(Me) Anthea My TRUE STORY OF Me Growing Up


Anthea's mum sensing that she was bored suggested that she offer to do some shopping for Erica who lived opposite, Erica was over 7 months pregnant and was suffering in the heat wave. Erica's husband Terry was a long distance lorry driver who went off to the continent every Monday morning and returned on Friday afternoons. Anthea went over to Erica's house and knocked the door, "come in" said Erica, "god, it's so hot" she said. Anthea was a little taken aback that Erica was so skimpily dressed, all she had on was an extremely thin nylon nightie. Anthea could quite clearly see her large bloated stomach pressing against the material. "I was wondering if you needed anything from the supermarket,” Anthea said. "Oh yes please" said Erica, "I am running short on lot's of things, and it's just too hot for me to carry them all back" - So with that Anthea went off with a long shopping list and a purse with money from Erica. The shopping took a lot longer than Anthea expected, by the time she got back it was almost 5 o'clock and time for tea. Erica met her at the door and told her that she could stay for tea at her house as she told Anthea's mum it would be as a thank you. The shopping was all packed away and they both sat down to a tea of sandwiches followed by ice cream, all the time Erica was moving about, Anthea could not help staring at Erica's huge stomach, she secretly wondered what it must look like without the nightie covering it. "Pauline will be here soon,” Erica told Anthea, "She comes every night to stand guard as I bath" Pauline explained. Pauline was Erica's best friend and came around every night that Terry was away to prevent an occurrence early in the pregnancy when Erica fell in the bath and lay there dazed for over half an hour. "Pauline is ever so kind" Erica said "It is a 6 mile round trip for her" - Anthea said she would not mind popping over if it would save Pauline the journey every day, "Are you sure" asked Erica "Of course I don't mind, in fact it will ease the boredom while all my friends are away" said Anthea. Erica rang Pauline to find out if she had left and just caught her in time, she explained to Pauline Anthea's offer and was very happy to be replaced. "I will still come over on Thursday nights though, I do like our weekly chat" said Pauline. So the tea things were packed away and Anthea popped home to tell her mum that she was stopping over with Erica for about another hour.

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   When she returned Erica was upstairs running the bath, "You can either stay downstairs, or sit in here and keep me company" said Erica. Anthea sat on the chair at the end of the bath and watched as Erica poured Radox into the bath. When the bath was ready Erica took hold of the hem of her nightie and pulled it straight up over her head, A small gasp came from Anthea - her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth was wide open. "What's wrong?” asked Erica; "nothing" said an obviously amazed Anthea. Erica stood before Anthea completely naked, Her breasts had grown during pregnancy, and her nipples were now very prominent, her stomach was stretched to what looked like bursting point and she had no pubic hair at all. "Are you embarrassed?” asked Erica "If you are then you can wait outside in the hallway,” she offered. "I'm fine now,” said Anthea, she then explained that she had never ever seen anyone naked other than her classmates after gym, and as regards a pregnant woman, well this was also a first. Erica lowered herself into the water and together the laughed at Anthea's reaction. Anthea went on to explain that her mum would never let her see her undressed and she very rarely, if ever wore a bathing suit. "Well I wish I had known" said Erica, "I would have not have pulled off my nightie quite so quickly in front of you" Anthea laughed and said” Well I was wondering what you looked like anyway, I really wanted to see how your stomach had stretched so much" - "Well when I get out you can have a better look at a human balloon" laughed Erica. The bath finished with, Erica stood up and turned on the shower to rinse off, with Anthea's help she stepped out of the bath and started to dry off. All the time Anthea was fascinated with an adult female body, beside the fact Erica was pregnant, her large breasts and nipples hung down and rested on the top of the lump, the lack of pubic hair was also unusual, Anthea had just started to grow very fine hair "down there" but the photos in the sex educational books at school showed adults with very bushy pubic areas. "Be an angel and dry the tops of my legs for me" asked Erica "I cannot reach under this lump any more" she explained, with that Anthea knelt down in front of Erica and started to dry her legs from the feet up. When she got near to the top she realised that she was staring straight at Erica's vagina, it looked so different to her own, it appeared to have several layers of lips, and a little knob at the top. Erica still only had a smooth area with a slit going right underneath, Erica had something completely different.

