Me and my Mom


When I turn the corner into the living room, I see my mom sitting on the couch in front of the TV.   She’s dressed in a negligee, her legs and arms crossed.   She looks a little flushed.   Her pronounced cleavage has even turned a little red.   It looks like a full-body blush.   I come in, dressed in my pajamas; just an oversized t-shirt from my middle I flop down on the couch next to her, seeing the late-night replay of Star Trek.   I look at her and she’s staring forward, not saying anything.   “Hi,” I say.   She smiles back at me, but says nothing.   The negligee’s really short on her and she’s keeping her legs clamped closed.   The show goes to a commercial and I pick up the remote and start flipping channels.   Mom doesn’t protest, so I keep going.   After I’ve gone through our usual cycle, I note the DVD player’s on and running.   Without saying anything, I hit the input button on the The screen flashes blue for a second and I don’t have to see mom’s horrified reaction as the porno she was watching comes back on.   It’s a man and two women having sex.   Not just sex, but hardcore, angry sex.

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    The guy’s facefucking the woman in the middle while the other woman is using a strap-on on her I sit back and watch for a second, unbothered (I’m in middle school; I’ve seen worse).   I look at mom and she’s trying to stay as still as possible.   She’s turned red all over as she nervously bites her thumbnail.   I watch the video for a moment and look at her.   “I could hear you,” I say.   She looks at me, her dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail.   “What was She’s embarrassed, I can tell, but she’s also on the edge.   She turns to me a bit.   “I can’t seem to come,” she says.   She rubs her hands as she speaks and I can tell it was cramping up on her.
I look at the porno and then at her.   “Want me to try?” I ask.
Mom’s so turned on, she doesn’t really respond for a second and I take that chance.   I reach between her legs and find that she’s not wearing any underwear.   She starts to say something, but her body welcomes her daughter’s touch.

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    She spreads her legs and I’m able to get at her moist pussy just fine.   One stroke from my middle finger along the opening and over the clit and she’s butter in my hands.   She moans loudly and slinks back against the back of the couch as I stroke her again and again.   “You’re lucky dad’s not home and Alan’s a deep sleeper,” I say, spreading her lips apart so I can quickly tease her clit with my middle finger.
Her moaning builds up and she starts to move with my strokes.   I pick up the speed and in a flash, she jerks forward, catching her breath to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs.   I smile as she falls back in joyous release.   I stand up, half on the couch, and pull my t-shirt off, my tiny 8th grade breasts nothing to her giant boobs.   A former amateur model, my mom’s stayed in shape and her slender waist and big chest has always been hot to anyone.   I slip my panties off as my mom catches her breath and I lift her negligee off.   Her big breasts flop out and greet me as I start to kiss her nipples.   Again she moans and leans back on the armrest of the couch.   She lays back and massages her other breast as I suck, tease, and even nibble, on her right nipple.   We switch and I watch out of the corner of my eye as she twists and pulls at herself.   She likes it rough!  She reaches between her legs and starts to rub herself.

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I lower down between her legs, letting her molest her chest.   She spreads her legs willingly and I lower down, the heat of my breath alone making her moan with delight and anticipation.   One stroke from my tongue and she shutters desperately.   I start to slather her with attention, kissing her clit, sucking on the folds of her skin.   She cries out, writhing in wanton need.
I stroke the opening for a bit, making her body jerk, then I slide my finger inside.   I get all the way in and my mom goes nuts.   She crawls up partially on the armrest and I dive into her.   I start to lick her clit as fast as I can while I finger her rapidly.   In and out, in and out, sliding along her g-spot as quickly and firmly as I can.
Again, my mom erupts.   She bites down on her hand to keep from screaming, then collapses back onto the couch.   I smile at her and crawl on top of her, our breasts rubbing against one another.  I kiss her, my lips covered in her juices and she licks my mouth clean.   “Feel better?” I ask.

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“A little,” she says, flushed and exhausted, but still ragingly horny.   “Can I impose a bit more on you?” she asks.   I nod happily.
She gets up and walks to her bedroom.   I sit in the living room, stark naked.   The cool nighttime air makes my skin stand up and my tiny pink nipples point straight out as I wait with my hands between my legs.   I watch the porno as three guys come on a girl’s face all at once.
A moment later, my mom comes back in with a huge black dildo in one hand and lubricant in the other.   She stands before me, pensive and worried.   She holds them up with a pleading smile.
A moment after that, my mother’s facedown on the couch, her hips in the air, her legs open.   I’m working the tip of the massive dildo inside of her anally.   Every time I slide it in a little further, she moans, deep and feral, like a cat in heat.   I finally get it down to the shaft and just push.   Mom lunges forward, calling out, moaning with delight.

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    I start to pull it out, then push it in again, each time making my mother roar.
I start to pick up the pace and she buries her face in the couch.   I slide my finger inside her pussy and start to work her G-spot while she abuses her breasts with one hand and massages her clit with the other.   Every time the dildo goes in her butt, she screams desperately.   Every time it starts to slide out, she moans for its return.
In a few moments, I’m practically stabbing my mom with the dildo.   She’s slapping her clit as I’m working her G-spot for all it’s worth.   Finally, with everything in unison, she jerks forward, screaming at the top of her lungs.   The orgasm lasts almost a full minute as I stare, lubricant-covered dildo in my hands, astonished.
Finally, she falls down to the couch, panting.   I lay down on top of her as she keeps stroking her clit a bit to cool herself down.   I kiss her ear and ask, “So, what are you up to tomorrow night?”
She turns her head and looks at me with sleepy, but torrid eyes.   “Returning the favor,” she says.
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  . and to just hang out.