Lonely Ch. 2


Lonely Ch. 2

A bit about me before I start and hope you read my first story where I met Nirosha, a hot 18 year old girl with an awesome body and personality.

I am Shani and I am 30. I live in Sri Lanka and I am single. I dark complexioned and 5 feet 18 inches which is unusual for a Sri Lankan girl. I have 34D cups which is one of my strong points, no pun intended. My hips are not very wide but shapely enough to attract attention. My butt is cute enough to look hot in hipsters. I love to wear tight pants to show off my butt and hips. I have shoulder length hair which is jet black.

After our hot and active night the previous day, we decided to take things slow the next day. Since it was the weekend, we spent time together shopping and hanging out at the mall. Some people looked at us with admiration as we walked hand in hand. From time to time, Nirosha kissed me on the neck or fondled my butt which made me feel self conscious, drawing the attention of more people. Finally, we sat at the Food court of the mall and started to eat. She had so much energy that made me feel 18 years younger.

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   She had so much life in her which reminded me of my teen years. I was not as bubbly. She had the ability to raise the energy level within a matter of minutes without even trying. From time to time, her soft gaze rested on my face and moved down excitingly to my bust. Her gaze made me hotter than anything I have experienced before.

She started describing what she would do to me right there under the table, which got my blood pumping. My heart beat so fast that I thought it might give out. Her husky voice brought my pussy to a wet state fairly quickly. I started squeezing my legs together gently because I was feeling really horny by then. We were interrupted by another lady who excused herself and sat at our table. She took one look at my face and apologized.

"Oh I am so sorry, I seem to be interrupting here. The place is so crowded and I can't seem to find a decent table," she said, starting to get up again.

"No, its fine," I croaked.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, we insist.

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   I just have a naughty girl friend. "


"What did she do?"

"Well, I made her wet," Nirosha blurted out before I could say anything.

I looked down, embarrassed. This lady seemed to be in her late 20's and later we found out that she was holidaying in Sri Lanka. She introduced herself as Jenny. Jenny was slim but had a nice figure and a flat tummy. Her breasts seemed around 32C which seemed bigger due to her smaller frame. Her dark hair ended up at her shoulders. She had a lovely smile and a friendly face. She was wearing a dress with a deep neck that showed off her cleavage. She smiled pleasantly as we checked her out.

She reached over and put her hand on my thigh and the effect was electric. She leaned over exposing more of her breasts and said in a husky voice.

"So how did she make you wet?"

Here was a complete stranger asking me how my friend made me wet. I was tongue tied.

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   Nirosha seemed more at ease.

"Well we can tell you all about it in our apartment," she countered.

I was not really sure if that was a good move and I looked at Nirosha sternly.

"Relax Shani, I know her well," she laughed.

"This is the lady I called yesterday to say that I am getting late. "

"Oh, ok," I nodded.

"Well Jane and I have had a few encounters worth remembering," Nirosha quipped, pointedly looking at her body. I couldn't help but look at her cleavage and she complimented by looking at my bust. I can't explain it, but the more I looked at her cleavage, the more I wanted to find out what she looked like under that dress. We finished our lunch and made our way back to my apartment. Jane sat between us in the taxi and she started to flirt with Nirosha, making me a little jealous. The seconds seemed like hours when I looked forward to being made love to by two gorgeous ladies. We finally arrived and the lift seemed to take ages. I was nervous as I entered the apartment and Nirosha went to the little girls’ room and left me all alone with Jane. She sat down right next to me on the couch.

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   My hands shook and I struggled to keep them from touching her.

I excused myself and had an invigorating shower. I dressed in the sexiest bra I could find along with a t-shirt that had a deep neckline. The bra accentuated the shape of my breasts and made them look even bigger. I fondled them a bit, playing with the nipples and almost made myself want to touch my pussy. I resisted the temptation knowing that very soon my pussy would be paid attention by to lovely tongues.

By the time I was out of the shower, Nirosha had left on an errand and Jane had freshened up. She had changed into another gorgeous dress that did even less to hide her wonderful cleavage. My heart started to beat faster and my hands refused to move in the direction I wanted. All I could think of was getting my hands on this lovely lady seated next to me.

"I love this place," said Jane breaking the silence. I was so relieved that she took the lead.

"So how did you meet her?" she asked and I detected a hint of jealousy under the surface.

