I am Shani and I am 30. I live in Sri Lanka and I am single. I dark complexioned and 5 feet 18 inches which is unusual for a Sri Lankan girl. I have 34D cups which is one of my strong points, no pun intended. My hips are not very wide but shapely enough to attract attention. My butt is cute enough to look hot in hipsters. I love to wear tight pants to show off my butt and hips. I have shoulder length hair which is jet black. I haven't had many men in my life and most of them turned out to be jerks. Therefore, I have decided to lead a life alone away from the general rush to get married and have kids. However, my sexual appetite is fairly big and I used to feel frustrated. Finally, my saviour came in the form of a high speed Internet connection. I was introduced into the wonderful world of porn by a friend. I still can remember the first clip I saw. It was of two girls rubbing their pussies against each other. I had just got the connection and was still in my office attire when this hot clip grabbed my attention.

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   Before long, my pussy was wet and I had my skirt off. I was so excited by the sight of the two girls that I started humping the soft leather covered arm of my computer chair. It was the first time I came after rubbing against anything of that nature. My arm chair was the object of my devoted attention on the next few days. I soon got tired of rubbing against the leather and I wanted something more. I graduated to a pillow. I got two comfortable pillows. One was for hugging and the other was for rubbing my pussy on. I used to fall asleep after rocking on my pillow. Then an obscure internet search brought me to Literotica. I found so many women to role play with. Some turned out to be men but there were a few sexy women as well. I played various roles while making my chat partners cum. Some of them turned out to be long term partners but most of them were not from my country and that posed a problem for us to meet. I soon graduated to seeing women on web cams.

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   It was so hot and very soon I wanted to hold a woman in my arms. I had no idea how to go about doing this and the chance came my way in the most unusual fashion. I was talking to one of my friends and she related an incident where a girl had come onto her at a clothing shop. My friend had fled the scene. I managed to get the name of the shop from her without arousing too much interest. The shop was down a lane close to the place I live. I walked into the lingerie shop. The counter held one of the cutest girls I have ever seen. She looked just out of school and light skinned. Her hair fell across her face which made her push it away every few minutes. Her lips were gorgeous and I felt like sucking on them. She had cute dimples that made her look even more kiddish. Her bosom was nicely proportioned and looked heavy under her blouse. I barely heard her as I checked out her body. "Is there anything I can help you with maam?" she asked, pointedly looking at me.

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   Her gaze travelled to my large breasts. "Yeah," I said blushing as I realised she had noticed my gaze. "I am looking for a bra," I said. "Whats your size maam," she asked her gaze travelling back to my bra busters. "Oh, I am 34D, but I am looking for a bra for my girlfriend," I quipped, my heart beating as I realised that I was trying to do something I have only done online. "Well maam. how big is she?" she asked. "Oh shoot !! I don't know her size, because I want it to be a surprise for her," I said knowing how lame it sounded. "Well what kind of bra are you looking for Maam?" she asked. I did something daring. I unbuttoned two of the buttons on my blouse and showed her my bra. I pushed my hands under my breasts and pushed them out of the blouse for a greater effect. She blushed crimson as I saw her tongue run across her lips. "Do you have this style?" I asked. "Mm I am not sure," she said and I detected a slight tremor in her voice.

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  "Do you mind stepping into the dressing room?" she asked. While I plodded into the dressing room, I heard a door slam. I was waiting in the room fiddling my blouse nervously. She came in and locked the door. Without a word she proceeded to unbutton my blouse. Her hands shook as she uncovered my bulging torso. I didn't feel like saying anything and my tongue seemed to be stuck down my throat. She finally had the blouse unbuttoned and I helped her take it out of my pants. She gazed at my breasts and then looked at my face. "Can I feel the material? I don't think we have this bra, but I want to feel the texture of the material. "I nodded my assent as she started to run her finger all over the material and within a couple of seconds her hands were literally cupping one breast. I felt my nipple harden and she must have felt it too. "I am sorry, did I make you feel uncomfortable?" she asked starting to pull her hand off my bra. I held onto her hand and shook my head, not trusting myself to speak and barely managed to get some words out of my mouth. "No, in fact it feels rather nice," I have nice breasts.


