got out and went in. They were acting perfectly and showed me my room which was realy nice with wide screen and all.

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   I found that there were also cameras set up to record all the fun and also to monitor anywhere in the room. They told me supper would be in and hour and said to relax. Remembering the role play I sat down and found a channel that had some very hot lesbian sex on it. I sat on the couch and began playing with myself and soon my legs were wide apart and I was fingering myself like crazy. One came in. Grandma D. I will say and caught me with my fingers in mid orgasm. She yelled at me, "You litle slut, is this what you have become?" and the other Grandma E. heard the yelling and came in too and got just as outraged. I tried to cover myself but the clothes were riped from my hands and Grandma D stood over me and grabbed my hands and told me to stand up. and so I did. The two women stood in front of me and I was naked and not allowed to cover myself up. "So what shall we do with the little slut. " Grandma D said. "Well, since she is obviously a slut lets see if she likes to be spanked and then treated like a slu.

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  " said Grandma E.

I was told o lean over the table and suddenly a whip came across my bottom and hit my ass and pussy lips all at one time. I winced with the pain but them a warmth came over me. They did this several times and I was close to an orgasm when they stopped. "Well, slut, did that cure you?" one said and I told her that I almost had an orgasm.
    She did not like that and slapped my tits and told the other to hold me from behind. She pulled my arms behind me and so my chest was all sticking out unprotected. The same whip was in her hands and she began whipping my tits. Red marks appeared and I was getting do hot that I knew I would explode soon. "Do I stop now slut?" one asked me. "Oh no, please, whip my tits. " I said and she did and soon I sprayed all over the floor under me. That seemed to do it because the two women almost ripped of their clothes and tossed me on the bed and one took the top and the other took the bottom. I was being eaten and sucked all over and orgasms were coming so fast that I felt my body floating it seemed. A shaved pussy was over my face and I began eating her and that one soaked my face and hair and then another one and I took care of it also.

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    They both laid on each side of me and kissed softly and snuggled and carressed each other. "Oh that was wonderful. " Grandma D said kissing me. "Yes it was. " i said and kissed her back. They got up and hugged kissing each other. "Well, you need to rest Dear, tomorow we have guests comeing and you are to take care of all of them and do anything they ask. " I laid down and slept and the next day I got up and showered and got nice a clean and shaved pussy nicely and looked for clothes. There were none so I presumed that I was to walk around naked. I walked down stairs and heard the sound of sex coming from the kitchen and walked to see what was going on. I got there and Grandma E was bent over the counter and a beautiful woman in her 20s was fucking her from behind with a dildo and she was almost screaming with her orgasm. THey finished and stod up and the young woman came to me, "Jill" she said. "You must be Brenda. " she said and I told her yes and she hugged me. All three of us were naked and I walked to the frig and opened it and got some orange juice out and drank some.

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       THe other Grandma came in with another woman and she was about the same age as the fist one.

    "Wanda, meet Brenda. " the other grandma said and Wanda hugged me pulling my nipples hard as she stepped back. I felt a warmth go all over my body again and had to sit down. "Well, is everyone ready to go?" one grandma said and the girls said yes and I did too. We walked downstairs to a basement like room and there were lots of "toys" all over. Wanda opened a door and slapped her thight and whistled and 6 german shepards came in and jumped up and down and all happy to see us and all were males.

    Wanda, "Meet our guests for the day Brenda. " and I laid down on a cushion and began playing with one that came to me and scratched his ears leading his tongue to my pussy which he began licking. "Well, It seems that the youngest of us knows what to do. " and I was trying to laugh but the licking of my pussy with the rough tongue made me jump as he did. "Yes, I know what to do. " I said and was pteeing another that sat near me and found his sheath and his nice sized dog cock came out some and as soon as it was out and he was laying on his back and I began sucking him as the other dog licked me. Our day was full of sexual fun and I will write more later.

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