"Well, I happened to hear about her little shop from a friend and I paid her a visit," and I went on to describe what happened in the shop and afterward. I could see Jane starting to blush and her tongue kept licking her quivering lips.

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   I saw her gently rock against the couch with her arms crossed under her breasts pushing them up even more.

The sound of my voice silenced my nervousness. She put her arm behind my shoulders and turned slightly towards me. My eyes drifted down to her wonderful cleavage. Her breasts seemed to be mashed up together making them even sexier than I first saw them.

"I can see why she is attracted to you. You look gorgeous," she whispered moving closer to me and I felt her fingers gently rub my neck. She had the ability to make even the most simplest of gestures sensual. I felt like a school girl being seduced for the first time.

She moved closer and kissed me gently on the cheek. Her body radiated with a wonderful heat that enveloped me. I just smiled stupidly at her and waited. She kissed my cheek again and I felt her tongue snake out of her lovely mouth and taste my skin. This made me shudder. Her tongue started to explore my face and licked mischievously at the corner of my mouth as if she were licking my pussy.

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   I moaned as my imagination started running wild. Her tongue started to explore my face running over my lips, chin, cheeks and eyes. This was the first time I have experienced such kind of attention. When she explored my face I felt my pussy working overtime to lubricate.

Before I knew it, her lips were on mine and she was kissing me hard. It was so intense that I was taken by surprise. Her kiss was as intense and strong as a man's. I put my arms around her and returned her kiss. I could feel her need and realized that she must have been without sex for a long time. She seemed to enjoy sucking my lower lip which was full and soft. She moaned as she felt my hand run across her back feeling her tense muscles. She seemed to be under a lot of stress which was evident by the tightness of her shoulder muscles. I kneaded them gently making her suck my lips even harder. I was literally lying down on the couch and she was on top of me. I sensed her urgency as I felt her crotch hump against my hip.

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   Her breath came fast as she begged me to make her cum.

I pushed her roughly back onto the other end of the couch. Her smile widened as she seemed to like me taking charge. I pushed my body on top of hers and started to kiss her hard while pulling her face to me with my hands. My fingers rubbed her scalp as my tongue forced its way into her warm wet mouth. Her tongue was mischievous. It kept avoiding mine and finally I got hold of it and started to suck it. My thigh rubbed against her crotch making her move rhythmically against it. I felt her heat emanating from every part of her body and galvanized me into action. I moved to her neck, sucking her soft skin while my hands started to uncover her wonderful breasts. She wore a lace bra which showed off the outline of her pink nipples. She moaned into my mouth as she felt my hand on her bra cups. Her impatience was evident as she pushed her dress down to her waist.

I looked into her adventurous eyes delaying my progress to her delicious body. Her face was flushed and she had trouble controlling her breathing.

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   But she met my teasing gaze evenly waiting for me to touch her again. I waited for another minute which seemed like an hour. All I wanted was to uncover her gorgeous breasts and suck them till she screamed. But I wanted to tease her even more.

"You are killing me!!" she moaned as she looked into my eyes. I didn't smile at her. I looked into her eyes, my face expressionless.

"Close your eyes!" I ordered. She seemed surprised at the tone of my voice, but she complied. I put my hands very lightly on either side of her face and started to caress it with the lightest touch. She moaned as I felt her body visibly relax. Her breath slowed down a little as I moved my warm palms lower to her shoulders and then over her breasts. I could see goose bumps on her skin as my hand moved along her tummy. I admired her flat tummy as I pulled the rest of her dress off. Her thighs were lovely and I realized that she was clean shaven.

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   I moved my hands lightly down her thighs right to her feet. I kneaded the soles of her feet and I heard her moan. My hands traveled up her leg to her thighs and down again.

Finally, I took my hands off to take my clothes off uncovering my 34D cups and I was naked except for my panties. I pushed one leg of hers onto the coffee table. I wanted to be kinky so I planted my feet on either side of her right foot and started to rub against her leg wetting it in the process. Then I brought her toes up to my crotch. I took her big toe while making her curl the rest of her toes and started to rub my mound against it. I then practically squatted on her toe. She started to rub my pussy with her toe.