  ""Thank you. I am afraid I can't say much about yours," I countered. "Well I am not stopping you from seeing what they are like," she smiled at me. "Can I take them out?""Only if you promise not to put them back immediately without giving them attention. ""I seriously doubt that I will be able to take my hands off them. ""Really?""Wanna bet?""Well what would you want to bet on?""I don't know, you tell me. ""Well, your bet is that I won't touch your boobs?""Yes. ""What will you do you do if you lose your bet?""I will promise to taste any part of your body for as long as you want if I lose your bet. ""OK, you are on," I said. I reached forward and and started to unbutton her blouse. Her fair skin glowed under her blouse and she was wearing a sheer bra. Her cleavage was awesome and tight any guy would have loved to put his cock in it. I wanted to lick between her tits. It looked so much like a shaved pussy. I could see her pink nipples under the material.


   It was pressed tight against the sheer cup. I hesitated and she took my hand and put it on her breast. "You lost the bet!""Thats one bet I wanted to lose. ""So now I am wondering where you should lick me. ""Well there is so much time for that. Feel the texture," she urged. I shuddered as I felt another woman's breast for the first time. It was so soft and full in my hand. I moved closer and started to feel her. Her nipple responded to my hand and got even harder than before. I looked into her eyes as I played with her breast. She smiled gently as I explored her breast like a kid with a new toy. I kept glancing at her eyes and then her lips. "I know where you want me to lick first. ""Where?""Your lips.

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  "She must have seen the disappointment on my face. "Remember the time limit? I can lick you anywhere anytime and for as long as you want. "I nodded as I puckered my lips for her. She started to lick the corner of my lips, probing gently, treating my lips like a pussy. She started sucking them from the corner and moved towards the middle of the lips and her lips were half in her mouth. She held my lips gently closed indicating that she didn't want me to open them. One hand reached behind my head to pull me to her. Then her tongue started to probe my closed lips prompting me to kiss her. For the first time in my life I opened my lips to another woman's mouth. I had no idea that it would be ten times as wondrous as I imagined it to be. Her lips were so soft and started kissing me expertly as we abandoned all pretense and started kissing each other hard. Our breasts got in the way as they mashed into each other. She pushed me back against the mirror as she started taking control of me. I was happy to let her. She was not as tall as I was but with her experience on her side, she made me feel smaller.

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   Her tongue danced with mine as I felt her mouth suck on my long tongue. One of her hands slipped my bra strap off and she started to caress the skin on my shoulder. She coaxed the bra off me and I did the same for her. Her touch was so soft and sensual. Her knee slipped between my legs and she got real close to me. I felt her crotch rub against my thigh as she sucked my lips dry. I put my arms around her and started to caress her back moving lower to her butt. It was nice to feel my tits rub against her tits. We crushed them against each other as we kissed and rubbed against each other. I slipped my hand inside her pants which stretched to allow my hands in. I realised that she wore a thong and I was able to feel her butt in my hands. I started pulling her towards me in concert with her movement against my thigh. She pulled off my lips and bent to take off her pants. She stood there grinning like a school girl as I surveyed her body. Her tummy was flat with a little bit of fat just above her waist that makes a woman look sexy and her thighs where shapely.

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   Her hips were boyish but had enough femininity in them. She proceeded to peel off my pants and then she came close again. She whispered in my ear that she could see a wet patch on my panties. Our pussies had more access to each other's thighs and I was able to rub my pussy against her thigh while she rubbed against mine. We kissed and kissed as we continued our little dance. She sucked on my neck as her movements became intense. I felt the wetness of her pussy on my thigh and I wanted to touch it. I pushed my hand between us and pushed it under her pussy. She gave me room to rub her as she bent to my breast and stared to suck my hard nipple. It was the first time I was sucked by a woman and I will never forget the experience. There was no beard to tickle me and the lips were so soft and gentle. I slipped my hand inside her thong and started to rub her clit. She started sucking my breast harder and I got bolder. I was not sure if I should finger her since she seemed only around 18. In Sri Lanka virginity was still a judge of a woman's purity and I didn't want to mess with that.