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   She must have spent a long time staring because Erica broke her thoughts and asked her why was she staring at it, and why. Anthea went all red and was obviously very embarrassed, "Come on" said Erica, "We are friends and we do not need secrets do we?" So Anthea came clean and said that she was surprised at how different they were between the legs, and come to that, Erica had much the biggest breasts that Anthea had ever seen!! - Erica looked very closely at Anthea and asked "Have I made a mistake by allowing you to see me like this" "no no" said Anthea "I am so glad that I have, but it was a bit of a shock at first" "Well I must sit down now as my legs are aching "come next door into the bedroom" with that they moved into the bedroom and Erica sat on the edge of the bed, "Can you finish drying me, or would you rather I did it" asked Erica. "I would love to finish it please,” said Anthea. With that Erica leant back on her elbows and watched as Anthea dried up her legs, Erica allowed her legs to open, slightly at first, and then out of devilment she opened them quite wide, this gave Anthea an amazing view, "Dry everywhere" said Erica as the towel was now very close to touching her right on the hot spot, Erica moved the towel from the top of Erica's left leg, over to the top of her right leg and completely avoiding the middle bit, Erica was now ever so slightly aroused, she decided to be bold and said "HEY - you missed the bit in the middle of the top of my legs" Anthea looked Erica in the eye and said "Do you want me to dry you there" "Oh yes please" said Erica, "rub the towel on it" Anthea looked straight at Erica's fanny and started to dry it very gently, Erica started squirming and gave a small moan, with that Anthea took the towel away only to have Erica shout "Please please rub it again, harder this time" Anthea realised from sex ed. that Erica wanted her to rub her to an orgasm, Anthea had never had one, but she knew that other girls were doing it to themselves, she had tried but never seemed to hit the right spot. "Faster" cried Erica, Anthea rubbed the towel very fast and soon Erica screamed out "YES YES YES" and then grabbed hold of Erica's hand and stopped her rubbing. "OH MY GOD" said Erica looking straight at Anthea "What the hell have I made you do?” she sobbed. "You haven't made me do anything" said Anthea - "I wanted to do it" - "But it was very wrong of me to allow you to" said Erica "I could go to jail for this". "Not unless anyone finds out" said Anthea, "and I will not tell anyone. "What did it feel like at the end" asked Anthea "What do you mean" asked Erica - "When you were screaming YES YES YES - what was it like as you screamed out" - Erica asked Anthea if she had ever played with herself in bed, "yes Erica admitted, but it never seemed to do much good" "then you are not rubbing the right spot" Erica declared. "Now have we gone far enough, or do you want to now more?"Asked Erica "Oh more please, lots more" said Anthea. Erica thought long and hard for a minute or two and finally said "OK, but this has got to be the biggest secret that you will ever have to keep, we can both be in a lot of trouble, do you understand" Erica asked. "Yes of course I understand,” said an excited Anthea. "Well first thing is for you to pop home and tell your Mum that you are going to keep me company, find out what time you have to go home to bed, and make sure that they don't mind" - So with that Anthea rushed home excitedly to make sure her Mum did not mind, "be home for 10. 15" Anthea's Mum said, Anthea looked at her watch 7.

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  30 it read. She rushed back over to find Erica sat on the bed finishing drying off. "Right young lady, where do we start?" asked Erica "I don't know" Anthea muttered. "I am now 26" said Erica "I cannot remember what on earth I looked like naked when I was 11, so will you undress for me" with that Anthea started very nervously to unbutton her blouse, then she took off her jeans until she was standing in front of Erica with only her pants and training bra "Still time top stop if you want" said Erica - with that Anthea pulled off her little bra and kicked off her knickers. Erica just looked at her; small beginnings of breasts standing about 2 inches off her chest, no pubic hair and a slit that went right under towards her bum. "You look beautiful" said Erica, "I really do not remember looking like that" - "Sit on the edge of the bed" Erica asked, when Anthea was on the edge of the bed, Erica knelt in front of her and gently pulled Anthea's legs apart, "That is amazing" said Erica as she stared at Anthea's little pussy. Erica reached out and gently stroked her finger along the slit, it moistened slightly allowing Erica's finger to enter into the fold. Anthea shuddered noticeably at one point, Erica realised she had found the sensitive point. "Lie right back" said Erica "And you will have your first real orgasm" with that she got in right close and started to rub, gently at first - then with a more positive stroke. Anthea was squirming around, so much so as to make Erica's finger slip out, so she decided that the only way was to grab hold of Anthea by each hip, she then held her down very firmly and plunged her tongue straight into Anthea's tender spot, this made Anthea cry out and not knowing what Erica was doing she tried to break free, however Erica's tongue had found the spot and Anthea collapsed back and entered the final throes of her first orgasm, she screamed and screamed, so much so that Erica was worried someone would here them in the street. Anthea had reached her peak and had flopped wide armed and legged onto the bed. After a minute or so she opened her eyes and looked straight at Erica - "That was fantastic" she said, "You were licking me with your tongue" - "Terry does that to me all the time, but I have never ever done it to a woman before" said Erica. "Were you frightened" asked Erica - "At first, but it was so nice I could not stop you" at that Erica burst out laughing and the both hugged each other, "What did it taste like" asked Anthea, "no taste really, look" - at that Erica reached out and ran her finger up Anthea’s slit, she then liked her finger, she ran it up her own slit and once again licked her finger - "you try it" she said to Anthea - with that Anthea ran her finger up in between her legs and brought it glistening up to her face, "I can't" she said "go on urged Erica, it's your own fanny" with that Anthea quickly stuck her finger in her mouth and was surprised to find very little taste, certainly no bad taste. "Would you like to taste me" asked Erica, Anthea was a little wary at this so Erica said "Get some on your finger and see that it looks no different to your own" Erica opened her legs and Anthea ran her finger up the slit, Erica shuddered when her finger reached the top. Anthea brought her finger to her face and looked at it.

