Mile High Love


This is the story of my first time in the mile high club. I am an air stewardess and regularly cross the Atlantic as part of the job. This happened on one of my first flights back from Chicago to England.   I was assigned to the first class area along with another stewardess.   I had been told all about Jennifer before coming on the flight -- she was a lesbian and always made a play for new staff, this left me all the more excited about working with her as I was a lesbian myself. I walked into the crew area before the flight and saw this absolutely gorgeous woman talking to one of the other crew.   She was about 5'11 tall, very slim, long black hair and beautiful legs.   I was totally astounded by her beauty.   I was soon introduced to her and it transpired that she and I would be working the first class area together.   We chatted for a while andflirted a little before the flight.   I think by then she had realised that I was gay and that I wanted her so badly. All too soon we boarded the plane and began to get ready for the passenger, Jennifer guiding me on what I should be doing and what she expected of me once we were airborne.   All the time I was admiring her beauty and hoping she would make a play for me.   Then it was time for the passengers to board and be seated ready for take off.   Once everything was sorted and we started to taxi onto the runway Jennifer told me to go and take my seatready for takeoff.   I sat down and fastened my seatbelt in preparation and soon she was seated beside me.

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    We were just out of sight of any of the passengers and as soon as she had fastened herself into her seat she reached out her hand and started to caress my leg.   I looked over at her and she smiled at me.   At that moment I knew I could not resist her and that I was hers for whatever she wanted.   I smiled back and spread my legsa little wider to allow her more of my leg to caress.   As we shot down the runway and into the air her hand slid further and further up my leg and was brushing my pussy and clit through my panties.   Just as I was getting ready for her the light went out and it was ready for us to do our job.   She slid her hand down, unfastened her belt and as she rose from her seat gave me alittle kiss on the lips. For the next couple of hours I had to contend with serving passengers and making sure everything was going ok.   Each time I popped back into the galley area and Jennifer was there she would feel my ass or give me a little kiss, getting me more and more worked up.   I was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about what I would like to do with her. About three hours into the flight we had served all the meals and things seemed to be settling down, most of the passengers either watching the film or drifting off to sleep for the rest of the flight and this gave us an opportunity to get a little rest.   I wandered back down to the galley are and flopped down in my seat.   I had been there only about five minutes when Jennifer returned and sat next to me.   She smiled at me and let her hand rest on my leg, I spread my legs a little to give her room to play if sheso wished.   Her hand slid up and down my leg, caressing me gently and getting further and further up my leg with each stroke.

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    Very soon her hand found its way under my skirt and between my thighs, running gently up and down my legs, getting closer and closer to my panties and my wet pussy. Her hand slid slowly across my silk covered pussy and then her fingers eased my panties to one side and started to caress my soft wet lips, teasing at my clit with each and every stroke.   I spread my legs further apart, pulling my skirt up my legs to give her as much access as possible and very quickly I felt her fingers slip into my waiting pussy, two fingers at first but very quickly three, fingering me hard and fast.   I leant back in my seat enjoying the sensation as she worked my pussy with her fingers. She fucked my hard with her talented fingers and I felt my orgasm building deep inside me, ready to explode through my body.   All too soon it did and I had to fight my urges to scream out with pleasure as my orgasm exploded through me, wave after wave of pleasure.   Jennifer slipped her fingers from my pussy and held them to her mouth, slowly and seductively licking the juices from her fingers.   I was in heaven at this point and was ready formore and more and wanted to repay her for her services but the buzzer went to indicate somebody wanted service so she rose from her seat to sort them out. I waited with anticipation for her to return, wanting so badly to feel and taste her sweet pussy. It wasn't long before she returned and came to sit beside me again.   As she sat down I leant over and kissed her, our tongues entwined as we kissed.   I reached down between her legs and slid my hand up her gorgeous legs to her pussy.   I could feel her wetness through her panties and rubbed her through the soft material for a while before slidingmy fingers round the side and into her soft wet pussy.   I gently fingered her with two fingers, teasing at her clit at the same time, getting faster and faster until finally I managed to bring her to orgasm.   I did the same as she had, licking her sweet juices from my fingers.

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    I leant over and kissed her again and whispered in her ear how much I wanted to taste her.
Please let me know what you think of my story at andrea_holm28@yahoo. co. uk



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