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   But she took her mouth off my breast pleading for me to push my finger in.
    After some difficulty, I was in her tight pussy. I needed a lot of help in finding the right place. She laughed as she realised that it was my first time with a woman. She shuddered as my finger entered her and she was dripping wet. She rocked on my finger as I fingered her. She moaned into my breast and I made her switch to the other breast as it was getting to be unbearably sensitive. To my amazement I saw her reach behind her to finger her ass while I fingered her pussy. She came a few seconds after that but she continued to hump my finger. Her teeth felt awesome on my nipple as she lost control of herself. I held her tight as she humped my finger and before long another orgasm wracked her body and finally she slowed down. I held her in my arms for a long time until she descended back to earth. She lifted herself and looked at me with sleepy eyes. "What in the hell happened?" she asked. "I am not sure.


      "She pulled out her finger from her ass and looked at it. I pulled out my finger from her pussy and brought it to my lips. I sucked my finger and on impulse I pulled the finger she had put in her ass to my mouth. She was shocked and awed at the same time and then she started to kiss me again tasting her pussy and ass in my mouth. We kissed for a long time and I pulled away this time. I wanted to suck on her nipples and I pushed her back towards the other wall as I sucked on her nipple. I bit into the soft flesh and heard her gasp. Her hands explored my body as I sucked on her succulent tits. I felt her hands push down my soggy panties and her finger found my pussy and entered it expertly. I felt her finger explore the inside of my pussy. It was harder than a cock but nicer when she explored gently. She wet her finger with her saliva and started to probe my anus. Her finger explored the rim and then she was in me. I love to finger my ass when I masturbate as it enhances the sensation. But it feels a whole lot nicer when someone else does it for you.

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       She pushed me off her tits and pushed me roughly against the wall. She started moving her head down my body to my pussy. I lifted one leg and she started to lick my clit as she fingered me. Another finger entered my ass hole and I held on to the wall as I started to rub against her mouth increasing my pace. Her finger started moving faster and faster inside my ass while her tongue coaxed my clit out of its shell. I rocked harder and realised I was moaning and coaxing her to lick me harder. I didn't care about anything else but her sweet tongue on my clit and her fingers. I moved faster as I felt my orgasm approaching and finally it hit me like thunder. I lost all control and when I was aware of my surroundings. I had the girl in my arms and she was caressing my face. "That was one hot orgasm. Does this mean you won't take me home tonight?" she asked. I was shocked to find myself in such a situation. I said yes without thinking. Her reaction was a typical school girl type reaction and finally I found out that her name was Nirosha.

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       We grabbed a quick dinner and then went off home. She called her aunt and said that she would be staying with a friend that night. Her aunt didn't seem troubled. I was new to this whole thing and was a little scared about what would happen once we got home. Nirosha seemed oblivious to the fact. I found out that she came on to women who would come to her shop but didn't find a regular girl to go out with. I was her third encounter and the first person to take her home. I couldn't get enough of looking at her innocent face and her smile and by the time we reached home I was horny for her young body. No sooner we were in the house she came to my rescue. "Hey Shani, do you want to have a shower with me," she asked mischievously. I nodded and she took me to the shower. She proceeded to undress me slowly kissing every inch of my sweaty body. I did the same for her. When I stuck out my tongue towards her shaved pussy, she stopped me and pulled me up. "Let me soap you first" she said.

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       She took some liquid soap and proceeded to soap my body in a way that put my masseuse to shame. I found so many places on my body that were so sensitive to touch including my armpits, ears, neck and tummy. As she went down lower she used her tongue to clean me. She first would rub the soap sensually in the particular area and then wash it off. Then she would explore it with her tongue. She did something with the flexible shower cord that I thought was awesome. She rubbed a generous amount of soap on the metail surface with ridges on it. Then she put it between my legs like a thong and rubbed it against my pussy and ass. The ridges felt ince as they rubbed against my pussy. She purposely avoided licking my pussy but she cleaned it and my ass thoroughly. Finally, it was my turn to wash her young body. I took my time and used my fingers and tongue to clean her up. She pushed me away when I tried to lick her pussy asking me to wait. We got dressed. She took nice tight pair of shorts that I couldn't get into anymore which showed off her camel toe.

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       She then found a tight t-shirt with spaghetti straps. I got into a comfy tank top that found it difficult to hold back my breasts and a skirt and panties. She took me to my PC and took out a pen drive. To be continuedHey let me know your comments gen_man69 at yahoo. com. .