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   "Oh well" she said and licked it clean. "No taste really is there,” she stated, Erica laughed and opening her legs wide said "how about trying it straight from the pot?"Anthea was a little taken aback, however Erica had done it to her, and she had tasted it, so looking brave she settled down in front of Erica and stuck out her tongue very apprehensible, she got bolder and started to lick, "up near the top" urged Erica, with that Anthea's tongue touched the little knob and Erica gave a squeal. Further licking at this spot brought Erica to a fairly quiet ending, quiet but still very satisfying. Anthea looked at the clock and realised that it was 5 past ten, "I really must go" she said, "I have had a nice night and will keep it all a big secret" Erica looked very troubled, "I think that I have gone much too far" she said "I should not have got you into this" - "Please believe me, I have had some fun, and I hope we can have some more fun soon" with that Anthea quickly dressed and dashed home. Erica put on her nightie, locked up downstairs and went to bed; she tossed and turned all night hardly sleeping with guilt and worry. Next day she looked a right mess, she had huge bags under her eyes and her hair was all over the place. The doorbell rang, "god, I hope that’s not Anthea,” she muttered to herself. She opened the door to find Pauline standing there, "You look a right mess Erica, what on earth is wrong,” she asked. Erica let Pauline in and shut the front door. "You have obviously been crying" Pauline said, "Do you want to talk about it?"She asked, Erica was silent, not knowing what to say. "Well say something, anything, piss off, just don't sit there" Pauline tried to get any reaction from Erica. "I am in shock, and cannot bring myself to admit what I have done,” said Erica. "I really do not want to talk about it,” she continued. "In that case I might as well leave" and with that Pauline stood up and headed for the door. "Please don't leave me" cried Erica, "sit down a minute and let me get my thoughts together".

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   Pauline went into the kitchen and made two cups of tea, "here, drink this" and Erica took the tea and sipped at it. "Erica, what on earth have you done" asked Pauline, "If I tell you, then you will never speak to me again" - "Come on, nothing can be that bad, and if you don't tell someone soon you will have a breakdown" Erica looked long and hard at Pauline, she simply stared back waiting for Erica to say something. "OK, you really want to know how disgusting your best friend has been" she asked, "Erica, for gods sake, spit it out - WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE" she screamed at Erica. "I seduced the 18 year old girl who lives opposite" Pauline just stared into Erica's eyes, Erica waited a few minutes and broke the silence by relating the whole story, exactly as it had happened. "Can you repeat it again" asked Pauline, Erica once again repeated the story, this time with the full graphic details, leaving nothing out. Pauline stated the obvious to Erica, they had been the very best of friends through early school, middle school, high school, and college and even today they is each other’s best friend. "You have never tried to seduce me" Pauline said, "why the little girl" - "I do not know what came over me at all, the worst thing is I enjoyed it and want to do it again" "My god" said Pauline, "you could go to jail for this" The conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door followed by the entrance of Anthea. She did not realise that Pauline was there, "Oh, I am sorry" she said, "I will come back later" she turned to leave the room when Erica called her back. "Pauline knows" she said, "She guessed there was something wrong with me today, and I had to tell her” With that Anthea became very silent and sat down on the sofa. "It was our secret, I swore not to tell anyone" Anthea sobbed. "I'm sorry" sobbed Erica "but Pauline knew something was wrong with me, I feel so guilty, guilty at what I have done to you, and guilty because I want to do it again" cried Erica - "JESUS CHRIST" shouted Pauline, "have you gone mad" - Anthea was all confused, "What happens now" she aimed the question in the direction of both Erica and Pauline. "Look, go and ask your Mum if you can come with me and Erica on a trip to the beach, if she agrees then we can have a good long talk away from here" Anthea looked at Erica who nodded her agreement. So after a very quiet and strained preparation, they set off in Pauline's car for the beach. The first bay they came to be packed, so they set off around the headland and eventually found a very quiet spot. The journey was almost in complete silence, only the sound of the wind and tyres breaking the silence.