To my surprise her toe started creeping in through the edge of my panties and very soon her toe was probing my slit. It was so hot and sexy that I didn't wanna get up. I held onto her thighs as she started to probe my pussy and she seems to quite at ease doing this. I squirmed as I felt it go up my pussy and very soon I was humping her toe. She pulled out of my pussy and then started to rub it against my ass hole.

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   I pulled back a bit and sucked her toe making it all slimy and then parted my cheeks as I helped her probe my ass. She teased my ass without going in and I didn't think it could take her toe in anyway. After a few minutes of this, I knelt by her and started to look at her pussy. It was clean shaven and I could see her clit. She was dripping wet. I resisted the temptation to taste her and started to rub her bra cups, while my breasts rested on her tummy. One of her hands tried to touch them, but I pushed her away.

"Relax darling, enjoy the attention," I whispered. She moaned in response. I wanted to move right down to her pussy and lick her but I wanted to take my time. I put both my hands on her bra cups. I kneaded her breasts gently and felt her nipples harden underneath the soft lacy fabric. I slipped the bra straps off and pulled her bra down and got the shock of my life. She had the biggest nipples I have ever seen. They were as thick as my forefinger and about 2 centimeters in length.


   Her nipples were surrounded by a light pink aureole which excited me. I just stood there and gaped at them. Then I started to lick her breasts. She was fair skinned that I could see the blue veins and her skin was so soft was a baby's. I kept moving around on her breast, my tongue dangerously close to her nipples. After a while, she tried pushing me to her nipples and I avoided them. I went on teasing her and then without warning, I sucked one nipple hard into my mouth making her scream. Her nipple felt obscenely big in my mouth as I toyed with it. Every time I flicked it with my tongue, she jumped.

Jane's moans increased and then I realized we had a visitor. "Well, well, well seems like you two have started the party without me !" exclaimed Nirosha. She struck a sexy pose in a cute denim skirt and t-shirt. I left Jane for a moment and went to her and hugged her hard mashing my breasts against Nirosha, while I kissed her hard. She kissed me back as her hands went to my breasts pinching my nipples. She knelt by me and started to lick my pussy tasting my sweet nectar.

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   I pulled her up again and pushed her back to get her t-shirt off and her breasts were out in the open and then her skirt came off and I realized that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Do you like her nipples Shani?" asked Nirosha. I laughed nervously in response. We made Jane sit on the couch and sat on either side of Jane facing her. First we started to kiss her mouth at the same time running our tongues all over her face. She shuddered as she felt the attention of two tongues. Then we proceeded to her neck sucking each side and finally we moved slowly down to her nipples. We sucked them hard driving Jane wild. She held both of us tight as if she didn't want us to stop. I parted her legs so that I could reach her wet pussy lips. Her pussy was drenched from the attention we were giving her. I was dripping wet and straddled one of her thighs so that I could rub my pussy against it. Nirosha did the same and we continued to suck Jane's breasts. She reached under my pussy and rubbed my slit. One of her fingers entered me easily as I moaned, sucking her breast harder.

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   I felt Nirosha move down lower to Jane's pussy. I heard wet sounds as she started to lick. Jane started humping against Nirosha's face. I had an idea. I took my mouth off her breast and asked Jane if she would like me to lick her ass while Nirosha licked her pussy. She nodded her head, her face blushing at the thought of the offer sunk in.

Nirosha lay on the carpet and Jane practically sat on her face with her pussy resting on her mouth while giving me access to her ass. I straddled Nirosha as I started licking Jane's buttocks, moving to her crack. I parted her cheeks and moved lower and lower. My wet tongue found her opening and I started to trace her rim.

"Oh Shani baby, please lick my ass hole, oh gosh!!" she murmured.

I kept licking her rim as I rubbed my pussy against Nirosha's tummy. She felt me move and pushed one hand to my pussy. I was thrilled when she started to finger me as she licked Jane's pussy. She put one more finger in my pussy to make things nicer.

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   I parted Jane's cheeks further as my tongue teased its way into her anus. Her humping grew faster as she reached back and pushed my face into her ass. I had a hard time breathing as I struggled to keep my tongue in her. It was like trying to tame a wild horse. My tongue started to ache as I pushed it in and out from her ass. I could hear Nirosha lapping away at Jane's pussy. Just as I was wondering how much attention Jane could tolerate without cumming, she shuddered signaling her climax. I breathed a sigh of relief as I pulled out my tongue out of her ass and slumped on Nirosha's body catching my breath.