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   "Well, let's get out and sit on this blanket" said Pauline producing a car rug from under her seat, they all got out and sat in the shadow of the car. "Right, I want to hear Anthea's side of the story,” said Pauline looking directly at her. Anthea, being as honest as she could told both of them with her fascination of Erica's large lump, at her curiosity of what it would look like, and of her hypnotic like interest in Erica's naked body, "I never had any feelings like it before" said Anthea, "I felt it a bit like destiny, at no time did Erica force me to do what we did, it seemed so natural" - Pauline took this in and thought in silence. "You both seem to accept what has happened, neither of you regrets what you have done - I appear to be the odd one out" Pauline stuttered. Erica spoke first "Pauline, I know that what I did was morally wrong, I have taken advantage of a minor. Anthea enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, WE ENJOYED IT” Erica looked directly into Pauline’s eyes and with a devilish grin said "Who knows, you may even enjoy it" Pauline looked aghast, but Erica and Anthea fell about laughing. "Erica, you are off your bloody head" but even Pauline had to smile at the thought. "Come on. Lets find a pub for a spot of lunch,” said Erica. They drove inland until they found a small country inn. They ordered sandwiches and bowls of chips and some nice cooling shandies. Pauline was obviously curious, she was trying to ask about their feelings at what amounted to lesbian love, "Pauline, why don't you ask the questions that you really want answered, not beat about the bush like this" Erica said, looking directly at Pauline. Pauline went red in the face and looked at the ground. "Come on, what do you want to know" Erica asked for the second time. "Well, how could you bring your tongue to lick another woman’s fanny, and what on earth did it smell and taste like" This question was aimed directly to Anthea, "Well first we licked our fingers after putting them into our own fannies, then into each others, there is no taste - or smell" Anthea looked first at Pauline, and then at Erica.

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   They were sitting in a secluded corner in the garden at the rear of the pub; Anthea stood up and went off to find the toilet. "You are really curious aren’t you Pauline" Erica teased her, "stop it, you are making me blush" said Pauline. Anthea returned and sat at the other end of the bench to Pauline, this time her legs straddled the bench and she faced Pauline. "Watch me" Anthea said to Pauline, looking around to make certain that they were alone, Anthea lifted up the edge of her skirt, Pauline could see that Anthea had removed her knickers, Anthea rubbed her finger over her fanny and held it up for Pauline to see, Anthea's finger was wet on the end, she then licked it clean, she dipped her finger in again and offered it to Erica, she also licked it clean, once more Anthea dipped her finger into her fanny, this time she offered it to Pauline. "I can't" Pauline said, "I simply cannot taste another woman” she said looking into Erica's face. Erica moved her face very close to Pauline's and whispered "Go on, close your eyes and try it, just once" - Pauline looked at Anthea's finger and slowly closed her lips over it and then pulled back smiling. "You dirty pair of bastards" she said to them both, all three laughed out loud and held each others hands.
    "Come on" said Pauline, "time for home" With that they all got back into the car and headed for home. By the time they reached Erica's house it was almost eight, they went into the living room to sort out their belongings "To tired to bath tonight" Erica said, "I really must get back, Ray will wonder where I am" said Pauline. All three stood in the middle of the room and looked at each other, "Don't forget to put your knickers on" Pauline said looking at Anthea, Anthea laughed and pulled the front of her skirt high into the air, Erica and Pauline just looked amazed, "Well now at least you both know what it tastes like" Anthea joked to them, Erica laughed, and Pauline blushed, "I really must dash now" with that Pauline rushed out of the door. Anthea went home and told her Mum that she had had a wonderful day, she told her about the beach, the pub lunch and what fun Pauline and Erica were, she did however leave out the more interesting bits!! The next day being Wednesday, Anthea's mum kept her busy most of the day so she did not get chance to go over the Erica's. She did wave to her as she left to go to town with her mum. Thursday morning and Anthea's mum left to go to her part time job "I am going over to see if Erica needs any shopping" she told her mum as they left the house together. Anthea knocked on Erica's door and she seemed ever so glad to see her, "Thank god you've come over" said Erica, "I am desperate for a bath, I was far too tired again last night and I am now all sticky and hot" with that they went upstairs and Erica started to run her bath. "If you want Anthea, you can wait downstairs and talk to make sure that I am alright" "no" said Anthea "I would rather be in her with you" - "You do realise that I am still uneasy about this" Erica said looking directly into Anthea's face, "come on, get in the bath silly" joked Anthea.

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       With that off came the nightie and Erica lowered herself into the water,” Oh that is nice" she mumbled. "Can I wash your back?” asked Anthea, with that she picked up the sponge and started to rub along Erica's back. Just then the doorbell rang, "Christ" shouted Erica, "Who can that be" Anthea went downstairs to find Pauline trying to open the door, Erica had locked it as they went upstairs "what are you two doing behind a locked door" asked Pauline. "You have a dirty mind Pauline" Anthea retaliated. "Erica is upstairs taking a bath, and I am making sure that she is safe" Anthea said in a very defensive tone, "I was only kidding" Pauline shot back, Pauline went upstairs while Anthea went to put the kettle on, she entered the bathroom and said to Erica "Have you two been at it again" "not yet" Erica said, in a jokingly style. "Erica, this is far too serious to make fun of,” Pauline said in a very disapproving manner. "I am sorry, but I am struggling to come to terms with it right now" apologised Erica who then smiled and reached out to hold Pauline's hand. Anthea arrived with some cups of tea "you two look very serious" she exclaimed, "Lift me up you two so I can shower this soap off" asked Erica, with that they lifted her up and watched as Erica rinsed off the soap, "help me out and pass me a towel" Erica asked, Anthea got a large towel out of the airing cupboard as Pauline helped Erica out of the bath, "I feel like a bloated whale, help me to lie down for a minute", Anthea and Pauline helped Erica into the bedroom where she flopped backwards onto the bed, she looked so much bigger today, she lay there just like a beached whale, legs slightly parted and her huge breasts lying either side if her rib cage. "How on earth anyone can call me sexy now I'll never know" she laughed, Pauline had never seen Erica like this, every other time she had only watched as she dressed again after her bath, Anthea stood at the foot of the bed and was looking straight at Erica's fanny, Pauline felt queasy, something deep inside her was making her feel like she had never felt before, she looked first at Erica, and then at Anthea, "where is all this leading” asked Pauline, the question was directed to both of them, silence, Erica looked at Pauline and asked her if she wanted to have some fun, or would she prefer to leave, "I have decided to enjoy myself" exclaimed Erica, "Anthea want's some fun, and so do I" "Would you like to undress for me now" Erica asked Anthea, "What, in front of Pauline ? " she asked. Erica looked at Pauline who said "Can I just sit in the corner and watch for a minute, and if I feel uncomfortable, I may just leave quietly" "that sounds OK to me but I cannot speak for Anthea" - Anthea looked thoughtful for a minute, "I am not a performing seal" she looked at Erica "What we did yesterday was nice, I enjoyed it and would like to do it again, but having Pauline in the corner is off putting" with that Anthea sat on the floor and stared at her feet. Erica heaved herself up onto her elbows and looked at Pauline, "Anthea is right, it is not fair to her for us to use her in this way" - "OK, is this what you want" and with that Pauline jumped to her feet and in seconds striped herself absolutely naked, she stood in front of Erica and Anthea and spread her legs lewdly, At first Erica was taken aback, she regained her composure and started laughing hysterically, Anthea stood up and said "my turn" and promptly undressed as quickly as Pauline had done. They all sat on the bed and hugged each other. Pauline then sat back and had her first good look at Anthea, "my god, you are beautiful" she gasped, She parted Anthea's legs and looked at her closely, "just look how untouched and clean that looks” she then examined Anthea's small breasts, "they are so pert, no sagging or wrinkles" Pauline felt very queer, She turned to Erica with a look that said, what do I do? - "Let Anthea examine you in the same way" it now seemed that Erica was expected to direct things. Pauline lay back, spread her legs and invited Anthea to have a close look, Erica also came in close, and she had never seen Pauline in this light before. Erica noticed that Pauline was different to Erica; she had pubic hair, not a lot, but enough to make it look so different.