After a few minutes, I was up again kissing Jane hard on the mouth. Nirosha disappeared into one of the rooms and then she returned with an black strap on. She was wearing one. She came to us and started to poke it between our faces and we started to suck it like a cock.

"Shani, how would you like two cocks inside you baby?" asked Nirosha mischievously. I shuddered at the thought.

"Don't worry baby, one of these is smaller and will fit your ass easily," she said as if reading my mind.

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So Jane wore the smaller dildo and we both sucked it to make it wet and slimy. Nirosha lay on the floor and I straddled her face first. Her tongue explored my pussy and ass thoroughly and then so did Jane. I straddled Nirosha's dildo and Jane helped her enter my pussy. It was nice to feel the soft rubber filling my emptiness. Then I started to move while kissing Nirosha hard. After a few strokes, I stopped for Jane and she licked my ass hole again and probed with her fingers. Then she entered me gently and I felt the smaller dildo entering me ass. It was nice to feel two cocks in me and after I said yes, they started to move.

I could feel Jane biting my neck as she moved and I kissed Nirosha hard. Both girls started off slowly until I got more comfortable and then they increased their pace gradually. I was screaming at them to fuck me harder and I was surprised at my reaction. It was really nice to be pounded by two women at the same time and I felt the start of my orgasm and everything went blank as I came screaming my head off. Both ladies stopped their onslaught and I came slowly back to earth. I was exhausted.

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   But I realized that Nirosha hadn't cum yet. I turned around to see Jane and Nirosha start to kiss. They seemed so familiar with each other that I started to become jealous. They kissed each other like long lost lovers and Jane started to suck on Nirosha’s breasts while the other pinched Jane's huge nipples. Jane moved onto the carpet and lay on her back while resting most of her shoulders against the couch. She put some cushions under her back to make herself comfortable. She then spread her legs and lifted her knees drawing her heels closer towards her butt. Nirosha moved to the space between Jane's legs so that they fit each other like the letter "x" and I realized that both their pussies snugly fit against each other. Nirosha started to rock herself against Jane's pussy while rubbing hers against Jane's. It was an awesome sight to watch. Nirosha leaned forward to let Jane suck her breasts while she moved slowly and sensuously against Jane's pussy. They then started kissing each other while their pussies reveled in each others wetness. I was mesmerized by the gentleness and the sensuousness of the act.

I started getting wet at the sight and I started to rub my pussy. Jane noticed this and called me closer.

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   She made me stand between them with my pussy turned towards Nirosha and my ass turned towards Jane. Jane made me push my ass against her face and she started to lick my ass. At the same time Nirosha started licking my pussy. I was in heaven. I felt Jane probe my tight opening and relaxed consciously letting her wet tongue enter the dark recess of my ass. Nirosha slid a finger in my pussy as she sucked on my clit. I held onto her as I started to rhythmically move against the loving mouths of both women and with this kind of attention, I didn't last long and I came hard biting my lips in the process. The two ladies didn't show any signs of stopping their dance soon. The continued kissing each other after I moved away to protect my pussy which was now sore.

I took one of the dildos and started to lick it. It tasted of my juice and I sucked it all watching Jane slowly move down to Nirosha's pussy while she gave her own pussy to suck. The two girls started a hot 69 and I watched breathlessly as they dived into each others pussies. Jane fingered Nirosha's ass while Nirosha did the same to Jane.
After a few minutes, Jane got off Nirosha and wore the strap on. Nirosha kissed and sucked it and then parted her legs to let Jane enter her.

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   I moved in closer to watch the fun and then I got an idea. I wore the strap on and then moved to Jane’s ass. She realized my intention and stopped long enough for me to slip into her pussy. the strap on was like a jock strap so that her pussy was open. I pushed into her pussy and we all started to move. It was difficult to get a rhythm at first but then I got the hang of it fairly quickly and we started moving. Nirosha didn't need much time to cum when she saw what we were doing and she shuddered and bit Jane’s shoulder as she came. Although Jane stopped, she urged me on and I fucked her hard. Her screams grew louder and louder and she came as hard as Nirosha while kissing her hard. We lay there for a while and finally I pulled out of Jane's pussy. We were so exhausted and cleaned up afterward and slept in each others arms for the rest of the day.