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       Anthea reached out and slid her finger up and down Pauline's slit, it soon became very wet and Anthea's finger slipped in so easily, Pauline moaned softly, Erica now pushed her finger into Pauline, "God, that is so nice" murmured Pauline. Erica noticed that Pauline had her eyes closed and swiftly got in between her legs and pushed her tongue up against Pauline's fanny. Pauline snapped open her eyes to see Erica tight in between her legs, "That is the first time anyone has ever done this to me" she said with an obvious air of wonderment in her voice. Pauline looked at Anthea who was kneeling almond side her, she reached out and fondled Anthea between the legs, Anthea responded by opening her legs wide, Pauline removed her finger and licked Anthea's juices of it, Erica now had Pauline in a high state of arousal, Pauline pulled Anthea towards her in an effort to push her tongue in between Anthea's legs, Anthea soon realised that it would not work, given that Pauline was flat on her back. Anthea swung her left leg over and sat on Pauline's chest. Pauline put her hands behind Anthea and pulled her towards her face and buried her head firmly in-between Anthea's legs, at first she just allowed Anthea to rest against her face, however Pauline was getting her so aroused that she pushed out her tongue and for the very first time licked a fanny. Pauline had never had anyone lick her before, Ray had never tried to do it and very soon she could feel herself Cumming, she stopped licking Anthea and moaned loudly as she felt her orgasm building, she did not scream out but moaned louder and louder. Pauline went all limp and Anthea climbed off her, "did you cum" asked Erica "no" replied Anthea "come on then, your turn" said Erica, and with that she licked Anthea to a lovely orgasm. Pauline had now recovered and watched Erica and Anthea. "Oh well" said Pauline and with that she pushed Erica back and without stopping to think about what she was doing she promptly starting working her tongue on Erica's fanny, Anthea was watching wide eyed and had a really close up view, within no time at all Erica started to scream and had a very loud orgasm. Now one side effect of being pregnant is that the baby presses on the bladder and you have to pee all the time, Erica must have been bursting for just as she came, a small jet of pee shot out all over Pauline's face, Anthea clearly saw it but Pauline who had her eyes closed only felt it, She quickly sat up and wiped her face on the bed sheet "did you just pee on me" she asked Erica, who by now was laughing hysterically "yes, sorry - I did not do it on purpose" and with that another long stream came from her onto the bed. They all laughed and Anthea quickly went into the bathroom for a bowl, Erica stood up and as Anthea held the bowl she peed into it for what seemed forever. The sight of her peeing seemed to turn on both Pauline and Anthea. As soon as Erica finished, Pauline stood in front of Anthea and she too peed into the bowl. Not to be outdone, Anthea next followed suit and she also added to the bowl.

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       This seemed to bring the session to it's end, and after stripping the bed for washing they all dressed and went downstairs. Anthea left for home and Erica and Pauline made some lunch and sat down to talk. "This is very dangerous,” said Pauline to Erica. "Yes I know, but it is good fun" she replied. "All these years we have been such good friends, and we have never even as much as kissed, never mind what we have just done,” said Pauline. With that Erica leant over the table and kissed Pauline gently on the lips, at first Pauline never moved her lips, but Erica continued to kiss her and Pauline opened her lips and returned the kiss. "That was nice" said Erica "yes, very gentle and smooth" said Pauline "Ray has a small moustache with hurts me" said Pauline - Pauline then kissed Erica back and they had quite a snagging session, both enjoying the tender lips of the other. "Well what a day" said Pauline as she put on her coat to leave "I came here and ordinary woman, and I am leaving as a lesbian,” she laughed. Erica stood up and followed Pauline to the door, they kissed once more and Pauline left. By now Erica was shattered, and decided on an early night, too tired to bath she locked up and went to bed, she lay awake for ages and as she looked back over the day her fingers started to stroke herself, slowly and gently she gave herself a nice orgasm, and then fell asleep full of wonderful thoughts. By Anthea DavisAntheadavis_8@hotmail. com.



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